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Whew, that took a while. Apologies for my tardiness- a combination of settling into a new college routine and this being a time consuming upload to create. Sorry if it's way too loud or too quiet, honestly I don't really know how to balance the audio to a decent level, so you'll have to figure it out for yourself. It's on Youtube now too -… - which should make sorting out the volume for yourself much easier. It's best viewed at 100% zoom. Not exactly an animation, not exactly a comic, and not exactly high quality, but hey. I could only do so much and I really wanted to upload something after a good two months of inactivity on GCH.

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Tween testing and stuff. And also drawing pre-made mouth animations to use as well as giving two characters distinct voices. Which brings me to my next point.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFF- Okay, so when I was recording, the audio was fine. But then, once I exported the .swf file, something obviously went horribly wrong with the compression because now there are these points in the audio where it sounds like I was punching the mic(mike?) or something. Like I said, the sound was perfect before I exported the movie, so if anyone knows how to fix the popping and crazy "brrrppht" sounds, let me know.
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Yiiiikes, this is so late - Apologies to all involved - But my only internet access went on holiday for a few days. ^^; Can't blame him, since it's Christmas and all that... |D


This is easily my biggest comic yet and I hope you all thoroughly enjoy it. The Adventure Time style was both a joy and a horror to draw in. It is deceptively simple, yet complex, and I am well and truly over it. XD

EDIT: ...Yes, I know mixed up Taz and Vic's Arcanine's yet again. Can't fix it just yet. |D

Trainers Featured:
Victor - [link]
Taz - [link]
Storm - [link]
Luc - [link]
Trixter - [link]

Matthew (Announcer) - [link]
Chuck (Judge) - [link]
Grave - [link]
Sybil - [link]
Tony - [link]
Jason - [link]
Lysis - [link]
Kiro - [link]
Arachne - [link]
Jin - [link]
Jack - [link]
Kara - [link]

Freyja - [link]
Lavender - [link]
Shan - [link]
Hyun Jae - [link]
Deep - [link]
Rene - [link]

Nats (Rival) - [link]
Julian (Slave) - [link]
Tash - (Ex-GF) - [link]
Marie (Close Mate) - No App
GHOST MARTY 8U - [link]
Bill (Newshound) - [link]

Holy Crap, I think that's everyone. I hope.
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It took me awhile to like Reshiram's look but now I think it looks awesome. This animation has sound also so be prepared to turn your volume down a little. I'm still planning to get Pokemon White for Zekrom but I must say, Reshiram's cry sounds awesome. I can't wait to catch the both of them.

Art by Me
Reshiram belongs to © Pokémon/Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

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I swear, I'm not making a PMD group! :'D
Though, this evidence implies otherwise. asdfasdf

OTL I just enjoy the process of making a world, the rules, mechanics, characters and assets...Pretty much everything EXCEPT actually managing a group. haha |D

I've got plenty of ideas, but I didn't want to just present the information in a written document or something. People aren't too keen on reading walls-of-text after all. So I decided to try something snazzy and compress the walls-of-text into something nice to look at. I recommend listening to music or something whilst reading this. There's a lot to see. ;D

This took a long time for me to make. Mainly because of technical difficulties with Flash's action script. I'm a total noob when it comes to programming, so I had to troubleshoot and improvise a lot despite how simple the final product ended up being. Making the graphics was probably the most fun part, and typing all that info was probably the most tedious. It was all worth it, though! I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out!

And as usual, I'll probably continue to work on ideas for this "group." I'm also expecting that I didn't cover everything I could have in this guide, but I tried my best to cover the basics. So if you've got any questions, feel free to ask! <3
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This Ditto is very talented at transforming into a wall splatter.

Animation (c) me
Ditto (c) Pokemon
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Hi xD
Youtube: [link]
Or RIGHT Click the download buttom and open it in a new tab and wait until it is full loaded.

Well a couple of things first :

1. I did this a couple odf days but my family went into a trip and I was trying to upload it before we leave but my freaking computer freak out... and I couldn't so there you go Im back and finally uploading it xD
2. Took me a whole while to do this... specialy the funning feet xD
3. I have the voiced version for this one... but it's with my own voice and in english... so tell me if you want me to submit it later to youtube ok ... but I suck ok!


-No audio problems ok ! haha
- If it doesn't work... right click and play with the options ok

This is a short scene when Blue and Silver escaped from the Masked Man... I added a few scenes and some dialogue to add a little more emotion ... hope you like it!

Pokemon Special/ Adventures by Hidenori Kusaka and Satoshi Yamamoto
Animation made by me in many programs xD
Audio: Some where in Naruto xD haha

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Go with the Flow is a Flash-Based, interactive Mag for the BFOI Group~

Bringing about a revival of the BFOI Mag, we present a new, monthly magazine about the islands and its happenings, this time with actual content! XD

In this months issue, we shed a little light on the not-so-well-known Mr Pink, speak with Rangers and Trainers, explore the sights of Ohana and check out a bit of new tech too ~ We hope you enjoy it!

Featured Characters:
VI CEO Mr Pink - [link]
Ranger Annette Schnell - [link]
DJ Toni Melete - [link]
Ranger Tor Bos - [link]

Pages by tazsaints, Gleaming-Hope, Kuurokaze & ChannelerJaydin
Inside Cover Ad from HyperionConference

Do you have a feedback for this mag? Then send a note titled "GwtF - Your Query Here" to the Battle-Frontier and let us know! If you wish to have your group feature their own adverts within the BFOI Mag, then please contact us so we strike a fair advertising deal!
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First animation I've made. Turned out pretty nice for fist try haha. Recently got flash so decided to make something with it. Might add animations to commission info :) Really enjoyed making this although it was hard.. so I might make more soon ^^

edit: Realised I didn't add my signature so if you see this anywhere other than here then tell me. If you want to use it for anything feel free but give credit ^^

Chibi Red from Pokemon games.

(c) gamefreak, nintendo etc
Art by me
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goddamn i finally finished this shit
i was too lazy to make a preloader or a replay button so it might take a second to load if your internet isn't that great but it should function
flash gave me so much trouble but i was persistent after putting so much effort into the script and artwork that i just had to finish it
it wasn't exactly how i envisioned bc this is technically the first time i've worked with flash and saw something to the end (the transitions are so choppy jfc)
but i'm satisfied with it for the most part
i'm really fond of kinetic novels so this is what i was aiming for, to tell a story with artwork, music, and sound i hope you enjoy / w

(i feel like i should write something about the story or something but i think the flash speaks for itself haha....)

--- track listing ---

o “The First Town” by Kumi Tanaka (FFCC ost)
o “Make a Resolution” by Kumi Tanaka (FFCC ost)
o “If it's Three People...” by Kumi Tanaka (FFCC ost)
o “Despair-Spreading Fang of Misfortune / Abiorugu (HR100)” from MHFO 2012 Anniversary OST
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