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Ultra Extreme Hyperfat Swampert
by biffiea
pictures by Fatferaligator
Warning! Massive Fatness ahead!
Walter was sunning himself in the afternoon. He always enjoyed lazing by the lake, and today was no different. Marty was a Swampert. He had no distinguishing marks on him that one could discern. At 4’7’’, he was the average height for his age. “Hmmm. The sun feels so good around here.” Here was a lake on the edge of route 35. It was so far away from the main road that no humans ever came by, and even if they did, they were never trainers. Most of the pokemon in the area enjoyed a quiet existence. “This is the life.”
“Hey there!” Walter was surprised by the voice of his mate. Sammy was another Swampert that Walter had known for a long time. They were always playing with each other. “Doing anything today, or are you just going to lay around all day?”
“What’s wrong with laying around all day? It’s very relaxing.”
“Well there’s something you might want to do today.”
“Like what?”
“You mean you haven’t heard about the humans?”
“What humans?” Like I said earlier. Humans rarely came around to this part of the forest. There weren’t any rare pokemon at the lake, no metals or gems of interest, and the land was bad for development. Humans coming into the area was a big deal.
“Humans came throughout the other day and left some kind of funny water by their tents before they left.”
“Why did they leave?”
“Some Ursuring chased them away.”
“And the funny water?”
“Well Walter, why don’t you get off your lazy but so we can see what it is.”
Walter stood up and followed his mate to the human camp. When he got there, several canisters of the funny liquids were out. Sammy turned to him. “Wanna take a sip?”
“Gee some humans leave behind some strange looking water, and you want me to drink it.”
They heard another voice behind them. “Hm, well I’m not scared, no toxin can hurt me!”
“He charley!” Charley was a Venasaur, a rather large one. He was bigger than most, mainly because there was so much sun in the area grass types were really big. “How are things going?”
“Fine of course, it looks like I’m the only one that’s not scared of human food.”
“Human food?”
“Yep that’s what that stuff probably is. They were chased away and left all of their food behind. Humans have good food so, I think I’ll just take a few sips of it.”
“Hold on there Charley!” It was michael, a pikachu. I’ve seen human before and this isn’t like any I’ve seen.”
“Aw fewey! Humans wouldn’t bring anything with them that would kill them if they ate it. You see how fat they get.” He picked up one of the canisters. “I’ll have it with lunch this afternoon. Anyone who wants to join me can.”
Michael stood firm. “Humans make lots of things that are dangerous. I think I’ll stay safe.
Sammy turned to Walter, “So how ‘bout you love? Care to try it?” He thought it over. Why not, there were lots of ways to cure himself if it was poisonous. There were pokemon in this area that could care any poison.
“All right. I think I’ll take a can.”
“That’s the spirit Walter!” Charley said. “Never hurts to be adventurous.” Walter picked up the jug and carried it with him back to the lake. IF they had been able to read human, they would have known what the writing on the tents meant. FATCO, for all your fat pride needs.
When they got back, he and Sammy picked out some berries for a light snack. “Well Walter, ready for a taste of human food?”
“Yep.” He took off the lid and took a sip. “Mmm. Its pretty sweet. Makes me feel warm inside.” He felt something strange inside him. “Woah, hits the stomach a bit though. It’s so warming. I could drink this on a cold day and feel toasty.”
“Uh Walter?”
“Yeah Sammy? Want a sip?”
“Uh... look down.”
Walter looked down and saw his belly. He looked like he had put on ten pounds! He reached down and put a hand on his new fat, giving it a rub. “Wow! how did this happen?” He was even more amazed as it started to grow out more. Fat started to pack up on his sides and belly. He was about to shout when more warmth spread all over him. His legs and arms started to poof with fat, getting heavier. Rolls of fat started to develop on his arms as he stood watching. His flanks swelled out  doubling and tripling his width. His upper body swelled, giving him boobs that rested on his growing stomach. His growing flab consumed his legs down to the knees leaving his fat legs left. His face rounded out and a second chin became defined. It went several inches in front of his face. He could start to feel lard form on his back, and his stomach touched the ground, folding in at the bottom a bit. Then the warmth stopped. He tried to look down at his body, but his new chin deflected his face back up. His foot wide arms had several rolls of fat on them and his legs were only visible from the knees down, but his feet were soft and mushy. Walter’s belly is were most of the flab collected. His stomach stretched five feet and front of him, resting on the ground, and was almost perfectly spherical. He was now four foot wide, and he was loving it. For some reason, all this fat felt fantastic on him. He took his flabby arms and rubbed the side of his belly, as he smiled. Over all he weighed over 1000 pounds.
Sammy spoke up, “Honey what happened to you?”
“Something wonderful.”
“But you always hated the idea of being fat!”
“I know. I must have been crazy! Its so much better to be soft and squishy. Here, rub the front of my belly.”
Sammy stepped up and rubbed his fat. She started to smile. “Your right. This stuff feels nice.” She nuzzled his new fat while rubbing it. Walter was in heaven from his belly massage, then it stopped, confusing him. Sammy was climbing his belly, grabbed his around his fat neck, laying on his fat, and looked him straight in the eye. “I could sleep up here.”
Walter laughed, “I’d be more than happy to be your bed tonight dear.” He smiled and moved his body back and forth, shaking his fat.
Sammy then looked a bit serious, “Hey, what happened to Charley?”
Walter looked surprised, “Why don’t we go find him. He’s probably already taken it. Can you pick up my stomach so I can walk?” Sammy climbed down and picked up the swamperts fat belly as much as she could. Walter started to waddle forward causing his bloated blue sides to jiggle, something he was really enjoying. It wasn’t long before they reached a huge green blob. It was a huge bulbous blob of green Walter rubbed his belly against it. “IT’s scaly.” Further examination showed, that it had rolls on it. “Charley is this you!”
They heard from way up high. “Yep. Its me up here? Have you taken the stuff yet?”
“Here let me give you a hand.” eight vines came down, two to pick up Sammy, six to get Walter, grabbing around his bloated midsection. Charley pulled them up to the top of him self in front of his actual body. Hr had six chins beneath his face. His two foot wide legs were splayed outward against his two story tall belly. His actual stomach was a beauty, IT spread out forty feet in a directions. They were set down on Charley's bloated body, bouncing on his lard as they landed. Walter was in heaven. Not only was he enjoying his own fat belly, his was laying on someone else's soft warm fat. He sank in a few inches as he adjusted himself to make sure his tail fin wouldn’t hurt Charley, before sitting down on his huge ass. Sammy just plopped down on her thin stomach.
Charley was smiling like crazy, “I hearby call this meeting of the fat pride club to order!” He whipped some vines out to start giving Walter a belly massage while they talked. “So how do you like it?”
walter was still mesmerised a bit from all the lard surrounding him. “It’s wonderful! Wish those humans had come by sooner. Did you take the whole can?”
“Yep, but I noticed mine wasn’t as big as yours. You could probably get more flab than me if you took it all.” The thought was tempting. Sammy went up to Charley’s ear, and started whispering something. Charley smiled and several vines came out of Charley’s flower. They pushed Walter onto his Tail fin and back, as he lay there, too fat to get up on his own. Sammy walked up and started to scratch mark between his head fins. At the same time, a bunch of Charley’s tentacles started to rub Charley on his belly and man breasts, increasing the intensity of his massage. Sammy started to kiss him on the lips while rubbing his second chin. He was one content pokemon. Pinned against fat by his own fat, getting his fat rubbed and kissed by his mate. “Hey Walter, why don’t we go back and get the rest of our jug.”
Walter was in heaven, but the thought of being as big as Charley made him want up, “Of course!” Charley stopped the rubbing and set them both on the ground.
“I’ll see the two of you around later. I’ve got a lot of sun to soak up with my lard.” He smiled as he started  to relax his muscles and lie in his fat. Sammy and walter, using their earlier teamwork strategy, got back to the lake. Sammy picked up the bottle and handed it to her fat Swampert mate.
“Here you go my love. Ready to be everywhere at once?” She walked over to  him, and climbed up his belly again. Smiling deviously, she put the container to his lips and tilted it upwards. The fluid filled his mouth and all Walter could do was swallow as fast as he could, draining the container in a few seconds. It wasn’t long before the warmth started to build again.
“Sammy brace yourself! Here I go!”And go he did, His fat surged in front of him, gaining feet by the second his flanks spread out thirty feet. Even his back started to grow out, the flab completely burying the Swampert’s legs. Fat packed on his arms, making them ten feet wide making his swollen fingers stick out uselessly as his arms became a roll of flab. He then started growing up as well, twenty feet, thirty forty, He grew chin after chin, making his neck disappear, into circular rings of lard. He grew multiple love handles and his boobs flattened out, His cheeks poofed out to several inches on either side of his barely recognisable head. His belly kept swelling up and out, like nothing could stop it. It grew  past his head, leaving his small head surrounded by the fat if his chins, unable to see anything past his fat. His growth stopped, but the pleasing warmth remained, an after affect of taking so much. Walter was now unrecognisable. The only clue that he had been a pokemon was his head inside the valley his lard had created. He had grown to the size of a pokemon stadium. All his lard went 70 feet in front of him 30 feet behind him, and stuck out forty feet on either side. His arms were worthless, weighed down by the tons of fat that were his arms. His tail fin was hardly noticeable next to his eighty foot wide ass. He had no thighs, they were buried under his belly. His ten chins, circled out from his face dons the sides of his head caller, he relaxed his “neck” and rested his head against several chins. Everywhere his fat folded and rolled. He was now an amorphous blob. Even the simple act of breathing caused him to jiggle and smile. He loved it! The pressure form his lard pressed down on his insides, feeling like one big huh. His fat embraced him on all sides, warming and comforting him. It was like floating in a see of warm, and the jiggling felt almost sexual. He smiled widely. Walter was in heaven. He started to moan from the pleasure as Sammy crawled over his fat until she reached his head. She slide down five feet through his chins, and leaned over near his face. She pushed his fat cheeks aside and kissed him as well as she could. Walter couldn’t be happier, he was being kissed by his mate, hugged by his fat, and every square inch of his blobular body was being warmed by the sun.
And they lived to a ripe old age, Walter sitting in the same spot, enjoying how big he was.
Based in the Swampert Pictures by fatferaligator

A Swampert finds some chemicals left by humans that make him beyond fat!
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Steal a soul for a second chance
But you will never become a man

My chosen torture makes me stronger
In a life that craves the hunger
A Freedom and a quest for life
Until the end don't judge me nice

Bless me with your gift of light
Righteous cause on judgment night
Feel the sorrow the light has swallowed
Feel the freedom like no tomorrow

Stepping forth a cure for soul's demise
Reap the tears of the victim's cries
Yearning more to hear the suffer of a
Of a demon as I put it under

Killed before, a time to kill them all
Passed down the righteous law
Serve a justice that dwells in me
Lifeless corpse as far as the eye can see

The eye can see
The eye can see
The eye can see
The eye can see
The eye can see

(Clean Voice )

Bless me with the
Leaf off of the tree
On it I see
The freedom reign

We are falling
The light is calling
Tears inside me
Calm me down

Midnight calling
Mist of resolving
Crown me, with the
Pure green leaf

Praise to my father
Blessed by the water
Black night, dark sky
The devil's cry

Bless me with the
Leaf off of the tree
On it I see
The freedom reign

We are falling
The light is calling
Tears inside me
Calm me down

Midnight calling
Mist of resolving
Crown me, with the
Pure green leaf

Bless me with the
Leaf off of the tree
On it I see
The freedom reign

Praise to my father
Blessed by the water
Black night, dark sky
The devil's cry

(Demonic lyrics under clean voice)

Life of vengeance, a passive test
Until the grave I will rest
Engage the pressure until it crumbles
The existence of the lifeless black souls

Onward to the sacred battlefield
Where justification and limits are revealed
Tools of steel in rage they conquer
Weed out the killing of victim's stalker

The powers proven to end the madness
Upon I take it to end the savage
The rays of light a truth of meaning
To my father the blood is pleading

A justice rage for all to feel
With innocent cries and hatred squeals
The gore of evil seems to satisfy
When slain an maimed and pacified

My chosen torture makes me stronger
In a life that craves the hunger
A Freedom and a quest for life
Until the end the judgment night

Watch the footsteps but never follow
If you want to live tomorrow
Steel a soul for a second chance
But you will never become a man
This is the official lyrics of my favorite song Devils Never

Cry =3

I love Devils Never Cry =D

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Phoenix sweated as he looked at the hotel door, nervous about meeting the witness on the other side. A young woman named April May had spotted him when he'd discovered Mia's dead body the day before, but according to Gumshoe the woman claimed to have seen Maya kill Mia. He wasn't sure if the woman was lying to cover for someone else, or if she simply wanted to be a witness in a murder trial, but either way he had to get to the bottom of this. Although he'd seen the woman the day before, he was in such a shock at the time from Mia's death that he couldn't remember what she'd looked like, only vaguely remembering the color pink...

Finally getting his nerve up, Phoenix knocked on the door and waited. Shortly afterwards he heard the sound of a chair scooting back, followed by a grunt, and several seconds later he heard the latch of the door unlocking.

"Well! Hello there handsome!" A soft voice greeted as the door opened.

Phoenix opened his mouth to respond, but nothing came out when the woman behind the door came into view. The young pink haired woman was about a head shorter than Phoenix, but more noticeable than that, she was huge! The first thing Phoenix noticed when he looked at the woman was her massive stomach, which was divided into two rolls, the upper roll hung past where her belly button would have been (having long since been engulfed between the two rolls) and the lower roll hung down to just above her knees. April May's top didn't quite contain her upper belly roll, leaving most of her giant paunch visible, although it blended with her pink attire rather well. The next thing Phoenix noticed was her cleavage, which her top left quite a bit of. Each of her breasts were the size of her head, and her top visibly strained to keep them contained. Her chunky cellulite-ridden thighs weren't much compared to the rest of her body, but each was still quite large, the circumference of each over two-thirds that of Phoenix's body.

"Umm... hi." Phoenix finally blurted out. "Smooth, Wright, real smooth." He thought to himself.

"You're the lawyer, aren't you?" April said, double chin bobbing up and down with every word. "The detective told me... He said "Don't say nothing to that lawyer, pal!" Tee hee!"

April May then turned to walk back into her room, having a bit of trouble turning around in the narrow hallway at the front door. As she turned, Phoenix noticed that she was actually wearing a rather short skirt, which hadn't been visible from the front due to being completely covered by her belly. Her skirt only went partially over her butt, leaving the bottom of her cheeks mostly visible, only partially covered by a pair of pink underwear that was meant for a butt several sizes smaller than hers. Phoenix watched as her cheeks bounced up and down with her every step, a bit grossed out by what he saw.

"Gee, this is just like something out of a movie!" She said as she waddled back towards her chair. Half of a rather large pink cake sat atop the table, as well as two wine glasses.

"It's all so exciting! I can hardly contain myself!"

April May slowly lowered herself back into her chair, which was several sizes too small for her. The owner of the hotel clearly hadn't anticipated guests the size of April May when they'd purchased the furniture.

"That poor, poor chair..." Phoenix thought.

Finally able to force herself into her seat, April May began to devour the cake, paying no attention to Phoenix. Her large belly sat atop her lap, pushing into the table in front of her, as she shoved mouthful after mouthful into her multiply-chinned face. Phoenix was confused as to what she expected him to do, as she hadn't asked him to leave. Puzzled, he watched her eat cake for a bit before he began to look around the room, waiting for April May to say something. He admired a painting for a second, and then noticed a screwdriver sticking out out of a dresser drawer. "I wonder what's inside?" He thought. "Let's take a look."

As he reached for the drawer, he suddenly heard a muffled scream, causing him to jump back. He turned to April May, who had shouted with a mouth full of cake, and found her struggling to squeeze out of her chair. After a bit of struggling and grunting she managed to squeeze herself out of her seat, and than "ran" towards Phoenix Wright and bumped him with her belly. Although she'd been moving rather slowly, her size alone gave her enough force to knock Phoenix over. Her belly and breasts were jiggling wildly from the impact, but Phoenix was more focused on the crazed look on her face.

"What are you doing!?" She screamed. "No touching! Oooh. Bad boy!" She briefly paused, and then her normal, flirtatious look returned to her face.

"Y-you really shouldn't play around in other people's rooms, now." She said in a playful tone. "You wouldn't want to make me upset, would you?"

With that, April May waddled back to her seat and plopped down back into her chair, motioning for Phoenix to sit across from her so the two could talk.

"Upset!?" Phoenix thought. "I thought you were going to explode for a second there!" Lifting himself off the ground, Phoenix headed towards the table, where April May was once again stuffing her face...
A short story about April May, a character from the second case of the first Phoenix Wright game. I usually don't write alt universe stories where the character is just fat with no explanation, but I wanted to write an Ace Attorney story and couldn't think of a contrived reason for the character to gain weight. Oh well.
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Chelsea was drunk.

Andy was sitting on the couch, listening to the general background noise that most parties included:  yelling, arguing, laughter, music, a TV show that nobody was watching.  His eyes, however, were locked one one thing:  Chelsea.  Chelsea wasn't bone thin, but she couldn't be considered anything other than "average" weight.  Normal ass, normal breasts, normal stomach.  However, she was currently drunk, and Andy had noticed that she was on her 4th visit to the snack table.  To call it a snack table was certainly a misnomer: there was pizza, chicken wings, several gallons of soda, eight different types of booze, and two gigantic bowls, one filled with popcorn and one filled with chips.  Kettle chips, by the look of it, but Andy wasn't sure.  So here Andy was, at a party he went to on a limb, watching this gorgeous girl get food.  Her shoulder length hair was about 2 inches away from a bowl of bleu cheese dressing, Andy noted, watching her bend over and fill her plate with every single food on the table.  She then poured herself a vodka and sprite, although a proper title would have been, "Vodka with a splash of Sprite".  Then she turned around quickly enough to wobble unsteadily on her legs, before searching the room for a seat.  Andy looked around, realized he was on a couch by himself, and waved her over.

"Chelsea!  Hey!"  Andy yelled, waving both arms in her general direction.  Her eyes grew wide as she realized who was speaking to her, and she quickly walked over, wobbling unsteadily in her flats.

"Andyyyy.  Hi, babe!"  She drunkenly cooed, before plopping down next to him, spilling her drink on her leg.  She took no notice, and beamed at Andy before setting down her plate and glass on the table in front of them.  "How are you?"

"I'm... good!  This party is ridiculous!"  He awkwardly stated, trying hard not to stare at the fact that her stomach was bulging slightly over her pants.  She then draped an arm around Andy's shoulders, pulling him into a drunken hug.  Andy put his arms around her briefly, noting that she smelled like flowers.  Lilacs, maybe?  Andy didn't know shit about flowers.

"Well... That's good!  And YOU'RE ridiculous.  I remember all the hilarious shit you say in class!  You ALWAYS crack me up!" She smiled again, and it seemed sincere, but the moment was quickly interrupted by the introduction of a large chicken wing to her mouth.  Dressing smeared over her lips as she chowed down.  Andy wasn't sure what to do so he just sat there and watched.  Chelsea ate 3 wings, about 3 handfuls of chips, a slice of pizza (with chips on top; Chelsea explained it was her favorite combination) and the equivalent to half a bag of popcorn.  Following the last bite, Chelsea dropped her plate on the table, picked up her drink, downed it in one go, and threw the cup.  Andy tried to put together in his head how much she had eaten tonight, but he hadn't been paying attention the entire night, and the three IPAs he had drank weren't helping.

"I... Hey, you... Andy?"  Chelsea said, struggling to figure out why Andy's eyes had been locked about 10 inches down from her face.  "Andy, I (urp)  wanna ask you some... something!"

"Oh, yeah, what?" Andy said, snapping his gaze back to her face.  "I'm sorry, I was distracted."

Chelsea was too far gone to care about what Andy was looking at, so she just stared intently at his face.  "I... You remember last year?  CHEM 221?"  Andy nodded.  "Yeah, I uh... I kinda thought you were adora-ador... Adorable!"  She said, before hiccuping loudly.  Andy always thought hiccuping while you were drunk was a thing from cartoons only, but he had just been proven wrong.  

"You don't say?  Not to be creepy, but I've always found you adorable!"  He said, smiling lightly at her in a way he hoped was friendly and cute, not weird.

"Oh!  Well... (Bur-ap!)  I'm glad!" She smiled, before belching for the third time. "I... can I just... put my head here?"  She asked, looking into his eyes before leaning into him and putting her head on his shoulder.  Andy wasn't sure how to react, but before he could think something up, he noticed she was passed out.  Not wanting to leave, he wrapped his arm around her, and just sat.  A smile creeped onto his face.
A guy sees a cute girl at a party, who over indulges.

Future female weight gain and stuffing.
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Super Mario Trading Card Game Gameplay Rules (Ver. Beta 1.0)</u>


Writer's Comments

My personal challenge with this project of mine is to create an original and fully playable tabletop game using collectible cards with characters, items and elements of the Mario universe. This Mario universe covers everything seen in every Mario, Yoshi and Wario game in existence.

The initial idea and inspiration of this was to create a gameplay mechanic similar to a Paper Mario game's battle system. Characters of team A attack the characters of team B a turn, then viceversa the next turn, and so on, with low numbered and easy to count stats which are HP, Attack and Defense. Also, add the option of multiplayer matches, which lets more than two players play at the same time in a single game. Just as Paper Mario, all teams have the option to use items and character abilities by the use of Players' FP.


Introduction and Basics

So you're a hero! Or perhaps a villain? a lonely traveler? an adventurer for sure! Who is constantly wandering in the world of Plit, also known as the Mushroom World, meeting all kinds of characters, good and bad, common and strange, and even crazy, you name it! And also gathering all kind of exotic items and learning some tricks.

Now you've gotten into a fight! Why? maybe you're fighting some bad guys who were asking for a pummeling, or maybe you're a bad guy who's about to show Mr. Moralright Goodpants who's boss! Maybe you didn't like how the other chump looked at you. Or even, maybe you're trying to rescue a damsel in distress from some big bad fire breathing turtle! Whatever the reason is, this is where the game starts.

The objective of the game is to defeat your opponent by reducing his or her lives by a total of 0, and if you do so, you win! Each player starts the game with 5 lives, and if a player takes damage, his or her life total may go down! If a player takes 3 or more damage points (or dmg) on a turn, his or her life total goes down by 1 (too bad!), though trough damage, the life total can only go down by 1 in a single turn. For example, if a player with 4 lives gets 1 dmg in a turn, nothing happens, but then if that player gets other 2 dmg in that same turn, he or she will lose 1 life and his or her total becomes 3, and if in that same turn the player gets other 4 dmg, nothing else will happen. A new turn has to begin in order for a player to lose another life trough damage.

Before starting a new game, each player must shuffle their decks. A deck consists of a minimum of 50 cards, and usually 10 - 15 of them are Power Up cards. After shuffling your decks, each player puts their own deck at their side, then draw 7 cards (each player puts the top seven cards of their own deck into their hand). Players can have up to a max of 7 cards in their hands, so if at the end of your turn, you have more than 7 cards in hand, you must choose and discard cards until you have 7. Now decide who will go first by trowing a coin, or if there are more than 2 players, you can decide who will go first by revealing a card from the middle of your deck each, and the one with the revealed card of the highest cost (be coins or FP) decides who shall go first. By the way, in multiplayer mode, the next player to have a turn is the one at the right of the current active player and so on.

Each player starts the game with 10FP (Flower Points) and each player can have up to a maximum of only 10FP. When you start your turn you automatically recover 1 FP (without going up the max) and win 1 coin, so note it down somewhere. My recommendation is to use Poker tokens! :) Now the first thing you do is to put face up all your face down cards in play if you have any, the face down cards are called "flipped" and the act of putting them from face-down to face-up is called "un-flipping". After that you draw a card UNLESS if you started the game and if this is your first turn.

Now goes the Main Stage, which is the part of your turn where you're allowed to play your cards. You can put from your hand into play a Power Up now, but you can only put a Power Up into play once per turn (this is called "to play a Power Up"). The Power Ups are cards that will let you "call" characters into battle, and you can use their power to play special move cards, too! During your Main Stage you can also play: Characters, Items and Special Moves, though only if you have the required resources of course (details of each further), and you can use items you already put into play (played) now.

After that Main Stage goes the Attack Stage, which is when your party can attack the party of an opponent! Each one of your characters attacks alone in the order you choose, each one at time, so first you choose a character in your party and then choose a character in an opponent's party, now the chosen character of your party attacks the chosen foe, then choose another of your characters that hasn't attacked that turn yet and choose a character on an opponent's party and so on (you can choose the same foe over and over again), or if the opponent does not have characters on play, your characters attack your opponent directly instead, and that opponent will receive dmg directly. The damage deal is equal to the POW (attack power) of the attacking character minus DEF (defense) of the defending character. When a character is defeated, the controller of the character that defeated the other wins coins equal to half the defeated character's coin cost rounded up, and the player that was controlling that character gets dmg equal to the half of defeated character's HP rounded up (for example, if my Goomba, which has 2 HP and cost 1 coin is defeated, I get 1 dmg and my opponent wins 1 coin, but if my Boo which has 3 HP and cost 2 coins is defeated, I get 2 dmg but my opponent still wins 1 coin). Better know that when a character attacks another character normally, the attack is considered "direct" and contact goes with the attacking character and the defending character UNLESS the attacking character has the ability "Indirect Attacker" (which nullifies the contact the character does when attacks). After the Attack Stage your turn is about to end, and you discard cards from your hand if you have more than 7 until you have 7 (you choose the cards you discard here), and then finally your turn ends and the next player's turn starts immediately afterwards.

Phew! Did you get all that? Those were the basics, so keep reading if you want better understanding and details about everything!


Objective of The Game, Conditions and Starting Rules

-For a player to win the game he or she must remain in the game with at least 1 life or more after all the other players were defeated, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game.

-For a player to lose the game he or she must lose all his or her lives, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game. The instant a player has a total of 0 lives (or less), that player loses the game, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game. A player who had lost the game must take all the cards he or she owns out of the game areas and can't play anymore in the current game if it still is going (no exceptions).

-Players must decide at random which player starts the game (who goes first).

-Each player starts in the game with 5 lives, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game.

-Each player has a limit of 10 FP (Flower Points) and starts in the game with 10 FP, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game.

-Before the game is started, each player must shuffle their decks, then each deck must be cut and/or shuffled at least once by at least an opponent. After that, each player puts his or her deck near him or her face down at the right side of the battlefield in a way that all the other players can see it, then each player puts the top 7 cards of his or her deck on his or her hand. If a player is not satisfied with their initial hand, that player is allowed to do a mulligan (shuffles hand back to deck then draws the same amount of cards minus one), and each player is allowed to do all the mulligans they want (as long as they draw a card less each time).


Game Areas and Other Stuff

A player's deck is the bunch of cards inside the game that player owns that aren't in his or her hand, battlefield and graveyard, nor they are attached to other cards. During a game, each player's deck must remain near him or her face down at the right side of the battlefield in a way all the other players can see it. Decks should be of a minimum of 50 cards each, and can only have a maximum of 4 cards with the same name each, except for Mushroom, Fire Flower, Power Star, Cloud, Ice Flower and Ztar, which aren't restricted in numbers. The deck of each player can be interpreted as his or her "resources".

Cards a player owns and that only that player can see (unless specified otherwise). Cards in a player's hand usually remain on the player's actual hand during the whole game.

AKA. "Play Zone" (when a card specifies "into play", it means the battlefield). The area where all Power Ups, Characters and Items go and remain upon being played. It's right in front of each player, so Power Ups, Characters and Items must be put in front of their controller when they are played. Special Move cards usually go to the graveyard after being played, but sometimes, they remain in play if specified.

Area of the game where all the discarded cards of a player go and remain, and that it's right at the right side of each player's deck. Defeated and buried characters go here, as well as used or buried items, buried Power Ups and discarded cards from the player's hand. Each player has his or her own graveyard, so only cards that player owns can go to his or her graveyard.

-Outside of the game
A card is said to be "outside of the game" when that card is not in any player's deck, hand nor graveyard, nor is in play. A card outside of the game is pretty much considered nonexistent during that game. In tournament format, cards on a player's side-deck are considered outside of the game, all the other cards are invalid.

Not actually an area of the game, since these are a little bunch of cards considered "outside of the game". In tournament mode, side-decks consist of no more and no less of 15 cards only. Before a game, players are allowed to chose any number of cards from his or her side-deck and switch them each for a card in his or her deck. In tournament format, players are allowed to do that only after the end of the first or second game and before the next game starts (tournament format consists of matches. A match consist of 2 to 3 games played consecutively, and the first player to win 2 games wins the match).

An imaginary monetary unit used to pay for Characters and Items in order to play them, and sometimes used for Characters' and Items' abilities in order to play them. Coins are usually counted with special tokens included in beginner packs, prebuilt deck packs and booster packs (or regular poker tokens for home use).

-Coin Bank
A player's Coin Bank is the imaginary space where she or he stores all his or her coins, so whenever a player wins a coin, that coin goes to the player's coin bank (this term almost isn't used).

Flower Points
-FP for short, they are imaginary points used to pay for Special Moves in order to play them, and sometimes used for Characters' and Items' abilities.

-Flower Pot
A player's Flower Pot is the imaginary space where she or he stores his or her FP (Flower Points).


Turns' Mechanics

Technically, this is exactly what happens in each player's turn, in order:

-Beginning of The Turn
All the flipped down cards of the active player are unflipped, that player wins a coin and recovers 1 FP. Sometimes, triggered abilities and effects of cards in play trigger here. Each effect happens unless specified otherwise by a card in the game.

-Draw Stage
The active player draws a card (puts the card from the top of his or her deck into his or her hand), unless specified otherwise by a card in the game. If the active player started the game (went first and is his or her first turn), he or she does not draw a card and nothing happens instead.

-Main Stage
The active player can play one Power Up, and can play Characters, Items and Special Moves, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game. The active player can also use Items, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game.

-Attack Stage
Each character of the active player can attack or use a IOA ability, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game. Each character attacks or uses a IOA ability in a selected order by the active player, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game.

-End of The Turn
If the active player has more than 7 cards in his or her hand, chooses and discards a card, then repeats that process until he or she has 7 cards in hand, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game. After the end of the active player's turn, the turn of the other player starts immediately afterwards, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game. In case of a multiplayer game, the next player to play his or her turn is the player to the right of the active player, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game.


Types of Cards: Power-Ups

A Power-Up is a basic and essential type of card, used to successfully play Characters and Special Moves. You can play for free (put from your hand into play) a Power Up in your Main Stage, but only once per turn. Don't be misguided by their name! In Super Mario TCG, a Power-Up is not an item that will literally power up you or a character (unless it's specified otherwise), is just a card that will let you call characters into battle, or a card that can be used to use a special move.

There are 6 kinds of basic Power-Ups, each for an element: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, Darkness. Since Characters and Special Moves have elements, you can only play a Character or a Special Move with an element matching the element of the Power Up. They are:

-Mushroom for Earth.
-Fire Flower for Fire.
-Power Star for Light.
-Cloud for Air.
-Ice Flower for Water.
-Ztar for Darkness.

So a requirement to play a Characters or a Special Move, before paying it with coins or FP, is to flip (put from face up to face down) a Power Up of the matching element. Each Power Up specifies this, for example, the Fire Flower says "Flip down to play a Fire card".

There are also other special types of Power Ups, for more specific types of characters, such as the Koopa Shell "Flip down to play a Koopa card".

You can have in your deck any number of Power Ups with the same name each, as long as they are the basic ones (Mushroom, Fire Flower, Power Star, Cloud, Ice Flower and Ztar). All other Power Ups are restricted up to 4 in a single deck each.


Types of Cards: Characters

A Character is either an ally to fight for you or a foe who wants to destroy you. You can play characters from your hand during your Main Stage, as long as you can pay their coin cost and have the proper Power Up to flip. Characters remain in play once you play them.

Character cards have the following parts in them:

At the top-most left part of the card is the name of the card. Every card has a unique name. You can only have up to 4 cards with the same name in a single deck (except for basic Power Ups), unless that same card specifies it otherwise.

-Coin cost
At the top-right corner of the card is the coin cost, which is the prize you must pay in coins in order to play the Character. Also, the half of this quantity rounded up is the number of coins an opponent wins if that opponent defeats your Character.

-Type and subtype
Right under the card's illustration, to the left-most side is the card's type (which in this case is Character), and right next to the type is the subtype (For example: Koopa). These are important when another card or cards talk about certain type and/or subtypes of cards.

To the right of the type and subtype is the card's element. This element determines what Power Up must be flipped in order to play the card, unless specified otherwise by the same card or another one(s). This may serve for other things, also.

-Rarity symbol.
To the right of the element, there is a rarity symbol. This symbol determines the rarity of the card, and it comes in different colors depending on the rarity:
If the symbol is black, the card is common.
If the symbol is silver, the card is uncommon.
If the symbol is golden, the card is rare.
If the symbol is of a metallic redish and orange color (bronze), the card is unique.

Unique cards (which are NOT literally unique) are restricted to unique characters, like for example Mario, Petey Piranha, Prince Peasley, Dazzle, etc. There can't be in play more than 1 unique card with the same name, and if there is one, and another one with the same name enters, both are immediately buried (put from play into graveyard) (Hey, there can't be two Mario's after all... or can they?).

-Text box
The part of the card which tells all the card's abilities and/or effects. For specifications of abilities, look further below.

-Reminder text
Sometimes, after an effect or an ability, there is a text inside parenthesis. This text just reminds you details about that ability (or sometimes plain explains it).

-Flavor text
Sometimes in the text box, at the bottom part inside of it, there is the flavor text. A text in italics that does not affect the game or the rules in any way, and is there mainly for the amusement factor.

Almost to bottom of the character, from left to right they are HP, POW and DEF:

-HP (Heart Points)
Represents the character's stamina, and when the character has a number of dmg (damage) counters equal to its HP or greater, that character is defeated by the last character which made it take the last dmg counter(s).

The Attack Power of the character, which partially determines the dmg it inflicts when it attacks. The dmg determined on characters is equal to the attacking character's POW minus the defending character's DEF.

The Defense of the character, which reduces the dmg that other sources deal to it. any dmg that would be given to a character is reduced by each point of DEF in that character, unless specified otherwise.

Characters are put from play into graveyard if they are defeated or buried, unless specified otherwise. Once in the graveyard, they can't attack nor be attacked nor be chosen nor use any of their abilities nor they have any effect nor have influence over other cards or players, unless specified otherwise. In other words, they are dead.


Types of Cards: Items

An Item is a useful tool used to help yourself and/or other(s).

You can play Items from you hand during your Main Stage, as long as you pay their coin cost. Items don't have element, so a Power Up is not required to flip in order to play an Item. Items remain in play once they are played, and will stay in play until they are used or buried, then they are put from play into graveyard, unless specified otherwise.

Items have:

At the top-most left part of the card is the name of the card. Every card has a unique name. You can only have up to 4 cards with the same name in a single deck (except for basic Power Ups), unless that same card specifies it otherwise.

-Coin cost
At the top-right corner of the card is the coin cost, which is the prize you must pay in coins in order to play the Item.

-Type and subtype
Right under the card's illustration, to the left-most side is the card's type (which in this case is Item), and right next to the type is the subtype (for example: Block). These are important when another card or cards talk about certain type and/or subtypes of cards. Items sometimes don't have any subtypes.

-Rarity symbol.
Right under the card's illustration at the right side, there is a rarity symbol. This symbol determines the rarity of the card, and it comes in different colors depending on the rarity:
If the symbol is black, the card is common.
If the symbol is silver, the card is uncommon.
If the symbol is golden, the card is rare.

-Text box
The part of the card which tells all the card's abilities and/or effects. Sometimes, an Item is required to be "used" in order for the ability to have any effects. You can only use Items during you Main Stage unless specified otherwise, and once used, the item is put into the graveyard unless specified otherwise.

-Reminder text
Sometimes there is a text inside parenthesis in the text box. This text just reminds you details about certain ability (or sometimes plain explains it).

-Flavor text
Sometimes in the text box, at the bottom part inside of it, there is the flavor text. A text in italics that does not affect the game or the rules in any way, and is there mainly for the amusement factor.


Types of Cards: Special Moves

An Special Move is either a power, a magic trick, an effect, etc., that you make, use or cause. You can play Special Moves during your Main Stage as long as you pay their FP cost and have the proper Power Up to Flip. Special Moves are usually put into the graveyard once you play them, unless specified otherwise by the same card, so in that case, the card remains into play for its effects to stay until it's buried.

Special Move cards have:

At the top-most left part of the card is the name of the card. Every card has a unique name. You can only have up to 4 cards with the same name in a single deck (except for basic Power Ups), unless that same card specifies it otherwise.

-FP cost
At the top-right corner of the Special Move card is the FP cost, which is the prize you must pay with FP in order to play the Special Move.

Right under the card's illustration, to the left-most side is the card's type (which in this case is Special Move). This is important when another card or cards talk about the type of card Special Move (notice how they don't have any subtypes).

To the right of the type is the card's element. This element determines what Power Up must be flipped in order to play the card, unless specified otherwise by the same card or another one(s). Some Special Moves have the same element more than once or have more than one element, so its player must flip that same number of proper Power Ups in order to play it. This may serve for other things, also.

-Rarity symbol.
To the right of the element, there is a rarity symbol. This symbol determines the rarity of the card, and it comes in different colors depending on the rarity:
If the symbol is black, the card is common.
If the symbol is silver, the card is uncommon.
If the symbol is golden, the card is rare.

-Text box
The part of the card which tells all the card's effects.

-Reminder text
Sometimes there is a text inside parenthesis in the text box. This text just reminds you details about certain ability (or sometimes plain explains it).

-Flavor text
Sometimes in the text box, at the bottom part inside of it, there is the flavor text. A text in italics that does not affect the game or the rules in any way, and is there mainly for the amusement factor.


Attacking and Damage Dealing

Characters can only attack during the player's Attack Stage, unless specified otherwise. Characters that attack, do so one at time each, in a selected order by their controller. Their controller chooses which characters attack and which don't, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game.

The proper steps to attack an opponent's characters, are these:

-Choose a character you control that have not attacked this turn yet, then choose a foe (a character an opponent controls).

-The Chosen character you control attacks directly the chosen foe, unless specified otherwise.

-The attacked chosen foe takes damage equal to the attacking character's POW minus that foe's DEF, unless specified otherwise.

-Once damage is deal to the attacked chosen foe, put a number of dmg counters on that foe equal to the damage it gets. When the foe has a number of dmg counters equal or greater to its HP, that character is considered defeated by the player controller of the source that caused its last dmg. When a character is defeated, its controller receives dmg equal to half the character's HP rounded up.

-After your character is done attacking, you may repeat all the steps from the first one by choosing a character you control that have not attacked this turn yet, then choose a foe. You can choose the same foe over and over again with each new character you choose to attack.

Now, if you want to attack an opponent that doesn't have any characters in play or doesn't have any characters that can be attacked in any way, you can choose your characters (in order) to attack that opponent, and that opponent will receive dmg equal to the attacking character's POW, unless specified otherwise.

Each time a player takes a total of 3 or more dmg (damage points), that player loses 1 life, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game. However, dmg given can only cause players to lose 1 life each turn, unless specified otherwise by a card in the game.



A counter is an imaginary unit to count a specific alteration on a card in play. Players usually use special tokens to mark counters, which are included in beginner packs, prebuilt deck packs and booster packs (they can also be improvised if necessary).

There are different kinds of counters:

-Dmg counters (damage counters)
Counters used to mark the quantity of dmg a character has taken. if a character has a quantity of dmg counters equal or greater to its HP, that character is defeated by the player controller or the source that put the last damage counter(s).

-POW+1 counters
Each one of these counters give a POW+1 on the character they are in.

-DEF+1 counters
Each one of these counters give a DEF+1 on the character they are in.

-Burn counters
A character with any number of burn counters takes 1 fire dmg at the end of each of its controller's turns, then its controller removes 1 burn counter from that character, but only 1.

-Poison counters
A character with any number of poison counters takes 1 dmg at the end of each of its controller's turns, then its controller removes 1 poison counter from that character, but only 1.

-Paralysis counters
A character with paralysis counters can't attack nor use any of its activated abilities. At the end of each of its controller's turn, its controller removes 1 paralysis counter from that character, but only one.

-Misc. counters
There are some other counters with other names that aren't the already specified ones. These counters do nothing on their own, but their effects are usually specified by a card or cards in play.


Abilities (Incomplete)

Specifications of effects a character in play has.

There are 3 kinds of abilities: activated, IOA and passive.

Activated abilities usually require something to be activated, and they usually require their controller to pay FP. These can be used anytime during any player's turn.

IOA stands for "Instead of Attacking", which means that it's an ability that completely substitutes an attack, so they can only be used once during the attack stage of the character's controller, they can't be used if the character already attacked, and won't let the character that already used it to attack.

Effects of passive abilities are already in work once the character remains in play.

Some abilities, passive and activated, have names, and they are:

A character that is Groundbound, only means that it walks on the ground.

A character that flies so high that can't be attacked by Groundbound characters.

-Can reach Airbound characters
A Groundbound character with this ability can actually attack Airbound characters.

-Shy Stack
(Shy Guys' common ability. Add description later).

(Ability common of the characters with spikes, obviously. Add description later).

-Fire Body
(Like spiked, but with fire dmg and a burn counter. Add description later).

-Ice Body
(Like Spiked and Fire Body, but with water dmg and a paralysis counter instead. Add description later).

-Electrified Body
(Like Spiked, Fire Body and Ice Body, but with air dmg and a paralysis counter. Add description later).

-*Element* Weakness
A character with a weakness of an element doesn't mean that it takes extra damage if it's attacked by a character of that element, but it does take 1 extra damage if the dmg deal to that character is of that element. Only if the dmg is specified to be of an element (characters usually attack with element-less dmg).

-*Element* Shield
A character with a shield of an element doesn't mean that it won't take damage if it's attacked by a character of that element, but it won't take any damage if a source would deal dmg of that element. Only if the dmg is specified to be of an element (characters usually attack with element-less dmg). Fire Shield ignores Fire Body on a foe and the character with it can't have burn counters on it. Water Shield ignores Ice Body on a foe. Air Shield ignores Electrified Body on a foe.

-Spike Shield
A character with this ignores the effects of Spiked when attacking a foe with it.

A character with this can't have poison counters on it.

-Indirect Attacker
A character with this attacks indirectly instead of directly, so it does indirect dmg and there is no contact between this character and the foe.

(Boos' common ability. Add description later).

An Invincible character can't take damage of any kind in any way, and it can't be defeated in any way.

-Short Fuse
(Bob-Ombs' common ability. Add description later).


The End

If you read everything until here, congratulations! All that was pretty much everything you needed to know to start playing. Go have fun, now!


Other Terms Dictionary (To be done soon)

-To play
-To defeat, defeated
-To bury
-Active player
-Attacking character
-Defending character
-Opposing character
-Prevent damage
-POW+ (Attack Power Plus)
-DEF+ (Defense Plus)
-POW- (Attack Power Minus)
-DEF- (Defense Minus)
-*Element* damage
I really don't know in which category to submit this...

Because some people been requesting me this, and because there has been a lot of questions and some confusions about the true gameplay rules, I finally wrote the official Super Mario Trading Card Game Gameplay Rules!

Oh joy! That's such a long read, but it's worth it if you are really curious about how I imagine this little game would work. Haha, feel free to not read anything and go ahead with your lives, but if you do read, I really would like some feedback about it!

Also, if you thought that you already knew the gameplay rules or part of them, read them again! Chances are that I already changed something about them. I decided to name the "Magic" cards, Special Moves instead of Magics, and changed a few other things a little bit.

I'll answer all questions, so if you have any, ask away! Only ask if you did read all that, though, please.

Boy, did I waste so much time of my life with this... Never again.

Oh, right! This thing is incomplete as you can see. Also, I may add a FAQ section later.
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ICarly WG Story

         Carly Shay was walking through her apartment, bored out of her mind. Sam wasn't around at the moment because she was at the groovy smoothie and Freddie wasn't around because he and his mom had gone on vacation for the summer. Spencer was on vacation as well, as he was hanging with his friend Socko for the summer. Just then Sam walks into the apartment while slurping on a smoothie and eating a fatcake. "What's up, Carls?", she asked. Carly replied. "nothing, just bored out of my mind, can you believe that we have to cancel ICarly just because Freddie is out of town for the summer". "I know right, what a nubb!", replied Sam, "so what are we supposed to do all summer?" Carly then grabbed a fatcake out of a box in the kitchen, and a light bulb went off in her head, "Sam, I have the perfect idea of what to do this summer!". Sam asked, "what's the idea?" Carly replied, "lets gain weight and get fat together".

         Sam, after hearing this, replied, "why would you want to this, Carly?". "I don't know", replied Carly, "it seems like it is a good idea that will later turn out to be fun". She then ate a fatcake and offered Sam one. Knowing that she can never resist a fatcake, she grabbed it and said, "momma likey this plan", then took a big bite out of the fatcake. They both said, "this is going to be the best 3 months of summer ever!" They jumped for joy, but then Carly asked, "what about your mom, would she be worried that you are gone for 3 months?" "She won't", she replied, "She's off doing other stuff, I think".

         After the first month Carly and Sam had developed nicely, getting curves all over. Sam's boobs had gone up 3 sizes, as it revealed a lot of cleavage and strained her tops all the time. Her belly was very big and round and caused her shirt to rise up slightly. Her ass was probably 6 feet across, and was constantly swaying, wobbling, and jiggling with every step she took. Her hips and thighs were so big that they made her ass look bigger and wider than it actually was. Carly had gained weight in the same places as Sam, but her gain was bigger. Carly's boobs had gone up at least 4 sizes and were straining almost every single one of her tops, which made them reveal a lot of cleavage. Her belly was probably a little bit bigger than Sam's, which was always jiggling and made her shirts rise up as well. Her ass was already 8 feet across from all the constant snacking, and with her very large hips and thighs, looked even bigger. And every time she moved her ass, it always seemed to jiggle and sway like crazy. This was an impressive start but they still had 2 months to go.

         Carly and Sam were hanging out in the living room of the apartment enjoying some "small" snacks while watching TV. They were also trying to make room on the couch because Carly's ass was taking up most of it. "Carly, move your fat ass over, you're taking up all of the couch", said Sam. Carly replied while munching on a fatcake, "Sorry, I got here first, you can try to move me, but I don't think you can when I got all of this weighing me down", as she slapped her ass and watched all 8 feet of it jiggle. "Fine", said Sam, "I'll just sit in the chair". Sam then waddled into the kitchen and asked Carly, "do you want anything from the fridge?" Carly replied while slurping on a smoothie that was lodged into her large cleavage, "Yeah, could you bring me a family size bag of Doritos?" "Sure", replied Sam, as she went over to the pantry, grabbed the chips, and waddled back to the couch and handed her the chips, while she landed next to her fat friend with a whole cake in hand and a gallon of milk in her very jiggly cleavage, and they both chowed down. Carly asked as she was halfway through the bag, "we should make some spaghetti tacos, what do you think?" Sam replied after chomping into a piece of the cake, "BBBBBUUUUURRRRRPPPP, Momma likey." Carly whipped up a batch big enough for 30 people, and they split it 15 a person. "Bring em on", said Sam, "this poundage I've got is nothing compared to the fat I'll gain in the next 2 months", as she patted her already humongous belly. "Yeah", replied Carly, as she nearly chomped all of a spaghetti taco into her mouth, "lets make sure we each get so big that we can barely move".

         So for 2 more months did Carly and Sam continue to gain weight and get fatter and fatter. But then came the faithful day when Spencer and Freddie had come back from the 3 month vacation and were very curious to see what Sam and Carly did for the summer while they were away.

         They were just coming down the hallway of the Apartment building and Spencer and Freddie were standing outside of their apartments. "Hey, you want to come over quick and see Carly?", asked Spencer. Freddie replied, "sure, I really missed those guys". They walked in and they were shocked to see Sam there, but that wasn't all they were surprised about. Sam was utterly humongous. Her boobs were probably an HHH size and were still perky, and revealed very large and jiggly cleavage, which was like a mile and a half long. She was wearing a hooters top that was very tight on her. Her belly was 3 times as big as it was 2 months ago, as it was hanging over the waistband of her sweatpants. Her love handles were showing and were very flabby, and at least 2 feet thick. Her hips were double her arm length, her thighs were very thick and wide, and her ass was probably 20 feet across. "BBBBBBBUUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPPP, what up, Spencer, what up, nubb?" she said, as she got up and waddled into the kitchen, and Spencer and Freddie watched as her 20 foot, wobbling, jiggling ass sway and sway away. Freddie said, "Sam, what happened to you, you look different.". "I know", said Sam, "Carly and I got new figures, do you like mine?", as she patted her huge belly. She then grabbed 2 whole boxes of pizza and a big bottle of Pepsi, which was settled in her gigantic, jiggly cleavage. "MMMMM, Momma hungry", she said as she lowered her huge ass onto the ground, where there was a lot of jiggling. Spencer replied, So where's Carly, Sam". Sam replied while munching on a piece of pizza, "she should be coming down the stairs right now". Then there was a very large boom and the ground started to shake, when from upstairs came, "is that Spencer and Freddie?", called Carly. "Sure is", replied Sam. Carly screamed and went downstairs. With a lot of jiggling, Spencer and Freddie were shocked at what she saw. Carly's boobs were probably a JJJ size and at least 2 miles long. She was wearing a shirt that was so tight that it looked like the hooters shirt that Sam was wearing, as the buttons on it were barely holding on. Her belly was completely hanging over the waistband of her pajama bottoms, and hung down to almost her feet. Her hips were triple her arm length, which were like arm rests to her now, and her thighs were as thick and round as the trees of the redwood forest. Her ass was unimaginable, as is was 25 feet across, almost the width of a small car. She hugged Spencer while munching on a fatcake, "Hey, Spencer how was your summer?". Spencer could barely get his arms around her, as his reach was just past her enormous boobs. She then hugged Freddie and he hugged her as best as he could even though he was being smothered. "You should really try these fatcakes, they're really good", Carly replied, as she waddled into the kitchen, where they both then got a look of her 25 foot ass bounce, sway, wobble, and jiggle away from them. And she came back she had a doughnut around each pudgy finger, and 2 gallons of milk in her very large and jiggly cleavage, then landed her 25 foot ass next to her other jiggly friend Sam and they enjoyed their snacks. "Do you guys like my new figure, I really worked hard on it, especially my humongous sexy ass". She then ate 1 of the doughnuts and took a big sip out of the gallon of milk. "BBBBBBUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPP", went Carly as she ate more doughnuts. Suddenly the buttons on Carly's shirt burst off, as more and more cleavage began to pour out. Sam then went, "good one, Carly", as she patted and jiggled Carly's belly and continued to enjoy her snack. Freddie then said, "you guys should see my mom because she had a good summer as well and did something very similar to what you guys did". The ground suddenly began to violently quake under them when they heard, "Freddie, Freddie, where are you?". "In here, mom", went Freddie as his mom came in, and everyone was shocked. Freddie's mom had gained weight as well, and was very big. Her boobs were almost a ZZZ size and revealed cleavage even for her, as it seemed to go on for miles. Her belly was very large and hung over her pants. Her ass was so big, it looked to be bigger than Carly and Sam combined, as it looked to be 100 feet across. "Freddie, honey, it's time for my 3rd lunch, and its your job to feed me this time, BBBBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP." she replied as she struggled to see all of them over her sea of cleavage while munching on 1 of the many large pretzels in her chubby hands. "OK, mom, lets go, see you guys later.", as Freddie led her out of the apartment, and the rest of them watched her giant ass bounce and jiggle through the door. A few hours later, a familiar noise to Carly and Sam came from Freddie's apartment, "BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, keep those cakes coming Freddie, we have hundreds more to go, and I'm not getting any fatter here".

          All 3 ladies continued to gain weight and get fatter probably continuing to this day.
An ICarly WG Story i just thought up
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The backstory of: BEN.
"SHUT UP!" The snow-globe smashed into the wall next to a boys head. He cried out, fresh tears streaming down his  face, and quickly ran upstairs. He pushed a door open, quickly slamming it shut once inside. This boys name..Was Ben. He had been born to an abusive household, consisting of just himself and his two parents. They always would be getting drunk, fighting, having parties. All the usual things drunkards like them would do. Ben was sweet boy at heart, with blonde locks and big, brown eyes. He would do all he could to make others happy, and LOVED to play video games. Ben would always turn on his Nintendo 64 and play all sorts of games, especially his favorite, Majoras Mask. It was slightly beaten, losing its decals, and now was just a grey cartridge with the words "MAJORAS MASK" written on the back in black marker. But, to Ben, no matter how worn and old it was, he would always play. Even when he had beaten the game over twenty times, he would just restart and keep playing.
One faithful day, while Ben was playing, his father came up to his room. He smelt of booze, and his hair was a mess. Ben turned his head to his father, questioningly. "Um...Hey Dad...Something up..?" His father smiled slightly. "Mom and I decided to get a little surprise for you...Come with me..." He turned, and walked out. Ben had just finished a game, and quickly re-saved it as "BEN". Ben got into the car with his father. "Wheres mom?" He asked, looking up at his dad. "She's at the place." His dad said simply. Starting up the old car, they drove for a good three hours. Ben had slowly drifted off to sleep in the car.
Ben was awoken by the car coming to a stop. He yawned. "W-Where are we...?" Ben asked, looking to his father. The car was parked on top a large cliff, a scenic view area. Before them, was a large body of water. His father looked at Ben for a few moments, then smiled. "I killed your mother." He said simply. Bens eyes widened, and his hand instantly went to the door handle. His father quickly leaned over, and grabbed Bens hands. "You shouldn't of done that..." His father growled at the terrified boy next to him. "We're both going to join mom..." Ben watched in horror as his dad slowly started to move the car forward. "D-Dad...! W-wait, p-please...!" Ben started to beg his father, tears in his eyes. It was too late to go back. "We've met a terrible fate...Haven't we...?" His father asked. The car then fell over the cliff side, plunging the pair into the cold depths. His father died on impact. Ben tried to scream out, but cold, salty water invaded his lungs. He didn't want to die like this. "SOMEONE HELP ME!" He tried to scream, only bubbles issuing from his mouth. As the car sank lower and lower, everything started to get black. Ben couldn't see anything, only the swirling depths around him. Oh god....why...?! His mind, before everything went black, landed on his game, still in the 64. Something suddenly left him. All of Bens hatred for his parents seemed to burst from him like the hundreds of bubbles around him. It blasted out of the lake, into the deadly night. Slowly, Bens eyes went dim, and he struggled no more.
Just a quick short story~!
BEN belongs to his creator.
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Greed Never Pays

"Please...Jessica! Please delete it!", Jade cried out nervously.

"Hmmm...nope! Don't think I will tee hee!", Jessica laughed, her generous midsection bouncing as she did. Jessica was a big girl to say the least. She was a manipulating one as well, jumping from rich boyfriend to the next in order to find her next relationship to provide her with a way of easy income. Of which included food. Her growing body was the result of her getting her boyfriends to purchase more and more food each time they went out on a "date". She enjoyed her size though, being able to intimidate by throwing it around towards other girls.

"P....please! You have to!", Jade stuttered in response. Jade on the other hand was a slim girl. And also a little nicer than the evil Jessica, as Jessica was known to start rumors and such just from the mere pleasure of seeing other squirm.

However, Jade was in love with a boy, and when Jessica had walked into the backroom and found Jade doing something unbelievably inappropriate she had snapped a picture of her, threatening to send it to him.

"Please I'll do anything!", Jade yelled.

"Tee hee! Nope! This is gold, I can't wait to see what he thinks about you.", Jessica laughed as she started to walk away.

"I...I'll buy you lunch!", Jade spat out at the last minute, knowing very well that the bloated female loved to eat. This caused Jessica to stop mid-walk. Her boyfriend recently had been slacking on their past "dates". Apparently even rich boy's fathers wondered why close to seventy dollars were spent daily on food and cut his son's allowance. It was no matter to Jessica though, she'd just have to find another suitor soon enough. But the main appeal to Jessica was the amount of damage she could preform on Jade's fiances.

"Lunch eh?", Jessica said, forming a sinister smile. "You know what? I am feeling a bit peckish, and I if I'm full I may just be in a good enough mood to delete some pics on my phone. Sure if you buy me lunch then I think that'll really help your chances."

"O..okay! Sure lets go! Anywhere you want!", Jade sighed in relief. Any amount she had to pay was worth that picture not getting sent to her love.


The tan bloated blond strode into the restaurant first in her revealing tight T-shirt and jeans, while the smaller dark haired girl in shorts and flip-flops showing off her black painted nails walked behind her.

Jessica took a seat causing it to creak under her girth that her stomach provided so much of, while Jade sat across from her. The waitress soon arrived to take their orders.

"I..I'll have a small salad and an orange soda.", Jade muttered softly. Jessica smirked at the tiny meal and turned toward the waitress, pushing her stomach out a bit, and saying her order.

"Pfft, well to START, I'll have the double bacon cheeseburger with fries and mashed potatoes. And make my soda grape!", Jessica belted out causing the young woman to cringe a little. She then hurried off to get their requested meals leaving the two alone.

"Well it's no wonder you don't have a gorgeous body like mine!", Jessica started. "If you're going to eat leaves then why even come to this damn place! You don't get curves like this from eating grass Jake.", she said running her hands over her generous midsection

"It's Jade."

"Yeah whatever." Jessica gave her midsection a pat and Jade could see it ripple through her tight T-shirt. Even empty it was a large sight to see. "Where's our damn food..."

Before long the waitress came back with their orders and set them down in front of each of them. "Well it's about time!", Jessica wailed out. Jade honestly couldn't believe how rude the woman was. After spending only 5 minutes next to her she felt like punching her. However the picture was her primary focus, and if putting up with Jessica and paying the bill were the hoops to jump through then she would do it.

Jessica just smiled as she picked up her burger. On her past "dates" she had racked up around to 90 dollars which had left her quite full, but this was a special occasion. Jade wasn't an endless supply of money like her boyfriend, so this time she was determined drain as much money out of the black haired girl as possible.

Jessica bit down into her juicy burger with relish. The grease flooded her taste buds as she quickly consumed it. She gulped down the burger within a minute and then proceeded to shovel the mashed potatoes and fries down her throat next. As she did she chugged her soda down along with it. Finally with a soft hiccup she had finished her meal.

"Pfft, that was lousy. Didn't even last me that long.", Jessica said as she wiped her mouth. "That was a good warm up. Now, let's see what damage I can do." she thought sinisterly.

Another call to the waitress and Jessica ordered a large helping of chicken tenderloins and would keep ordering more dishes whenever she was close to finished with the last. She licked her lips in the process. She was so excited for the food and the look on Jade's face when she had racked up the bill so high that she'd have no money left by the end.

Jessica tore into the tenderloins with abandon. Gulping down each bite into her bulging stomach. After the first hamburger it was already bigger, but she had plenty of room still. She ripped the meat off her plate into her mouth and swallowed along with her refilled soda. More and more of the plate was soon empty as she let out a satisfied burp. Another call to the waitress.

Jessica smelt the delicious barbecued ribs before sucking up the meat on the bones down her throat. The ribs were so massive that they could barely even fit onto the plate. But Jessica didn't care, her mission was to consume every quantity that she could possibly contain and then even more. Her belly was steadily pushing out more and more now as she came close to the end of the ribs. Soon all that was left were a pile of bones, and barbeque sauce all over her face.

Jade only looked in horror as the giant woman tore through each meal recklessly. She hadn't anticipated that she could stomach this much down, but just watching her eat was a task in and of itself. Jessica just snorted and such as she tore into the next platter. A large cheese quesadilla was placed before her next and she picked it up taking and proceeded to bite huge chunks out of it. Her cheeks bulged with the cheese and grease as she heavily swallowed it all down. By now her belly was full and pressing up her shirt and against her jeans, but with a mighty snap she undid them and let the flood of flesh poor through.

"Urp, tee hee. This is amazing.", Jessica snorted patting her exposed stomach, causing Jade to lean back out of surprise. "You see this is a one of kind talent, being able to eat so much. And once I'm done I'll be able to even eat more next time, tee hee.", Jessica said as she rubbed her engorged stomach. While she was caring for her exposed stomach the waitress came back with a nervous look on her face.

"A...are you finished with your meal now ma'am?", she asked politely.

"Do I look...urp...finished to you?!", Jessica roared shifting her girth towards the lady. "I want to order a spicy chicken sandwhich!"

The waitress stepped back from the growing ball of flesh and hurriedly ran off yet again and returned shortly with her order. Jessica shoved gigantic bites into her face, moaning over the food and swallowing finally. Her gut finally started to groan a little from the overfeeding. By now her hunger was long gone, but she wasn't eating for that. She was eating to get bigger as well as see the priceless face of Jade and also the waitress when they had seen how much she had consumed.

Nachos and two hot dogs where next for the blimping woman. She shoveled the cheese covered chips into her gullet like a bulldozer and smushed as much of the hotdogs into her mouth as possible. Her ginormous gut ballooned outwards and was already big as a beach ball and still grew. She smirked in delight as her belly groaned and pushed against the table as she ordered a steak.

However even a girl such as the greedy Jessica have their limits and Jessica was reaching hers. After six meals big enough to stuff one person out of their minds Jessica was huffing as she cut her steak. She had ordered the 20 dollar steak, so needless to say it was huge. Her hand bumped the other plates stacked around her as she moved the juicy meat to her awaiting mouth. Halfway through it her belly was sticking a little past her knees as it rested all bloated on her lap. She even had to scoot back from the table a bit in order to keep eating.

Jessica's stomach creaked in protest as more of the fatty and rich steak pressed inside her forcing against her stomach walls. She let out a small burp but it barely helped as she shoved more of the meat inside herself. Jessica groaned as she dropped her fork and belched. "That...ugh...hit the spot...", she moaned.

Jade's mouth hung open. This whole time her gaze was locked on Jessica's tan expanding dome of a belly. How did this woman manage to fit that much inside her? Could she keep going forever?! "J...J...Jessica...are you finished now?", she stuttered.

By now Jessica was quite full. She had over passed her usual intake by now, but could she keep going? She let out a sigh and pulled her belly out of her jeans more as she said, "N...nope, not even close."


An hour later, Jessica dropped her plate onto the countless others that were stacked around her. She had consumed so much that her belly was as an absolute monster, swelling up over the giant platter of plates she had collected. It was a giant, tan, totally spherical, ball of flesh that one would call a stomach. Jessica patted it causing the whole mass to creak utter various noises under her pats. She was stuffed, no overstuffed, no...well whatever word could be used to describe her now didn't exist. She was massive in her chair and she tried to talk.

"'m....ugh....done...", she moaned as she delicately held her sides which had bulged out as well from the amount of food she had eaten. It's former tan color was now a little red from all the stretching it had to do even. "Tee....ugh....hee...I'm the best eater that ever....ugh....lived..."

Jade could only just sit there. Marveling in how the girl that was the had blown up to the size of a tent before her eyes. "", was all she could sputter out.

"Because....ugh...I'm an awesome!", Jessica roared, laughing as well. The laughing caused her to moan in pain however, as her overstuffed tank of a stomach was in too vulnerable of a state to be thrust around like that. She was actually way worse then she appeared. Her belly was stretched thin from her binge, and audible creaks could be heard from it as it pushed out a bit further. "J...just look how great my size is now....ugh....and I'll only be bigger from this, and better. Thanks Jake, you've been a real pal teeee heeee!"

Jade just shook her head as she snapped back to reality. " the picture now?", she said grudgingly, remembering why she agreed to this endeavor in the first place.

"Hehehe, gotta pay the bill...ugh." Jessica held her stomach which groaned massively as it attempted to digest it's food. She had really overdone it this time, and she had never eaten this much before. She had to though, she didn't know when she would get another opportunity like this. And now was the moment she waiting for all this time.

Jade asked for the check and the waitress walked as far away as possible from the overstuffed Jessica and handed it to Jade. She looked at the check in shock as much as she had looked at Jessica's belly balloon before her. "170....dollars...", Jade whispered.

"Tee hee! Oh I outdid myself this time!...ughh!", Jessica moaned as she clutched her stomach yet again. Besides how much she had eaten she was loving the look of panic and regret on Jade's face. "Now pay the bill and I'll delete your naughty picture."

Jade gave her credit card to the waitress and after signing off on the recite the deal was done.

"Okay!!! Now delete the freakin picture!", Jade yelled.

"Tee hee, fine fine..." Jessica groaned as she slipped her hand next to her pocket and forced the phone out, as her flesh had tightened against her pants. After her greasy chubby fingers pushed some buttons for a little too long, she threw the phone on the table. "Done!"


"Yes really...urp! know I may have overdone it a tad bit...", Jessica moaned as she shut her eyes and furiously rubbed her packed abdomen.

While Jessica was "distracted" with her overblown midsection Jade snatched her cell phone from off the table.

"HEY! OWWW!!!", Jessica belted out from trying to reach forward, causing her overstuffed abdomen to hit the table painfully. It visibly upset her stomach until she rubbed it to calm it back down.

However Jade flipped through the phone's history to see that she had indeed deleted the picture just like she said she would. But then she saw a sent message to her love. Carefully she clicked on it to see herself in that extremely embarrassing situation once more and she dropped the phone.


"Tee hee, well I deleted it didn't I? I just decided to send it to someone first! We never said that I couldn't! Teee heee!", Jessica billowed out evilly. Then her stomach let out another gurgle from her laughing. "...ugh....calm down tummy...just be nice and still now..."

"You.......!", Jade muttered slowly again. And just then Jade snapped.

"You bitch!!!", Jade screamed causing Jessica to jump slightly from the usual calm Jade to show such anger.

"Hey! You were the one doing that nasty thing!", Jessica roared back. "You whore! TEE HEE TEE HEE!!!"

Jade couldn't believe how evil this girl was, it was beyond anything she had ever seen in a person before. The worst part was that she knew the type of girl that she was so she should have seen this coming. The rage boiled her blood, as now not only was she out 170 dollars, but also her love would see her like that before ever getting to know her.

"You see, maybe if you looked as good as me with this towering sexy tummy, then maybe you wouldn't have to worry about getting a boyfriend...teee heee!", said Jessica as she pushed away from the table and puffed her tummy out. It bulged creaked dangerously as Jessica flaunted her oversized stomach.

Just then, blinded by anger looked to the table next to them and saw a slice of fudge on a plate. It wasn't all too big, but considering how stuffed Jessica was it was massive.  "HERE!", she said as she hurriedly grabbed it and shoved it into Jessica's mouth.

"MPPHMH!!!", Jessica moaned as the fudge went past her pink lips and into her dangerously stuffed stomach. Her belly thrust out even more swelling abnormally large. Then with a giant crash her chair broke and she landed right on her fat behind. This caused her upset belly to slosh and groan violently. "Ugghhh!!!! What did you do!", Jessica wailed, trying to hold her giant orb of flesh in an effort to stop the commotion that was overtaking her torso.

Her belly swelled from the cake and the force of the fall. An expression shot across Jessica's face as her belly bounced around and let out more noises. She was just so full that the cake and fall made her start to panic. She felt fear that her stomach may actually betray her from eating all that food.

As Jessica lay on the floor, struggling to contain her girth, Jade noticed how stuffed Jessica was. She could barely stand bumping into the table a second ago, let alone anything more. She just looked so... vulnerable.

All of a sudden Jade angrily kicked off her flip-flops, and placed one foot on Jessica's bloated vulnerable belly.

Jessica's eyes bulged when she felt the presence of Jade's foot on her bare overstuffed belly. She then looked into Jade's eyes and gasped. "What?! No! Don't you dare!", Jessica yelled out.

Then Jade lifted herself up and stood right on her stomach. "Dare what?!", Jade yelled in retaliation. "How's this feel?! Huh?!", Jade yelled.

"Ahhh!!! Get off me you crazy bitch!!! Stop I'm too full!!!" Jessica's belly bulged out towards her sides massively from the weight of Jade on top of her. Her belly let out a deafening creak and groan as it was forced inward. Jessica clutched her sides and tried to hold them in an effort to stop anything terrible from happening to her joyous stomach.

Squeaking noises emitted from Jade's feet rubbing against Jessica's expanded stuffed stomach that almost sounded like a balloon. Jade also clenched her toes slightly, pinching Jessica's fat and causing her to cringe from the added pressure. Her pale feet greatly contrasted the tan bloated behemoth of flesh beneath her.

"What's that?! You want me off?!", Jade continued to yell.

"Yes!!! Please! You can't do this after I've eaten this much!!!", Jessica yelped. Then she heard her stomach let out a very loud and disturbing moan. "Oh't..." Then she felt her stomach swell a little more past it's limit. "No no no!" She could feel Jade's soles pressing deeper within her stomach as the seconds past. "No I've eaten too much!!! Get off!!! I'm gonna burst!" Jessica screamed in horror. Her belly pulsated as the pressure got to much to bear until...

"SURE! I'd love to!", Jade gritted through her teeth as she squatted down and jumped off.

Suddenly, Jessica's stomach rebounded back to it's previous spherical form, swelling higher and higher, relieving the pressure within her. Jessica closed her eyes and sighed a big sigh of relief as her belly escaped unharmed. Then she opened them and gasped in horror.

Instead of jumping off, Jade had jumped straight up, and was now descending back towards her overstuffed gut. Her stomach groaned and sloshed from it's contents and finally being restored to it's natural form as Jade closed in on it. "Nooo!!!!!!", Jessica gasped as she watched Jade fall in slow motion.

Jessica clenched her teeth as the sole's of Jade's feet made contact with the over-bloated orb of flesh and quickly squished it outwards. In less then a second it was squeezed so tight that the creaks once again sounded as if from a balloon was being inflated to it's maximum.

However everyone has their limits, and Jade didn't even make more than two seconds of contact with Jessica's over expanded belly before the pressure in it was too much too handle. Jessica tried to yell out once more, but she was too slow.

Before Jade knew what had happened she was thrown across the room by a ear splattering explosion of food as greedy evil Jessica exploded.
I've decided to make this my primary bursting account, and I moved this story from my other account. So if it looks familiar that's why. I didn't steal it. :)

Thank you for reading.
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'Twas The night of Christmas and all throughout Gotham
Not a villain was stirring, though they were Dauntin'.
For Batman broke into their hidden lair
and threw his baterangs into the air

The Villains were scared(This, without question)
but Batman was surprised when he heard an "OBJECTION!"
Quickly turned; a face came in sight
It was no one else, but ol' Phoenix Wright

There he stood, his hair spiked like blades
"That's breaking and entering"He yelled, Batman felt betrayed
'Phoenix!"Yelled Batman, These are the criminals
"Breaking and entering? To their crimes, It's minimal!"

Phoenix stared him deeply, his face in Distraught
Finally he spoke "What they did, I CARE NOT!"
"Their Ceiling has broke and rug set on fire"
"That man's arm is twisted!Batman, this is Dire"

The Joker (Using this as a distraction)
Tried to use his escape plan, but Batman jumped into action
"Hold it right there, Criminal Scum!"
"Ignore him"Said Phoenix "go on then, run"

The Joker found his exit and left with a laugh
"The Batman is stumped by a LEGAL attack!"
The Batman turned into a pernicious rage
"You just let The Joker and company get away!"

"Batman, you are at fault here, Infusing people with drama and fear"
"And on Christmas, the most wonderful day of the year"
"Breaking and entering, Battery and assault, dear Batman" Phoenix Sneered.
"With a good Lawyer, you'll get 10 years!"

Batman stood; angry and confused
Phoenix read him his statements, Fully and perused
"The cops are on their way, would you like to be read your rights?
Batman nay said a word 'till the cops rolled in sight
Suddenly he yelled," Criminals!Hide in the night, for I am coming. Oh and also, TO HELL WITH YOU, PHOENIX WRIGHT.
What if you took The harshness of Batman and mixed it with the goofiness of Phoenix Wright?I don't know.

But I DID combine the 2 and made a Christmas poem about it.
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