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Yeah. Month late in submitting this. But I'm busy trying to find a job and all. But anyway, my lovely dark goddess :iconkitten-lily: decided to request this pic for my birthday. Thank you :iconmoryth: for doing this and thanks :iconkitten-lily: <3
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(featuring Ka Nui the Hawaiian Giant)
Deep in the wilderness of Hawaii in jungles practically unexplored by mankind, up in the depths of the mountains there was a cave in a valley. This was where Ka Nui the Hawaiian giant lived with his wife of many years, the Hawaiian giantess Luana. She was now in the back of the cave excitedly busying herself with food. The back of the cave served as more or less their kitchen area, and considering the fact that it was a cave, it did look rather like a normal modern day kitchen. It was full of pots, pans and utensils, a hallowed-out rock positioned directly over a vent that led to the stewing underground magma of a dormant volcano acted as their oven and stove. There was even a small hole in the wall in the very back corner of the cave where it was coldest that was their refrigeration unit. Luana was petite fifty-three feet tall, head and shoulders shorter than her husband, so her head was not in danger of being hit on the stalagtites that hung from the low hanging cave ceiling in the far back kitchen area. She was smiling and bustling around the kitchen for a good reason. Today was hers and Ka Nui’s wedding anniversary. Therefore, while her husband was out on his daily rampage through the wilderness she was preparing a special anniversary dinner. She had saved the two dozen wild pigs, six deer and a beluga whale just for the occasion. Celebrating anniversaries and birthdays was an example of Ka Nui and Luana’s way of assimilating into being modern and adjusted giants. A lot had changed in their species as well as the rest of the world over the centuries and Luana had finally gotten Ka Nui to agree a couple years back that they should try and comply with the times.
“Ooh, I hope this stew comes out as good as it did on my birthday,” Luana said anxiously and smiling, throwing numerous vegetables into the giant pot full of water that she was about to throw the animals into momentarily. She heard the pigs squealing and stomping around in the cabinet about her rack of cooking utensils.
Just then she heard the booming footsteps coming down the mountain that signified her husband’s return. She was antsy with delight as she heard him coming. “MMM MM, wait until he sees what I am making,” she said, dropping the whale into the pot and stirring the mixture around with a giant wooden spoon. Just a minute until she would be putting the pot on the heating stovetop.
She saw the shadow being cast from the corner of her eye as Ka Nui walked in through the wide mouth of the cave and walked over to her. He hugged her from behind and kissed her ear. “Happy anniversary babe,” he said, giving her a good affectionate squeeze. He was about sixty-one feet tall and dwarfed his much shorter wife.
“Mm, happy anniversary sweetie,” Luana said back, squeezing his arms and kissing his hand. “How was your stroll?” She turned around to look at her husband. He was a little bit dirty from his walk, but she would have him go out and shower in the waterfall before dinner. She also saw that there was a rip in his fur garment that covered his chest. She would have to fix that for him later. Many little things such as showering, wearing clothes that covered their entire bodies and even cooking their food were all contributing factors to their endeavor of being “progressive giants.”
“Eh, it was alright,” Ka Nui said sitting down in a chair at the kitchen table, both of which were made out of several tree trunks. “I must have knocked down over two dozen trees, and out on the slope I rolled this giant rock down the hill just for the fun of it.” He looked down and sniffed at the large pot that his wife was cooking in. “What’s this babe?”
“Our anniversary dinner,” Luana said with a smile, chopping some more vegetables to be thrown into the pot. “Wild pig, deer and whale stew, one of our favorites.” She heard Ka Nui sigh behind her and she stopped what she was doing and turned around. “What’s wrong sweetheart?” she asked. “Don’t you like the stew anymore?”
Ka Nui nodded and shrugged. “Of course I do babe, it’s just we’ve had wild boar at least ten times this month… We’ve had deer pretty much every other night this entire year. And we even just had whale last week, remember? You made the surf and turf with the whale and the bear? I love your cooking babe, I just miss different meat. It’s been same old, same old for a while now. I miss that meat that was real satisfying and invigorating when you caught it, the meat that really put up a fight and struggled. Somehow that meat always tasted better, it was a great way to end the day. It was succulent, and juicy… I just really miss it.” He wiped some drool from his lips. “We have some good memories there.”
Luana put down her mixing spoon and sighed, rubbing her forehead. Ka Nui was bringing this up again. Usually he just made subtle hints about it or implied it, but this time he was bringing it up directly. Her husband was talking about eating people. “Ka Nui, we are on a diet,” she said, looking at him and shaking her head. “Neither one of us has tasted human flesh in over a year. We decided to do this after you at that rich little backpacker girl out in the woods last year, she was your last taste, we agreed. What do I keep saying about being more progressive, twenty-first century giants? It’s not the middle ages anymore, we need to change with the times.” When Luana had first met Ka Nui, he was a foodie and loved eating people. There was a time where he would eat nearly ten in one day, which was overeating for a giant. He just loved the taste of the meat so much. For just over a year now the two of them had been completely human meat deprived and they had both lost around a ton!
“Yeah, but it’s our anniversary babe,” Ka Nui rationalized, looking up at her from the chair with a smile. “Come on, just once a year. I really think it would be a good annual tradition, a really great celebration… Come on Luana, please? I don’t think it’s asking too much to be able to eat a little bit of people once in a measly year.”
“No Ka Nui,” Luana said insistently with her back turned again. She was reaching for the cabinet to take out the hogs and the deer.
“Aw,” said Ka Nui in a sigh of disappointment. “That’s too bad, I was really hoping you would say yes… That’s why I kind of already went hunting.”
Luana stopped what she was doing and looked around slowly, giving her giant husband a look of disbelief. “You did what?” she said slowly.
“Yeah,” Ka Nui said maybe even slower than she had spoken. “It was actually just by coincidence. I happened to be walking near one of the remote hiking trails that I used to hunt along a lot back in the day and I heard these voices… I stopped and looked through the trees to check it out… And instinct kicked in.” He reluctantly reached into a pocket of his fur shirt with his hand. He pulled out two young girls in bikinis. They were both whimpering and holding onto each other. One of them was biting her nails in fear looking back and forth between Ka Nui and Luana. The two giants did not know this but the two girls’ names were Veronica (left) and Alyssa (right). The two girls were long time best friends and had come to Hawaii on vacation with Alyssa’s family. That morning they had decided to go check out the beach while both of her parents were still asleep. Unfortunately they had taken the wrong path that the map given to them by the man at the desk had instructed them to.
Ka Nui dropped them onto the kitchen table top where they both sat, scared and crying. “I guess these two wandered a little bit too far from the beach,” he said with a chuckle. “Honestly it was one of the easiest hunts ever. And they came by me completely by chance…. You know Luana that seems a little like a sign to me… Come on babe, just this once as a celebration for old time’s sake.”
But Luana had already made up her mind. She was staring down at the two bite sized girls with wide eyes and a smile spread across her face. She could feel the corners of her mouth beginning to water. Her giant instincts were now kicking back in too as she saw the two tiny helpless morsels roll around on her table. They looked… delicious! Their tasty slender legs and perky, succulent looking breasts encased in those bathing suits, it was a little more than she could stand! Plus, the crispy looking sun damage that was across both of their shoulders was just too tempting. “Yes,” she said slowly. “Yes Ka Nui, you’re right, I agree with you!” She leered down at poor Alyssa and Veronica as she approached the table. They both squealed in fear and tried to run across the table but she caught them both in one hand and brought both of the tiny girls up to her face, looking at them longingly as they held onto each other’s arms. “Yes baby, it looks like there is gonna be a slight change in the dinner plans tonight.”
Ka Nui told her that he was excited and could not wait, and that he just wanted to go take a shower before dinner. Once he left, Luana carried both of the tiny girls in bikinis over toward the oven/stove rock over the volcanic vent. “W-what are you gonna do with us?” Veronica whimpered with tears in her eyes, looking up at Luana through her giant fingertips.
“Well, I really am sorry little girlies,” Luana said, setting them down on the countertop beside the stove and selecting a pan from the rack. “But we are celebrating our anniversary tonight, and we are going to devour you two tonight as the main course!”
Alyssa, who was not exactly the brightest or very well-read looked a little confused as they were set down on their butts on the counter. “Um… Alright!” Alyssa exclaimed, apparently not having the proper definition of a certain word Luana had just said.
Veronica rolled her red, tear streaked eyes and looked at her best friend. “No Alyssa… “devour” is a bad thing in this case. It means they’re gonna EAT us!”
“Oh… That’s bad,” Alyssa said, finally catching on. The two girls watches as Luana greased up the pan and held it over one of the burners, heated with the volcanic heat. Immediately Veronica and Alyssa could see the thin smoke rising from it.
“Um… what are you gonna do with that hot pan?” little Veronica asked Luana timidly, biting her nails watching the giantess toss some diced onions and salt into the oil.
“Oh that’s for you two,” Luana said, now adding some garlic cloves and smiling. “You see I’m gonna simmer you two a little bit before I go and toss you in the stew.”
As Veronica squealed in fear at the sight of the flames under the pan and rising smoke and began to tear up again, Alyssa crawled over and looked curiously at what Luana was simmering so far. “Hmm,” said little tiny helpless Alyssa. “If I were you I would have used scallions instead of red onions, all the same flavor with less of the crunch.”
“Oh, you think so?” Luana asked, looking at her mixture in the pan curiously now.
“Yeah,” said Alyssa, observing the simmering base that she was about to go into being stirred around. “And if you have any, I would suggest some shallots and some mushrooms. Mushrooms are nice and chewy, and won’t take the taste away from anything else, and shallots will have a way of keeping our juices sealed in while we’re simmering. Sorry, I know nobody likes a backseat cook, but I went to culinary school and-.”
“What are you doing Alyssa?!” Veronica demanded, pulling her friend back and leering at her. “You’re giving this woman advice on how to cook US and you sound like you’re exchanging recipes for Swedish meatballs!”
“I’m sorry Veronica,” Alyssa said with a shrug. “I’m just trying to help. I mean, if we’re gonna be eaten and have no choice we might as well taste good and not all chewy and stringy.”
“Okay, in you girls go,” Luana said, excitedly scooping Alyssa and Veronica up in one hand and combining them with her other handful of chopped shallots. While Veronica screamed and begged for Luana to stop the two girls and the shallots were dropped into the simmering mixture and Luana began to stir it around fast.
“Ouch, oh god it’s so hot!” Veronica squealed as they were being spun around. “And I’m getting dizzy.”
On the other hand, Alyssa was sniffing and smiling. “You see? Meat always smells better when it’s cooked with shallots!”
“Shut up Alyssa!” Veronica screamed, spinning around in the burning hot oil. After a minute they were taken off the burner and transferred over to the pot.
Only about twenty minutes later Luana and Ka Nui were sitting down at the table to their romantic anniversary dinner. As they winked and flirted across the table they both took their first spoonfuls of stew out of the bowls in front of them. Ka Nui’s spoon had the terrified and whimpering Veronica in it, whom the simmering oil had made look as if she had just had a good tan. She begged and pleaded not to be eaten as she was moved towards Ka Nui’s gaping mouth on the spoon. Luana’s spoonful had little Alyssa on it. She actually looked curious while being brought closer to the giantess’s mouth to be eaten. “Hmm… after you try some, let me know if I forgot anything,” she asked of Luana as the lips began to close around her. “I feel like there’s something missing.” Meanwhile Veronica was crying and begging as Ka Nui slipped her into his mouth, savored the flavor and swallowed her happily head first. This was a wonderful anniversary dinner.
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This is a picture I made of my original character, Lucy Valentine.

She is the main character of a story I am in the process of writing, and I will be uploading chapters of this story in the near future.

The story is, of course, a Giantess story, and Lucy is a 14-year-old giant girl who is in control of a vast kingdom of little people.

Please check out my story!

In case you were wondering, she is an evil giantess...a very evil giantess :)
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Done by DEVoreU --- very impressed with this guy's work!!!
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This is for a challenge by :iconxelrick: the-infernal-chaos.deviantart.…

My OC had to select another's OC and dress like them. So Emily stole :iconjacob-cross: clothing out of the dressing room…

Jacob is bigger than Emily of course being a guy, but from my experience trying on a dudes cloths. Pants are a whole different thing, overall they can be a bigger size, but getting them around your hips as a girl is hard! They be baggy as hell in the legs, but be squeezing the hell out of your damn wide hips!Kai : Hips lol xD

The necklace and ring are Emily's from her adoptive mother from when she was human centuries ago.

-- story ---

"I don't know how the hell Sarah dresses like a boy in this age!" Emily growled frustratingly as she tried pulling the jeans up. She hadn't dressed in men's clothing since she was a teenager, and that was back in the 1700's.

Her Demonic snakes tried helping her, but gave her some much needed space to avoid hearing her rant. "God it's not like I am fat!"

One of her serpents brought close a belt, " Forget the damn belt! I can barely get in the damn pants!"

"Damn they smell like *Death*, I am starting to hate this challenge...."


xD I was laughing inside while drawing this out
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Page 1 for a commission from :iconfaal20:. The stars are going to be Zaia and Zay-La. What's going on? Well, if you know Zay, you know what her hobbies include.
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Thanks to everyone who vote and helped decide the winner.

In first place: CIRNO, with 13 votes.
In second: OKUU and KOISHI, with 12 votes.
In third: ALICE and ZUN, with 11 votes.

I am creating a character for Rockman 7 FC, read more in my Journal here: [link]

Basically, this is a roster of test sprites I made of possible characters so far.

Due to size limitations, I can not have Nazrin with her dowsing rods, Kogasa with her umbrella, or Marisa with her hat. Sorry.

Total Score:
Cirno: 13
Nazrin: 4
Kogasa: 8
Rumia: 3
Alice: 11
Marisa: 6
Suwako: 8
Okuu: 12
Rinnosuke: 8
Reimu: 5
Yoshika: 9
Koishi: 12
Youmu: 5
Yuuka: 8
Aya: 5
Sunny Milk: 2
Wriggle: 7
Hong: 5
Yamame: 4
ZUN: 11

Rockman 7 (C) CAPCOM
Rockman 7 FC is a fan project
Touhou (C) ZUN
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Done for my personal use on Tumblr, so I left it uncolored, BUUUUT if you want it colored then I can totally do it. :iconteheplz:


Vegeta wants an explanation for yer bullshit.

I created it because I was frustrated after going through the dA search for bases I can legitimately used and found nothing but traced bases of moe anime.

The bases are bad enough, the fact that they almost all come from some fucking moe anime shit made me cringe like hell. And made me realize. What the hell happened to all the manly animes? Did they disappear after the glory days of DBZ, Akira the HST (Holy Shonen Trinity: Bleach, Naruto and One Piece) etc.? And all I'm seeing are a whole shitload of crappy, shallow animes that are all fanservice with girls too cute to be true and derpy boys?

This is why I stopped watching anime. :|

Of course, there are a whole load of gems that I enjoy a lot like FMA, Soul Eater and Fairy Tail, and those I'm planning to watch like Kuroshitsuji, Code Geass, Death Note, Durarara etc, and the ones I watched for the lulz like Hetalia. But everything else is, frankly, bullshit.

Oh wait, you're gonna baww at me now for hating yer anime?



You can use it as a personal meme if you like.

My Other Self-Drawn Memes Done for Teh Lulz:

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Let's face it, that's all the majority of fans use her for. You're more likely to find a pic of her and N together and Hilda acting like Bella, than you are to find a pic of her by herself.

Make me somewhat glad Hilbert is ignored by the fanbase. At least that way his character is less likely to be tarnished like Hilda's has.

Hilda is owned by Nintendo.
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