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Page 1 of my graphic novel based on Harley Quinn

the rest of the pages will be longer

Page Summary:
Batman visits Arkham where Harley has been placed under suicide watch.

Music credits:
artist: Shaun Taylor McManus
track: "Event Rising"
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It's finally done!!! I hope everybody likes it :iconiloveitmoreplz:!! To every member of :iconhardcore-gamers: This is your group banner ;)

if you want to see this on youtube HD here is the [link]

EDIT: I need to mention a couple names because they helped me out with a few things with the editing.

Zoriel Perez
Filimon Perez

I'm sorry for not putting them in the credits, I forgot to do that because they weren't in my animation class.
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$DEVlANT at yesterday's London Meet.
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Holy wow! DD! This just made my 2015 year!
THANKYOU so much TimberClipse!

Just to let you newcomers know:
This project was in 2011, so it's pretty dated. This was a game production project at college. I jumped on board when programmers were pitching their game ideas to us artists.
The intro/ character designs were mine. I also modeled the main character's two forms.
The concept, animations, background, props, programming, etc, were done by others.
There was lots of trials and tribulations making this game. I didn't know the name of our group until we presented at Indie3, haha. The end results were amateur at best, but it was a learning experience.
I think the best end result was this intro video, ( and the design of Sevrin), so I'm rather proud of it. I spent a lot of time on it, so the recognition of a DD feels pretty damn good! c:

Intro video for indie game: Fists of Ymir ( no sound )
Norse themes. No enemies. The game is more about speed; running and jumping through environments as you switch through fire and water mode

Intro video summary
In a mountain village our story starts. A lackey of the nasty viking warlord [antagonist ] stops for a drink at a tavern. Creating a distraction, Sevrin, a thief, [ protagonist ] ,steals the lackey's map.
The map leads to an ancient warrior's mausoleum. Braving blizzards and treacherous terrain, Sevrin arrives at the mausoleum. Sneaking inside, he finds the treasure the viking warlord was after- mythical gauntlets; the Fists of Ymir.
Putting on the gauntlets, Sevrin's bod is transformed. He now has the ability to turn into fire and water at will.

Game poster

Here's the meager website where you can download said old indie game
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"Just the Rain" by: Natalie Ivnik

A music video that *MonsterBrand had a hand in creating in late 2011.

Directed by: Adam Ramirez of *MonsterBrand

Produced by:: Joe Dilillo of Maxim Entertainment and Adam Ramirez

Edited by:: Adam Ramirez

Written by:: Adam Ramirez and Thomas Schumpp

Camera Crew:: Jason Berrios, Adam Ramirez, Aric Ramirez and Thomas Schumpp

Storyboarded by:: Adam Ramirez and Aric Ramirez

Hair and Make-up:: Julia Ivnik

Wardrobe:: Adam Ramirez

- Natalie Ivnik
- Paul Burgess as the older magician
- Beth Burgess as the older magician's wife/assisstant
- Chad Pedigo as the young magician
- Amanda Sperli as the young magician's assistant
- Spectators:
Arturo Caballero
Kerro Elkei
Pano Gatses
Wendy Hurd
David Ivnik
Julia Ivnik
Brad Ragsdale
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Graduation Film - Stop Motion Puppet Animation - Solo Project

Animation, Production, Set Design, Puppet Fabrication, Lighting, Audio Recording and Editing: Michelle Williamson

Music: Elijah Bossenbroek ([link])

Year of Completion: 2011

Duration of Artwork creation: 6 months

‘The Presence in the Absence’ is a stop-motion animated short film influenced by having seen the effects that loss and grieving can have on people. In particular the loneliness that can be experienced after having lost someone close to you. Drawing from personal experiences and experiences of close family members, the film positions the viewer into the life of an old man, grieving the loss of his beloved wife. Struggling with the melancholy and loneliness that her absence leaves behind and in an attempt to rid his life of grief and pain, he begins physically filling the empty spaces with anything and everything he can. The film seeks to draw attention to the many people, especially of the older generation, whom live in similar situations. Many of which feel closed off from the world, even in today’s society where technology has allowed for greater expansions in methods of communication. A miniature home created specifically for the 15cm wire, brass, foam and silicon puppet , hand crafted by the artist, acts as a stage for which the story is brought to life. Woven together through a frame by frame process of animation is the tale of one man’s emotional journey.

For more of my work please visit:

EDIT: A huge thank you to *MissDudette for the suggestion, so very appreciated and to ^ditto9 for the feature!

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to watch and to comment, your feedback and response is very greatly appreciated :)

Here are a few extra details about the making of the film if you are interested...

- Around 50% of the furniture/objects etc within the set were hand crafted by me. The other 50% were objects I have collected over the first few months of the film from various dolls house stores, considering the time frame i couldn't make it all myself.

- Puppets are crafted by me from silicon, wire, brass tubing, foam, super sculpey oven bake clay and fabric.

- The whole film was created within my own bedroom at home.

- Full permission has been given by the artist Elijah Bossenbroek to use his amazing music in this film.
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3rd Year Film at The School of Visual Arts
January 9th, 2013 - April 9th, 2013


Voice of Swarmer: ~HokageTitan
Color & BGs: *MadMeeper*issuldra~Katsuye-Kara~Dweran~epic-failwin
Music written and performed by the talented Barbara De Biasi

Official Selection for:
White Sands International Film Festival 2013
DC Shorts Film Festival 2013
Red Rock Film Festival 2013
Fresh Takes Film Festival 2013 --> VOTE FOR THE BOXER…


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The Context

This was done for my 2D Animation class midterm last year. This was strictly speaking an After Effects assignment, and though most of it is just individual frames imported from PhotoShop, I did need a lot of After Effects skills to sew it together.

The Behind-the-Scenes

Frames were "hand drawn" in Photoshop CS5.5 using a Wacom Intuos3 tablet and brought into After Effects CS5.5, except for the carnosaur which was a puppet with pieces drawn in Photoshop and rigged in After Effects. Sounds are from

The original storyboards started at primordial soup and ended at a pair of cockatiels, but after I realized this was a MIDTERM project and not a TERM project I had to cut out acts 1 and 3. O.o Animation takes... a while....

I didn't really do much paleontology research for this but I used to be into dinosaurs like ten years ago and this is based on what I remember.

EDIT: original storyboards available here: [link]

The Ranting

There are mistakes all over the place and I didn't have time to properly synch the sound or add touches like eye blinks during the walk cycles, but I do like the way it looks overall. I also would've liked the running up the tree bit to be a new cycle, but there wasn't time to do it.

The Rejoicing

I was so glad when this was done! And there are bits of it I really, really like, like the running dino animation (after our hero gets startled by the carnosaur).

EDIT: Holy cow a DD?!
Wow, thank you so much ^kingmancheng! I'm delighted by everyone's enjoyment of this little short. :3
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3ds Max
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Playing around with video for my possession editorial.

The hand shake and amateur look are deliberate, I was attempting to invoke the sense of unease and fear that you get from effective low budget amateur horror films and "found footage" films.

The sound track (used with permission) is music made from audio recordings of actual exorcisms.

Model is Felice Fawn @ Profile
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