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Actually have five minutes to upload this. A commission that I had to finish yesterday 'cause I'm leaving today. Also have another painting that I had to get done last night but didn't take photos of it (commission for a friend of the family of a cross, on feathers)

12"x16" canvas, acrylic paints.


WIP seen here (with awful yellowish lighting - ick)
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Whoa. Somethin's changed.

3 o'clock in the morning scribbles.
Inspired by my fave artist ever, yet her pieces don't contain this much creep. Hers are magical. :heart:

Did manage to impress my boyfriend though. He left for like 15 minutes and by the time he got back I was already over halfway finished (having started about 5 minutes after he left). So total, about 30 mins? And done entirely with a simple black ballpoint pen.

And uh...supposed to be an apocalypse'd city on his head. I'm not very good with cityscapes. :C

Where can I buy fancy paper? I want fancy paper.
I also want to dye my own paper with tea, and then draw on said handmade fancy tea papers. Mmyep.
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Here is the prize for :iconthe-perspective: for coming in first place in my contest awhile back.
She requested a red-tailed hawk, either realistic, surreal, or a combo of the two. :)

I'm pretty happy with this, just wish it was bigger. More details!

Took me awhile to come up with a concept for this piece, but I'm relatively content with it. The nebula was fun to paint. Challenging, but fun.

I hope you like it!! :heart:
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This took way longer than anticipated.

More ink! My newfound love <3
India ink, and coloured pencil and watercolours for the coloured parts.

Zebras are so gorgeous. They make me hold onto the dream that someday my boyfriend will take me to South Africa and I can see wild ones. Though he refuses..I can crack him! xD

Been on a bit of a black-and-white-with-a-splash-of-colour kick. I just love pieces like that. Didn't turn out exactly as I had planned, but close enough.


Bonus points to you if you can pinpoint which song the title is from. Can't stop listening to them <3
Yay lady singers!

Want a print? [link]
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Hmm. This looks really dark on this computer. It looked a lot lighter on my other laptop...gah.

Commission for :iconshepaintswithblood: :heart:
Her knote, Whimsique.
Such pretty flowing fur, so fun to paint.
Very difficult to get a good shot of this one, both scanner and camera did funny things. There is thread stitching over the eyes like requested, and I used some silvery iridescent paint in a few spots, like the buckle, eyes, horns and splatters in the background.

Hope you like it love! :heart:

`ShePaintsWithBlood Whimsique and knotes (C) to her
Art (C) to me

SHINY! [link]

Want a commission like this?
:bulletblue: $10-$15
:bulletblue: 3x5 inches
:bulletblue: Busts/face only, animals or animal characters
:bulletblue: WILL be complete within 2 weeks
Note me if you are interested
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Here is the finished piece of

A commission for a couple that my grandma knows that just lost their Greyhound to their pool. Sad story makes me sad. :c

I was touched that they turned to me to immortalize their beloved pet, so I was more than willing to squeeze their commission in.

Done on an 8"x10" piece of white bristol, completely done with acrylic paints.

Interested in your own custom pet portrait, with dimensions like these? See my Etsy listing for it : [link]
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An entry for a rather large contest, wish me luck!!

So my little sister was hanging down on our dock a couple weeks ago and happened to spot something that we have NEVER seen in the area before: a River Otter. My parents have lived in our yard for 27 years (and we are always outside), they have never seen one before here, we didn't think they existed in our river! We suspect that this little dude may just be cruising through, since we haven't seen him (or her?) since. My sis was lucky enough to have her camera with her, and was kind enough to let me use her pics for reference.

The only part I actually referenced was the otter, and the front half only (back end was covered in greenery). I wing'd all of the foliage, the shoreline and the water. Whew. Challenging to make things look realistic sometimes when you don't have a ref.

So all painted with acrylics on a piece of watercolour paper.

Feedback would be hugely appreciated!! :heart::heart::heart:
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A commission for Shepaintswithblood. Its one of her characters [link]
It took four scans to get this bad boy on the computer and i'm still not happy with how I managed to put it together. The original is so much better. u.u
But I reckon this is what a Knote would look like if it were realistic.

This was done on watercolour paper and with ink. There's a little bit of acrylic I used to touch up some spots. I'd say the picture is about 18x14?

Ah this was a hard one to send off. I was really happy with how it turned out and wanted it to go in my house lol. Just an excuse to make another one right?
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I told Stine that miss Blood would be very lucky if she got this LOL I have fallen in love with it XD
I was wishing at first that I had some lighter greens, but I very much like the way it came out.
I think I drew the wings too biiig. XD

This is a bookmark commission for the very sweet, :iconshepaintswithblood:
thanks again! <3 I adore your creatures 83

knotes are `ShePaintsWithBlood
art is mine
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Got this baby scanned! Totally fudged the colours though, had to spend waaay too much time in Photoshop trying to fix them so they actually reflect the original (and not some homogenous washed-out version of it).

Finally finished it!

This was soooo hard to photograph...I love that metallic paint but damn, it sure is a bitch to take a good photo of.

This piece has been sitting unfinished for awhile, too long. I liked the concept and how it was looking, but I had no idea what to do with the background. You can see the unfinished piece here:…

I'm really happy with this. It developed nicely, and although I didn't have much of an idea of what it was going to look like, still turned out well.

Lots of that gorgeous copper acrylic paint that I adore so much, so when you view it at different angles, parts have a wicked metallic sheen. And that colour is so pretty even when its not being all shiny.
I bought a bronze too, but its The shine is bronze-ish, but the actual colour is kind of strange. I'll find a way to use it. And I need gold and silver.

Trying to decide if I want to sell the original or not...

Please let me know what you think. All feedback is super appreciated :heart::heart::heart:

Acrylics on a 10"x12"x1" canvas.

Want a print?…

Also an entry for the contest being held by :iconbirds-club: based on Emotions.
The emotion for this piece is "Euphoria".
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly? To defy gravity, to simply soar..I've had dreams and the feeling I am filled with is one that keeps me glowing for days.
When that pure, good feeling takes over you, the edges between reality and bliss seem to blur. Your spirits soar, and you feel invincible.
Is that what it feels like to fly for an eagle?
Wish we could know.


:heart: Facebook | Tumblr | Website | Etsy :heart:
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