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Sketch of a commission for :iconsasusakufan1:

of her chestnut OC horse - Rose. Playing in snow, bucking and just having fun ^_^

I used a reference photo from Russian site with Equine photographs, but unfortunately I can't find the link again. It was a photo of bay Akhal Teke. If you know the site and could give me a link I'll be grateful

Link to the site is no longer a mystery :la: Take a look, there is a plenty of awesome equine photos: [link]
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livestream stuff, ~Etskuni offerend me to draw friesian pegasus, came out something like this. errr... about 1 hour of doodling?
aaand bg texture is owned by someone, but not me. need to find link later
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For :iconxtiger-lilyx:

The background is going to stay rather painterly. I got inspired by the Asia - see the clouds covering mountains? and this thing on the right is going to be something like bamboo.

The pretty horse- peacock is named Eàrrsanh, if you don't know him you really should visit Julie's gallery

To be finished soon.
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Sketch of a commission for :iconentaie:
to be used on

*In scraps now*

Other version:

Edit: I forgot to note that I also used rabicano in palomino and bay horsie :)

I'm presenting you some examples of combinations of base colours and markings that will be available in the game ( Still under construction). There are also perlino and gray that are not shown here.

It's so very unusual breed, a little to skinny for me, but I like their necks, so long and slim, very elegant :heart: In the end I drew this Akhals without mane, to show their pretty necks.

Now I'm really proud how those colorings looks, I hope they are also correct :aww:

Now I see some funny thing :) Some time ago, when I knew nearly nothing about equine anatomy I was drawing horses with such long legs... I thought that it was wrong, but simply I should just be telling that these were Akhals :giggle:

References: [link] [link] [link]
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Sketch of a commission for :iconelvaniel:

Type: simple background with lineart

First art from two arts she ordered- Her OC, Malachai. palomino horse on a green paddock near the forest :aww:

I based this horse on one particular horses Elvaniel show me:

1. this horse as a beautiful ref for the body type [link] but unfrotunatley it's not a stock and I couldn't use it directly.
2. so I found another Irish Draught horse for another ref: [link]

Using these two photos as references I was able to keep the similarity to the breed. I hope I was :lmao:

Enjoy :)
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again no reference
Her design was made by ~luxury-green, I really like it
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Portrait of :icondarkangel613613:'s gelding Roland. What a gorgeous guy he is! Reminds me of the horse I first took lessons on!
That tree in the bg is making me so happy. I really cranked up the texture on this, it was feeling to me like it should have an old painted feel. It's a picture of concrete to make the texture.

This is my half of an art trade (my very late half T_T), check out the awesome picture she did of Frog! :heart: [link]

This has made me so reminiscent! The very first trade I ever did was with ~DarkAngel613613 I am so glad we got to trade again! :D haha.. PREPARE YOURSELVES!!!! Here is what I drew for her that first time XD [link] That is second wolf I ever attempted to draw <3 I was so proud too! I remember showing it to the people around me in my typography class when I finished :) It was a huge improvement for me back then! I love looking back at how far I've come in 4 years and it makes me want try even harder.

Thank you so much! :heart:

Pencil sketch
Colored in Photoshop CS3
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:star: DOWNLOAD :star: for full size

I'm presenting you a -side effect- of my recent work for Equirealm equisite. But I think it's nice to share it with you in this form :aww:

*entaie admin of Equirealm, commissioned from me quite a lot coat colors for all horses I previously painted.

I took American Saddlebred, as an example, added some descriptions and can show you this horse coat colors chart. I'm hoping that it's genetically correct, even Entaie have not seen this earlier :giggle:

I hope you don't mind me doing this, Enty :aww:

EDIT: Thank you for your support on this one! I have fixed some mistakes and added more colors :)

please notice that not all those colors can appear in purebleeed American Saddlebred horse. This nice american saddlebreed stally you see on the sheet is just a model for learning purposes :aww:
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Her name is not a typo, and nor do I stutter. lol The second f just adds a little uniqueness and flair. :flirty:

Name: DT Ffiona
Barn Name: Fiona, Fifi
Gender: Mare
Breed: Zweibrücker (German Warmblood)
Age: 6
Height: 16 hh
Color: Chestnut Tovero (Tobiano/sabino)
Markings: majority of white is on her front portion. Two hind stockings, blaze, irregular spotting, green eyes. Branded on left hip with the Zweibrücker brand [link]
Genes: ee / aa / Sbsb / Tt
Notes: does not carry any agouti gene. Heterozygous for both pintos
Discipline: Eventing
Rider: Dean Davidson
Passable Traits: Color, discipline, height, personality
Sire/Dam: n/a
Bloodlines: Zweibrücken foundation import; purebred
Offspring: none
For lease: no
Competitions Entered: n/a
Awards: n/a
Personality: Ffiona is a very frisky mare. She loves to roll on the ground, sprint around, buck and jump, and do amazing dynamics that most other horses can't do. She very optimistic and always seems to be happy to see you. Because of her high energy, we're apprehensive about putting her in the stall for too long; she'll start pacing and cribbing, which are nasty habits we don't want her to adopt. So she is currently living outside, and only comes in at nights if the weather is too harsh. Even under saddle, she's just a little bundle of potential energy, and she almost seems to vibrate with it. We're expecting her to do well in cross country, obviously, and also dressage because of her flexibility and fluid movements.

:bulletorange::bulletred: Technical Stuff :bulletred::bulletorange:
Tools used: Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet and PS Elements 6
Estimated time: 2 hours-ish
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NEW OWNER - :icontemplado:

ID: 3243
geno: Ee aa nZ nSb
silver black sabino

:star:Potions used:
:bulletred:Ram Potion
:bulletred:Heat Potion
:bulletred:Nightshade Potion

Breeding info found on journal.
:star:Kaaring Journal:

ID: #3243
geno: Ee aa nZ nSb
Colour: Silver Black Sabino
Name: Baron Samedi
Stable: Sam
Breed: Pure Nordanner
Gender: Stallion
Age: 5 years
Height: 18.1hh
Registered: In process of

Lineage & Design:
3243 Nordanner Foal Design by SarahScala

I can't do the lineage any other way as it confuses the hell outta me.

SIRES BLOODLINES - Green Lantern -

Sires Dam's Side
:bulletblue: Natfjer's Sire --------------------------------  [starter] :trophy: Daimhin #476 -
--------------:bulletred: Liliths Sire: :trophy: Natfjer #1267 -
--------------------- :bulletwhite: Femme's Sire - :trophy: Arina #47 -
:bulletblue: Natfjer's Dam ------------------------------- Femme Fatel #840 -
------------------------- :bulletwhite: Femme's Dam - Shyia #98 {dec} -
:bulletgreen: Lanterns's Dam: Lilith #2067 -
:bulletorange: Sundaes Sire ------------------------------------  [starter] :bulletpink: Eximus #127 -
-------------:bulletred: Lilith's Dam: Ice Cream Sundae #1338 -
------------------------------------------------ :bulletblack: Aithne's Dam - Ulmende #149  -                             
:bulletorange: Sundae's Dam ---------------------------------- :bulletpink: Aithne #850 -
-------------------------------------------------  :bulletblack: Aithne's Sire - Rhyfedd #120 -

Green Lanterns Dad

:bulletgreen:Lanterns's Sire--  [starter] Little Boy Blue #438 -

DAM'S LINEAGE - Beautiful Illusion -

----------------- SS: sVa Brayden 82-
Sire: JK Born 2B Great 1232-
----------------- SD: Silver Phantom 138-

Dam: CHSs Sunset Boulevard 295-

Kaaring Journal:

38 points from Lineage as follows:
+2 Green Lantern
+2 Beautiful Illusion

+3 Daimhin #476
+3 Natfjer #1267
+3 Arina #47
+2 Femme Fatel #840
+3 Shyia #98 {dec}
+0 Lilith #2067 (no points)
+2 Eximus #127
+2 Ice Cream Sundae #1338
+0 Ulmende #149 (no points)
+3 Aithne #850
+2 Rhyfedd #120

+2 Little Boy Blue #438
+2 sVa Brayden 82
+3 JK Born 2B Great 1232
+2 Silver Phantom 138
+2 CHSs Sunset Boulevard 295


:bulletred: Breedings Open see journal :bulletred:

Don't steal him he's miiiine!!!
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