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Hey there! :meow:
A bunch of sketches about PokeSpe+, some are a bit older but I just scanned them.
I hope you like it! :chew:

ポケットモンスターSPECIAL(Pocket Monsters Special Pokémon Special) and it's Characters © by Satoshi Yamamoto & Hidenori Kusaka
ポケットモンスターSPECIAL +lus(Pocket Monsters Special Plus Pokémon Special Plus), it's Characters and Art © by me *liliebiehlina3siste
Pokemon © Satoshi Tajiiri, Pokémon Company, Nintendo, Creatures Inc., Game Freak Inc.
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They really could use some better nicknames though...

((So how 'bout you guys suggest some? -w- I could use some suggestions ahaha))

((Also Blue seriously hates the name Frosty so yeah I dunno if I should keep that and preserve some semblance of his dignity--))
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((Ahaha, Blue's kinda feeling better now Xd We did a sort of collab comic with Orange-mun, so Blue's kinda kicking back up. I meant to take him out of the fever for a while, but I kinda saw this is a really good opportunity so he suffered for kawaii doki dokis ))

((He's still gotta recover from the bite near his shoulder, but he's doing fine :3 ))
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If you like this join :iconpokemon-special-plus:!

Hey there! :meow:
Download for Fullsize!
Ok, I tried to make a Family Tree :faint: but it still has spoilers :O

The colored Scan profile pictures are from this picture ポケスペキャラ一覧(1~6章+α) by キー坊 on pixiv

:bulletblack:Read Chapters:bulletblack:

ポケットモンスターSPECIAL(Pocket Monsters Special Pokémon Special) and it's Characters © by Satoshi Yamamoto & Hidenori Kusaka
ポケットモンスターSPECIAL +lus(Pocket Monsters Special Plus Pokémon Special Plus), it's Characters and Art © by me *liliebiehlina3siste
Amethyst (Emerald's sister) © by *Jeshika-Haruno
Melly © by ~Peach-Ray
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Hey there! :meow:


And also Happy Birthday to Aventurine :heart:
This is a picture of Amber, Aven and Sodalite going to trick or treat on halloween~
Tumblr Icon  tumblr post here
I hope you like it! :chew:

ポケットモンスターSPECIAL(Pocket Monsters Special Pokémon Special) and it's Characters © by Satoshi Yamamoto & Hidenori Kusaka
ポケットモンスターSPECIAL +lus(Pocket Monsters Special Plus Pokémon Special Plus), it's Characters and Art © by me *liliebiehlina3siste
Pokemon © Satoshi Tajiiri, Pokémon Company, Nintendo, Creatures Inc., Game Freak Inc.
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i'm so sorry....

1. based on ~iluvshadowclaw's rusa fic, memories lost [link] i'm so proud of this one guys. so. very. proud;v; i actually drew quality(?) pokemon! don't even get me started on dem legendaries! they took me like, 10 minutes each while keep staring at bulbapedia and yelling "how the fuck does this work?! the fuck am i doing??!!!" so yeah, read it. please. you won't regret it
2. angels and demons again~ yay~ dat ending!! dat endinggggg:iconcryforeverplz:i shall now explain:
- so.. from what i picked up from the buru meeting scene on that one chapter i can't remember, they were all "i missed you" all dem fluff like that. nyaaww i can just picture them as a super cute couple before the whole damn thing started<3
-reye again because i can. where is that hand touching red...
-dem freaky eyes okay! dem freaky eyes!
-sfaklgjlaksjflalskl gsc trioooooo....... silverrrr precious babyyyy ugyuuuu
-agency:iconheplz: they have their own scene okay! well, white at least
-diaaaa you remember them but y u no stay brooooo?? come bacckkkk!!!!
3.this thing's a year old!:dummy: supposedly to take place after that oct versus dave, ~Densomeden's oc. so okay, she lost, and as you can see, having a hard time at handling it too. but of course, aqualight fluff~~~#SLAP
4. irl sketch request~
5. commonership. part of a com:meow:
6. cover for start again(?) will start someday...
7. concep design for avira and devin's hero mode suit... damn...
8. redid of ~Eifi--Copper's sexy drawing [link] i just HAD to redo it in my own odd, bizzare, devious, dark and disturbing way:iconheplz:
9. silver x alpaca silver. my version. because silver in a dress is cute okay!#MURDERED
10 & 11. POKESPE KIDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS#SHOOT these guy's been on my mind for like yearsXD lemme give you a run down
red x yellow
scarlet(13): eldest child of red and yellow. once was a docile girl, but changed into the fighter she is now to gain respect from a certain someone when she was younger
orange(7): the sweet little angle no one could hate. often seems weak, but when he's ticked off, prepare to die. sister complex
green x blue
cyan (15): the eldest of all the 2nd gen kids. got all of green's traits
clover (7): known to be mini blue. best friend of orange and dreams to continue professor oak's research
gold x crystal
amenysth (15): eldest twin of gold and crys. trained under crystal to be a capturer like her. kinda hates her brother
amber (15): younger twin brother of amenysth. basically gold in many ways except the gambeling part. specialize in breeding and a not so pro catcher
silver x soul (let's just pretend she's there okay~)
teal (15): looks like silver, but she's very sweet and caring because of the environment she grew up in. silver doesn't want her to be like him so she was raised to be soul minus the hyperactiveness
ruby x sapphire
indigo (13): contest and battle prodigy(battle... not really) loved cute and beautiful things like ruby but appearance is all sapphire. has a linking to scralet(?)
opal (12): loves the outdoors and adventure. never back down from a fight, someday wishes to become champion of hoenn. way too tomboy for her own good
crimson (8): hates battles and contests. prefers to studying and help out around professor birch's lab
emerald x ???
jade(9): got rald's trait of being tiny, but of course was taught to have rald's skills as well
wally x ???
will(9): jade's best friend. has a weak body like wally used to, but also a caring and kind personality. vowed to always protect jade(aww~#SLAP)
diamond x platina
grey(15): professor rowan's assistant. very dilligent and smart
violet(10): vibrant and carefree. loves sweets, forgetfull and somewhat clumsy
pearl x ???
citrine: a hot head, strong willed trainer who wants to be a part of the battle frontier brains like her dad and granddad
black x white
ivory(14): loves both showbiz and being a trainer. hopes to someday continue the bw agency and replace her dad as champion of unova
cheren x bianca
garnet(14): clumsy, protective and best friend of ivory
turqouise(11): book worm, assistant to professor juniper
wow. long explanation is long
12. EP+ kids. can anyone guess who're their parents~ oh, and if some wondered why they look like my characters in AE, congrats, you win a cookie. the EP+ kids are the main charas of AE in a slightly different reality
13. aqualight, annoyance, reverse, hear and childhood1
14. did i ever mentioned how cute they will be in EP+? no? okay. now you know
15, 16, 17. just some doodle. got annoyance and reversed switched though=w=

thank you for keeping up with my crap:iconorzplz:
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S: I wonder what happened to that...

((i dunno just felt like drawing something kinda sad ahahaha))
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Alguien se acuerda de él??, no? yo tampoco me acordaba de él :iconmingplz:
era un antiguo Oc Trainer de Erick (mi gijinka de Electrike) y era bastante Shota y como me aburrí de él lo crecí (??)
y como me gusta dibujar pokemons pues aproveche en dibujar a todo su equipo :iconyaygilbirdplz:

Nombre: Charles "Charlie" Sugar
Edad: 19 años
Genero: Masculino

Personalidad: Con sus pokemons es muy cariñoso y sobreprotector a veces llega al punto de ser tan empalagoso con ellos que se hartan y prefieren regresar a sus pokebolas :iconimsotiredplz:
Con las personas a veces puede ser serio o indiferente hasta que tome confianza, llega a ser distraído si es algo que no trate de pokemons

-Pokemons coloridos/shiny o con color de ojos distintos a los normales
-El color amarillo
-Pokemons Eléctricos
-La playa
-Los concursos pokemon
-Las cosas dulces

-El maltrato pokemon
-Quedarse sin dinero cosa que sucede muy seguido
-Ser tan preocupon cuando se trata de sus pokemons
-Que sus pokemons no soporten sus mimos(??)


-Manectric :iconmanectricplz:
Tipo: Eléctrico
Habilidad: Electricidad estática
Naturaleza: Fuerte
Colmillo Rayo
Onda Trueno
Colmillo Ígneo
Ataque rápido
Personalidad: Serio y amargado no suele llevarse bien con los otros pokemons ni siquiera de su especie con excepción de algunos pokemons de tamaño pequeño ya que le dan lástima, guarda rencor contra Kevin por haberlo derrotado y gracias a eso capturado, con el tiempo aprendió a encariñarse con su entrenador y obedecerle al 100%.

-Swanna :iconswannaplz:
Tipo: Agua/Volador
Habilidad: Sacapecho
Ataque ala
Golpe aéreo
Acua aro
Personalidad: Rara vez sale de su pokebola, solo sale para pelear, para concursos pokemon, comer, y molestar a Erick. No se lleva ni bien ni mal con su entrenador ni con el resto del equipo, con excepción de Erick es el único con el que le agrada siempre estar cerca e incitando a una batalla la cual por lo general siempre gana.

-Kecleon shiny :iconkecleon-plz: (no hay icon del shiny)
Nombre: Klio
Tipo: Normal
Habilidad: Cambio color
Naturaleza: Ingenua
Personalidad: Preocupado y cuidadoso a más no poder, si ve que un enemigo es mucho más fuerte que él o algo es demasiado peligroso prefiere evitarlo desapareciendo. Cambia de color según sus emociones o las situaciones que se presenten, normalmente se muestra de color azul.

-Scraggy :iconzurugguplz:
Tipo: Siniestro/Lucha
Habilidad: Mudar
Naturaleza: Floja
Patada Baja
Golpe cabeza
Personalidad: Relajado, tranquilo, despreocupado, algo distraído y desorientado tiende a meterse en problemas sin darse cuenta aunque normalmente nunca sale lastimado por ello, se podría decir que comparte una amistad/rivalidad con Grass pero la verdad es que no lo toma enserio.

-Pansage :iconpansageplz:
Tipo: Planta
Habilidad: Gula
Naturaleza: Activa
Látigo cepa
Golpes Furia
Bomba germen
Personalidad: Es el más alegre y activo de todos, casi nunca le gusta estar en su pokebola, siempre anda por ahí tratando de convivir con los demás. A pesar de ser tan alegre es bastante serio y concentrado cuando se trata de una batalla o un entrenamiento, siempre trata de mostrarle a su entrenador y a los demás que es fuerte.

-Drifloon :icondrifloonplz:
Tipo: Fantasma/Volador
Habilidad: Resquicio
Naturaleza: Mansa
Bola Sombra
Personalidad: Al ser la única nena del equipo es la más mimada por Charlie, y es a la única que no le molestan los mimos. No tiene pokebola por lo que siempre verán a Charlie con ella, le tiene mucho cariño a su entrenador ya que la encontró y cuidó cuando fue herida por un entrenador abusivo.

Me cansé de escribir tanto D: ok no solo exagero
y eso u u ya quería un dibujo decente de mi entrenador con sus pokes

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Charlie (c) ~Shijima18
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G: I really want dad to teach me Leaf Blade though...


((The hookshot never shows up in the manga and so I never use it for the boys Xd In the manga, Green uses the boomerang and so Razorleaf fits perfectly))


((I'm just.... gonna edit out the text so that it's just a clean picture of him using Razorleaf cause I love the heck outta this nnnn))
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This is an Evolution I made up for Houndoom, and sence Houndoar and Houndoom is based off a Hellhound, Houndooms evolution is based off one of the most famous Hellhounds, Cerburus :D

Ability: Steadfast
Height from Head to tail: 10 ft
Weight: 243 lbs
Type: mainly dark, but it can learn Psychic, fire and steel moves too.

Houdeaths tale:

There is only one Houndeath, and it's unable to die of old age.
There is a tale behind this rare and feared pokemon.
Many Many Years ago, An old wild and skinny Houndoom was roaming the middle of the woods in the middle of the night, and it came across something dark and black. The Houndoom became curious, so it decided to see what it was that he found, The Houndoom bit at it hoping that he found something to eat, but the black object flew up and slashed the Houndoom across the face. Houndoom landed hard on the ground.
When Houndoom looked up, it turned out to be the legendary Nightmare pokemon, Darkrai. The Darkrai shot a Shadow ball at the weak un-healthy Houndoom, the Houndoom shot backwards, but landed on it's feet.
the Houndoom lundged forward at the Darkrai and bit it's neck.
The Darkrai shot a beam at the Houndoom, and Houndoom fell back to the ground. Houndoom shot a small Shadow ball at the Darkrai, but it was no good, it barly touched him. The Darkrai then Flew toward Him, but before Houndoom could even move, then Darkrai puts its hands together and created a ball of dark circles. It then fires a beam of circles as a beam from the ball at the Houndoom. Houndoom calapsed with massive injuries. Leaving the starved Houndoom to suffer, Darkai molded into the shadows.

Instead of fainting, the Houndoom instead began to grow larger, it grew three Mighty Heads, and it's tail grew an iron cyth at the end, his muscles grew large, and it's Claws slowly grew larger.
And Iron armer began to form from the top of the center head to the end of it's neck.
He grew to almost the size of a Suicune.
Houndoom was now Houndeath, a deadly pokemon that gained this new dark form. Houndoom being amunned to dark moves, gave it more powers.
All through the Years, Houndeath hunts down Darkrai for revenge.

Myths, legends and facts:
Legend has it that Houndeath is the pokemon Grim reaper, and that a Pokemon will see it before they die. (it is believed to be the pokemon grim reaper because of the Cyth on the tip of it's tail.)

Fact has it that this pokemon is a four element Pokemon, it's body contains darkness, it's flame mained head is Flame, it's Purple mained head is Psychic and it's Iron plated head is steel.


Reaper Howl: This Move is sorta like the move "Perish song"
It Howls a deadly howl, and curses all pokemon on the feild, and in two turns, all faint.:new:

Tri raor: Houndeath lets out a Mighty raor, and with all three heads shoots a flamethrower, a psybeam and Iron needles. (may cause foe to flinch):new:


That's Houndeath, this is for a contest :iconesepibe: is holding
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