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I jumped on the Caramel Dance bandwagon! Click on the music note. :)

Not sure if you're allowed to use a song like this, so this might end up being deleted. :/

I used Flash MX, and a Wacom drawing tablet. And the lurvely youtube vid as a guide, lol...

Enjoy? >.>;
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Yup, I decided to enter :iconresisty-uprising-oct:
Rheu is still new, so I find this a great way to develop him a bit. :D

Name: Rheu
Nickname: 783, *insert rude name here*
Age: 19 (Irk years)
Race: Irken (mutation)
Birthday: September
Gender: Male
Height: 4'10"
Loyal?: He is loyal to the empire
Blood Color: Green, or Clear Pink (I however draw blood red, until I learn to draw it right other colors)
Tongue color: Magenta (Dark pink)

Personality: Stubborn, narrow minded, defensive, curious, shy and somewhat oblivious. Not really a genius, but can use common sense. Is docile most of the time, but will defend himself, but doesn't really start fights.

Job: Is a ex-elite, since important things end up exploding on the job suddenly. Also others being a little cruel by using him as a scape goat or easy target to bully not only for being a freak, but being short. Now is a treasure hunter as a hobby since he lacks a job to earn actual monies. Basically that weirdo with the metal detector walking around the place. He still is pulled into elite jobs by the lieutenant, and bullied by him.

Likes: Silence, junk food, shiny things, and the alien equivalent of alcohol

Dislikes: Assumptions, being thought as helpless, different species from a hideous race hitting on him, annoying people, and meat. The assumption of being retarded by superiors, when he is in fact not.

Fears: Deep water, supernatural things, and hookers

Strengths: PAK, can think straight, can avoid fights and ability to use survival skills from training. Is very strategic, and can find ways out of bad situations. He may be weak but he can take a lot of hits, and defend himself in the most clever ways.

Weaknesses: His face is completely deformed, and has his teeth exposed so that helmet prevents unwanted things flying and ending up accidentally in his mouth or swallowed. He can't breath that well, so that helmet also helps a little with breathing. He also only has one eye, and even in that eye he doesn't have that good eyesight. He has a speech problem with some words, so his helmet also assists him in that with a more mechanical, and autotuned voice.
Right antennae is crooked and bent up, and hard to hear with.
One of his arms is shorter than the other, while the right arm has a slightly longer finger where he wears a metallic claw over it, also is deformed a bit in the right shoulder which is covered by a shoulder guard. He's not very good at using his own hands, so instead his PAK handles more complicated tasks such as controlling ships. Might have small seizures sometimes, and massive migraines worst than Crome's. He is relatively physically weak. Can't use guns, or melee weapons such as knives that well but will use them in emergencies.

Backstory: Was the very last experiment subject after Xon (supposed to be younger than Xon but 19 is his current age after Xon's death.) Agrasis has called off the project and the scientist stuck their last PAK they were working on, onto one of the most mutilated and deformed mutant smeet ever. No one really noticed, and instead of being tortured or killed like crome went through, he was sent into training instead on planet Devastis, and went through field training on hobo 13. After being hated for accidentally destroying things indirectly from his PAK being defective, and because he was short and really ugly. He was to be demoted into a service drone but the tallest didn't really, want something that resembled a gremlin with a stomped on face serving them every single day. So instead he was thrown out in the middle of nowhere. Still loyal to his empire and tallest, he knew he was hated so instead he just went on doing his own thing. Treasure hunting, being kicked out of space bars, chased by space pirates, and the occasional being dragged back into elite duties when superiors are in desperate situations.

Special Abilities: His Helmet allows him to lock on to targets, allows zooming in and out and comes equipped with night vision, inferred, and x-ray vision like the PAK binoculars. He is rather good at robotics if provided with blueprints.

I did draw Rheu helmetless, but he's extremely graphic looking. So if someone does end up knocking off or destroying his helm in the fight. I'm willing to link to his helmetless ref if asked. Otherwise I like shocking people when the time comes :'D

If you can't view, click here for the PNG format [link]
Click weapons, and gadget buttons to view his equipment.
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Help the demon capture three Reincarnies in this third installment of the series!

Well, it has been over a year since I have started this game. You can actually see how much has changed since the start of this game by playing the past couple of minis. Iím sorry for the long wait and I hope it was worth it.

This time the demon is sent to capture 3 Reincarnies who are now hiding out in New Orleans, Louisiana. Find out if they are up to no good and send them back to hell to please Luke!

I restarted the project if you want to redonate @ [link]

There are 10 medals in this game.
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This was like some old looping flash animation I did due to my boredom in my Video Tech class last year in May. The art style is really old, changed a lot compared to now. :(

There's no sound and it's not much really...but it's amusing to watch.


© Nintendo
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The preview isn't that great :I
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ITS ALIVEEE!!!!! ARGHGAHGHGHGHGH!!!!!! :iconmysalsaplz: lol idk...a quicky testing out Photoshop its kinda baddd :iconnooooplz:

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i always wondered what certain type matchups would yield in pokemon, especially ones that don't exist yet (fire/water for example). i put this together so i have easy access to see said matchups. then i figured others might wanna us this as well, so here it is.
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Kuroshitsuji - Sebastian & Ciel signature:

Adobe Photoshop Cs4
Adobe Flash Cs4

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I know I am kind of slow this year. Too tired and was feeling ill for few days…

Anyways here is something I made fast but should be fun :)

What can you do here?
Pick effect in top left combo box.
Choose if automatic snowing on/off in box lower.
Now try to click and hold anywhere. See snow created? Number 10 is how wide area of effect is and how many snow flakes are created.
Now when a lot of snow is gathered on the bottom try to move a mouse over it :)

Hope you like it.

P.S Happy Christmas and Happy New Year everyone ;)

Well played with it some more. Made it two times smaller and stretched to original size. So it looks kind of pixilated now.
Made some changes to how snow is gathered on a bottom.
Now after reducing the size of this thing I don’t need to generate such a density map so it works faster and allows more snow flakes.
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Little somethin' I did for the fun of it :'D
Haven't done one of these since July-
it's a little big, just warnin' yah :'''D

Program(s) used:  Paint Tool SAI and Windows Live Movie Maker
Converters:  VideotoMP3 and
Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet


Audio c Spongebob Squarepants / Nickolodeon
Kirk and Spock c Star Trek / Gene Roddenberry
TARDIS c Doctor Who / BBC
Art/animation c :iconrainingdoctors:
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