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Bio:  Suicide Mouse.avi is a supposed “Lost” Disney Cartoon believed by many to be cursed. The Video contains a character resembling Mickey Mouse walking across a city while what appears to a public suicide is heard. Many believe that those that fully watch it go insane and eventually commit suicide.

Powers/Weapons: The video of Suicide Mouse is believed to make any person, sane or not, to lose it and commit Suicide. Though he is suicidal, it does not stop him from harming his opponents.


*Mallet: Suicide Mouse hits his opponent with a mallet.

*Hand Gun: Suicide Mouse does the Finger gun gesture and puts his hand to his head. He then brings his thumb down, causing a bullet to fire out.

*Suicide Bomber: Suicide Mouse pulls out a cartoon bomb and stands there before the bomb blows up. He will be knocked down, but will not take damage.

*Pie: Suicide Mouse throws a pie in the opponent’s face.

*Slip up: Suicide Mouse slips on a banana peel and falls on the ground.

*Mouse Trap: Suicide Mouse puts either a mouse trap on the floor that will trigger when an opponent touches it.

*Cartoony Jump: Suicide Mouse’s teleport where he jumps in the air to the other side.

*Throw: Suicide Mouse sends out a Pink Elephant from Dumbo which attacks the opponent.

*Reverse Throw: Suicide Mouse hangs his opponent with a noose before shooting them with a cap gun.

Special Move:

*Poison: Suicide Mouse drinks a bottle of poison and for a limited time, he will become more powerful based on how much damage he takes.

Creepy Finishers:  

* SuicideMouse.avi: Suicide Mouse walks continuously across the screen as the picture becomes more distorted. Eventually there is nothing but static until an image of the opponent flashes, showing that they have committed suicide in different ways (for example, Sally grabs a rock and hits herself in the head until her skull cracks, Arcade first cuts herself over her heart with a knife and then she cuts open her wrist, Ben drowns himself in a pool that came out of nowhere, Miyuki puts a gun on her head and pulls the trigger, before saying "Sorry, Takeo-kun...").

*Classic Gag: Suicide Mouse stands there before a safe falls on the opponent, crushing them. He then opens the safe, reveling the opponent’s crushed body parts as he smiles morbidly.  

Friendship: A Steering Wheel appears and he spins it while singing the theme from Steamboat Willie.

Intro Pose: Suicide Mouse walks in, looks at his opponent then sighs sadly.

Winning Pose: Suicide Mouse looks at the ground, depressed.

Victory Pose: Suicide Mouse walks away sadly.

Winning Quotes:

*"Don't be so whiny! That's MY deal."

*”True suffering is never known…”

Arcade Intro:

Suicide Mouse felt that he had no use on Earth. He had no Family, no friends, nothing. His only purpose in life was to spread misery, never to feel a glimpse of happiness. He was about to end his life when he heard about a god that was gathering people to fight and the winner would get their wish granted. Perhaps now the creature who never experienced happiness could finally feel it.


After defeating Mr. Creepypasta,  Suicide Mouse was transported to some unknown place. There, he meet a weird being known as “Red Mist Squidward”.  Like Suicide Mouse, Squidward felt he had no purpose in life after a concert went horribly wrong. Suicide Mouse understood his feelings, and together the two got rid of their suicidal thoughts and became good friends. For the first time in his life, Suicide Mouse finally known what happiness felt like.

The entry for one of the saddest and most depressing Pasta characters, Suicide Mouse.




*Many of his attacks are based on classic slapstick humor.


*A Pink Eleohant from Dumbo appears as one of his attacks. Actually, wouldn’t that be a good idea for a Creepypasta?


*Suicide Squidward, aka Red Mist Squidward, appears in his ending.

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Steal a soul for a second chance
But you will never become a man

My chosen torture makes me stronger
In a life that craves the hunger
A Freedom and a quest for life
Until the end don't judge me nice

Bless me with your gift of light
Righteous cause on judgment night
Feel the sorrow the light has swallowed
Feel the freedom like no tomorrow

Stepping forth a cure for soul's demise
Reap the tears of the victim's cries
Yearning more to hear the suffer of a
Of a demon as I put it under

Killed before, a time to kill them all
Passed down the righteous law
Serve a justice that dwells in me
Lifeless corpse as far as the eye can see

The eye can see
The eye can see
The eye can see
The eye can see
The eye can see

(Clean Voice )

Bless me with the
Leaf off of the tree
On it I see
The freedom reign

We are falling
The light is calling
Tears inside me
Calm me down

Midnight calling
Mist of resolving
Crown me, with the
Pure green leaf

Praise to my father
Blessed by the water
Black night, dark sky
The devil's cry

Bless me with the
Leaf off of the tree
On it I see
The freedom reign

We are falling
The light is calling
Tears inside me
Calm me down

Midnight calling
Mist of resolving
Crown me, with the
Pure green leaf

Bless me with the
Leaf off of the tree
On it I see
The freedom reign

Praise to my father
Blessed by the water
Black night, dark sky
The devil's cry

(Demonic lyrics under clean voice)

Life of vengeance, a passive test
Until the grave I will rest
Engage the pressure until it crumbles
The existence of the lifeless black souls

Onward to the sacred battlefield
Where justification and limits are revealed
Tools of steel in rage they conquer
Weed out the killing of victim's stalker

The powers proven to end the madness
Upon I take it to end the savage
The rays of light a truth of meaning
To my father the blood is pleading

A justice rage for all to feel
With innocent cries and hatred squeals
The gore of evil seems to satisfy
When slain an maimed and pacified

My chosen torture makes me stronger
In a life that craves the hunger
A Freedom and a quest for life
Until the end the judgment night

Watch the footsteps but never follow
If you want to live tomorrow
Steel a soul for a second chance
But you will never become a man
This is the official lyrics of my favorite song Devils Never

Cry =3

I love Devils Never Cry =D

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Bio: Luigi mysteriously won a free mansion. When he arrived at the marked address, though, he discovered that it was haunted to the brim with ghosts, some of those that died in the mansion. He met Professor E. Gadd, who gave him a Game Boy Horror and the Poltergust 400. After going through to the area where Mario can be seen in a painting, Luigi found that Mario was unable to be saved. He went past the required time and now suffers the everlasting fact that he couldn't save his older brother.

Powers/Weapons: Aside from being able to use the same items Mario can use, Luigi is capable of different abilities as well as being able to jump higher than his older brother, but has less traction and acceleration. Luigi can harness and emit electricity via the Thunderhand technique. He's also able to use techniques like the Tornado Ball and Tornado Swing in Mario Super Sluggers. He also carries the Poltergust 400, which is not only able to suck up ghosts, but can also harness the elements of fire, ice, and water.

Special Moves:
*Thunderhand - Luigi shoots a ball of thunder out of his hand at the opponent.
*Stone/Football - Luigi gets out a football and throws it in a slight arc at the opponent. The football bursts apart upon connecting.
*Magic Balloon - Luigi inflates for 2 seconds, able to deflect projectiles and bounce opponents away.
*Fire Sumo - Luigi summons a Fire Sumo, who slams one foot on the ground, causing a small pillar of flames to erupt. The area of where it erupts depends on the input.
*Super Jump Punch - Luigi uppercuts the opponent, collecting coins from him/her. At the start, his fist can burn.
*Luigi Cyclone - Luigi spins around with his fists out, able to move around while doing so.
*Throw - Luigi vacuums the opponent towards him, then shoots him/her back out.
*Reverse Throw - Same thing except he turns around first.
Super Move:
*Elemental Medals - Luigi holds the tube of the Poltergust 400 and for a short while can harm the opponent with one of the three elements he has. Here's what he can shoot:
**Fire - Luigi burns the opponent with a short range stream of flames.
**Water - Luigi fires a bursting gush of water at the opponent, sending him/her flying back.
**Ice - Luigi freezes the opponent with a blast of ice.
Creepy Finishers:
*Sucks to be You - Luigi presses the Poltergust's nozzle against the opponent's throat through his/her mouth. The Poltergust 400 then sucks up the insides of the opponent. He then ejects them all, after switching nozzles, at the opponent, who falls over as a pile of skin.
*Negative Zone - Luigi does a strange dance, causing the screen's colors to go photo-negative. As he dances bizarrely, the opponent is suddenly electrocuted. At the end of the dance, the opponent is a fried corpse.
*Luigi gets out a bagel and does a peace sign while smiling as the tune that plays when you get a key is heard.

Intro Pose:
*Luigi crashes down on the ground. After getting up and dusting himself off, he straps on the Poltergust 400 and says (in the same uneasy tone as in Brawl), "Let's-a go."
Win Pose:
*Luigi does a series of humorous poses (1. "Hoo!" faces the screen while one hand's on his waist and the other's giving a peace sign; 2. "Hah!" turns to the right and points in that direction; 3. "Hee!" places his right hand below his mustache as if he's thinking of something; 3. "Hey!" turns away and crouches as if he's sad; 5. "Hmm!" faces the screen with both hands on his face which has a look of fear like on the box art of Luigi's Mansion).
Victory Pose:
*Luigi suddenly points at the opponent and laughs.

Win Quotes:
*"I'm-a Luigi...number-a one..."

Arcade Mode:
*After failing to rescue Mario, Luigi secluded himself in his own haunted mansion, unable to even bother forcing himself to commit suicide. The ghosts all kept haunting him at a constant rate, torturing him as if he were damned. Considering what he's been through up to this point, he pretty much fits that bill. He then got word of that a god was gathering people to fight, and the winner would get their wish granted. Hoping to save Mario again, Luigi entered the tournament.
*After defeating Mr. Creepypasta, Luigi got his wish and was transported back in time to before Mario was gone forever. Only this time, things were different. He didn't have a set time limit, and the Poltergust 400 was called the Poltergust 3000. Doing everything he did before, he finally saved Mario. At last, everything was back to the way it was before.

Rival: Sally.exe
Beta Luigi: *drags his feet along as he's hunched over*
Sally.exe: *sees Luigi* "You seem to remind me of the brother of the rival of whom my love's appearance comes from."
Beta Luigi: *screams in fear* "Get away!" *points the Poltergust 400 at her* "This-a vacuum can-a suck up ghosts and shoot-a fire!"
Sally.exe: "Well then," *gets into her fighting stance* "It seems like Sonic will miss out on something."
Beta Luigi: "Mario, wherever you are, HELP!"
This is mainly fanon. The original idea is owned by :iconmaxgomora1247:.

Where the idea is scrapped, I renew it. Likely since Luigi's my favorite Mario brother. ^w^
Also, am I the only one who thinks that the story's a bit undervalued to some people even though I don't see many clichés in it? Is it really just me?

*He uses a lot of Normal Luigi's special attacks from Smash Bros. as well as Mama Luigi's special attacks from Smash Bros. Lawl.
*The bagel in his friendship is an obvious reference to Mama Luigi.
*Originally I felt like including the death stare, but it didn't seem to fit in with Luigi's state.
**Slenderly Bliss Form: Beta Lucy (think Luigi as a girl, but with the same sad look on that haunting version of Luigi)
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Phoenix sweated as he looked at the hotel door, nervous about meeting the witness on the other side. A young woman named April May had spotted him when he'd discovered Mia's dead body the day before, but according to Gumshoe the woman claimed to have seen Maya kill Mia. He wasn't sure if the woman was lying to cover for someone else, or if she simply wanted to be a witness in a murder trial, but either way he had to get to the bottom of this. Although he'd seen the woman the day before, he was in such a shock at the time from Mia's death that he couldn't remember what she'd looked like, only vaguely remembering the color pink...

Finally getting his nerve up, Phoenix knocked on the door and waited. Shortly afterwards he heard the sound of a chair scooting back, followed by a grunt, and several seconds later he heard the latch of the door unlocking.

"Well! Hello there handsome!" A soft voice greeted as the door opened.

Phoenix opened his mouth to respond, but nothing came out when the woman behind the door came into view. The young pink haired woman was about a head shorter than Phoenix, but more noticeable than that, she was huge! The first thing Phoenix noticed when he looked at the woman was her massive stomach, which was divided into two rolls, the upper roll hung past where her belly button would have been (having long since been engulfed between the two rolls) and the lower roll hung down to just above her knees. April May's top didn't quite contain her upper belly roll, leaving most of her giant paunch visible, although it blended with her pink attire rather well. The next thing Phoenix noticed was her cleavage, which her top left quite a bit of. Each of her breasts were the size of her head, and her top visibly strained to keep them contained. Her chunky cellulite-ridden thighs weren't much compared to the rest of her body, but each was still quite large, the circumference of each over two-thirds that of Phoenix's body.

"Umm... hi." Phoenix finally blurted out. "Smooth, Wright, real smooth." He thought to himself.

"You're the lawyer, aren't you?" April said, double chin bobbing up and down with every word. "The detective told me... He said "Don't say nothing to that lawyer, pal!" Tee hee!"

April May then turned to walk back into her room, having a bit of trouble turning around in the narrow hallway at the front door. As she turned, Phoenix noticed that she was actually wearing a rather short skirt, which hadn't been visible from the front due to being completely covered by her belly. Her skirt only went partially over her butt, leaving the bottom of her cheeks mostly visible, only partially covered by a pair of pink underwear that was meant for a butt several sizes smaller than hers. Phoenix watched as her cheeks bounced up and down with her every step, a bit grossed out by what he saw.

"Gee, this is just like something out of a movie!" She said as she waddled back towards her chair. Half of a rather large pink cake sat atop the table, as well as two wine glasses.

"It's all so exciting! I can hardly contain myself!"

April May slowly lowered herself back into her chair, which was several sizes too small for her. The owner of the hotel clearly hadn't anticipated guests the size of April May when they'd purchased the furniture.

"That poor, poor chair..." Phoenix thought.

Finally able to force herself into her seat, April May began to devour the cake, paying no attention to Phoenix. Her large belly sat atop her lap, pushing into the table in front of her, as she shoved mouthful after mouthful into her multiply-chinned face. Phoenix was confused as to what she expected him to do, as she hadn't asked him to leave. Puzzled, he watched her eat cake for a bit before he began to look around the room, waiting for April May to say something. He admired a painting for a second, and then noticed a screwdriver sticking out out of a dresser drawer. "I wonder what's inside?" He thought. "Let's take a look."

As he reached for the drawer, he suddenly heard a muffled scream, causing him to jump back. He turned to April May, who had shouted with a mouth full of cake, and found her struggling to squeeze out of her chair. After a bit of struggling and grunting she managed to squeeze herself out of her seat, and than "ran" towards Phoenix Wright and bumped him with her belly. Although she'd been moving rather slowly, her size alone gave her enough force to knock Phoenix over. Her belly and breasts were jiggling wildly from the impact, but Phoenix was more focused on the crazed look on her face.

"What are you doing!?" She screamed. "No touching! Oooh. Bad boy!" She briefly paused, and then her normal, flirtatious look returned to her face.

"Y-you really shouldn't play around in other people's rooms, now." She said in a playful tone. "You wouldn't want to make me upset, would you?"

With that, April May waddled back to her seat and plopped down back into her chair, motioning for Phoenix to sit across from her so the two could talk.

"Upset!?" Phoenix thought. "I thought you were going to explode for a second there!" Lifting himself off the ground, Phoenix headed towards the table, where April May was once again stuffing her face...
A short story about April May, a character from the second case of the first Phoenix Wright game. I usually don't write alt universe stories where the character is just fat with no explanation, but I wanted to write an Ace Attorney story and couldn't think of a contrived reason for the character to gain weight. Oh well.
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Ultra Extreme Hyperfat Swampert
by biffiea
pictures by Fatferaligator
Warning! Massive Fatness ahead!
Walter was sunning himself in the afternoon. He always enjoyed lazing by the lake, and today was no different. Marty was a Swampert. He had no distinguishing marks on him that one could discern. At 4’7’’, he was the average height for his age. “Hmmm. The sun feels so good around here.” Here was a lake on the edge of route 35. It was so far away from the main road that no humans ever came by, and even if they did, they were never trainers. Most of the pokemon in the area enjoyed a quiet existence. “This is the life.”
“Hey there!” Walter was surprised by the voice of his mate. Sammy was another Swampert that Walter had known for a long time. They were always playing with each other. “Doing anything today, or are you just going to lay around all day?”
“What’s wrong with laying around all day? It’s very relaxing.”
“Well there’s something you might want to do today.”
“Like what?”
“You mean you haven’t heard about the humans?”
“What humans?” Like I said earlier. Humans rarely came around to this part of the forest. There weren’t any rare pokemon at the lake, no metals or gems of interest, and the land was bad for development. Humans coming into the area was a big deal.
“Humans came throughout the other day and left some kind of funny water by their tents before they left.”
“Why did they leave?”
“Some Ursuring chased them away.”
“And the funny water?”
“Well Walter, why don’t you get off your lazy but so we can see what it is.”
Walter stood up and followed his mate to the human camp. When he got there, several canisters of the funny liquids were out. Sammy turned to him. “Wanna take a sip?”
“Gee some humans leave behind some strange looking water, and you want me to drink it.”
They heard another voice behind them. “Hm, well I’m not scared, no toxin can hurt me!”
“He charley!” Charley was a Venasaur, a rather large one. He was bigger than most, mainly because there was so much sun in the area grass types were really big. “How are things going?”
“Fine of course, it looks like I’m the only one that’s not scared of human food.”
“Human food?”
“Yep that’s what that stuff probably is. They were chased away and left all of their food behind. Humans have good food so, I think I’ll just take a few sips of it.”
“Hold on there Charley!” It was michael, a pikachu. I’ve seen human before and this isn’t like any I’ve seen.”
“Aw fewey! Humans wouldn’t bring anything with them that would kill them if they ate it. You see how fat they get.” He picked up one of the canisters. “I’ll have it with lunch this afternoon. Anyone who wants to join me can.”
Michael stood firm. “Humans make lots of things that are dangerous. I think I’ll stay safe.
Sammy turned to Walter, “So how ‘bout you love? Care to try it?” He thought it over. Why not, there were lots of ways to cure himself if it was poisonous. There were pokemon in this area that could care any poison.
“All right. I think I’ll take a can.”
“That’s the spirit Walter!” Charley said. “Never hurts to be adventurous.” Walter picked up the jug and carried it with him back to the lake. IF they had been able to read human, they would have known what the writing on the tents meant. FATCO, for all your fat pride needs.
When they got back, he and Sammy picked out some berries for a light snack. “Well Walter, ready for a taste of human food?”
“Yep.” He took off the lid and took a sip. “Mmm. Its pretty sweet. Makes me feel warm inside.” He felt something strange inside him. “Woah, hits the stomach a bit though. It’s so warming. I could drink this on a cold day and feel toasty.”
“Uh Walter?”
“Yeah Sammy? Want a sip?”
“Uh... look down.”
Walter looked down and saw his belly. He looked like he had put on ten pounds! He reached down and put a hand on his new fat, giving it a rub. “Wow! how did this happen?” He was even more amazed as it started to grow out more. Fat started to pack up on his sides and belly. He was about to shout when more warmth spread all over him. His legs and arms started to poof with fat, getting heavier. Rolls of fat started to develop on his arms as he stood watching. His flanks swelled out  doubling and tripling his width. His upper body swelled, giving him boobs that rested on his growing stomach. His growing flab consumed his legs down to the knees leaving his fat legs left. His face rounded out and a second chin became defined. It went several inches in front of his face. He could start to feel lard form on his back, and his stomach touched the ground, folding in at the bottom a bit. Then the warmth stopped. He tried to look down at his body, but his new chin deflected his face back up. His foot wide arms had several rolls of fat on them and his legs were only visible from the knees down, but his feet were soft and mushy. Walter’s belly is were most of the flab collected. His stomach stretched five feet and front of him, resting on the ground, and was almost perfectly spherical. He was now four foot wide, and he was loving it. For some reason, all this fat felt fantastic on him. He took his flabby arms and rubbed the side of his belly, as he smiled. Over all he weighed over 1000 pounds.
Sammy spoke up, “Honey what happened to you?”
“Something wonderful.”
“But you always hated the idea of being fat!”
“I know. I must have been crazy! Its so much better to be soft and squishy. Here, rub the front of my belly.”
Sammy stepped up and rubbed his fat. She started to smile. “Your right. This stuff feels nice.” She nuzzled his new fat while rubbing it. Walter was in heaven from his belly massage, then it stopped, confusing him. Sammy was climbing his belly, grabbed his around his fat neck, laying on his fat, and looked him straight in the eye. “I could sleep up here.”
Walter laughed, “I’d be more than happy to be your bed tonight dear.” He smiled and moved his body back and forth, shaking his fat.
Sammy then looked a bit serious, “Hey, what happened to Charley?”
Walter looked surprised, “Why don’t we go find him. He’s probably already taken it. Can you pick up my stomach so I can walk?” Sammy climbed down and picked up the swamperts fat belly as much as she could. Walter started to waddle forward causing his bloated blue sides to jiggle, something he was really enjoying. It wasn’t long before they reached a huge green blob. It was a huge bulbous blob of green Walter rubbed his belly against it. “IT’s scaly.” Further examination showed, that it had rolls on it. “Charley is this you!”
They heard from way up high. “Yep. Its me up here? Have you taken the stuff yet?”
“Here let me give you a hand.” eight vines came down, two to pick up Sammy, six to get Walter, grabbing around his bloated midsection. Charley pulled them up to the top of him self in front of his actual body. Hr had six chins beneath his face. His two foot wide legs were splayed outward against his two story tall belly. His actual stomach was a beauty, IT spread out forty feet in a directions. They were set down on Charley's bloated body, bouncing on his lard as they landed. Walter was in heaven. Not only was he enjoying his own fat belly, his was laying on someone else's soft warm fat. He sank in a few inches as he adjusted himself to make sure his tail fin wouldn’t hurt Charley, before sitting down on his huge ass. Sammy just plopped down on her thin stomach.
Charley was smiling like crazy, “I hearby call this meeting of the fat pride club to order!” He whipped some vines out to start giving Walter a belly massage while they talked. “So how do you like it?”
walter was still mesmerised a bit from all the lard surrounding him. “It’s wonderful! Wish those humans had come by sooner. Did you take the whole can?”
“Yep, but I noticed mine wasn’t as big as yours. You could probably get more flab than me if you took it all.” The thought was tempting. Sammy went up to Charley’s ear, and started whispering something. Charley smiled and several vines came out of Charley’s flower. They pushed Walter onto his Tail fin and back, as he lay there, too fat to get up on his own. Sammy walked up and started to scratch mark between his head fins. At the same time, a bunch of Charley’s tentacles started to rub Charley on his belly and man breasts, increasing the intensity of his massage. Sammy started to kiss him on the lips while rubbing his second chin. He was one content pokemon. Pinned against fat by his own fat, getting his fat rubbed and kissed by his mate. “Hey Walter, why don’t we go back and get the rest of our jug.”
Walter was in heaven, but the thought of being as big as Charley made him want up, “Of course!” Charley stopped the rubbing and set them both on the ground.
“I’ll see the two of you around later. I’ve got a lot of sun to soak up with my lard.” He smiled as he started  to relax his muscles and lie in his fat. Sammy and walter, using their earlier teamwork strategy, got back to the lake. Sammy picked up the bottle and handed it to her fat Swampert mate.
“Here you go my love. Ready to be everywhere at once?” She walked over to  him, and climbed up his belly again. Smiling deviously, she put the container to his lips and tilted it upwards. The fluid filled his mouth and all Walter could do was swallow as fast as he could, draining the container in a few seconds. It wasn’t long before the warmth started to build again.
“Sammy brace yourself! Here I go!”And go he did, His fat surged in front of him, gaining feet by the second his flanks spread out thirty feet. Even his back started to grow out, the flab completely burying the Swampert’s legs. Fat packed on his arms, making them ten feet wide making his swollen fingers stick out uselessly as his arms became a roll of flab. He then started growing up as well, twenty feet, thirty forty, He grew chin after chin, making his neck disappear, into circular rings of lard. He grew multiple love handles and his boobs flattened out, His cheeks poofed out to several inches on either side of his barely recognisable head. His belly kept swelling up and out, like nothing could stop it. It grew  past his head, leaving his small head surrounded by the fat if his chins, unable to see anything past his fat. His growth stopped, but the pleasing warmth remained, an after affect of taking so much. Walter was now unrecognisable. The only clue that he had been a pokemon was his head inside the valley his lard had created. He had grown to the size of a pokemon stadium. All his lard went 70 feet in front of him 30 feet behind him, and stuck out forty feet on either side. His arms were worthless, weighed down by the tons of fat that were his arms. His tail fin was hardly noticeable next to his eighty foot wide ass. He had no thighs, they were buried under his belly. His ten chins, circled out from his face dons the sides of his head caller, he relaxed his “neck” and rested his head against several chins. Everywhere his fat folded and rolled. He was now an amorphous blob. Even the simple act of breathing caused him to jiggle and smile. He loved it! The pressure form his lard pressed down on his insides, feeling like one big huh. His fat embraced him on all sides, warming and comforting him. It was like floating in a see of warm, and the jiggling felt almost sexual. He smiled widely. Walter was in heaven. He started to moan from the pleasure as Sammy crawled over his fat until she reached his head. She slide down five feet through his chins, and leaned over near his face. She pushed his fat cheeks aside and kissed him as well as she could. Walter couldn’t be happier, he was being kissed by his mate, hugged by his fat, and every square inch of his blobular body was being warmed by the sun.
And they lived to a ripe old age, Walter sitting in the same spot, enjoying how big he was.
Based in the Swampert Pictures by fatferaligator

A Swampert finds some chemicals left by humans that make him beyond fat!
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Bio: In 2008, Mario was doing his occasional routine as he felt like he was out of place what with denizens of people choosing the darker kinds of stuff such as guns and glory rather than innocence and casualty. During this, he recieved a message from Bowser where he, as always, has captured Peach. However, rather than wanting her for his own...plans, he'll simply kill her. However, he'll let her live if Mario can take her place. If he were to try stopping him, Peach's death will be hastened. He knew the place and the mission, so he decided to travel to that destination via platforms in the sky. After Toad sees him, he tells Mario that he doesn't belong in the world with no one wanting him anymore, and that he should just give Bowser what he wants: his death. He traveled through a modern city under the platform he dropped from with abandoned buildings yet people that ignored him, save for a few that shot him cold, somewhat angry expressions. He then traversed to an abandoned house with everything dusty and/or overdue. In the basement were two child-sized skeletons on a dilapidated couch facing a broken television. As Mario looked around, Bowser has crashed through the ceiling of the basement, looking more fearsome than usual. Bowser tells Mario that he's been waiting for him, and that he'll taste flesh soon. He then asks whether if he'll wave the white flag or if Peach has to die. Mario surrendered in order to leave Peach alive, allowing Bowser to eat his head in one clean chomp. When Mario had died, he was in a personal hell of his own, resembling Super Mario World, but in a darker twist than it was back then and nowadays on Virtual Console. His usual outfit was in duller colors aside from his shoes, and hintboxes mostly told him one thing: "I hate you."

Powers/Weapons: Mario can use various powerups and items to help him on his adventures as well as using given weaponry, having sidekicks tag along, and upgrades to his ablities. Though in his state of personal damnation, while he still has that stuff, he mainly has his mental interpretation of Yoshi to be accompanied with as he wears dull-colored clothing of his aside from his shoes.

Special Moves:
*Fireball - MARIO chucks a fireball at the opponent. It bounces on the ground 3 times before going out.
*Cape Flip - MARIO uses his Leaf Cape from Super Mario World to attack the opponent, able to timely deflect projectiles.
*Super Jump Punch - MARIO does a super jump as he uppercuts the opponent, making coins drop out and go to him.
*S.L.U.D.D.G. - MARIO builds up how much liquid will be shot out of the F.L.U.D.D. It can be stopped upon pushing a button, but it lowers how much will be shot out the nozzle. Upon re-input, the F.L.U.D.D. gushes out gray sludge as opposed to regular water.
*Mario Tornado - MARIO spins around in place with his fists out, able to move side-to-side during so.
*Red Shell - MARIO kicks forward a Red Koopa Shell, causing the opponent to fall over.
*Throw - MARIO grabs the opponent by the hips and throws him/her forward.
*Reverse Throw - MARIO grabs the opponent's ankles, spins around 3 times, and then releases the opponent, letting him/her crash into the wall.
Super Move:
*Yoshi - MARIO mounts Yoshi temporarily, granting him a different movelist:
**Red Shell Shot - MARIO feeds Yoshi a Red Koopa Shell. He then spews out fireballs like in Super Mario World.
**Egg Throw - Yoshi lays an egg and throws it at the opponent in an arc.
**Green Wave - Yoshi jabs one fist, producing a green shockwave somehow.
**Tongue-Tied - Yoshi spins around while moving forward, tongue sticking out.
**Throw - Same thing as normal.
**Reverse Throw - Same thing as normal.
Creepy Finishers:
*Calamity Pasta - MARIO lodges a fuse into the opponent's eye socket. He then gets out a switch and jumps on it, causing the opponent's head to blow up with chunks and blood all over the ground and screen.
*MARIO Finale - MARIO grabs a Fire Flower and gyrates both his arms forward individually. After 10 seconds of gyration, MARIO throws one fireball into the opponent's mouth, which he/she accidentally swallows, causing it to melt his/her intestines. Just before the heart's melted, MARIO throws another fireball from his other hand at the opponent's chest, setting his/her whole body aflame as he/she falls down.
*MARIO hits an item box that appears overhead, giving the opponent a 1-up.

Intro Poses:
*MARIO walks to the arena then eats a mushroom, growing to his in-combat size. He then sighs and says, "Let's-a go."
Win Pose:
*MARIO grows, then shrinks.
Victory Pose:
*MARIO walks away slowly for a bit as the Super Mario World Level Clear music plays minus one instrument. He then gives a peace sign to the screen, but half as high as he did in the original game. He then returns to walking away as he says, "If only there was-a something I could've-a done to change your-a mind."

Win Quotes:
*"I hate you."
*"I just-a want to fly away."

Arcade Mode:
*MARIO was walking around attending his usual business in the world of his own sadistic creation in duller versions of his usual colors, unable to listen to the proper cheery music and get treated to his not-so-deserving rewards offered by many people; mostly Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom. He then got word of a god that was gathering people to fight, and the winner would get their wish granted. Hoping to find a way out of his personal hell, he entered the tournament.
*After defeating Mr. Creepypasta, MARIO got his wish granted. He met Beta Luigi, a depressed version of his own brother. It turned out they shared common grounds, what with Luigi overcome with guilt after Mario was sent to the purgatorial afterlife alongside other ghosts, let alone the Boos. MARIO then legitimately accepted him as his little brother and sidekick. The mental interpretation of Yoshi even accepts Beta Luigi as his mother, which earns MARIO a little chuckle.

Rival: Spirit of Misfortune
MARIO: *flies around using a Tanooki Tail with the tail and ears being gray, matching his personality*
Spirit of Misfortune: *materializes in front of MARIO* "I exist within the very ffabric of reality. Do you wish to challenge me?"
MARIO: *glides down with a depressed expression* "Is there anything I can-a do to change your-a mind?"
Spirit of Misfortune: "No..."
MARIO: "Here we go again, then. It's-a the selfish way out, though."
This is mainly fanon. The original idea is owned by :iconmaxgomora1247:.

It's-a me, MARIO!
Image by :iconcharcoalman:

*MARIO uses most of Mario's moves from Smash Bros. with his MARIO Finale finisher having a hint of Super Smash Flash 2 in it.
*The twisted version of the F.L.U.D.D. was inspired by the overhead gray sludge in one room of Iggy's castle that instantly kills MARIO upon jumping into it.
*Yoshi uses some of his moves from Kart Fighter as well as a bit Smash Bros.
*His Calamity Pasta finisher is based on the Mario's Castle Calamity series.
*His biographed origin was based on Super Mario 128 by KI Simpson.
*The part in the ending where Yoshi accepted Beta Luigi as his mother was based on the famous Mama Luigi origin as an ode to the YTP character under the same name.
*The words "not-so-deserving" are included due to Luigi sometimes saving the day, but with Mario getting the praise (besides in Luigi's Mansion).
**Slenderly Bliss form: Rule 63 Mario in the casual dull-colored ensemble.
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A daring defense attorney in the court of law. People like Miles Edgeworth and Mia Fey inspired him to take up this career to help others in need. With keen observation and logical deduction, he can turn around even the toughest of odds in any trial.

Mr. Wright is almost all-around, but his method of fighting with specials is unique. He can collect evidence and, if used against the right opponents, will leave them weakened and wide open.


A - Present Papers
- Flips papers forth, then tosses them in front. Quick and has good range at the end, but fairly weak.

Side A - Point
- Strikes his finger forth.

Up A - Hold Up Papers
- Flips papers upward (for all to see).

Down A - Search the Ground
- Sweeps the ground twice.

Dash A - Step Forth and Present
- Walks forth while tapping papers, then swings them forth.

Side Smash - Strong Point
- Aims his finger forth, engulfed in a larger hand.

Up Smash - Take That!
- Exclaims "Take that!", the speech bubble appearing above his head. High hitbox, but strong.

Down Smash - Super Sneeze
- Lets out a powerful sneeze at the ground. Also creates a weak shockwave around.


Air A - Scatter Papers
- Scatters a few papers around himself. They linger in the air, but are weak.

Air Front A - Sneeze
- Sneezes forth. A fairly quick attack.

Air Back A - Papers Back
- Holds papers behind himself.

Air Up A - Upward Papers
- Tosses papers upward, forming a small arc.

Air Down A - Piston Kick
- Kicks down twice.


Standard Special - Objection!
- Readies, then proclaims "Hold it!" forth, the speech bubble damaging any foes hit. If he's attacked during this, he'll instead shout "Objection!", dealing more damage.

Side Special - Present Evidence
- Holds forth the first available evidence, causing a certain effect.

Up Special - Nick's Shoryuken
- Launches up in a fiery rising uppercut. Will fall down onto his back.

Down Special - Gather Evidence
- Collects evidence from the ground. After collecting three pieces of evidence, this will rotate them around.

Super Smash - Maya Assist
- Maya Fey will aid Mr. Wright for a while by creating a psychic barrier forth and clobbering nearby opponents.

Final Smash - Turnabout
- Catches foes with a bigger "Objection!", then enters cinematic. Here, you have to match the correct evidence to each foe (e.g. Mario's cap to Mario). Correct evidence will mark a foe Guilty, dealing more damage. Finished with a big "Take that!".


Grab - Stop!
- Grabs the opponent by the shoulder.

Pummel - Interrogate
- Questions the foe.

Front Throw - Brainstorm
- Gets an idea, which somehow blasts the opponent forth.

Back Throw - Dismiss
- Mr. Wright gives the foe a pat on the back, somehow knocking him/her forth.

Up Throw - Accuse
- Realizes and points out suspicion, making the opponent fly upward in shock.

Down Throw - Stump
- Can't think of anything, making the opponent faint and fall on the ground.


- Mr. Wright's lawyer badge

- Steps out from behind his desk.

Up Taunt
- Taps papers, saying "It's all in the evidence."
Side Taunt
- Scans through his papers until he reaches the right one, to which he smiles and nods.
Down Taunt
- Drinks some coffee.

Victory Poses
- Rubs the back of his head, saying "Was there ever any doubt?"
- Phoenix crosses his arms and nods, then points forth saying "Justice will always be served!"
- Sits at his deck, leaning on his elbow while saying "Come back again."

- Blue suit, magenta tie (Blue)
- Magenta suit, white tie
- Red suit, green tie (Red)
- Green suit, brown tie (Green)
- Pink suit, red tie, blue pants
- Black suit, yellow tie


There's a 50% chance of getting helpful evidence, and likewise a 50% of getting a random junk item. Using a junk item with present evidence will do minor damage and have longer lag. Also, the evidences' appearance varies based on the stage's franchise.

- Fast Item (A): Casts a quick wave that inflicts prolonged stun.
- Strike Item (B): Casts a rising diagonal slash forth, crossed with another rising diagonal slash. Can meteor smash if striking above.
- Shot Item (C): Casts three medium-speed projectiles forth.
- Power Item (D): Rare. Places a circle which bursts afterward, causing big damage.
- Healing Item (E): Refills about 5-8% of Mr. Wright's health.
- Junk Item (F): Common. Does very weak damage and has more lag.

- Super Mario
- A: Star Coin
- B: POW Block
- C: Fire Flower
- D: Star
- E: Mushroom
- F: Brick Block, Steering Wheel, Dried Shroom

- Donkey Kong
- A: Banana Peel
- B: Chomper
- C: ???
- D: Barrel Cannon
- E: Banana
- F: K. Rool's Crown, ???, ???

- Yoshi
- A: Pach E. Derm's Sign
- B: Rotating Block
- C: Lava Bubble
- D: Red Egg
- E: Melon
- F: Shy Guy Mask, Fuzzy, ???

- Wario Land/WarioWare
- A: Treasure Box
- B: Form Baton
- C: Pyoro
- D: Bottomless Coin Sack
- E: Garlic
- F: Jimmy T.'s Phone, Shake King Flag, ???

- Legend of Zelda
- A: Deku Nut
- B: Hookshot
- C: Hero's Bow
- D: Triforce Piece
- E: Lon Lon Milk
- F: Keaton Mask, Empty Bottle, Rupoor

- Kirby's Dreamland
- A: ???
- B: Cutter Sword
- C: ???
- D: Crash Hat
- E: Strawberry Cake
- F: Star Block, Kirby Statue, ???

- Pokémon
- A: ???
- B: ???
- C: Snag Machine
- D: God Stone (Kyurem)
- E: Oran Berry
- F: False Teeth, Bicycle, ???

- Metroid
- A: ???
- B: Space Pirate Sword
- C: Ice Beam
- D: Baby Metroid
- E: Energy Tank
- F: MB's Pin, ???, ???

- Star Fox
- A: ???
- B: ???
- C: Wolfen Model
- D: Demon Launcher
- E: Health Ring
- F: ???, ???, ???

- Mother/EarthBound
- A: Hummingbird Egg
- B: Sword of Kings
- C: Bottle Rocket
- D: Seven Needles
- E: Strawberry Tofu
- F: Fly Honey, Pigmask Book, Magypsy's Memento

- Fire Emblem
- A: ???
- B: Spear
- C: Magic Tome
- D: Lehran's Medallion
- E: Vulnerary
- F: Oliver's Portrait, ???, ???

- F-Zero
- A: ???
- B: Goroh's Sword
- C: ???
- D: ???
- E: ???
- F: ???, ???, ???

- Pikmin
- A: ???
- B: ???
- C: Magnet
- D: Secret Safe
- E: Pellet Posy
- F: Bottlecap, ???, ???

- Animal Crossing
- A: Bug Net
- B: Axe
- C: Slingshot
- D: Gulliver's Ship
- E: Coffee
- F: Balloon, Fish, ???

- Prof. Layton
- A: ???
- B: ???
- C: ???
- D: Elysian Box
- E: Tea Set
- F: Camera, ???, ???

- Retro (Ice Climber, Kid Icarus, Punch-Out!!)
- A: ???
- B: Takamaru's Sword
- C: Pit's Bow
- D: WVBA Belt
- E: Eggplant
- F: Cluclu, ???, ???

- Game & Watch
- A: Goldfish
- B: Hammer
- C: Bug Spray
- D: Octopus
- E: Sausage
- F: ???, ???, ???

- Super Smash Bros.
- A: Fan
- B: Beam Sword
- C: Super Scope
- D: Smash Emblem
- E: Life Force
- F: ???, ???, ???

- Metal Gear
- A: ???
- B: Stinger Launcher
- C: ???
- D: ???
- E: Rations
- F: Cardboard Box, ???, ???

- Sonic the Hedgehog
- A: Wisps
- B: Egg Pawn
- C: ???
- D: Chaos Emerald
- E: Chili Dog
- F: Omochao, ???, ???

- Final Fantasy
- A: ???
- B: Buster Sword
- C: Magicite
- D: Light Crystal
- E: Potion
- F: Rat Tail, Airship Model, Moogle Doll

- The World Ends With You
- A: Player Pin
- B: Kitaniji's Shades
- C: Force Rounds
- D: Angel Feather
- E: Ramen Bowl
- F: Mr. Mew, Kariya's Pop, Beat's Cap

- Ace Attorney
- A: Photograph
- B: Knife
- C: Godot's Visor
- D: Mia's Matagama
- E: Burger
- F: Bonsai Tree, Coffee Mug, ???

- Okami
- A: Prayer Slip
- B: Thunder Edge
- C: Tundra Beads
- D: Solar Flare
- E: Holy Bone
- F: Pinwheel, Fishing Pole, Kibi Dango
:iconcommentplz: Please tell me your thoughts and all. I don't care if it's something as simple as "Cool!" or "Nice job!" or etc.

Super Mario - Toad
Super Mario - Waluigi
Legend of Zelda - Toon Zelda
Legend of Zelda - Ghirahim
Pokémon - Zoroark
Star Fox - Slippy
Mother - Ninten
Fire Emblem - Micaiah
Prof. Layton - Prof. Layton
Trauma Center - Dr. Stiles
Animal Crossing - Tom Nook
Punch-Out!! - Little Mac
Kingdom Hearts - Sora
The World Ends With You - Neku Sakuraba
Final Fantasy - Warrior of Light
Viewtiful Joe - Viewtiful Joe
Okami - Amaterasu
Ace Attorney - Phoenix Wright
Mega Man - Mega Man
No More Heroes - Travis Touchdown
Pokémon - Reshiram
Pokémon - Zekrom

Veteran changes
Story Mode music
Prof. Hector's Report
Pokémon Trainer changes

UMvC3's trailer for Phoenix Wright finally gave me an idea on his "fighting" style. Collect evidence, and use it against the opponents!

Alts are based on Miles Edgeworth, Apollo Justice, Detective Gumshoe, his own college attire, and Mia Fey (respectively).

- Smash Bros. (c) Nintendo
- Phoenix Wright (c) Capcom
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Chelsea was drunk.

Andy was sitting on the couch, listening to the general background noise that most parties included:  yelling, arguing, laughter, music, a TV show that nobody was watching.  His eyes, however, were locked one one thing:  Chelsea.  Chelsea wasn't bone thin, but she couldn't be considered anything other than "average" weight.  Normal ass, normal breasts, normal stomach.  However, she was currently drunk, and Andy had noticed that she was on her 4th visit to the snack table.  To call it a snack table was certainly a misnomer: there was pizza, chicken wings, several gallons of soda, eight different types of booze, and two gigantic bowls, one filled with popcorn and one filled with chips.  Kettle chips, by the look of it, but Andy wasn't sure.  So here Andy was, at a party he went to on a limb, watching this gorgeous girl get food.  Her shoulder length hair was about 2 inches away from a bowl of bleu cheese dressing, Andy noted, watching her bend over and fill her plate with every single food on the table.  She then poured herself a vodka and sprite, although a proper title would have been, "Vodka with a splash of Sprite".  Then she turned around quickly enough to wobble unsteadily on her legs, before searching the room for a seat.  Andy looked around, realized he was on a couch by himself, and waved her over.

"Chelsea!  Hey!"  Andy yelled, waving both arms in her general direction.  Her eyes grew wide as she realized who was speaking to her, and she quickly walked over, wobbling unsteadily in her flats.

"Andyyyy.  Hi, babe!"  She drunkenly cooed, before plopping down next to him, spilling her drink on her leg.  She took no notice, and beamed at Andy before setting down her plate and glass on the table in front of them.  "How are you?"

"I'm... good!  This party is ridiculous!"  He awkwardly stated, trying hard not to stare at the fact that her stomach was bulging slightly over her pants.  She then draped an arm around Andy's shoulders, pulling him into a drunken hug.  Andy put his arms around her briefly, noting that she smelled like flowers.  Lilacs, maybe?  Andy didn't know shit about flowers.

"Well... That's good!  And YOU'RE ridiculous.  I remember all the hilarious shit you say in class!  You ALWAYS crack me up!" She smiled again, and it seemed sincere, but the moment was quickly interrupted by the introduction of a large chicken wing to her mouth.  Dressing smeared over her lips as she chowed down.  Andy wasn't sure what to do so he just sat there and watched.  Chelsea ate 3 wings, about 3 handfuls of chips, a slice of pizza (with chips on top; Chelsea explained it was her favorite combination) and the equivalent to half a bag of popcorn.  Following the last bite, Chelsea dropped her plate on the table, picked up her drink, downed it in one go, and threw the cup.  Andy tried to put together in his head how much she had eaten tonight, but he hadn't been paying attention the entire night, and the three IPAs he had drank weren't helping.

"I... Hey, you... Andy?"  Chelsea said, struggling to figure out why Andy's eyes had been locked about 10 inches down from her face.  "Andy, I (urp)  wanna ask you some... something!"

"Oh, yeah, what?" Andy said, snapping his gaze back to her face.  "I'm sorry, I was distracted."

Chelsea was too far gone to care about what Andy was looking at, so she just stared intently at his face.  "I... You remember last year?  CHEM 221?"  Andy nodded.  "Yeah, I uh... I kinda thought you were adora-ador... Adorable!"  She said, before hiccuping loudly.  Andy always thought hiccuping while you were drunk was a thing from cartoons only, but he had just been proven wrong.  

"You don't say?  Not to be creepy, but I've always found you adorable!"  He said, smiling lightly at her in a way he hoped was friendly and cute, not weird.

"Oh!  Well... (Bur-ap!)  I'm glad!" She smiled, before belching for the third time. "I... can I just... put my head here?"  She asked, looking into his eyes before leaning into him and putting her head on his shoulder.  Andy wasn't sure how to react, but before he could think something up, he noticed she was passed out.  Not wanting to leave, he wrapped his arm around her, and just sat.  A smile creeped onto his face.
A guy sees a cute girl at a party, who over indulges.

Future female weight gain and stuffing.
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ICarly WG Story

         Carly Shay was walking through her apartment, bored out of her mind. Sam wasn't around at the moment because she was at the groovy smoothie and Freddie wasn't around because he and his mom had gone on vacation for the summer. Spencer was on vacation as well, as he was hanging with his friend Socko for the summer. Just then Sam walks into the apartment while slurping on a smoothie and eating a fatcake. "What's up, Carls?", she asked. Carly replied. "nothing, just bored out of my mind, can you believe that we have to cancel ICarly just because Freddie is out of town for the summer". "I know right, what a nubb!", replied Sam, "so what are we supposed to do all summer?" Carly then grabbed a fatcake out of a box in the kitchen, and a light bulb went off in her head, "Sam, I have the perfect idea of what to do this summer!". Sam asked, "what's the idea?" Carly replied, "lets gain weight and get fat together".

         Sam, after hearing this, replied, "why would you want to this, Carly?". "I don't know", replied Carly, "it seems like it is a good idea that will later turn out to be fun". She then ate a fatcake and offered Sam one. Knowing that she can never resist a fatcake, she grabbed it and said, "momma likey this plan", then took a big bite out of the fatcake. They both said, "this is going to be the best 3 months of summer ever!" They jumped for joy, but then Carly asked, "what about your mom, would she be worried that you are gone for 3 months?" "She won't", she replied, "She's off doing other stuff, I think".

         After the first month Carly and Sam had developed nicely, getting curves all over. Sam's boobs had gone up 3 sizes, as it revealed a lot of cleavage and strained her tops all the time. Her belly was very big and round and caused her shirt to rise up slightly. Her ass was probably 6 feet across, and was constantly swaying, wobbling, and jiggling with every step she took. Her hips and thighs were so big that they made her ass look bigger and wider than it actually was. Carly had gained weight in the same places as Sam, but her gain was bigger. Carly's boobs had gone up at least 4 sizes and were straining almost every single one of her tops, which made them reveal a lot of cleavage. Her belly was probably a little bit bigger than Sam's, which was always jiggling and made her shirts rise up as well. Her ass was already 8 feet across from all the constant snacking, and with her very large hips and thighs, looked even bigger. And every time she moved her ass, it always seemed to jiggle and sway like crazy. This was an impressive start but they still had 2 months to go.

         Carly and Sam were hanging out in the living room of the apartment enjoying some "small" snacks while watching TV. They were also trying to make room on the couch because Carly's ass was taking up most of it. "Carly, move your fat ass over, you're taking up all of the couch", said Sam. Carly replied while munching on a fatcake, "Sorry, I got here first, you can try to move me, but I don't think you can when I got all of this weighing me down", as she slapped her ass and watched all 8 feet of it jiggle. "Fine", said Sam, "I'll just sit in the chair". Sam then waddled into the kitchen and asked Carly, "do you want anything from the fridge?" Carly replied while slurping on a smoothie that was lodged into her large cleavage, "Yeah, could you bring me a family size bag of Doritos?" "Sure", replied Sam, as she went over to the pantry, grabbed the chips, and waddled back to the couch and handed her the chips, while she landed next to her fat friend with a whole cake in hand and a gallon of milk in her very jiggly cleavage, and they both chowed down. Carly asked as she was halfway through the bag, "we should make some spaghetti tacos, what do you think?" Sam replied after chomping into a piece of the cake, "BBBBBUUUUURRRRRPPPP, Momma likey." Carly whipped up a batch big enough for 30 people, and they split it 15 a person. "Bring em on", said Sam, "this poundage I've got is nothing compared to the fat I'll gain in the next 2 months", as she patted her already humongous belly. "Yeah", replied Carly, as she nearly chomped all of a spaghetti taco into her mouth, "lets make sure we each get so big that we can barely move".

         So for 2 more months did Carly and Sam continue to gain weight and get fatter and fatter. But then came the faithful day when Spencer and Freddie had come back from the 3 month vacation and were very curious to see what Sam and Carly did for the summer while they were away.

         They were just coming down the hallway of the Apartment building and Spencer and Freddie were standing outside of their apartments. "Hey, you want to come over quick and see Carly?", asked Spencer. Freddie replied, "sure, I really missed those guys". They walked in and they were shocked to see Sam there, but that wasn't all they were surprised about. Sam was utterly humongous. Her boobs were probably an HHH size and were still perky, and revealed very large and jiggly cleavage, which was like a mile and a half long. She was wearing a hooters top that was very tight on her. Her belly was 3 times as big as it was 2 months ago, as it was hanging over the waistband of her sweatpants. Her love handles were showing and were very flabby, and at least 2 feet thick. Her hips were double her arm length, her thighs were very thick and wide, and her ass was probably 20 feet across. "BBBBBBBUUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPPP, what up, Spencer, what up, nubb?" she said, as she got up and waddled into the kitchen, and Spencer and Freddie watched as her 20 foot, wobbling, jiggling ass sway and sway away. Freddie said, "Sam, what happened to you, you look different.". "I know", said Sam, "Carly and I got new figures, do you like mine?", as she patted her huge belly. She then grabbed 2 whole boxes of pizza and a big bottle of Pepsi, which was settled in her gigantic, jiggly cleavage. "MMMMM, Momma hungry", she said as she lowered her huge ass onto the ground, where there was a lot of jiggling. Spencer replied, So where's Carly, Sam". Sam replied while munching on a piece of pizza, "she should be coming down the stairs right now". Then there was a very large boom and the ground started to shake, when from upstairs came, "is that Spencer and Freddie?", called Carly. "Sure is", replied Sam. Carly screamed and went downstairs. With a lot of jiggling, Spencer and Freddie were shocked at what she saw. Carly's boobs were probably a JJJ size and at least 2 miles long. She was wearing a shirt that was so tight that it looked like the hooters shirt that Sam was wearing, as the buttons on it were barely holding on. Her belly was completely hanging over the waistband of her pajama bottoms, and hung down to almost her feet. Her hips were triple her arm length, which were like arm rests to her now, and her thighs were as thick and round as the trees of the redwood forest. Her ass was unimaginable, as is was 25 feet across, almost the width of a small car. She hugged Spencer while munching on a fatcake, "Hey, Spencer how was your summer?". Spencer could barely get his arms around her, as his reach was just past her enormous boobs. She then hugged Freddie and he hugged her as best as he could even though he was being smothered. "You should really try these fatcakes, they're really good", Carly replied, as she waddled into the kitchen, where they both then got a look of her 25 foot ass bounce, sway, wobble, and jiggle away from them. And she came back she had a doughnut around each pudgy finger, and 2 gallons of milk in her very large and jiggly cleavage, then landed her 25 foot ass next to her other jiggly friend Sam and they enjoyed their snacks. "Do you guys like my new figure, I really worked hard on it, especially my humongous sexy ass". She then ate 1 of the doughnuts and took a big sip out of the gallon of milk. "BBBBBBUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPP", went Carly as she ate more doughnuts. Suddenly the buttons on Carly's shirt burst off, as more and more cleavage began to pour out. Sam then went, "good one, Carly", as she patted and jiggled Carly's belly and continued to enjoy her snack. Freddie then said, "you guys should see my mom because she had a good summer as well and did something very similar to what you guys did". The ground suddenly began to violently quake under them when they heard, "Freddie, Freddie, where are you?". "In here, mom", went Freddie as his mom came in, and everyone was shocked. Freddie's mom had gained weight as well, and was very big. Her boobs were almost a ZZZ size and revealed cleavage even for her, as it seemed to go on for miles. Her belly was very large and hung over her pants. Her ass was so big, it looked to be bigger than Carly and Sam combined, as it looked to be 100 feet across. "Freddie, honey, it's time for my 3rd lunch, and its your job to feed me this time, BBBBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP." she replied as she struggled to see all of them over her sea of cleavage while munching on 1 of the many large pretzels in her chubby hands. "OK, mom, lets go, see you guys later.", as Freddie led her out of the apartment, and the rest of them watched her giant ass bounce and jiggle through the door. A few hours later, a familiar noise to Carly and Sam came from Freddie's apartment, "BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, keep those cakes coming Freddie, we have hundreds more to go, and I'm not getting any fatter here".

          All 3 ladies continued to gain weight and get fatter probably continuing to this day.
An ICarly WG Story i just thought up
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