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ABABO is back again in 2012 with another free otome game to play. Another collaboration between me and Litewolf.

You can expect:
+ Longer script! We reached as high as 52k words consider that Love Blossom Extended was around 17k
+ CGs!
+ Scenes re-play! All of them and not just endings! ok maybe a couple are out ssssh...
+ After stories because we know you love them
+ And for the two above, the name will be the last one you picked! No more default one!
+ Music!
+ Someone you know from love blossom extended
+ And we might have made a step from the fake OP we did last time...

You could get it here here or get it at the market for your android.
Guide, the scene that is not mention there are the bad end and normal end.
All feedbacks are much appreciated 8D

Also check out our first game Love Blossom extended
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Vocaloid Daisuki Academy Sim Date coming soon in summer 2011.

Anyway, this is NOT here to tease you, as I WILL make this sim date. I WILL NOT drop this project.

Okay, so, I decided to try making a sim date. Of course, I also decided to try making it first with mmd since I'm still, as known, only twelve. But nonetheless, I will continue to try making it. After countless times looking at tutorials and whatnot, I believe that I'm ready to begin making the sim date on flash.

All the male characters shown will be datable characters; Akaito, Gakupo, Kaito, Kikaito, Lin, Mikuo, Ren, Taito and Zeito. Also, the girl will be the girl you will be playing as. Her name is Saki Kuronami but you will be able to choose your own name. Also, you can see Kikaito, Len, Ren and Zeito in the background behind the gates. Kikaito's suppose to be sleeping and Zeito is looking over him because there was suppose to be a rose on his chest.

Hoodie!Akaito deviantart ChieMadara
Hoodie!Gakupo deviantart ChieMadara
Hoodie!Kaito deviantart ChieMadara
Hoodie!Kikaito deviantart ChieMadara
School!Len ??? Makunouti
Mikuo Hatsune deviantart ImmaAweshumBanana
Ren Haine deviantart dannyruff5
Taito Shion youtube DragonessmonX
Zeito youtube BloodyVocaloid

Sea Salt Ice Cream deviantart NiladTheRogue
Coke Soda (bottle) deviantart AMETHYSTwolf1

Saki Kuronami
Body Base - MMDFakewings18
Hair - MMDFakewings18
Uniform - MMDFakewings18

I edited this on a program called Photoshop made with a program called MikuMikuDance and I will be making a sim date of this on flash.
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changed James' outfit and hairstyle! :3
hey, a person can change a lot in a few months o.o
BUT dont get fooled by appearances! Though his style has changed, he's still the same ol' same ol' James =__=


★ Name: James Hellbourne

★ Age: 22
★ Height: 5'6"
★ Weight: 130 lbs.
★ Gender: Male
★ Orientation: Bisexual

★ Subject: Music

★ Likes: Rock music, Black & Purple, Playing Instruments, Chocolate Milk, Studs, Elliot//shot by James

★ Dislikes: Country music, the color Orange, Milk, the curviness of the letter 'S'

★ Skills: Playing most instruments, but mainly focuses on the Piano, Guitar (both electric and acoustic), Violin and Saxophone.

★ Personality:
Quiet at first, but starts being more sociable once you get to know him. can be very sarcastic at times, but can be very thoughtful and considerate when necessary.
he doesnt tell anybody, but he also likes to sing. he can actually hit a pretty high tenor XD
Around shy or timid people, he tends to show his 'softer more gentler' side, because he has a younger sister who acts just like that. and so, his 'big brother' mode instinctively goes off xD

★ History:
James had an obvious passion for music even since grade school, where you could always find him fiddling with various musical instruments and watching composers and musicians with such interest. he first learned how to play the guitar before everything else, being the easiest to learn. he mastered that instrument after 2 months more or less, then moved on to electric. following, are the Piano, Saxophone, then Violin. he mastered all of these intruments when he was 16.

he decided to work at this school because of its location and facilities, both being highly convenient for him, so that he could earn some cash--and to take his mind off his most recent break-up. did i mention he has a very hard time finding his right person? yeah. the poor guy.
and being a skilled musician himself, you can guess what subject he applied for.
plus, he doesnt look it, but he gets along with kids and teens quite well--sorta
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This is a free to play otome game/dating sim/stat raiser about romance, revenge, and video games.

Windows Users:
Download it here: [link] (Click on "Direct Download Link", and NOT the big green button)

Mac Users:
Download it here: [link] (Click on "Direct Download Link", and NOT the big green button)

Linux Users:
Download it here: [link]


This is a collaboration with =TheeForsakenOne and =tooaya.

This is the EXTENDED EDITION of RE: Alistair. If you've never played before, just download and enjoy. If you're a returning fan from the original RE:A, here's what you can look forward to:
-CG backgrounds instead of photos. Made by mugenjohncel.
-A date box in the top corner. Now you can know what day it is!
-Large, attractive, stat button for easier access to your current stats.
-More CGs. Twice the amount of the first run, in fact!
-More scenes. Spend extra time learning about your favorite guy. Or even your not favorite guy!
-Character profiles. Learn fun and interesting facts like everyone's age.
-An attractive, smaller filesize! (No, seriously.)


=tooaya - Characters, CGs, and GUI
Visit her profile and revel at her lovely artwork. Do it now!

=TheeForsakenOne - Programming
Be sure to leave a multitude of compliments for all the cool stuff you can do in this game. It's not easy.

~sake-bento - Writing
My personal account is mostly food. For more visual novels I've written, check out #sakevisual


If you have any questions, please read the FAQ and the Walkthrough first. You might get an answer there.

FAQ: [link]
Walkthrough: [link]
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Now that I have finally mastered Flash, Aftereffects, Dreamweaver and all of these other miscellaneous programs, I can finally make what I've been envisioning since sophomore year of High School. I also feel that I have gained sufficient experience and now I'm able to draw all the scenarios required for this project.

Although the title says "Date Sim," it's really gonna be a visual novel. The player will have the option to play it as a date sim game (as the option to pursue the characters in a romantic context will be available), but it won't be the focus of the game. I will release the opening by December of this year so that you guys can get a better idea of what this project will be all about.

Brief character description as I wrote it on my notebook (from left to right):

-Skrillex that isn't really a douche
-Complete douche who thinks he's the shit but is deep and caring inside.........................No. Actually, no. He's not.
- Douche that tries too hard.
-Bitch who is trying really hard not to be a Mary Sue but ends up one anyway
- Manipulative bastard.
- An internet troll who gets all his clothes used from the internet; cause, hey, who needs to leave the house anyway?

I'm just kidding.

So yeah, keep your eyes open for it next year! I really hope to release it by summer, but life may get in the way (as I'm almost done with college D: ). It will definitely be released by next year though.

*EDIT 2013* Sorry guys, I don't know when this will be released as I'm currently rewriting the story. I want this to be more than just a "go get the guy" game. I want all my characters to be fleshed out and not be cutout versions of an archetype. I am NOT cancelling this project, but there is currently no set release date. I want to make something worth playing. Thanks for being patient!
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EDIT: It's now out! :'D

Hope you enjoy.

All right. I hibernated for the rest of the summer. Now it’s time to get back into action.

More info on this here

This is Texting Days Sim Date *cough* I mean *cough* Number Days Sim Date. But don’t be fooled. I promise you, there is very little to no math involved in this game…

(And yes, you can date the chick. If you’re grossed out by this option or if you’re just simply a straight girl with no desire to explore, you can avoid all the romantic situations by ignoring her… this also applies to any dudes that gross you out.)

Release date: December 2012
(You may be wondering: "The beginning, middle, or... end of the month?" It's hard to predict the exact day I can release it but it'll be ready within December, I'm pretty sure of it) ;w;

(Please note that I’m not home as often as I was back in the past. Classes are longer for me and I’m working more now. Overall, these projects take time and I highly appreciate the patience you guys have for me. I wish to get to done before 2013, but the month of release has yet to be determined. If I’m not finished by December 21, 2012 and if the world actually comes to an end… well then I’m out of luck.)
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Because I enjoy drawing them.
Just in case you didn't know, the 2 other vamps in here besides Marshall Lee are basically my design of his 'brother' Marshall Leroy

And this is basically what you can expect if I include them in my comic (and Ill make it clear right now, i have no intention of adding them in my comic 8D) and this will probably be the last time I draw them. But hey, it was fun.

And hey, thanks for 2K likes on Facebook! Love ya guys!

:bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FB Page :bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FC :bulletpurple: Ask-Away! :bulletpurple:
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Lmao, so I've only just recently finished watching the bad little boy episode, and it was...okay i guess.
Hot damn, Marshall's voice was sexy//shot

And I was about to treat it like any other normal episode, but then near the ending Ice King suddenly goes 'What if he had a brother we didn't know about: Marshall Leroy' or something along those lines And all of a sudden my fangirl mind started acting up again. It would definitely be interesting if he had a brother, so I started drawing some designs of what he would like had I decided to include him in my comic. Didn't know if he would be younger or older, so i did both xD
Meh, not like I ever plan on including him in my comic anyway.

And as for the last picture...Im not so sure myself. I've just always wanted to draw Marshall with his 'Demon eyes' -- or face, in this case. lol.

:bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FB Page :bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FC :bulletpurple: Ask-Away! :bulletpurple:
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So You all probably already know I'm in a chorus group called Bacio della Morte (which btw, is taking up all my freetime this sembreak OTL) But what you probably dont know is that I'm part of yet ANOTHER chorus group called 100HPS (which is thankfully more merciful on me)

This group's just started out, but their first video will be up in about 2 week's time. Again, their singers are jut AMAZEBALLS.
You guys might wanna check them out, so here are the links to their respective youtube channels<3

GIF by Xandu

:bulletpurple: Yui Tohma :bulletpurple: cheeseman :bulletpurple: LolliaLolitaChan :bulletpurple: Aruufi :bulletpurple: Xandu :bulletpurple:

:heart: 100❤HPS Chorus Channel :heart:
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And then things only got worse...
This is what friendship looks like, guys.

:pencil: EDIT: I'm proud to say that this will actually happen in the game.
People like me who haven't taken a Physics class yet end up making junk like this. ;7;

I haven't submitted anything for a while... orz
Outside of school and work, I've been working on Number Days Sim Date about nonstop since I'm pretty hyped up over it. I'm having a blast with this project. :heart:

While I still don't have an official release date, I'm pretty sure it'll come out before 2013.
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