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I'd cry my eyes out while clinging to Green
I'd cry my eyes out while crawling and worshiping Red
Silver's hair :iconyaranaika:
I'd cry my eyes out because GOLD MY BABY BROTHER OHM Y GOD
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Little gift/request for ~Rin-chan16 since she demanded Silver cuddling Sylveon xD
I had no ideas what should I draw (I tried to do another animation and next part of my pseudo comic but... nothing is going as it should, stupid artblock >: ) so, why not. I always draw Silver when I don't know what to draw xD So yeah.
Hope you have a nice day~
Sorry Silvy bby for breaking your hands--

and yey since I hate coloring and shading (I'm too impatient) I came up with something looking just fine. Hope you like it x3
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I wanted my first post in 2013 to be something big and epic but I'm going to finish this next year I think :iconmingplz: I'm too lazy and I can't draw what I imagined, my life fails x__x
So have this
Not yaoi
And I think that's my first drawing where actually are both Pokemon and trainer xD

m'kai now idk
I gotta eat something.
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up to down left to right~~

:bulletred: Random kitty silver.... because.... you know why :T
It started with this, I was bored, I drew silver, then suddenly kitty ears from idek where my subconcious was taking control of my body //shot I mean look at that, I wrote "Kawaii" beside him wtf? ._. not to mention his hair looks weird >_>;; but meh I just went with it

:bulletred: Uuuuhhhhh.... I... I don't remember what was this, I think I just drew him with a ponytail because of reasons <3 and then colored it because I was teachinga friend how to use sai (she said I got overexcited with it tehe~~)

:bulletred: last minute sketch to fill blank space yay!
Silver needs a zorua :T he needs one, lemme give him one >:3

:bulletred: AW YEAH medusa!Silver~~ I was halfway trough Soul Eater and duuuuuude medusa is COOL I'm proud of how this came out, really proud -w- <3 this was mainy to give =Rainbowonders some feels -w-

:bulletred: This....... yeah this is a private joke... a lot of private jokes Silver's face I still can't

:bulletred: VECTOR ARROW~~ again, medusa silver, I was having feels, and practicing that hand, niiiice -w-


:bulletred: Oh god, wait, my feels OTL
"Partners 16" broke. my. heart. just... oh god all the feels and emotions the hope, the clinging to good side and possibilities, the fear the emotion, the broken hearts, the desperate yelling and the last whisper...
MY FEELS ;;^;;

:bulletred: Aaaand this last one drawing oh god I was so fucking excited and proud of this drawing... and I couldn' finish it LOL but you can see I aimed for detail and something different, the haaaaair, this drawing was just made because

"Clockwork" by :iconsasukereplica: duuuuuuude is this fc is AMAZING the whole plot is just so freaking deep and maybe a lil bit complicated when it gets to the deep psychological stuff but, it's just so lovely, JESUS CHRIST THE CHARACTERS ARE SO LOVEABLE it's so totally worth the read.

Anyway there is this scene where the rockets invade the Olympic stadium and of course the athletes FIGHT BACK, now silver isn't a real participant here (he came with green and red together with gold) but alas, the rockets wanted him and he was there, he's wearing green's Viridian uniform because they changed clothes so Silver has the Kanto colors of red, blue and gold.... whiiiich idk how they go in the clothes OTL
So ... his new friend, Johto's archer, Falkner gave him a bow and arrow and DEAR GOD do I LOVE bows and arrows, so yeah I got overexcited cuz silver was just killing rockets with those beautiful arrows....
aaaand 5 second later he had an injuried arm and couldn't shoot arrows anymore FML OTL I was flipping tables, so much for being excited
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Gold is fascinated by Silver's hair, too.

Gold... stahp...
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