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I'm glad I finished this short flash it took me four days to make it and the episode I used is "The Headband" which is actually harder to animate then what you think with all that shading but in the end it was worth it because I like the series and sokka.
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Finally cleaned it up !never worked so long on 4 seconds of animation.

50+ indiviual frames

I used adobe flash to make this
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adult aang bending the 4 elements ! I will clean this soon ,stay tuned !

I used adobe flash to make this.
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Aang in avatar state ;3
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Firstly, it is NOT a flash animation. Only the loading bar thingy was done in flash and i DONT KNOW anything about flash AT ALL. so i spent like 5 hours in coding the loading bar. Please be patient while the animation loads.

Secondly, please read the following backstory to help you understand what this is about:

In my alternate universe, Hulk is a goofy guy whose strength and anger is his only plus point. And Toph is, well, Toph. She's badass as ever. Now they meet and Hulk provokes her. See what happens! xD

Inspired by the famous Avengers scene where Hulk gets it out on Thor, i spent like three days in making this.
:bulletgreen: This was made frame by frame in Photoshop CS5 and animated in Photoshop CS5. Flash was used for the preloader.

:bulletgreen: The asterix on the title means that it is an experiment, and is the first fully animated GIF i made. EVER. The inuyasha one doesnt count as FULLY ANIMATED.

:bulletgreen: The two mysteries involving the scene, before you ask me, let me tell you:

>>>TOPH IS STANDING ON A RAISED ROCKY PLATFORM. Yeah, that;s why she's the height of Hulk.

I hope you read all that, and I hope you like this piece. I made a LOT of effort into working on it and PLEASE oh PLEASE dont redistribute it ANYWHERE!!!

Toph and Hulk their owners,
This art Izanagi Aadi


Have a look at some other animations I made after recieving awesome response on this one!

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This is short animation that I made in adobe flash cs5. It took me two days so enjoy.
Animation - hummerh14
Music - parry gripp
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This was one of my early attempts at animation.. I was going to make an entire scene to replace Katara's "death threat" scene in the Western Air Temple episode but I got bored lol..

Now years later I found this while rummaging through some old files and decided to upload it anyway.. It's only 7 seconds, set to loop..

The rest of the scene would have shown what happened after Aang caught them..
(Katara and Zuko hear Aang at the doorway and step away from each other, looking guilty)
Katara: Aang! This- this isn't what it loo-
Katara: O.o

Then Aang goes all glowy on their asses. THE END :D

Edit: I updated the file so you can change its window size without seeing the excess bg at the back (that was silly :XD:) If you've already downloaded the old version, I suggest replacing it with this one.. thanks

Edit2: lol I can't believe we had a similar scene happen in Korra ep 5! :lol: Maybe if I animated something else, it might just happen in some way too.. *wishful thinking* :iconhurrplz:

Edit3: I should probably mention that I'm not into Zutara or any of AtLA's ships.. I didn't really care about who the characters ended up with so long as it was well-written.. I did this mainly for the lulz and also because I just wanted an excuse to animate someone kissing :P

And for everyone who's been asking:
I did the stills in Photoshop, then animated the whole thing in Flash.. I actually imitated a kiss I saw in a movie, made a crude storyboard, created the main keyframes, then drew in all the in-between (frames)..
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this a rough.
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Darn, if rough takes seven hours, then i think i will have to spend a year on a fair animation xD

MAJOR EDIT: Now instead of clickin the PLAY button, it just continously loops until you decide that enough is enough xP xP Thanks to ~snowcube94 for the suggestion!!!

EDIT!!! Sorry but my flash skills stink. Note that you can only play the animation when you click on the PLAY text. I know this may be a lil irritating but clicking on the A must work. :)

Ever since i saw The Legend Of Korra's first episode, I always wanted to do
an animation of the way she bends the elements. That thought combined with *dCTb's amazing
drawings and animations of Korra urged me to give it a shot. ^_^ And that's when the fun-filled seven
hour journey began xD

Tech Stuff

36 frames of drawing and 36 of coloring.

after in betweening and timing, no of frames are 74 including text and watermark.

Total time for only drawing and animating = 7 hrs.

Softwares used: Adobe Photoshop CS6 for EVERYTHING except drawing the title and loading bar which was done in Flash CS6

Other Stuff

Flash decided to be a buffoon, so I had to smash my head on the keyboard for atleast half
an hour whilst creating the loading and the intro "play" screen. I think I got the hang of it
...... maybe......

References used were the intro to Legend of Korra which appears in each and every episode. This is when she waterbends like a BOSS. And for colors i used screen caps from ep 1 where there is a lot of brightness etc.

You may be wondering where the heck her eyes nose and mouth are..... Yeah, well..... I didnt think of placing them in the first place xD as i said, this is a rough!!!

No, i am not gonna do a fair / clean version any time soon, becuase i did this only cuz i wanted to make a Korra bendin animation, and also for studyin the way her body moves while she is bendin for an aid in gesture drawing :)

Please dont steal, brofist.

Korra Mike and Bryan
Art Izanagi Aadi

Stuff worth Checkin out

*dCTb's Korra waterbending which was my main source of inspiration

*jeffreylai and her AWESOME linework on Korra smashing some rocks like a BOSS.

mine is NOTHING, i mean NOTHING compared to this GEM of an animation by ~haitam

I know i am not as near as good as the above deviants, but i will strive to make my animations as epic and smooth as theirs soon enough!! XD


Oh and just for fun, please check these two videos out too xD

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Happy birthday *kuiwi!


A while ago I offered to draw free requests for some of my watchers and since it's been *kuiwi's birthday yesterday I chose to draw her request first!!

Enjoy Katara from Avatar the last Airbender waterbending!!

WOAH KUIWI. You Yesterday....hours and hours spent on THISSSS AHRGRHGRHAJDBAJKSAJK
it's the first time I seriously animated a human. I'm actually pleased with it!

This is my first try, please don't comment about how bad the anatomy is or whatever, I see that it's not flawless and I will improve, yay!

Animated in Flash, time: 6 hours.


And yes, I'm an Avatard. Yes, I am Kataang fan, really. I mean, honestly, if I ever ask someone who their favourite character is from AtlA, it's usually a tie between Sokka, Zuko and Toph. Sometimes Aang or Iroh or Azula. But, damn, Katara needs freaking love, too!! She's an amazing character and perfectly animated.
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