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Keep Calm and… just hope someone doesn’t have a pokéflute!


As always let me know you liked it, if you'd like it for a shirt... etc
Enjoy :D

Vote me so the shirt can get printed: [link]

Or you can buy it here: [link]
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OK I got Pokemon black
and I am enjoying it. It's fun.
I am appalled by my lack of drawing and motivation lately
so when I actually finished a picture photoshop and everyhing
I just had to share it!!
woooooooooo I DID IT

When I saw N, (the guy up there)
My first thought was that I wanted to use his hair to make a delicious salad.
But my second thought was that he looks like that hedgehog pokemon Shaymin.
so I drew them together XD
I might do some more black n white pics promises though..:iconfacepalmplz:
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I blame Bunny-Hana and Epic-the-Great //EYEZOOMS YOU BOTH

 Lark Widou ♦Pseudonyms: you can try and nickname him but he wont be pleased lmao/ hirename: Might
♦Gender: Male
♦Age: 26. ♦Birthday: 3rd Feb
♦Height: 6’2”ft  ♦Weight: 172Lbs

♦Occupation: works a general store, but is also a man for hire (he'll do your dirty work son whether that be robberies to assassination) also known for heading to the underground fighting scene.
♦Residence: Astraea

♦Species: Mightyena ♦Type: Dark ♦Ability: Intimidate
♦Moveset: ●Crunch ●Thief ●Payback ●Dark Pulse

♦Nature: Rash ♦Characteristic: Capable of taking hits


◌Logical ◌Strong ◌ quiet ◌ confident ◌ man of his word
●impulsive ●moody ● secretive  ● distant ● hotheaded

For the most part Lark is a quiet and private man, until you get him fired up and he'll be barking a lot of noise and uproar. Not much is known of this lone wolf and he likes to keep it that way due to personal reasons and his own work, he wont make much if at all effort to interact with others and more likely then not be seen as quite moody.Lark may be quiet but he's by no stretch shy, the Mightyena is a very confident man, he just weights up whether or not things are worth his time or effect. This isnt to say hes a push over, guaranteed if he does voice an opinion and if things get'll likely have more then just a simple debate on your hands

The pokemon has a lot of business sense as he runs his own general store, that and he runs his own private business as a man for hire where he'd gladly take care of any...unsettling or dirty matters. Due to this work too, Lark is logical in his approach to things...unless hot headed when things become more emotional and impulsive. He's also in top physical condition for his work too which has also lead to him making appearances in the underground fighting scene, very capable of taking hits though swift on his feet regardless, he's not an easy opponent to take down and keep down.

Larks history is kept very private. There may be tip offs in his actions, words, possessions and ways of living that hint at what past he may have lead.

♦Orientation: pansexual
♦Relationship Status: Widowed/ single


???? ] - His previous'll take a lot to get anything about them from the pup. Because defensive easily when the subject is brought up.



  • Merciless for the most part when on the job, work is work
  • common to find him half dozed off when at the counter of his general store
  • very often to see him with wounds, they dont seem to bother him much and will become quick irritated if fussed over
  • no really it'll take a lot to take him down and stay down....where his rash nature comes in, he'll push way past limits..
  • has two larger scars, one on his lip and one on his left shoulder blade
  • large back tattoo, he wont say a word of its meaning if you ask him about it
  • Hair is almost always tired back in messy ponytail

♦Method: prefer skype and lit but happy to script o wo/ Gonna try and hit chatroom a lot too
♦Secondary method: Alright with google docs, but you might have to remind me to check it rofl @ w@
♦Starter?: Happy to start o wo/ dont be shy to hit me up~
♦Boundaries: violence im a-okay with.  Mature themes along the lines of relationships (you know what i mean) you gotta be 18+ if you wanna rp that kinda thing okayyy!
♦Language: English please ; v;!
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I couldn't help but redo my old fire/poison monitor lizard line, but as I went about my redesign, the fiery bits really didn't seem all that fitting anymore, for whatever reason. I kept a similar design, but rather than having its body made up of lava, the new one is now coated with corrosive acidic venom. First form is based on ackie monitors, which are among the smallest monitors, while the second is a bit of water monitor and Komodo dragon, which are among the largest.

Liquid Ooze/Shed Skin (HA- Corrosion*)
This Pokemon's saliva is so corrosive that even its teeth slowly begin to rot away.

Liquid Ooze/Sniper (HA- Corrosion*)
Its ravenous appetite causes it to constantly drool a highly corrosive venom that is potent enough to dissolve boulders. It leaves a trail of sizzling puddles as it tracks its prey with its sensitive tongue. When its spines rattle, it is preparing to spit a particularly potent acid.

*Corrosion- This Pokemon's Poison type attacks deal super-effective damage against Steel type Pokemon.

Thanks to
:iconhollmon: for the name 'Geckorode'
:iconrayquazamaster: for the ability 'Corrosion'
:iconfried-ricer-man: for dex entries
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Gold :D
He's the best!
u,ú Michikusa drawings are too edit-able xD
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I love tshirts with stupid sayings on them, especially if it has to do with Pokemon.

This is one of the things from Delicious Cinnamon's run of Vietnamese Crystal that really stuck with me.
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First form is based on garden eels, while the second form is based on morays and is a remake of my old rock/dark type 'Eeluminate'. Not sure if I'll keep that name, but if people like it, then it's worth sticking with. First form evolves into the second when leveled up at a coral reef. You guys are always so good at coming up with name/dex/ability descriptions, that I'm sure you can come up with something cool for these two.

Limber/Infiltrator (HA- Wonder Skin)
It spends most of its time with its tail buried in the seafloor, waving its body with the current. By hypnotic suggestion, it can convince Pokemon that it is only a piece of seaweed.

Illuminate/Infiltrator (HA- Wonder Skin)
Upon evolution, it finds a suitable shelter in a reef and makes it its home. It uses its bioluminescence to lure prey to the entrance of its lair where it strikes with lightning speed. It can project its psychic field into its rocky home, allowing it to see out even when hidden deep inside.

Thanks to
:iconcassowar412: for the name 'Keelp'
:iconorionide5: for the name 'Illumoray'
:iconcassowar412::iconorionide5: for dex entries
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A slightly modified version of the render of Evelyn from pokemon x and y, shes a cutie aint she?...=u= 

I DIDN'T DRAW THIS all I did is slightly rotate the leg so both her feet are on the ground, her original pose only had one foot on the ground while the other one was up in the air slightly...

*update* made her a bit taller
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When I saw this yesterday and remembered, I just couldn't help it XD

This is the only time so far I've ever seen 'For the win!' in a game. And it had to be the losers saying it XD

Did I mention Team Galactic has the awesomest battle music ever? XD

Again, that's my crappy can't-prop-its-screen-up DS. But it works. I can deal with it.

Actually, thinking about it, I can't think of the Demotivation in this XD

DS used and Poster owned by ~PlottingYourDemise and her mother
Console and Pokemon owned by Nintendo
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