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ATTENTION! UPDATE <- I fixed mistake in Marchen Route
HERE IT IS ----------->… <------------------ HERE IT IS
Password to folder: canienterplz?


For Jimang: ijustloveoldgeezers

For Revo's Lounge (Separate file. It is the Castle Route!): OMG!IamNOTworthy

HOW TO PLAY: Guys I'm just tired of all those 'HOW DO I START THIS' questions connected with BASIC! knowledge...
1. You click the link and download from dropbox
2. You unzip folder with password: canienterplz?
3. You make sure you have adobe flash player, if not
*4. You click game two times with your mouse!
5. IT's ALL!!!

* for dummies


If I see a post with this question again prepare for my sarcastic reply.


Here it comessssss!!! :iconimhappyplz: After half year I'm finally uploading this Otome Flash Game to DA.

Summary: This is the Game In which you are picking and dating guys from Sound Horizon Kingdom
(btw. SH belongs to REVO and is a music fantasy band check:…

Made in:
- Sai
- Photoshop
- Flash CS3 Proffesional (i hate it)


Before you start to play:
- The game is about getting endings only (so no HP etc.)
- All characters have routes based on lyrics from albums and guys histories (big thanx to White Crow translators)
- Each guy have 5 endings: 2 Good, 2 Bad + Letter Ending + hidden kiss CG
- To unlock the King you have to find password in this game so you better pay attention to Letter Endings
- I think Jimang is rather for FUN than Dating and he also have a Bonus
- There might be some OOC's because I classified each guy:

Shaytan: Gentle
Hiver: Cute and Lost
Thanatos: Bold
Elef(Eleuzeus/Amethystos): Cheerful/Hurt/Angry
Marchen: Desperate
Jimang: XD

Whan it comes to his Majesty: He has 2 good endings, 2 bad endings, one true ending and 2 bonuses
His route is based MOSTLY on his aclual words (from newspaper, concert etc. - again thx WiteCrow translators)
- I just didn't want to "made it up"...

* I would like to add an annotation to Marchen: His route was made before actual realase of MARCHEN (c)
- I based only on single so I made up few things (like you are related with Elizabeth) However I still wonder:
HOW LUCKY I WAS to think that ELISE is a rotten and EVIL doll?! And used it in the Route... o.O
(OMG?! Maybe I'm a genius?! I should totaly, like, write stories for SH hohohohoho.. )

this "quick" release is mostly thanks Anaka and AYO my BetaTester Ranger Team:… who I am really grateful.
Also big thanks to White Crow site translators, especially: Defade and Ialdabaoth, HIS MASK.
Sound Horizon (c) belongs to Revo

I have no profit from using SH characters and I think that only art belongs to me - and programming ^.^

I think that is all... :iconwthplz:

So please Sh fans don't kill me if you find something you don't like because I gave my all to this project.
I was drawing for 3 months and then programming for half year and seriously those days were full of frustration and even anger sometimes.
I'm so glad I have everything behind me. Don't misunderstand me, I love SH and that I wanted to show in game,
but if someone asked me to do it from the beginning I would probably say: NO.
Right now I am so tired of it... and I NEED TO REST.

I would be very grateful if you left a fav and a COMMENT - I'm proud of all favs from SH Opening,
but also I feel that a lot of ppl actually don't care and just click the fav button like that... It makes me sad.
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Hello everyone, X here.

Before I start, let me just warn that the IMPROVEMENTS and ADDITIONS to Demon Hunt Chapter 5 (specifically part 1) are listed in this description. If you'd rather be surprised by the final version of the game, then just don't read this description and move on with your lives.


So today I got to play the very first build of Demon Hunt Chapter 5 [Part 1], and let me tell you right now, I am extremely impressed.

In the tiny demo of the game I've already seen some stuff that you guys [probably] never dreamed of.

Some of the new features include:
More Facial Expressions and Changes
Exploration and Interactions with Environment
Improved Art
Improved Menus and Interfaces
Items, Effects, Etc.

Sam really didn't want me to spoil, but I decided to anyways.

This game blew me away, even if it is less than 25% complete. And that is saying something.

I honestly didn't expect this to grab me the way it did, it really is incredible for such an early build of the game, I can't wait to see the final version.

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A new game i made in my free time (i rarely get those things...) >_>
Please go to RinmaruGames to play it!
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This Game features:

☆ Over 22 Different Endings
☆ Four date able characters to choose from, plus one secret bachelor
☆ Multiple date locations for each character
☆ Fun mini games like cooking and training to raise skills
☆ Engaging RPG battle system
☆ Go on quest to unlock rare items and gain experience points
☆ Buy and create over 45 different items
☆ Use magic to create items not found in stores
☆ Alternative ways to build stats like Fortune Telling and prayer
☆ Interactive dates
☆ Branching character story lines depending on the choices you make
☆ Story driven game play

A promo poster for my upcoming Flash game entitled Moon Reflected in Water: Lunar Lotus Festival Dating Sim/visual novel.
So far production is at a steady pace. I only work on it between commissions or when i have some free time but it's going good so far. This is my first attempt at a game like this so i'm learning as i go. Hopefully i'll be done by the end of this year at the latest. But a demo will be out before then.

I'm really trying to add more to do than just talking to guys and raising their affection towards you in this game. That gets boring after a while. The only real date sim i finished was Thousand Arms and that was mostly an RPG. Now you can do lots of side quest to learn more info about the characters and get rare items.You can also play cooking mini games or even go out and fight monsters with the dateable characters.
I also want to make some sort of casino where you can gamble for extra money. Still looking for tutorials on that though.
And depending on how well your dates go you'll be able to visit each bachelors room and spend some alone time with them. But everything is G rated so there's nothing to worry about. I'm going to keep it clean...mostly....

Suggestions and feedback are welcome

More Screenshots


All characters in this game are from my various comics.

Rhea, Mouse, Lucky, and Ryu are from Moon Reflected in Water [link] while Okami is from Hikari [link]
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Mai internet is soo slow..
It took me about an hour just to post this.. i'm tired :icongivingupplz:
Hug, Da? XD

*NEW*[W.I.P] Pt.3 >>…
[W.I.P] pt.2>>…

Please Read:

Here are a few screenshots from the game to all you awesome people. :D
Well.. anyway, interacting games take forever to make guys. Believe me..Scripting is a pain in the arse!! and i apologize to those who really want to play it, but it might take a while still. so Please be patient..
IT TOOK ME 3 ATTEMPTS TO FORM A GOOD PLOT in other words.. i created 3 bloody games of this! 3 Loooong games... I wasted a lot of time on those. That's probably why it took forever.. well a few months- But at least you know that this one is final, right? Then finally I came up with a splendid idea and make a Hetalia World Crossover thing. You cross over to the hetalia world only to be surrounded by your favorite countries..Heehee I can't spill details though ;3

To speed up the process, I'm using a novelty engine to save time, if you where wondering. I want this game to be perfect!! So i kinda dropped flash since im not all that familiar with the tools and stuff. But don't worry, so far the format of the game is very crisp and to be honest It couldn't get any better ^.^/

ALSO, This game is a beta, meaning that its probably not going to be complete when i distribute it.. A few characters might be missing keep that in mind. Maybe.. maybe not. It just depends. If I can get this dam game done i'll be happy DX and will be very happy to get to hear your reviews~! I'm really excited about that.

So far I only have 3 chapters in mind for this beta release. I want it to be longer, but i want to get this bad boy done for you guys. Because i wov you guys *sniffle* :iconhappytearsplz:

It's a long process, and again I want this game to be very humorous/accurate/entertaining etc. Each of the characters were made with such passion and they look amazing!! They were also restyled to look like the new hetalia like from season 5 thats coming out. I quickly started redrawing the whole cast again -w-.. oh well! I am so proud TwT But not all the credit goes to me, but to my super duper wonderful best best friend >>>:iconxxai-no-naixx: who helped color most of them for me. I wove you too west~~ TwT/)* You did such a great job it makes me wanna cryyyyy~ X'D (I still have lots of scenes to color.. *sniffle*)

*cough*back to topic, just to remind you that there are 11 people to date/or interact with in this beta:
Italy, Romano, Japan, Germany, Prussia, America, Britain, France, China, Russia, and yes Canada! ^3^

I hope to add more countries in my next beta after i finish this one (again that's just a thought) like scandinavia or more european like spain maybe greece or something. (...again that's just a thought. Not for sure yet if im going to make a beta 2) We'll see you guys. after this I might need a looooong break :icondizzyplz: all this scripting and coloring is making me tired lol.

So I hope this filled you in with most of the details with whats going on with the game and such. I want to try to get it done by the end of january but school is painful this year so it has put me on lots of delays. It all depends. I hope you guys understand :3 but who knows? I might be able to do it! I have a lot of work ahead of me, so it might take me a while you guys!

I plan on posting another one of these WIP's next week or so if your interested. So make sure to check back!!

Well.. from what you see, what you think? *w*
Thank you guys so much for supporting this game!! :heart::heart:
Have any questions? Just Note me, I'll try to note back a.s.a.p! Bye bye~ :meow:
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"You are cordially invited to the Annual Valdemar Halloween Extravaganza. Two weeks of luxury await you.
Let’s see if you can keep up the masquerade…”

Protag wins an invite to a most exclusive and sought out Halloween getaway.
What she doesn't realise is, that its far from relaxing. The Halloween getaway turns out to be a annual game hosted for the rich and famous and every contestant is thrown into miscellaneous groups, challenged over the course of ~ 2 weeks.

and here's our demo~ (a few days early but we're both pretty busy over the next few days so better safe than sorry)
At least we now know how long it takes to do emotes >_>' - full version will hopefully be released by the end of the year...We are technically 2/3 story done so we should make it... hopefully >_>

MAC -…
WIN -…

Halloween Otome Demo version 1.1 is now available. It's mainly a bugfix release.Windows Version

Download link v 1.1 (already been fixed)…

and patch for v 1.0 (to fix any mistakes/problems that was found previously (although we cant help wiith laggy) - place in game folder)…

We have added a poll to our tumblr page to try and see which characters are the most popular.
Thanks to everyone who played the game and especially to those that helped spread the word and provided feedback.
Special thanks to otomesweetheart who reviewed the demo here….

Created by corynth and I…

MAC and LINUX version have not been tested.
Also please note us of any errors in grammar or programming etc
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DOWNLOAD is below :3

Somehow you've ended up in an alternate universe where Santa is an actual postal worker and where bad tofu gets put in jail. It seems you've arrived just in time to take part in a dating game show hosted by a two inch tall cream puff. You're the main contestant, and your potential dates appear to be human, but they're a little weird. It's your chance to question, court, and maybe even insult your way to true love and find out who is your best match!

Playtime: 10 min.
Possible Endings: 5
Ages: All
Language: English
Free to play

Writing, Art, Programming: :iconshwippie:
Music: :iconteirrah1995:
Beta Testing: :iconyu-nomii:
Visual novel tool: Ren'py

Download : [link]
(extract and run the .exe file)

Download: [link]

Download: [link]

(no viruses, I downloaded it myself during testing and no one else has had a problem either ^^b)
(edit: on windows, some protection programs label the .exe as malware, but it's not, it's safe to open)

Any feedback would be super! *o* super amazing.
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Please :heart:Click here:heart:to play this game!

Andd here we go!!! Starting with a new manga creator serie...This is the page 1.I really hope you enjoy! ♥

I also want to specially say a big Thank You to :iconmilyknight: for being an amazing Manga Creator working partner! She basicly reads my mind and adds her own ideas and talent in the artwork...I really hope we can work together for a long time!!! :hug:

:star:p.s: There is a small surprise for Dragon Age fans because i love the games;) hehe...

Have fun!

The artwork is by very talented :iconmilyknight:!
Game by me :) :iconrinmaru:!
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