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New ID!

Again, again and again, me in my Seth Nightroad, aka the Empress Augusta Vladika, cosplay, from the novel illustrations of Trinity Blood. (ROM III black&white artworks version)

Dress, hat, and armour pieces all made by my dear Kinnara (my partner in TB as Radu, check Cospoison)
Decorations, paintings, wig, resin gems and make-up by me

Photo by my friend Missreptyle, no editing.

(the title is stolen from an homage to one of my favourite TB fanarts ever, by LevyRasputin)

My dear friends, I’m very sorry, but I’ve spent a wonderful afternoon taking pictures with my beloved friend Missreptyle, and now I have a ton, seriously a TON of amazing photos, because she’s so brilliant, creative and artsy and I love her :heart:. So I’m afraid that in the next weeks you will be spammed with quite a bit of greens, huge hats and sparkling trims. Please, forgive me. :giggle:

:new: I highly recommend to take a look at :facebook: Missreptyle’s Facebook page… :facebook: : she's not only a talented photographer, but also a breathtaking and smokin’ hot alternative model!

My heartfelt thanks to her, to Kinnara for all her hard work behind my costume, and to all you DA fellows. :blowkiss:

From the Empire by Cospoison Proskynesis by Cospoison A goddess is passing by Shu-Maat Seth Nightroad - Garden by Cospoison Seth Nightroad cosplay - Sublime Porte by Shu-Maat
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Well I thougt, hey(!) the name of my account is "Jibril-Cosplay" the name of my new cosplayed character is "Jibril" Lets take one of my new photos as new ID! ^.~
Now it's officiel for everyone I love this character and I'm named after her, here at deviantart. <3

I'm a huge Kaori Yuki Fan!!! And of corse Angel Sanctuary Fan too. <3 <3 <3

I hope you like my interpretation of Jibril.
You can find all information to this costume here:

Cosplayer: :iconjibril-cosplay:
Character: Cherub Jibril (Gabriel) from Angel Sanctuary by Kaori Yuki
Photographer: :iconthedevil-photography:

:star: Follow me on Facebook as well :star:
:facebook:  Leo et Dea on Facebook  :facebook:
You will find a lot of progress there =D

:sherlock: PLS don't use this picture without mention me and link my deviantart- or Facebookpage! :sherlock:

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photo taken by :iconhzrinv:

dead master as :iconyuichi-kairu:

--- ozine fest---

i cant really pull off that villainous look

other from deadmaster ozine shoot
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Me in my Seth Nightroad (Trinity Blood) cosplay, from Lucca Comics and Games 2011, Sunday 30th October.
Costume by my friend Kinnara, decorations, makeup and wig styling by me; photo by ~vintagecherrygirl, to whom goes all of my gratitude.

Okay… please pardon me this moment of self-indulgence. Okay, it’s quite a big moment of self-indulgence, but… Okay. To my defence I can say that this is my favourite photos from the day of the event (amongst the ones taken just to me, I mean; those with my friends are always my favourites, it couldn’t be otherwise). I didn’t want to upload the whole picture without the photographer’s permission, and the photo is already in ~vintagecherrygirl’s gallery; that’s where it belongs.
So I thought that my page could use a new, fresh ID. I know that I don’t look quite myself, with green eyes and that hair; but the smile is genuinely mine, and it’s the smile I always try to offer to people. In this sense, it tells something of me more than the old one.
And then it features one of my best friends' work, a memory of a nice day, and my belief that precious things are always more than worth fatigue and waiting.

I stop rambling now! I just say that I love how natural and diaphanous this photo looks (I have just increased the lightness); and that I’m glad it shows my beloved lace with the leaf embroidering, one of the things, along with the butterfly symbol, that we chose to bring forward the “nature” theme that should have set the difference between the Vatican decorations, for which I decided on baroque, and the Empress’ ones… complicated cosplay musings interesting to anyone but me. :giggle: But… didn’t I say I was stopping my ramblings? Whoops…

The title is from the homonymous song by Blackmore’s Night; the lyrics have always reminded, to me and ~suzaku3, of Seth… read them and then tell me! So come on, believe in me, and let’s build together our little Empir---- *is righteously knocked down by some hard-liner or random Rosencreutz member*

Doooon't forget to check also my cosplay team's account ~Cospoison for more photos and more TB costumes! :flirty: *PR mode on*
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"Star of Hope"

It's been almost a month since I last posted a deviation so this is one of the photos from our last shoot last January 2011 before going to hiatus.

Awesome Photography by :iconz3llll:
Thank you Sir for all the help and patience! :D

Trinity Blood

:iconenchantingnocturne: as Queen Bridget II (manga)
:iconnana17: as Queen Esther

Other photogs: ~aruki, jemarc

I still lack tons of details for this costume.

Difficult part for this costume was the huge heart shaped wires in my back. It was the cause of my week long back pain considering the fact that I have milddextroscoliosis :XD:

I was planning to cosplay her since late 2009 and I know that I still have to revamp, remake the entire cosplay after my two attempts (in a convention and in a shoot).
My Queen Esther costume is all made by me. I still plan to do another photoshoot for this cosplay probably next year.

And yes I admire the two great Queen Esther cosplayers, ~Astarohime and ~Kaikida

As for Queen Bridget II cosplay which is awesomely done by ~enchantingnocturne - she made it all too on her own in less than one week



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Hiiiiiiii > u < <3333

Free page button <333 :hug:
You can use this with this code:
<a href@="URL GOES HERE"> @<img src@="IMAGE URL GOES HERE " <@/a>
Copy and paste the code, remove the "@" <333

Separate button:
:bulletpink: Gallery:
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:bulletpink: F.A.Q

I did button for: "Gallery" "Commission info" and "F.A.Q" <33 Suggestions for other buttons? > u <

:bulletpink: Credit me in your profile if you use it <3
You can use it only in DeviantArt

Please, don't trace, copy, steal, modify, re-upload or use my works without my permission, thanks :heart:
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Cosplay: Kuro Yuki, ^WASABI^ cosband (by Me)
Artist: Shirley, ^WASABI^ cosband
Photo: Akami :iconakami777:
Studio: Zeas
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for cosplay
model-foto : me (soi fong )
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Me in a Geisha cosplay~ <3

[link] More Geisha-Cosplay Pictures ^^
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Photographer - Lito Krios (motleydoll)
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