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Third year film done for School of Visual Arts.
Black Bear the Pirate and his lowly crew attempt to steal a ship from the intimidating Captain Jack Rabbit.

LOGO - Rena Parisi
MUSIC - Nolan Markey (NolanMarkey)
VIOLIN SOLOIST - Jordan Slocum
SOUND DESIGN - Josh Bauser

Josh Bauser
Tammy Campbell (missingmom)
Angela DeVito
Kyra Kupetsky (CircusTent)
Chrisanne Lindo (Snottle)
Anaïs Mirliaz (Dr-Aim)
Mike Patten
Claire Van Ryzin
Shayla Wyche

Sal Iaccarino
Zack Rice
Jamison Ward
Corey Wells
...and a big special thanks to my teacher, Mario Menjivar.



If you want to listen to the music, it's available for free download here:…

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Submission for the UK's national BFX competition 2013. We won best animation and best editing for this short. 

Made in 6 weeks, in conjunction with 3 friends from Portsmouth University. WE ARE TEAM WIZARD!

hand-drawn traditional character animation(and FX), 3d animation and rendering, digital painting.

scanners, printers, pencils, erasers, PAPER, lightboxes, computers, memory sticks, cameras, and lots of other stuff was used to make this short. 

Billy Mpetha - The Cyclops / 3D character Animator, Modeler and Rigging (2D effects animator for last shot)
David Sadler - The Surfer Old Guy / 2D Animator, Compositor, Concept Artist
Dan James - Odysseus and Cat / 2D Animator, Sound Design
Chavdar Yordanov - Wizard Girl / Lead 2D Animator, Storyboarding, Concept Artist

You can view the making of here.

Also available on youtube.

Here is the BFX competetion that made the sequence possible.

Thanks for looking!


My goodness, thanks for the DD!

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Gotta harl'em all! :D

WATCH IN HD! Can't watch this here? Watch is on youtube! [link]

I had to do it.. haha! This was so fun to make :3
I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for watching!


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Reference used. Credit goes to ~ChuuStar :3
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Something I animated for Tomska back in October~

Right, lets see if this dA film thing works
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3rd year film at SVA, 8 weeks from start to finish - Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Music by: Jeff Liu

[EDIT] - Thanks for the DD guys! ;w;
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I'm leaving tomorrow morning to sandiego comic-con...

I was going to post some small stuff before going to comic con.

but working has grew more and more.

I dragged through this stuff for 10 hours of work from yesterday.

thanks for watching korra and hope to see you all at comic con!
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Here it is, Space Face on Deviant Art. Sorry for the delay!
Enjoy! I'll be working on the next short now that the holidays are over. :)

, Paul

Opening Theme:
Theme song: [link]

Part 1:
written/produced by: [link]
co-animated by: [link]
music by: [link]
sound by: [link]
additional backgrounds by: [link]
orchestra intro by: [link]

Part 2:
written/produced by: [link]
animated by: [link]
music by: [link]
sound by: [link]
backgrounds by: [link]
additional colouring by: [link]

Tim Hautekiet (Edd): [link]
Matt Hargreaves (Matt): [link]
Jamie Spicer Lewis (Commander Bai): [link]
Eddie Bowley (The Pilot): [link]
Jonathan Gran (The Sun Chaser): [link]
Jack and Dean (The Complimentary Aliens): [link]

Special thanks to Pearl 'iamprikle' Zhang for helping me with the final video editing.

A special thanks to the Eddsworld: Legacy donators who made the continuation of this show possible!
All profits from Eddsworld will go to charity. Buy t-shirts and hoodies here! [link]
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YOUTUBE: [link]
VIMEO: [link]
Facebook thing: [link]


SYNOPSIS: Fire Tiger is king of the jungle, and eats magic fire berries to aid his hunting. He chases a lazy boar, thinking it will be an easy meal. However, a dangerous enemy, Acid Panther, has targeted the boar for herself. The two enchanted cats tear up the jungle as they balance the task of hunting the same boar and fighting each other off.

Everything done by me, save for some random sound effects (as credited) and the awesome music track created by Andre Bonetti.

Am proud of the achievement - hopefully the next film will be something I can enter into festivals. As last time, I'd probably like to avoid critique, as I was pressed for time and energy during this, and most of the mistakes I'm aware of.

Thanks for the support and interest, everyone! I look forward to using the knowledge I've gained from this, and Prostitute, to create a film I can truly be proud of.

Created in ToonBoom and Photoshop
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Finally completed this animation. Wow I can't believe this 1 min and 44 sec animation took so long to make. I literally did all animation, sound design, and music. This is a huge change from my previous work. Thank you for watching this animation everyone and hope you'll like it. :)

All animation and music is done by me (KhanhCPham).

You can view the YouTube version here:…

I managed to get the daily feature award on newgrounds. It shows my hard work is paying off. :)…
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The Context

This was done for my 2D Animation class midterm last year. This was strictly speaking an After Effects assignment, and though most of it is just individual frames imported from PhotoShop, I did need a lot of After Effects skills to sew it together.

The Behind-the-Scenes

Frames were "hand drawn" in Photoshop CS5.5 using a Wacom Intuos3 tablet and brought into After Effects CS5.5, except for the carnosaur which was a puppet with pieces drawn in Photoshop and rigged in After Effects. Sounds are from

The original storyboards started at primordial soup and ended at a pair of cockatiels, but after I realized this was a MIDTERM project and not a TERM project I had to cut out acts 1 and 3. O.o Animation takes... a while....

I didn't really do much paleontology research for this but I used to be into dinosaurs like ten years ago and this is based on what I remember.

EDIT: original storyboards available here: [link]

The Ranting

There are mistakes all over the place and I didn't have time to properly synch the sound or add touches like eye blinks during the walk cycles, but I do like the way it looks overall. I also would've liked the running up the tree bit to be a new cycle, but there wasn't time to do it.

The Rejoicing

I was so glad when this was done! And there are bits of it I really, really like, like the running dino animation (after our hero gets startled by the carnosaur).

EDIT: Holy cow a DD?!
Wow, thank you so much ^kingmancheng! I'm delighted by everyone's enjoyment of this little short. :3
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