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Suliki System.
Three icy worlds, planet which is roughly the 1/2 the mass of earth with two mars mass moons in orbit.

All three worlds contain H2O ice and liquid water. They orbit the B spectrum Giant in a eccentrical orbit, at this point they are thawing.

There is water in this particular solarsystem, but is there Life?
We do not know due to the short lifespans of Blue Giant stars, Even the dimmest B type stars would perhaps not even shine in the main sequence for a hundred million earth years.


The moons are colonized by the Alasuyians, however due to the extreme radiation from the B type star, they had to build a transparent world-house sphere above the worlds' atmosphere to protect the atmosphere from being blown off and themselves from dieing from radiation sickness.

IF there is life on these worlds before the Alasuyians arrived, it would had been most likely very primitive single celled organisms since these worlds are most likely only tens of millions of years old.

Want great instructions on Space Art? PLEASE CHECK THIS LINK OUT! Very useful, taught me what I needed to know.

For Youtube Videos

For Star Fields
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English :

Well, I have a lot of troubles to draw facial expressions - especially big smiles- so I wanted to train a little! And as I'm in love with Benjamin, :iconludimie:'s OC, I drew him again XD
I must say he is has a very special face and features, so I like to draw him, he is an exercise himself XD
I learnt a lot thanks to this drawing

Français :

Bon, j'ai un soucis avec les expressions faciales très marquées et du coup je voulais faire un exercice pour apprendre à dessiner un sourire franc. Et puis évidemment comme je suis amoureuse du perso de :iconludimie:, Benjamin, ben... je l'ai encore dessiné XD Faut dire qu'avec son nez et son physique particulier, il est déjà un exercice à lui tout seul alors il est parfait à dessiner à mes yeux XD
Ce fut vraiment très enrichissant, j'ai beaucoup appris en bossant là dessus

Benjamin © *Ludimie
Art © *NineInjections

Lineart : mechanical pencil
Coloring : Photoshop CS3, wacom tablet intruos 4 M
Ref used : [link]
Time : ~20 hours
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:bulletblack::bulletpurple::bulletblack::bulletpurple::bulletblack: English : :bulletblack::bulletpurple::bulletblack::bulletpurple::bulletblack:

Few months ago I had the chance to work for a big European company. I was commissioned to draw two illustrations in manga style for a range of school stationery products. Here is the one for "boys".
Unfortunately, since I never got any chance in this job, everything was cancelled as I feared. So... well, I wanted to show you my work on it anyway ^^
Here was the first idea I submitted : [link]
"Girls" version : [link]

:bulletblack::bulletpurple::bulletblack::bulletpurple::bulletblack: Français : :bulletblack::bulletpurple::bulletblack::bulletpurple::bulletblack:

Il y a quelques mois auparavant, j'ai eu la chance de travailler pour une grande boite européenne. Il m'avait été commandé deux illustrations dans un style manga, sensées être ensuite déclinées en produits de papeterie pour la rentrée scolaire prochaine, pour une grande surface de renom. Voici le dessin qui devait figurer sur la gamme "garçons".
Mais bon comme je le craignais avec ma chance légendaire dans ce métier, le projet est finalement tombé à l'eau. Je tenais malgré tout à vous montrer mon travail alors... le voici ^^
Voici le premier essai que je leur avait proposé à la base : [link]
La version pour les filles : [link]

:bulletred: Art © *NineInjections
:bulletblack: Lineart : mechanical pencil
:bulletblack: Inking : Photoshop CS3, wacom tablet intruos 4 M
:bulletblack: Time : //
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what initially was a provocative looking caitlyn is now only a quick sketch.
had a tired day, so move on .
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Take a fresh look at the clouds,
the colors of sky at sunset and sunrise.
Look at the plants, trees, leaves, flowers
and how they sway when wind blows!
Look at water how it shakes and shapes
itself in the vessel it's stored.
Look at numerous forms of life;
insects, animals, birds and human.
This will clear off the dead memories
and monotony that kills the joy of living.

It´s Wednesday Abstract Painting Day

:bulletred: [link] My personal Facebook.
:bulletblack: [link] Follow me on Flickr.

Acrylic on Canvas

Copyright© Ymntle Aleoni 2010 All rights reserved.

For more art from me you can add me to your deviant watch.
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Commissioner: Sakarri
Featuring: River and Sundar
I was about to upload it when I remembered it was supposed to have snow. XD

Animated in Flash CS4
Background painted in Photoshop Elements 11
Time to Animate: 4 and a half hours
Number of Frames: 17
Frames Rate: 18 fps 
Animation Cost: $25 or 55 points
Completed 21 days after ordered

If you are interested in buying a Portrait Animation you can read more about them Here and view prices  Here
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So close...
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To see the whole story of my art collection, please check out my Journal "My Science Fiction Story for my Art Collection." [link]

Spent roughly 30 hours on this piece, the planet took 5-8 hours, (spent most of the time trying to figure it out)
Photoshop CS 6
I have to use PNG because it is absolutely the highest quality you can get, JPG at quality 12 maximum does not even compare. If you want to download this image, it will probably take a bit depending on your computer, mines took 31 seconds to upload.

Use grunge brushes btw for seascapes.

Welcome to the many moons of Sunatta Moon System, but you came on a rather stormy but clearing day. The time of day is mid night, however it may not appear as due to the large looming Gas Giant in the distant.

Scientific concept; scene of what an Earth sized moon may look like orbiting a gas giant within the Habitable Zone. Because the gas planet would be within this zone, there would likely be a high amount of water vapor in the atmosphere, clouds would most likely be white rather than the pastel colors as portrayed on Jupiter, and Saturn.

The seas are green-blue due to the high level of algae and bacteria in the oceans.

Weather forecast; 75% chance of rain, thunder storms but clearing through the night. 67 degree lows 74 degree highs, 96% humidity. Half Planet.
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Lately I been watching and really getting into death note =D
So I fancied drawing some of the characters and in this style :aww:
So first of all I decided to draw L =) sorry for the messy lineart but I was just feeling lazy :XD: and its my first time drawing him so its not gonna be perfect :XD: I am going to draw Light next at some point hopefully when I am off work :hmm:
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