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Similar Deviations
I'm lost in this world alone
with no hope to go on
with only the tears
crashing all around me

There is nothing that can be done
nothing that is risk anything
I can't help it
but to make sure that I feel this pain

A feeling that I always wanted
a feeling that is like a drug to me
to slit my wrists open
and to watch the blood fall to the ground

There is no hope left to my life
there is no reason for me to be here
I'm stuck in this depression
that I can't seem to control anymore

I just want to feel the pain on my arms
to watch the blood flow from my arms
to feel this pain deep inside
to end my life for good....

There is no hope in this world
Nothing but pain and torture
What is the real point on Living?
when most of the time you feel dead....
Emotions acting up. I feel like crying. I feel like cutting. I feel like dying..... :(
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We waited in silence,
For a sound.

Anything really.
But nothing ever happened,
And no one ever came.

We waited for him.
But he never came.
A long plane ride in bitter silence,
Left alone with a crushing reality.

He was never coming home.

And we realize that no amount of wishin will bring him back to us.
But still we wait.

Wondering if he watches us or turns away in shame?
Wondering if he's proud of who we became?
Wondering if he will visit our dreams anymore?

We wonder..
And we wait in silence.
For a sound.


writing belongs to me. :iconstyl-fly:
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He could hardly breathe
But his heart was still beating
†A broken rhythm
† †A Phsycotic tempo
† † Beat
† † †Beat
† † † †Beat
† † † † †Beat....

He didn't know the time
But he still heard the seconds go by
† Swirling around him
† †Something †was saying
† † His time was over
† † † Tick
† † † † †Tick
† † † † † † Tick
† † † † † † † Tick...

He didn't have wings
But he was flying away
†I couldn't catch him
† The wind carried him away
† † From me
† † † His hands
† † † † Were cold and bloody
† † † † † † † †Drip
† † † † † † † † † Drip
† † † † † † † † † † †Drip
† † † † † † † † † † † † Drip.....

And he bled
†Dripping in tempo with the clock
† It struck twelve
† †Like knifes and swords
† † †And he bled
† † † † Away
† † † † † Tick
† † † † † † †Drip
† † † † † † † † Tick
† † † † † † † † † † Drip
† † † † † † † † † † † † Tick....
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † †Drip....
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † Tick...
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †Tick....
† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † Tick.....
Just something that went through my head durring class.
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Looking through the mirror
Into my reflection eyes
I look back
And the memories still burn

To be half awake
I lie in my bed, eyes open
Bloodshot, I wish I wasn't here
Wish I wasn't here today

Feeling empty on school days
And shattered like mirror pieces
They pierce like needles, shards
Cutting open my heart, leaving me broken
Blood stains my soul, coloring it dirty

Look at me now
I am crying
I am crying out loud!
Almost to a screaming point
Everyday, I wish I would disappear
Wish to disappear today

Flying through glass
I lean away, drifting in the distance
And tears crystallized once they fall

Bubbles is what I see
Underwater, I am suffocating
Let alone a frozen body
Sinking further and further
I wish I can stay here
Stay here forever

Opening my eyes slowly,
The reflection of the mirror’s dream
A broken frame
Tears blend with the blood
That cuts open with sharp glass
A fragile heart, a lost soul
I can't seem to grasp this experiential feeling that I have not yet feel. I have not yet felt broken, shattered, but unloved by someone who, perhaps, not love me until time gives me that emotion.

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Healing waters pouring forth
Why won't they come?
Symbols of released sorrow and grief
Why won't they come?
Effects of pride and joy
Why won't they come?

Signals for others to sympathize
Why can't I start?
Easing the pain of tragedy
Why can't I start?
Works of powerful emotions
Why can't I start?

Pouring from cracks in the armor
Should I never start?
Signs of weakness and injury
Should I never start?
Blood of torn feelings
Should I never start?

Necessities of emotional life
I don't have a choice
Bane of the mind's strength and stability
I don't have a choice
Unable to even choose whether or not
I don't have choice

They don't come when I call
And I push back when they threaten.
I don't (and can't) cry. Haven't in like over a year anyways. While that means I'm an emotional tank and an awesome (I'm not) it also means I don't have those cries where people let all that crap out of themselves.
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Twisted Death

Hiding from light exists twisted death, it slithers and screeches for one measly breath.

Around the edges it bleeds and lies, gushing red from under its eyes.

How shriveled and misunderstood this being is, yes, so please invite yourself in, and become its new guest.
Just an old piece of poetry I found lying around, I figured I would post it. ^_^

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I feel it hook and snag into me,
Seducing or beating me into submission.
A delicious poison.
A thorny rose.

I feel the tide of it rise up,
Slowly growing and gathering strength.
A burning cloud.
A choking noose.

I feel it carry me into the depths,
Sweeping my resistance away.
A whipping gale.
A crashing wave.

I feel my eyes open once it's done,
Knowing that it'll happen again soon.
A chosen dependency.
A hurtful addiction.
First attempt at a contest in a group. I rather like this poem. Well... Hopefully it at least isn't a disgrace to the other poems in the competition.
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I used to be a solid granite cliff
Sturdy and unchanging
Hiding my negative emotions
Showing only the good that others needed

I used to be a soft gentle kitten
Caring and gentle
Waiting to listen to what others said
Being there when they needed me

I used to be a quietly joyful child
Liked and loved
Trying to help and comfort others
Being able to handle my mind

I am a depressing lonely crow
Creepy and cold
Mysteriously standing silent
Sadly writing poetry in class

But I'm still always ok...
My life, or at least how I feel about it.
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Standing in the shower
Skin turning redder

I stay still and soak it in
This water won't erase my sins

Scars stand out bright white
Burns and cuts all in sight

The real scars cannot be seen
They reside inside of me

I wonder if all I will be
is a creature scarred eternally?
Sadly accurate
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Iím so lonely
Even with friends Iím so lonely
Will I ever find the one person that will try their best?
To make me happy beyond all reason?
To make me feel special?
To make me feel like the only person that matters?
Will I ever find the one just for me?
Iím so lonely
Even with friends.
Someday Iíll find my one just for meÖ
That will make me feel happy beyond all reason
The one that will make me feel special
The one that will make me feel like the only person that mattersÖ
But until I will remain lonely...
I wrote this for my sissy, her picture called lonely and then her journal entry made this just pop into my mind, i hope you like lis, you know you can talk to me when you feel like that, i feel like that and worst alot...i love you!!!
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