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Page 1 of my graphic novel based on Harley Quinn

the rest of the pages will be longer

Page Summary:
Batman visits Arkham where Harley has been placed under suicide watch.

Music credits:
artist: Shaun Taylor McManus
track: "Event Rising"
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It's finally done!!! I hope everybody likes it :iconiloveitmoreplz:!! To every member of :iconhardcore-gamers: This is your group banner ;)

if you want to see this on youtube HD here is the [link]

EDIT: I need to mention a couple names because they helped me out with a few things with the editing.

Zoriel Perez
Filimon Perez

I'm sorry for not putting them in the credits, I forgot to do that because they weren't in my animation class.
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$DEVlANT at yesterday's London Meet.
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Holy wow! DD! This just made my 2015 year!
THANKYOU so much TimberClipse!

Just to let you newcomers know:
This project was in 2011, so it's pretty dated. This was a game production project at college. I jumped on board when programmers were pitching their game ideas to us artists.
The intro/ character designs were mine. I also modeled the main character's two forms.
The concept, animations, background, props, programming, etc, were done by others.
There was lots of trials and tribulations making this game. I didn't know the name of our group until we presented at Indie3, haha. The end results were amateur at best, but it was a learning experience.
I think the best end result was this intro video, ( and the design of Sevrin), so I'm rather proud of it. I spent a lot of time on it, so the recognition of a DD feels pretty damn good! c:

Intro video for indie game: Fists of Ymir ( no sound )
Norse themes. No enemies. The game is more about speed; running and jumping through environments as you switch through fire and water mode

Intro video summary
In a mountain village our story starts. A lackey of the nasty viking warlord [antagonist ] stops for a drink at a tavern. Creating a distraction, Sevrin, a thief, [ protagonist ] ,steals the lackey's map.
The map leads to an ancient warrior's mausoleum. Braving blizzards and treacherous terrain, Sevrin arrives at the mausoleum. Sneaking inside, he finds the treasure the viking warlord was after- mythical gauntlets; the Fists of Ymir.
Putting on the gauntlets, Sevrin's bod is transformed. He now has the ability to turn into fire and water at will.

Game poster

Here's the meager website where you can download said old indie game
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Finally The artist gets a upload on Deviantart. The sequel, the Salaryman will be up on my youtube channel soon.
Check out the sequel, "The Salaryman" on youtube over at

the life that most of us artist may have experienced...
this animation should not be taken seriously. its just a visual exaggeration of how some artist maybe facing in their life.

I'm abit concern on people who may misinterpret the ending but this is my reason to the suicide scene. Because I know that suicide is a very sensitive issue to some people.

Basically, 2 guns appear in the entire animation. the shotgun and the pistol.
and, both guns appear within the room of the boss's office.

in the first scene we see the boss shoot down the artist's quote. its basically a visual metaphor of the boss not agreeing to his quote. it didnt meant literally the boss did took out a shotgun and shot it above him.

so with that said, the 2nd time we see a weapon, the pistol also happen within the confines of the boss's office. the artist took it out from his folder and shot himself.

we may say this could be literal suicide, but in the context of the first scene where the boss took out his shotgun, this scene of suicide is again a "visual metaphor" for the artist after he realise how little hes paid for the project.

also to further solidify the aspect of this theory, the rest of the scenes the artist experience is pretty much normal and nothing out of the ordinary. it only happen within the boss's office.

I play it from my personal experience of visiting the client's domain of wild thoughts going through my mind, like how the client may not take my offer or I end up blowing my proposal, its the same when I return back to get an update from them or my paycheque from them. So visually, the 2 scenes that happen in the boss's office is more or less a visual metaphor of what went through inside the artist's mind at that moment.

hope it clears up.

Music and effects by :iconskybase:

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Here is a stylized (low budget) Batman fan film trailer I made. As you can tell I shot the footage using a blue screen and used After Effects to do the compositing. I only intended to make the trailer, there will not be a fan film as of this moment.

For more of my videos and artwork, please visit


Programs and equipment used are

After Effects
Final Cut Pro 7
Canon 7D

The following presentation is in no way affiliated with Batman, DC Comics or Warner Brothers. This is a non-profit film trailer, produced for entertainment purposes. Copyright infringement is not intended.


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you thought it was the bad ending...but it was only the beginning.

yes, i actually made a kenji "instafeels", although in this case it is a mock trailer for a fictional sequel to KS, with Kenji as the culprit! after animating this i threw it into aftereffects to do some cool effects on it. i hope you like it!

to view it in better quality & higher definition up to 1080p, check it out on youtube, and look out for animated gifs from this animation at my tumblr within the next week!
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read at:

:D I hope you guys like it :) 
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UPDATE 19/01/08
A deep thank you to DeMaulwurfn and ^guruubii for granting this a Daily Devation. I am truly honoured.

Griffith Film School Presents
A Fox Shroom Production

Begone, Little Wolf

Directed by:

Our end of year student film for 2007. A culmination of work from various students and friends who have helped to make this film.

This film had been an experience. It taught me a lot about the world of animation, and about myself. While perhaps there were situations I could've handled a lot better, in the end, the film was completed, and I now take that experience into future projects.

While it is a student film, I am proud of how it came out. I am also grateful for all the help my friends and colleagues provided in making this film, which had been in development since first year.

I am especially grateful to Poh Ling, without whom this film perhaps would not even exist. She tolerated me, helped me, aggravated me, upset me, inspired me, just as I imagine I was a thorn in her side.

For her, there is an eternal thanks for her efforts and her friendship.

That said, I hope for those watching enjoy this film and provide as much, or as little, comments as they'd like.

Thank you


Music composed and written by:
Shanon D. Whitelock

Sound Editing
Jill Stewart

Wolf - myself
Sam - Cameron Byers
Wezz - David Albury
Spud - Joshua Lea
Rhys - David Albury
Voice - Haakon Anderson

Head Layout Artist
Poh Ling Ng

Head Animation:
David Smith

3D Artist
Ming Yuen Wong

Martial Arts Choreographer
Anthony Cheung

Written by:
David Smith

Directed by:
David Smith and Poh Ling Ng

Griffith Film School - Griffith University
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"Just the Rain" by: Natalie Ivnik

A music video that *MonsterBrand had a hand in creating in late 2011.

Directed by: Adam Ramirez of *MonsterBrand

Produced by:: Joe Dilillo of Maxim Entertainment and Adam Ramirez

Edited by:: Adam Ramirez

Written by:: Adam Ramirez and Thomas Schumpp

Camera Crew:: Jason Berrios, Adam Ramirez, Aric Ramirez and Thomas Schumpp

Storyboarded by:: Adam Ramirez and Aric Ramirez

Hair and Make-up:: Julia Ivnik

Wardrobe:: Adam Ramirez

- Natalie Ivnik
- Paul Burgess as the older magician
- Beth Burgess as the older magician's wife/assisstant
- Chad Pedigo as the young magician
- Amanda Sperli as the young magician's assistant
- Spectators:
Arturo Caballero
Kerro Elkei
Pano Gatses
Wendy Hurd
David Ivnik
Julia Ivnik
Brad Ragsdale
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