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Happy Days 3
Chapter 3
'OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT, ' you scream in side your head, you look  up at his face as he starts stomping towards you. His hair was hiding most of his face but you could tell he had a major frown on it, and his eyebrows were almost touching each other. He was angry. He was very angry. You could understand why.
 When he stopped right in front you, you shrug back just a bit. His angry face kinda scared you. He raised a hand toward your face and flinched. You didn't mean to, it was just a reflex. he saw it thought and put his hand back at his side, and with that, it seemed to make him even more angry.
"Please put that night shirt on now" He said in a rough, raspy voice. You could swear you could hear words like 'kol kol kol' coming from him but you were not sure.
You scramble to put your night shirt on as fast as the fabric would let you. You had a little problem with the left arm but as soon as you slipped your arm through, Ivan picked you up bridal style, bein
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