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Here's a border for you, but please follow the rules ! (:

:bulletpink: RULES :bulletpink:
- If you download put in your favorites.
- When you use give credit, and put a link to here.
- When your finish, I wanna see it C:
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Another one for you, before you use READ RULES ! C8

:bulletpink: RULES :bulletpink:
- If you download put in your favorites.
- When you use give credit, and put a link to here.
- When your finish, I wanna see it C:
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Opening: Hilbert has finally reached the Pokemon league in attempt to stopping N and Team Plasma from destroying the bonds between trainer and Pokemon. Hilbert walks up to the gate of the Pokemon league amazed my the giant pillars of the entrance way. Finally comes to his seances as he walks towards the tall man standing in-front of the entry way, He is dressed in a black trench coat with the serious look on his face. The man looks down at Hilbert.

Veteran: So you have come to challenge the Pokemon league in hopes beating the elite four, stopping team plasma, and becoming the Pokemon champion of the Unova region?

Hilbert: Yes I have

(The Pokemon veteran replies) Veteran: Very well may I see you badge case?

(handing him his badge case) Hilbert: Here I have all eight badges.

(thinks to himself wile checking Hilbert's badges) Veteran: You have obtained all eight Gym badges from all the Gym Leaders of Unova you may proceed.

The ground beneath Hilbert's feet rumbles as the great big stone doors open behind the gate keeper.

Veteran: Good luck to you young trainer.

Hilbert slowly proceeds through the doors as they close behind him slamming shut with a loud bang shacking the ground a bit. Hilbert picks himself up as he walks up to four sets of staircases unsure of which one to take he calls out his samurott for help. Samurott roars as the flash of the pokeball disappears.

Hilbert: So Buddy wich one do you thing is best .

Samurott looks around, suddenly choosing the far right one looking to Hilbert.

Hilbert: Well if you think so.

Hilbert and samurott continue to walk up the stairs to a door.

Hilbert: Here we go (pushing the two doors open revealing a dark room with an odd smell in the air)

Hilbert walks a few feet forward when suddenly a bright flash of lights illuminates the room, the shock sends Hilbert falling backwards. He regains his balance as a mysterious voice suddenly erupts from the other side of the room.

???: How do you expect to beat me if you cant even stand up straight? You should just turn around and go home.

Hilbert: Whose there?

Spotlight flash onto a platform with a tall muscular man with dark skin standing in the middle.

Marshal: May name is Marshal member of the elite four and from what I herd my mentor Alder sees your potential as a Trainer and is taking an interest in you. It is my intention to test you--to take you to the limits of your strength.

He begins to explode yelling out "Kiai!" as the platform quickly lowers to the ground kicking up dust. Hilbert an see him walking out of the cloud of dust he has a serious look on his face as if hes ready for a fight.

Marshal: So Challenger what is your name?

Hilbert: (replies) My name is Hilbert Black of Nuvema Town and I have journeyed all around the Unova region to challenge you and the rest of the Elite Four to a battle.

Marshal: You will is strong but what is your goal for this?

Hilbert: My... Goal? I-Im not sure of what my goal is yet.

Marshal: Not sure? well we will have to find that out in this battle now will we

Hilbert and Marshal walk forward to the battle area ready for battle.

Marshal: Challengers First.

Hilbert: (grabbing a Pokeball from his pouch twrowing is out into the field) GO UNFEZANT! Show him your stuff!

A bright light flashes out of the pokeball and unfezent appears on the field flapping its wings and squawking out loud FEZENNNNT! as Hilbert thinks to himself *since all his pokemon are fighting type then flying the way to go*

Marshal: A Flying type huh? You not gonna play it fair... Go... I like a challenge. GO THROH!

Marshal chucks a pokeball into the air and in a flash a heavy pokemon falls quickly to the ground kicking up even more dust. Letting it clear a rough read pokemon wearing a karate uniform stands with its hands up ready for a fight.

Hilbert: A Throh? What does the pokeDEX have to say?

hilbert pulls out his pokeDEX pointin g it at the rough and ready pokemon. Dexter replies "Throh the Judo Pokémon, When they encounter foes bigger than themselves, they try to throw them. They always travel in packs of five.

Hilbert: (yelling from across the battle area) Hay looks like my Unfezent still has the upper hand huh?

Marshal: We will have to see about that not wont we. Now Let the battle Begin!

Hilbert: Go unfezent use Aerial Ace! Quick!

Unfezent rises and quickly falls with ineradicable speed barely missing the ground flying low streight towards Throh's legs in attempts to sweep him up. when suddenly Throh without command places his hands low to the dround grabbing Unfezent by the wings.

Marshal: NOW GO! Use Seismic Toss!

Unfezent is flung into the air and throh grabs it by the lags slamming unfezzent back to the ground. With a cry out unfezzent falls and Marshal yells "Unfezzent is unable to battle. Throh wins!"

Hilbert: Unfezent NO! (running toward the smashed bird pokemon grabbing it in his arms) You did a good job now return and rest. (Unfezent quickly escapes into the pokeball as he looks up to Marshal)

Marshal: Ha! Had enough? looks like you were wrong.

Hilbert: Never... Now I know not to get close to your Throh. (looking to his already out Samurott) You ready?

Samurott: (nodding its head) Sam!

Hilbert: Nodding back) alright then Go Samurott!

Samurott runs out onto the field getting into his stance.

Marshal: A Samurott this ought a be fun. Battle Begin!

Hilbert: Samurott stay away from throh and use Surf!

A giant wave rages upward and splashes down heading for the fighting type pokemon.

Mashal: Throh use endure! Now!

Before he can obey his masters orders a wall of water swallows him up and tosses him around like a ping-pong ball. Suddenly Hilbert calls out to Sammurott "Now use Mega Horn!" and Sammurot dashes into the wave of water its horn glowing brightly as he begins jabbing Throh rapidly. the water begins to burst throwing Throw back towards Marshal wile Sammurott lands perfectly on his feet. Throh manages to get up on one knee will he falls over onto the ground as Marshal proceeds to call out "Throh is unable to battle... Samuroot is the winner.

Marshal: Throh some back you fought well.

Hilbert: One for one looks like i have a fighting chance again huh?

Marshal: Don't get cocky. We both still have three pokemon left and i have seen two of yours. Unfezent and Samurott, wile I still have three to go that you haven't seen yet. Now let the next match begin! Go Sawk!

Marshal hurlers a pokeball high into the sky as it pops open with a blue rock like pokemon wearing yet again another karate uniform with a black symbol on his face. The pokemon quickly lands on the ground stand tall in a ready to fight pose.

Hilbert: Samuroot come on back. I put my trust in you. Go Zebstrika!

Samurott quickly escapes into the red light backs to its pokeball as a bright light lets out a black zebra like pokemon with lightning bolt stripes and a crocked tail takes to the field. The pokemon nays loudly and stomps around a bit.

Marshal: Your Zebstrika burns with passion I like to see that in pokemon battles.

Hilbert: Me and Zebstrika have been through a lot on our journeys together.

Marshal: Well nows the time you show what your experience has tough you in this battle. Not lets Begin!

Hilbert: Go Zebstrika use Wild Charge on Sawk!

Zebstrika's body began to charge up with electricity covering him as he quickly charged the fighting pokemon head on.

Marshal: Sawk use detect!

Sawk stand still watching as Zebstrika rushes towards him when suddenly he moves in just in the nick of time to be able to counter Zebstrika's Wild Charge.

Marshal: Now counter with Focus Punch!

Sawk takes aim and strikes Zebstrika in its side with a powerful punch knocking him over and sideways sliding in the dirt.

Hilbert: Zebstrika get up hurry!

Marshal: now use Focus Blast!

Sawk backs up a few feet with its hands positioned wile he charges up a ball of mental energy as Zebstrika struggles to stand on four legs. Continuing to fall over again with a painful look upon his face Sawk finishes charging up and readies himself.

Marshal: Now Sawk unleash your blast upon Zebstrika!

Hilbert: Come on Zebstrika you gotta get out of there!

A painful memory plays inside Hilbert's head of the day he first met Zebstrika.

****************************************Flash Back***************************************

Hilbert is walking along Route three with Dewott by his side as the stumbel upon two men in a patch of grass with a small pokemon laying down my there feet. He looks carefully to witness them viciously beating the small zebra pokemon with sticks as it lies there quivering with cuts and bruises all over his body. He can clearly ere them yelling at the beaten pokemon "You pathetic peice of garbage you cost me my Gym Badge!" Hilbert run into action in attempt to save the helpless Blitzel.

Hilbert: Go Dewott go help him use Razor Shell!

As the men continue to pummeling the pokemon there sticks split in half as they notice a trainer standing with an angry look upon his face.

Blitzel's Trainer: Whats the big Idea cant you see were doing something over here? This dosen't concern you just keep walking.

Hilbert: This does concern me for no pokemon deserves to be beaten for losing a battle if anything you should be the one getting punished for treating your pokemon like this!

Blitzel's Trainer: (Stomping on the injured Blitzel's body) Well then just try and stop me. That is if you think you can?

Hilbert: Fine I will but if I win you release Blitzel and never bother him again!

Blitze's Trainer: Okay but if I win I get you Dewott. He will make a good addition to my team.

Hilbert: That won't happen because I wont lose!

Blitzel's Trainer:(taking a pokeball off his necklace and throws it onto the ground) Go Pignite!

A flash of bright silver light erupts from the ball as a red pig with what looks like a black unitar in his body takes to the field and flames spew out of its nose as the trainer yells out "Begin!"

Hilbert: Go Dewott! use Razor Shell!

The small otter pokemon runs towards the hefty pig grabbing both its scalchops off his hips as a aqua colored blade emanates from the tan shells swiping them at Pignite hitting him in the side. Pignite rolls and stops himself.

Blitzel's trainer: Pignite use Ember.

Pikenite takes in air through its nose exploding out hot embers at Dweott.

Hilbert: quick Dewott counter it with Aqua Jet!

Dewott comes his body in a clear water shooting head on into Pignite's Ember attack with Pignite standing still hoping he will miss. The water and fire collide and it causes an explosion of steam making it hard for each trainer to see what is happening. Both Hilbert and the other trainer stand awaiting the outcome of this battle expecting a victory. Soon after the steam dissipates and they see a small pokemon standing tall as the other lays on its back with swirls in its eyes. Hilbert's eyes widen as to find out that Dewott is still standing.

Blitzel's Trainer: WHAT! Pignite How dare you lose!

Hilbert: Now grab Pignite and leave! Blitzel's not your punching bag anymore.

The angered trainer gathers his fainted pokemon and leaves. Hilbert runs up to Blitzel laying in the grass carefully picking him up to take him to the Pokemon Center. Running as fast as he can with Dewott tailing right behind him thought go through his head if he dosen't make it in time what might happen to the poor beaten pokemon. A few minuets later Hilbert arrives at the pokemon center bursting through the front doors falling over onto his knees. Nurse joy run to the aid of the young man.

Nurse joy: O my goodness are you ok? what happened?

Hilbert: Its this Blitzel... Hes badly hurt and needs help.

Nurse Joy: (rolling out a table for transport) Here try to get him onto here and I will take it from here.

Hilbert gently sets Blitzel down as Nurse Joy straps an oxygen mask to his mouth rushing him into the E.R. He stands still and lifeless as tears roll down the side of his face onto the tile floor. Dewott pats Hilbert's leg looking up at him with concerned eyes. Wiping away the tears looking back to Dewott he mutters "It will be okay Blitzel's gonna do fine I know it. He turns in his pokemon to the counter for check up and takes a seat by the E.R doors waiting for the outcome. Time passes soon the light above the door goes black and out comes Dewott and nurse joy with a smile upon her face.

Nurse Joy: Your Dewott is all healed and doing fine.

Dewott shows off his mussel and smiles back to his sadden trainer.

Hilbert: Hows Blitzel?

Nurse joy leads him into the recovery room were he lays on a table wrapped from his lower to his front legs.

Nurse Joy: Blitzel suffered serious injuries and has a few broken ribs but with proper rest and time off from battling he will do fine.

Hilbert: Im glad to hear you gonna be ok... Blitzel.

Nurse Joy: So no battling for a wile ok.

Hilbert looks to nurse joy with a sad look informing her of what happened and that he is not Blitzel's trainer. Nures joy offers to take care of Blitzel till he can go back into the wild and Hilbert heads for the door after thanking for her kindness. Soon as he reaches the door Hilbert hears clip clopping from across the room and turns to see Blitzel struggling to stand.

Hilbert: What are you doing out of bed? Your still hurt.

Blitzel looks at Hilbert with a trustful gleam as he hubbles over stopping at Hilbert's legs.

hilbert: (bends over to Blitzle's hight) You want to come with me don't you?

Blitzel nods and touches his head to Hilberts pokeball as red light coats Blitzel and is sucked in. The ball rocks back and forth 3 time till the light goes out and Hilbert says to it "Welcome to the team... Blitzel"


Hilbert re focuses on the battle at hand wait to see if Blitzel survived the blast. Duct gives and still standing are both pokemon, Sawk still on guard and Blitzel scuffed up but standing tall. Hilbert's face glows and he looks over to Marshal.

Hilbert: Hay Marshal I know what my goal is now.

Marshal: O well then what is this goal?

Hilbert: My Goal is to help all pokemon and strengthen the bond between Pokemon and Trainer.

To be continued......
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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Here's part 1 of a 4 part guide on how to make nuzlocke comics. I was gonna wait and upload them all at once, but I got impatient. XD

I never considered myself the best essay writer when I was in school, so I hope this is easy to follow and somewhat helpful. Also, I apologize for it being so text heavy. I promise the next one will have a lot more visuals~

I already have the other two guides typed up, so expect to see them within the next week!

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you have any additional advice you think I should have included, then please let me know!
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Render de la linda pareja de Red y Yellow *w*
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:iconpkmnation: Yes, a new group but at least it's not a RP group this time.

Those who don't know what this group is about, here is a short explanation: The idea is that you start your own ranch and receive three random starter pokemon. You start your ranch, train them, breed them with other members, get more pokemon, battle with them and maybe even start your own gym someday. And I tell you what, I am excited. If you got interested too, go and check the group. They are currently open. BUT, take your time to read how this group works. I spent a week reading their blogs to make sure I understood everything. Also, you use points to buy things in this group. Consider that.

But wohoo! Here is my pokemon reference sheet that I'll be using for my pokemon. Nocturne Grove will specialize in ghost and bug type pokemon but I'll train other pokemon too. :) I just got my three starter pokemon and I shall start drawing them. You'll see them soon. ;)

This sheet is for my use only!
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Taken from the super massive stock shoot, and as requested in a journal *Tasastock and I held.

Model is me.

Photographer is *Tasastock

Stock Rules.

Before you use my stock take the time to read my VERY simple rules.
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[e] Fixed the shade step..Sorry bout that;;;


Some one asked for a tut and I hade nothing to do so..

Any questions or if I didnt make it clear, lemme know. <3

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Fanmade! Feel free to use without asking! Please share and leave a comment if you like it! =) (Smile)
Download link of the zip file is on the right side!

Please also check my other works! :
Sword Art Online - Vector Graphics _ All in one.:…

2014/07_23 v1.000
2014/08_23 v2.000 Improved a lot. Now, it's very similar to original.

This package includes vector graphics(.svg file), you can edit it by using inkscape/illustrator.

**I made the font:…
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LOLOLOLOL :iconlooolplz:
I wa at my friend's aprtment one day cuz i was bored, so i showed her Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Abriged Series. She said she didn't like it, but she thinks Kuriboh is cute.
And when she saw Professor Krowler, he pointed out that he looked like Lady Gaga.
but it's true, he DOES look like Lady Gaga LOL
So that gave me the idea to make dis!
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (c) Kazuki Takahashi
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Abriged Series (c) TheDarkSideIncorparated
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