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Featuring Favourites XXVII

Thorin Oakenshield by FinngualaRadagast by kehchoonwee:thumb347032663:Bofur by TatharielCreations:thumb351432304:
Radagast and Company by Paperflower86At Your Service by Kinko-WhiteSmaug the Golden by Kinko-WhiteGandalf the Grey by panos4657
Sherlock by KatePowellArtAn apology by FantaasiatoidabSherlock playing the violin by MelniaThe Woman by AlessiaPelonzi
Professor James Moriarty Andrew Scott by eLfankaSketch Exchange - Arahiriel by KumagorochanJim Moriarty by ChicoBlueSherlock by BrainfruitEVERYTHING by A-Little-Night-MusicMartha Jones Doesn't Look At Explosions by onegemini
2012-12-25_benedict_cumberbatch_cop by HollywoodieI Owe You a Fall by N0rkssherlock by Sampl3dBeansSherlock by eLfankaMIND THE GAP by aidadada
Broken Mirror-Preface by ymymyBrothers by WuLiao-YuziSHERLOCK by lordofthepiratesVamp!lock for Petratodd by SempaikoSherlock's tears by 403shiomiFairy Tales by kimberly80Doctor who: Clara on Daguerreotype by DameEleusys
Sherlock Colors by EatToastVerita lux mea by A-Little-Night-MusicThe Omnivorous Reader by RileyStark:thumb353498089::thumb355181631:Thorin by art-imaginations
depressed Castiel by Gregory-WelterAnd then you got to wake up by ellaineHouse Stark of Winterfell by RandySiplonHouse MD by GrrrenadineCaptain Jack Harkness by bronze-dragonriderAllons-y! by greyallison
King Moriarty by dongomSketchbook: Cat (2) by CheshindaThe girl who waited by kleineHerzMitchell (Aidan Turner) by thewholehorizonSnow by Loga90
the timelords by littleulvarpond by littleulvarThe First Doctor - William Hartnell by The-Art-of-Ravenwolf:thumb3563619
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Darragh..... by ZaphodX23Gazette - Reita by ichigonekogirl
Michael and Anahita (The Autumnal Equinox) by Aty-S-Behsam2012 United States Election Escutcheon by BuckleyTypographicsCommission: Alaude by Jibari-chanHyozanryu by AlexRose312
Maggy by Jenniej92:thumb297784458:The Wanderer by feainne:thumb287033820:
BLS: Envoy of the Beginning by AlexRose312Leona Lewis by elenouska15Sherlock Holmes by phoenix132Mila Kunis by Cindy-R
Wet by AmBr0Carmen by ChristinaMandySketch Card : NIALL HORAN by blessyo4Victor Creed by SchizophrenicUnicorn
:thumb285864643:In the night by PhaedrisElle Driver (AKA Californian Mountain Snake) by Paul-Shanghai
Deep Trouble WIP by BuckleyTypographicsDaisy by SquirrelGirl15Kaiden Hawke by ErinM31
Some say... by ViviDybowski:thumb329146356:-+-Late evening-+- by TalviEnkeli
Babydoll by xxsensiHigh Tea delights by Darklight-phoenixThe Lost Paradise by feainne
BlueJay by LovelySparrow'Scarlet Used to be an Innocent Girl...' by Aty-S-BehsamQueens Of Metal II by ArtGoldArt
:thumb328840037:Deshi Basara by ISG-ArtIan Somerhalder as Damon II by Ilojleen
Kill Bill (Part 1) by Paul-ShanghaiSketch Card : HOLMES by blessyo4:thumb328188152:
.:Xena:. by ChristinaMandyFlow by rahultokasRobert Cornell Jr by visualwings
:thumb322576814:Black Forest by Darklight-phoenixgive me more by LovelySparrow
-+-Siren's possession-+- by TalviEnkeliNiall by SquirrelGirl15Stranger #57 by SpringzArt
All Of These Dreams by OonaghAncaireBattleW A R R I O R by robdolbsIn the Water by OonaghAncaireBattle
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