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the progress of a little creation~~someone ask me how to do it,that's it,enjoy and tell me your advise. thanks

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This painting took me between 40-70 hours.
I will hopefully find faster ways to achieving this effect. But as of now I like the effects.

To learn how to create a Grunge Brush.

To find one that is royalty free.

For my Ring Tutorial.
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:iconludus-chaos: :iconludus-chaos: :iconludus-chaos:

better references of those guys

:bulletblack: Name: Danzan & Zagan Sansar

:bulletblack: Age: 23

:bulletblack: Gender: male

:bulletblack: Race: human

:bulletblack: Height: Danzan – 5'8, Zagan – 5'6

:bulletblack: Faction: Ordo Exorcista

:bulletblack: Rank: Masters

:bulletblack: Occupation:
Danzan – Master Exorcist, The Hight Priest of Radiant Empire
Zagan – Master Exterminator

:bulletblack: Equipment:

:bulletred: Danzan:
1. Black serpent – his staff that he received as a gift from his mother on the day when he was ordained. Dwarven work, no enchantment. With the sharp blade on it's end can be used as a weapon.
2. A set of healing potions and herbs.
3. Notebook. For notes, obviously.
4. Graphite. To write. Notes. In notebook.
5. Personal seal to mark letters.

:bulletred: Zagan:
1. Sisters – a newly-bought daggers that he is being proud of. Dwarven work, enchanted to keep sharpness and hardness.
2. A smaller knife – is mostly used to cut all kinds of things from food to wood, but in case of emergency can be used as a weapon.
3. A set of healing potions and herbs.
4. Poison.
5. Personal seal to mark letters.

:bulletblack: Abilities:

:bulletred: Danzan:

Tier 2 magic – Presbyter

:bulletblue: Healing – studying this type magic since the earliest age, Danzan have mastered all aspects of healing magic, becoming an expert in this field. Not only he can heal common injuries like cuts, burns and such, but he is also able to fight diseases, clear the body from infection, remove poison from the blood and even purify a cursed individual. Though, of course, there's a number of things impossible for even a healer of his level to do, such as growing back lost libs and organs, bringing back youth or removing the curses that have brought major change into a person (turned them into something different from original)

:bulletblue: Barriers – a number of spells aimed for protection or, at times, restriction:

- Shield – the most common barrier, creating a small protective barrier that blocks any kind of threat aimed at the object. Weakness – blocks threat coming from one side only

- Shell – a small barrier that is placed around the spell-caster or another object to block any kind of threat, covering the object in all dimensions. Doesn't let anything to get in through the barrier, but at the same time can let anything out of it, which allows the user to cast other spells while being inside. Weakness – can only endure a certain amount of attacks and breaks when the limit is reached.

- Cloak – a barrier that covers a large area, protecting everything inside of it from any threat. Weakness – requires a lot of concentration from spell-caster, leaving them completely defenseless while holding a barrier. Breaks as soon as spell-caster is disturbed.

- Cage – a barrier which purpose is to hold an object in. Doesn't let anything out of it, but allows anything to get in, which makes it quite useful during interrogations.

- Block – a thick barrier that both doesn't let anything in and out of it. Is useful for protecting anything that was put inside.

:bulletblue: Blessings – as a presbyter, he Danzan bless his allies with his prayers, giving them some kind of benefit and divine protection, or increasing their abilities for a certain amount of time.

- Encouragement – a blessing that raises the fighting spirit of the spell-caster's allies. Doesn't give any kind of benefit to the blessed ones except from preventing them from panic attacks during the battle, which helps in keeping the fighters organized and level-headed.

- Thread – a spell that creates a chain connection between the spell-caster and the blessed allies. The purpose of the thread is to deliver the healing magic of the spell-caster to the fighter through their allies. This blessing doesn't heal the received injuries completely, but it can lessen the pain and stop the bleeding, which prevents the fighting allies from being distracted or being weakened too much by their wounds. Also, through the chain, the spell-caster can receive the information of which ally is heavily injured, so that he could provide the necessary aid immediately.

- Obstinacy – the spelled increases the stamina of allies blessed by it for a given period of time, helping them to drag through drawn-out battle without major exhaustion.

- Feline – this blessing allows the allies to see the auras of their enemies, which can be practical during a night-time or in an eviroment that provides poor vision (fog, smoke, dust ect.), since it helps the blessed to figure out the enemy's location.

- Hope of the prayer – this blessing can only be useful to those with strong faith as it depends entirely on the blessed one's belief. The blessing increases the ally's own abilities for a given amount of time – the stronger the faith they hold, the stronger their abilities get.

:bulletblue: Exorcism – the holy magic, aimed at purifying dark creatures. Is mostly used against undeads, though some spells can affect wraithwalkers as well.

- Holy presence – creates a holy aura around the spellcaster, which scares away minor undeads. Is useless against wraithwalkers, strong undeads and necromancers.

- Mother's hand – an exorcist can calm down a weaker or non-intelligent creature (both undeads and wraithwalkers uncluded) by just one touch. Under the effect of the spell, the creature lacks agression for a short amount of time, not making any attempts on attacking the spellcaster, which gives them an opportunity to either attack, or escape. The effect of the spell disappears as soon as the creature is getting harmed, so it's better to aim for a fast kill.

- Wall – the spellcaster creates an invisible wall around a certain area, which brings damage to any kind of undead creature going through it. The amount of damage depends on the undead's strength. While weaker ones can be destroyed immediately, the stronger undeads can stil manage to break through the wall, though receiving a certain amount of hard, depending on both their and exorcists' strength. Useless against wraithwalkers.

- Devine flame – one of the common attacking spells among exorcists. Despite of taking a visual form of a white flame and using same battle tactics as pyromancy, this spell has nothing to do with fire. The devine flame can only burn the undeads and nercomancers, without affecting any other object around, as well as bringing no harm to any living creature. Just like many other exocrist techinques, it is useless against wraithwalkers, since they are still, technicly, living.

- Renovation – a strong spell, which can only be mastered by experienced exorcists. It purifies the soul of a creature from it's sins, bringing it into a state of a newborn innocence. However, it also means inevitable death for the purified creature. In case with undeads, their newly pure soul is supposed to return to the land of the dead. In case with wraithwalkers, they loose their connection to chaos and therefore can no longer survive. There are two reasons, why this spell is not being used really often among the exorcists – the first one is, obviously, it's complicity. The second, is the strong belief of the exorcist that corrupted creatures deserve no forgiveness and are supposed to suffer for their sins through eternity in a ghost state.

- Heavenly judgment – another strong spell, available for strong exorcists only. The spell-caster creates a disk of holy light above a certain area, which burns any type of undead creature withing the said area. It affects both weak and strong undeads and necromancers, though depending on the strength of the opponent it can take different amount of time to burn them completely (while a mindless zombie would be burnt is just few seconds, it can take hours to burn down a strong undead). Useless against wraithwalkers.

Tier 3 Magic:

:bulletblue: (not confirmed)Life magic – there's a rumor going around that Danzan could be one of the legendary lifegivers, though there was no proof of it ever given.

:bulletblue: The Voice of Retribution – unique spell, that can only be casted by the chosen Master exorcist. The spell-caster turns himself into a portal, transmitting the Praetors power directly into the world through quintessence. Under the effect of this spell, the Master exorcist receives an ability to use divine magic of the Praetor of retribution. However, a fragile body of a human can not comprehend with such a strain without consequences. There were only two cases known of this spell being used in history, both in case of great emergency. The first user of this spell passed away right after the spell's effect had run out, while the second user fell into lethargy and never woke up.

:bulletred: Zagan

:bulletblue: Physical training: being born with a complete lack of magic abilities, Zagan was immediately given into the exterminator training, which was aimed at making him into a perfect killing machine, as his mother saw no other use for a talentless son.

- Martial arts – as a base of his training, Zagan was taught numerous fighting styles of different human cultures, which in future grew into his preferred fighting technique. In a hand-to hand combat, Zagan prefers to use grips and throws a lot more than hits and kicks. Having a lot of physical strength in his trained body, the Master exterminator can break his opponent's bones and strain their muscles, taking away any chance of movement from then by his strong grips. His relatively small height had become his benefit as well, since it allows him to keep fast speed and wide mobility in his movements.

- Short blades – is the weapon type of his choice. While lacking training in using swords, long swords or any other kind of weapon, Zagan have mastered his skills in using daggers and knives, since this kind of weapon is a perfect choice for his height, speed and mobility. Though keeping close to the enemy, doesn't go into a direct fight, where he'd have to block and counterattack. Instead, Zagan moves around the opponent, dodging their hits and aiming his own attack to critical points of their body to give a bigger amount of harm with lesser number of hits. Though, this style of fighting often includes hitting an opponent from behind, which is considered to be low and is looked down upon by the righteous knights and honorable noblemen. Hence one more reason why Zagan dislikes knights and noblemen.

:bulletblue: Agent of Hunt – as any other exterminator, Zagan was trained to hunt down different kinds of creatures, which included not only physical training as itself, but also a huge amount of studying and special training.

- Jaeger – the basic and special skills of survival were beat into his head like a prayer. A lot of of contracts given to Ordo agents include tracking the targets, which can sometimes take days, or even weeks. Therefore, Zagan was taught the knowledge many generations of huntsmen were gathering through hundreds of years. Knowledge, that included basic skills of survival in any type of wild area, orientation, trace reading and etc. Zagan is not afraid of the forest, since he was taught how to live and kill in there since the early age.

- Herbalist – he knows which herbs can kill, and which can save life. He knows which herbs can make a great tea and which herbs will give a magnificent taste to a meal. He was taught to make common potions and poisons out of herbs. He loves herbs, and if you tell him it's girly, he'll stuff your throat with nettle.

- Walking bestiary – it is quite obvious that he know almost everything about monsters and mythical creatures. Learning more about creatures, he also learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and only a fool would skip studying his prey.

- Assassin – Ordo agents not only hunt down wild creatures, but also get contracts on killing the ones who can not be killed out in the open. This kind of target requires a different approach. Therefore a lot of exterminators must also train in con arts and stealth to be able keep the murder as clandestine as possible.

:bulletblue: Divine blessing

-The prayers – since Zagan has no magic abilities of his own, the only form of receiving Praetor's power available for him would be a prayer. Mentally sending his pleas to Praetor, Zagan is getting blessed with an advance on a needed characteristic. Getting a bust of power thanks to those blessings, he can exceed human capability for a short amount of time, but there are certain inconveniences in those blessings: he can't use two or more blessings simultaneously; the amount of time those blessings are given for is ICREDIBLY short (one can not last longer than just 5 minutes); all of the blessings are affecting his body in a destructive way, making him get exhausted really fast;
for the same reason he can not use blessings too often during one fight – in a good physical condition he can not use more than 5 blessings a day, even less when he's tired, hungry or injured.

The blessings he can receive:
- Hurricane – this blessing makes him move unnaturally fast, to the extend where the opponent can not see him at all due to his movements. This is also the shortest of the blessing he can get, which can not last longer than 30 seconds
- Hand of a titan – an advance in strength
- Steel – an advance in stamina. The longest blessing that lasts for 5 minutes
- Oaken coat – a blessing, that makes his skin harder to cut through
- Thin air – a blessing that allows him to jump higher and farther

:bulletblue: The Spear of Retribution – a unique ability granted to the chosen Master Exterminator. Having the same trait with The Voice or Retribution, which turns the spell-caster's body into a portal for divine power, The Spear turns the user's body into a vessel. Gathering the divine power inside, the user turns into a 'super human', having enough power to turn a city into ashes in the amount of time until the ability runs out. However, just like in The Voice, it brings inevitable destruction to the user's body and almost all of the cases when this ability was used ended up with user's death. The few lucky ones who stayed alive were crippled for life without even life magic being able to heal them.

:bulletblue: Union
When brothers fight together, it leaves a lot more space for using Zagan's abilities. Having Danzan as his support, Zagan can use all of his blessings at the same time, since his brother is leading an unbreaking healing process on his body, softening destructive effect of the ability. Though, with the strain that Zagan's body is going though with entire set of blessing, the healing process can seem like thing that keeps him going on the verge of death. Therefore, Danzan refuses to use the union without a heavy need to keep his brother safe.

:bulletblack: Personality:

:bulletred: Danzan — smart/ witty/ collected/ well-mannered/ reasonable/ confident/ charismatic/ seemingly trustworthy

The calmer and smarter brother out of the two. Even though Danzan and Zagan are twins and therefore are the same age, Danzan always took the role of the 'older brother' looking after Zagan since the early childhood. In the organization he's the one taking the role of the leader while it comes to strategy and diplomacy. Having a witty mind and a silver tongue, he is the one speaking out for Ordo Exorcista when there should be found a peaceful solution out of the conflict with another faction. But even though he gives an impression of a reasonable and peaceful man, Danzan is actually the one in charge of plotting the strategy of erasing all non-humans from the face of the world, controlling every move the organization takes from beginning to end. Also, no matter how calm and patient he may be, there's still always a critical point to his patience, and if it was reached, you better run. Run fast and far.

:bulletred: Zagan — hothead/ arrogant/ ambitious/ sadistic(to non-humans)/ sarcastic/ loud/ outgoing/ stubborn/ doesn't know how to shut up. ever

While his brother is brain, Zagan takes the role of the 'muscles' in the duo. Being a very energetic kid in the childhood he brought lots of trouble to himself and his brother. And through time that haven't changed even a slightly bit. Zagan is the first one to jump into the fight, not really caring about the consequences. But this burning blood also have made him a good leader in terms of encouragement for his comrades, giving them an example of an undying will and passionate devotion to the Ordo Exorcista purpose. He's merciless to all non-humans and in fact quite enjoys the hunt, sometimes letting his victims to run for longer and giving them false hopes for escape to get a double pleasure from crushing those hopes together with their sculls. And even though other people can find him much less attractive than his brother, Zagan is being a lot more honest than Danzan, at least in demonstrating his intentions pretty clearly.

:bulletblack: Relationship between brothers:

Since they grew up in an a pretty much emotionally ascetic atmosphere and on top of that had no role model of a family, the twins are not really used to demonstrate affection to each other, finding such ways of expressing their feelings to be awkward and inappropriate. Sometimes it may seem that the twins don't really care about one another, or even hate each other, giving a cold shoulder to each other. But that is far from truth. Put one brother in danger and you will see exactly how their bond is, as one brother won't stop before anything to save or at least avenge the other, even if that means sending the whole Ordo after the enemy or giving away his life.

:bulletblack: History:

Sons of the previous leader, the boys grew up surrounded mostly by Ordo Exorcista agents. Of course that lead to their minds sucking in the ideas of the organization from the very early age. Though while being brought up in the same atmosphere, the twins gained quite different personalities. Experiencing the lack of attention and affection from their mother, who did not see more than just disciples in her own children, and especially Zagan, whom he threated like a useless talentless trash, she caused the younger twin into becoming rebellious, while Danzan, the boy she saw a useful tool, learned to be disingenuous, knowing when to smile and what to tell to receive what he wanted. However, gaining maturity way too early, the older twin tried to take care of his little brother, surrounding Zagan with brotherly love. And the rebellious twin was eager on returning that love to the other, which created a strong bond between the siblings, making them inseparable despite of the heavy difference in their views and attitude.

At the teen age, when the twins were still in training, Zagan was sent on a stealth mission to Xaphan together with a small group of other students. Their objection was only to track down and investigate a group of necromancers, who got too close to the borderline, and report the location of their hideout to the Ordo. But the boy's arrogance played a bad joke on him. Thinking that the number of enemies was smaller than of the group he was leading, Zagan was quite sure that they were more than capable of taking them all down by themselves. Obviously, the hothead teen was wrong, and the group ended up being captured by the necromancers. Not only he failed his mission, but also made the Xaphanians wary of Ordo's intentions, making them relocate and prepare for another attack. With the rest of the group being turned into undeads or given to the mindless corpses to be eaten, Zagan was left alive, only to become a subject for testing new curses and spells.

Danzan was ready to run to the rescue of his brother right away, but their mother, enraged by the younger twin's arrogance, forbid Danzan from taking any action, assuming that Zagan was already dead. And even if he was not, she had no wish to send her men into a death trap just because of some reckless brat. But Danzan never gave up on his intention on saving his brother, or at least purifying his soul in case he was turned into undead.

The older twin had to wait for weeks, plotting his escape until his mother's grasp weakened enough for him to flee. Taking a couple of agents he could trust with him for help, he have managed to find the said group and slaughtered them one by one lead by his anger and thirst for revenge. And there he has found Zagan, cursed, tortured, maimed, but still alive and sane. Though the younger twin's mind was now twisted and filled with spit and malice, making his passion on bringing retribution into this world grow numerously.

That was when the twins decided to replace their mother and give Ordo the leadership it was in heavy need of. Therefore they started to place seeds of doubt among other Ordo agents, proving them that their mother was way too careful and hesitant, refusing to take harsh but effective methods in fighting the 'plague'. Going beyond their mother's orders, the twins were gaining respect in the organization by taking risky actions that brought actual result unlike the palliatives their mother suggested. It didn't take long before they finally drew attention of the Divine Praetor of Retribution as it became obvious that just for a couple of years of hard work the twins have done a lot more for the Ordo's purpose than their mother did in her whole time of leadership. Therefore they were chosen to become new leaders of the organization, granted with power of the Divine Praetor as a sign of the high position they were now taking. Their mother, enraged by the fact, simply left Ordo, managing to disappear completely from her sons' sight.

Since the day new leaders were chosen an up till now Ordo Exorcistsa had been growing in strength, gradually becoming a greater and greater threat for the Land Of Stillness. And even though the organization has yet a lot to do for purifying the still lands of the plague spreading on it, the twins have managed to keep strengthening Ordo Exorcista as a force to be reckoned with.

:bulletblack: Additional:
- Sansar is not their real surname. In fact, they have no surname since they are bastards. Not only they have no right to wear their father's name (whoever he is), their mother had never officially acknowledged them as her own, since as a priestess she was supposed to keep celibacy.
- There's nothing known of who their father could possibly be, since their mother had the identities of all her lovers hidden well.
- Even though it is quite easy to tell them apart now, thanks to the markings left on Zagan's body, in childhood they were completely identical.
- Their mother is dead. Danzan had tracked her down and got rid of her himself, not only because of the deep hatred he has for her, but also because as a deserter of such a high rank she possessed a great threat. However, the only person knowing of her death is Danzan himself.

Danzan, Zagan and App (c) :iconmrakobulka:
Ordo Exorcista faction logo (c) :iconkei-renzo:
:iconludus-chaos: (c) :iconneonbluh:
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*old photo* 2010

found this in my old gallery by accident :D, though it looks a bit dark, but I really enjoy the movement here, hope you find it useful for you work

note me if you use
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Here's a little tutorial that I put together to show how I go about painting eyes since a few people were asking about my process. I used the eyes from my last piece for this. Let me know if you find this helpful, I love your feedback! ^^


The piece this came from:
Belle by KaelixHolstein

Other work:
Portrait Study 2 by KaelixHolstein Karigan by KaelixHolstein Say Something by KaelixHolstein Poison Ivy by KaelixHolstein Ashley Ketchum by KaelixHolstein <da:thumb id="469539153">
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Abstract Texture 5
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Abstract Texture 2
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Abstract Texture 1
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Abstract Texture 6
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Abstract Texture 3
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