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Okie, you may or maynot have already read them, but anyway I'll just recommend some manga I read recently and take a liking to ^^. So here we go:

Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo

 photo gmangaholic_mahou-x_yamada_and_the_007_witches_030_001_zps12ed1375.jpg

if you've loved Megane-chan to Yankee-kun before, then you will also love this. Lol this manga is full of fanservice for fangirls and fanboys alike, and it's so damn funny on top of that
Some fanservice scenes XD
 photo kyamada-kun_to_007-nin_no_majo_006_006_zps2a9dae57.jpg
 photo tumblr_meia778tC61qbx2flo1_500_zps6e1c9374.jpg
 photo 26_-_ryu_i_miyamura_zpsda0a8cb4.jpg


 photo Toriko600901692_zpsacbcb627.jpg

Oh man, I really like this manga. I love cooking, I love food, I love shounen fighting, I love adventurous fantasy world, I love bara (well not that much) and this manga have it all. Awesome shounen, for me, it's better than Naruto and Bleach, just behind One Piece <3

Okie, Below are some shounen-ai manga, if they're not your taste then pay no mind to them. Oh and by shounen-ai I mean soft Boylove, if you're looking for manga that have sex scenes every pages like my boss :iconmazjojo: then you probably wont find them here XD

Slow Starter

 photo iimg005_zps9a876c86.jpg

Gosh, cuteness to the max, it leave me with a smile for hours after reading. I really love these type of manga, slow and steady, warm and fuzzy, great character's feeling development, not like those ["I love you" in 2nd page and "Kyaaah, stop that~<3" in 3rd page] kind of instant noodle yaoi manga =v="

Kanemochi-kun to Binbou-kun

 photo bkanemochi-kun_to_binbou-kun_ch001_000cover_acme_zpsb3cd4302.jpg

Another one that make me go "Awww" and think a lot while reading, sweet and funny. I like the grandpa character so much.

Sorenari ni Shinken nandesu

 photo ksorenari_ch1sorenari_ch1_01_zpsb0edcaa4.jpg


After taking a look at the cover and see that it's another manga from Asou Kai-sensei, I already know that I would taken a liking to this manga. But it surpassed my expectation after reading it, I'm totally in love. So sweet and adorable. Come to think of it I've always fond of this kind of "taking care of the child" manga before (like Aishiteru ze baby, Akachan to Boku, Usaigi Drop, etc.) Lol, maybe I have family fetish.

Recipe no Oujisama

 photo ostk-scans_-recipe-no-oujisama-002-001_zps8d9a2b30.jpg

When I found this I was like "OMG, cooking manga? From Junko-sama???? This totally in my favorite list". And it totally didnt fail my expectation. Consider I love cooking, this bring a smile to my face nonstop, oh and, I really love the art class chapter, so damn funny XD

Omamorishimasu, Dokomademo

 photo romamori001_002_zps41be68bd.jpg

Another masterpiece from Junko-sensei. The sheer amount of cuteness from this manga can make me giggle for weeks.

The end for now, if you have same taste like mine and have some good manga you want to recommend to me then please do, by all means, I would love to know. ^^
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Manga and Anime are a new generation of art, spreading all over the world right now. It is an important aspect of Japanese culture, a solid part of the youth-generation in the US and slowly starts spreading in Europe as well. Even though many people still don’t know what Mangas or Animes actually are, most kids already know and they even try to draw this new kind of art themselves. This way the tolerance among adults starts growing as well, a good way to expand the Manga-culture.

But as for any kind of art, many people have problems in improving their own style or even finding it. This news-article is directed to any kind of artist that is interested in improving himself/herself.

I’ve been asked multiple times how some artists manage to improve very fast and others seem to never improve at all and even though I first thought it has to do with practice I had to admit myself that it does not only depend on mere practice but much more on how you practice and especially on how you handle your finished piece of art.

Improve your Poses and Characters


One of the most widespread improvement-blockades is the missing of helplines. Only very few artists that passed a certain line of skills in drawing Mangas draws them without helplines! Many sketches are posted on deviantart from really good artists that look as if the artist started with the outlines right away, but that’s just wrong. Many of these artists either use a blueprint-pen for the helplines (the scanner can’t detect this color-> the helplines disappear) or draw them so soft and light that they are nearly not visible in digital form.

Helplines are a giant aid for any kind of poses or angles you want to draw your chara in. Many artists can’t draw more than a few poses because they wouldn’t know how to change the different joints of the body so that it is another pose.

poses by Dea-89

Now that you know how your pose is supposed to look like, you can build your character around it by giving him/her a face, cloths, ... You don’t have to focus on your pose any longer.

This is a giant step and will help you improve a lot!

Giving your character a Personality

Some people look at an artist’s characters and somehow… every single character seems too look just like the other characters of this artist… Sometimes that’s the fault of the person that looks at them. They don’t really look at them… but often it is the “fault” of the artist. A character has life in him/her. If you draw a character just to create a picture with someone in it, it will never look as interesting as if you draw someone that has a personality! For example this chara:

faces by Dea-89

On the left side the chara seems neutral even though she smiles. You can’t see any kind of personality in her. The right picture seems much more interesting. The smile looks a little mean-she could be a thief or something. The eyes have much more life in them now and the face is a little longer than before. Such little changes in a characters face or pose give him/her so much more life that it looks a dozen times more professional than a character without personality.

Even if you are just drawing a random character, think of a rough personality for him/her. It doesn’t have to be much but just think of it like “This character is supposed to be shy, but she loves sunlight,…” That’s enough. Now you can draw a picture of a girl in a sunflower-field that enjoys the sun but still seems fragile. Just imagine how such a girl would look like. With this you can even create awesome effects in manga-stories. If one of your characters uses to always be in a bad mood and suddenly starts smiling, it seems creepy cause it doesn’t match with his personality. Or a very cheerful character. If this chara all of a sudden is serious, the reader knows that something horrible must have happened. With these little tricks your characters and stories grew much more interesting than before.

On a side-note: No character is perfect. Everyone has a flaw in his/her personality or abilities. A “God-moded” character is totally boring cause you know before that this character is never going to fail in anything… all humor and intense is erased out of your story that way. Just take a look at popular mangas just as (for example) Naruto. None of the characters there is “perfect”. Naruto is a trusting person and a very good fighter, but what makes him so funny and interesting is not Kyuubi’s might in him, but the flaws he has-> His kind of humor, his Sexy-jutsu (I think it has a different name in English… sorry I only know the German name…),… things that make him different from others. Who’d care about him if he was overpowered, win every fight with one hit and be the most mature person on earth?

So don’t worry about giving your characters flaws. It makes them so much more human.

Practice your Characters

If you have OCs that you want to draw more than once, try to make sketches of them from different angles, in different poses,… try something new with them! Don’t be afraid to try poses that you weren’t good in before. Just try to draw them by using the helplines. Rough sketches are easily finished in a few minutes but they give you a lot of experience that you might need later on when drawing a real picture again. It also helps you with interactions of characters (take a look at the next chapter for details.)

Only few artists post their rough sketches, but if you search for them you come across a lot of awesome sketches in which you can see the progress of an artist’s work.

:thumb83783212: by Dea-89

Building a Story

To write a Manga always starts with a story you want to draw. But how to build an interesting story?

The basic of a story is a good idea. You must have a clue where you want to set a story and what you want to show with this story. You must decide before getting started with your charas if you want it to be a fantasy-story, mecha, mystery, dark, ... whatever. So you must be aware of the genre you want to draw (doesn’t use very much to draw a mecha-chara for a story that takes place in the Mid-ages…)

Now that you know your genre, set up a good idea for something that happens or that happened and makes the adventure of your charas start now. For example: A giant flood destroyed the village your charas live in and killed most inhabitants of the small village.

And now think of a way to solve the problem-> They must find a new home and so start a journey through the lands to find a new place to settle down.

And to make it a little more interesting think of a second problem that might occur: The village lay on a beach, but was surrounded by a desert. Now your charas have to travel through a hot desert instead of just wandering around.

The main-idea for your Manga is born. By giving your characters problems and finding solutions for them you can set up giant stories. This system works: You have one giant main-problem which’s solution ends your characters adventure, but in between the start and the goal more and more problems appear and your heroes have to solve them. What makes such problems even more interesting is if their solution is necessary but distances the charas from their main-goal.

This way you can build your story, yes, but what keeps a story alive are not the events in it, but the charas.

Charas have to match with each other to keep the story running on. If you put two charas together in one room and they are both shy, they will sit in a corner and stare at the wall… if the charas both are hot tempered they might start to fight without a clear reason.

Depending on a charas personality the reaction will always change. And especially by putting more charas together they will change the story by interacting with each other. Place two shy charas in front of a dark cave and nothing will happen… they will sit there and they won’t do ANYTHING!!! But let it be two self-confident charas and they will eagerly take a look what’s in the deep dark cave. The most interesting combination though is if the charas are totally different. If one chara is shy and the other one is self-confident and curious, the self-confident chara will stragger the shy chara along into the cave, even if this chara doesn’t want to go in there at all…

Cave by Dea-89

A funny combination can also be a mature chara and a childish chara… it adds humor to the worst situations and makes them amusing.

The true heros of Midgard by Dea-89

Think of interesting constellation of personalities and create your characters depending on this. If you have one or two charas you want to keep the way they are, add characters that match with them and interact with each other.

A story doesn’t have to have much content… as long as the charas keep the story running and interesting.

Again: Try to practice this by drawing rough sketches. Chibi-sketches are perfect to practice here! Chibis are the 5x over-acted version of your charas-> If you can draw a chibi-interaction a usual interaction won’t be much of a problem.


To keep improving</u>

Many people say the key to improve is practice a lot. Others say it is talent… Both are correct and both are wrong.

Talent makes it much easier to improve, but with enough knowledge and practice you can “create” talent. Drawing is 60% knowledge, 30% creativity and 10% talent. If you lack creativity it is hard for you to think of anything good to draw… but all in all you can still draw something if someone just tells you what to draw. A little talent helps to make your pictures look special but these 10% are not so important… what is important though is your knowledge about anatomy, poses, perspective, use of colors, skills…

A child draws as it draws due to the lack of knowledge and skills. The more we learn how a human body looks like, them more our drawings improve. We learn over time how to make good shadings, how to add contrasts, or how to draw good facial expressions… If you take a look at drawings you made when you were 8 years old and look at your drawings now there is a giant difference-> cause you learned a lot.

How to gain this knowledge?

The best way is probably to always have a close look at your surroundings. Take a look at your hand for example. Many people draw pointy fingers but in fact your finger-tips are round. Or fabric. Many people draw cloths as if there are no creases at all in them. But look down on you and you will notice a lot of creases on your own cloths. So a picture of a character with cloths that does not have a single crease just looks unnatural. You don’t have to add many of them, but a good amount gives your picture life and a realistic touch.

This is a rather hard way to learn things though. An easier way is to buy some sports-magazines and look at the photos there. Try to draw the poses you see on the pics for your own charas. This is a good way to master new poses you haven’t been able to draw before. And you practice with your eyes that way too. If you can draw poses you see on pictures, you will have an easier time to draw poses you see in real life.

Any artist (at least 99,9% of all artists) have an idol they admire. It does not have to be someone that is really better than you, but someone that manages to draw pictures that captivate you somehow. Now take a close look at these pictures and try to figure out what exactly fascinates you on them. Find out what your personal preferences are, what you love, what you want to have in your own pictures.

Some people consider this as copying other persons styles, but think about it: You haven’t found your own style so far and you want to draw things that fascinate yourself. You want to be happy with what you draw. You don’t copy an artist’s pictures, you just learn something about yourself: You learn what you like on your own pictures, and now you found your own style. It is important to see the difference here: You DON’T draw their pictures. You draw your own pictures but with the knowledge of what you like due to another artist’s pictures.

Some people don’t like to use this method. This is all up to you.

Can critic help me to improve?

Of course it can as long as it is a good critic.

There are many comments like “Wow, what an awesome work!!” “I :heart: your picture it soooo sweeeeeeeet!!” and stuff like this. Guess anyone likes to get such comments every once in a while cause it gives you recognition of your skills and you gain self-confidence for your works. Anyone needs them once in a while to keep up your artistic mood. If no one likes your works it is hard to draw on… (Sadly I’ve seen lots of artists with much potential that stopped drawing due to flamers… )

But these comments are NOT critic.

Some people think “Your art sucks” is a critic too *Meeeeeeep* Wrong!

A good critic is made of different parts:

-What someone likes on your picture
-What you might improve on your picture
-All-in-all opinion of your picture.

(For anyone that wants to write a crit: If you can’t find anything you like on a pic… THEN DON’T COMMENT!)

By telling you what someone likes on your picture you learn about what other people find interesting on your pics (Like what I stated in the previous point: Personal preferences and what others fascinate on your picture). If many people tell you that they like something on your picture you can be kinda sure that this part is already high-quality so you can focus yourself on improving other things.

You might have notice one thing: I stated “what you might improve”, not “what is bad on your picture”. By stating how to improve something you automatically give the artist a hint on what to do better next time to prevent a fault. If you keep telling an artist “Your hands suck” He won’t know what is wrong with them. But if you say “Your fingers are rather pointy. Try to make the tips rounder” it will show the problem and give a matching solution.

It is really hard to accept critic first, but this is the very best way to improve. Selecting which critic is a good one and considering it makes you improve a dozen times faster than by just trying to improve your main-knowledge. It is weird, but somehow we rarely see our own flaws on pictures, but after a few months we can see them. Persons that didn’t draw the picture often see it immediately and show you where you might improve your knowledge.

This way you can improve your art within a few months to a totally new level!!

:thumb80779975: :thumb89846680:


In this section I want to state some of my personal experiences and opinions. I’m not sure if they match with the huger part of artists here in DA so I made an extra section for them.

To improve your style it is important that you draw many different OCs. Fanarts are nice, of course, but a well-drawn OC needs much more skills than a character you didn’t create. So if you really want to higher your drawing-level try to draw many different OCs even though they don’t give as many pageviews as a Fanart ;P Focus on a couple of OCs you really like and keep drawing them again and again but also draw other charas that don’t have to do anything with them. By drawing older OCs again you can notice your own improvement much better, but by drawing new OCs you gain new experiences because you have to draw new faces, poses, personalities,…

A good balance between these two helps you to see your own bettering but in the same time gain more and more skills.

Tutorials are awesome! I love taking a look at them even though I can draw most of the stuff I look at already… for example kiss-tutorials. I made two of them myself already, but I love looking at other people’s tuts. They use techniques that I don’t use, but that have interesting aspects too. Analyzing other tutorials is a great help. With a certain kind of practice you can look at pictures and think of ways to create the same effects of coloring, pose,… Tutorials help you to practice your eyes a lot. I love browsing DA and guessing how some artists created certain effects. Just try it out! It’s really funny.

Another advice I want to give any manga-newb out there is to keep up your work =) Don’t forget about a good story you wanted to draw just because you don’t have the skills yet to draw a good Manga. If you are not satisfied with your work anymore don’t be afraid to restart anew. One day you will have enough experience to keep up your work ^^ I enjoy looking back at my first Manga-pages from 2006 and comparing them with my pages now. It makes me really shocked sometimes, but it is so much fun looking back. You should stick with good stories. :giggle: The longer you write on them, the better and deeper they will become!

OMG O.o by Dea-89


I hope you enjoyed this article. Spread the MANGA-LOVE!!!


And here a selection of very fine pieces of (partly semi) Manga-/Anime-Art I found on DA. These artists really have much potential! ^^

:thumb88816885: :thumb84053447: Morning Snow by aiki-ame :thumb69366269: The Ladyknight Of The Moon by mazjojo Hey by tyrowish the good doctor by azarath Meteo by CherryOrange :thumb45140906: Mai by Tabon Goldilocks 2 ver. by Lavah Ray of Hope by Art-on-a-Stick :thumb74113312: Glamorous Sky by Murasaki-Hoshi
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I don't draw for free, sorry!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 10, 2014, 1:36 AM


Because of the amount of notes I'm receiving regarding this matter, I decided to write a journal entry (though I think it's obvious, but oh, well (TwT; ).

I don't draw art for free
(except when I draw for myself, but that's a different matter altogether).

I'm sorry if you don't have money to buy art in general, or if my commissions are too expensive for you, I really am. In an ideal world, I would finish each pic in 10 seconds and move onto the next pic, and then I'd give free art, lower my prices, etc. Sadly, we don't live in this ideal world and each pic takes me time and effort to make.

Please, don't ask me to draw for you for free. This is my full time job, it's what I do for a living. You don't ask to get your groceries for free from a shopkeeper you don't even know. Don't ask artists to do this for you either, it's a bit unrespectful.

Thank you for your understanding, and I'm sorry if I sound cruel or mean.


 AT: Inma by ikr   <da:thumb id="491579364"/> + h u n t i n g + by rainue


Revenge of the Queen 01 [ENGLISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 02 [ENGLISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 03 [ENGLISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 04 [ENGLISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 05 [ENGLISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 06 [ENGLISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 07 [ENGLISH - SPANISH] by inma

Artwork by inma
Design & coding by Grinmir-stock


We are C&M!

commission me  new stamp by otakulottie
(check availability in this entry) →

Requests Closed Stamp by xMandaChanStampsxArt Trades Closed Stamp by xMandaChanStampsx

:iconclamp-pairings: :iconc-and-m-fans:
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Paypal Transactions

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 4, 2012, 1:31 AM
Just a small, yet important update for future commissions/sales if I'll open, for anyone whoever pay via Paypal system:

1. If you are sending a payment to me, please never send under "friends and family", "gift" etc. categories which doesn't chrage an additional fee when I receive the money. I will accept the fees on Paypal! Here is an explaination:

"You can never control what your commissioner is going to say. If they select "send as gift" or other options, you are breaking their ToS and you will be so very banned if they catch you doing this.  It only takes one slip up for it to happen. I have seen this happen and never advise people to tell people to send as anything but a service.

Never try to stretch your definition of "friend and family" and hope that "teeechnicly it COULD be your friend depending on your definition heheh" will fly. Paypal will not split hairs with you. If they decide that this person does not qualify to be your friend, their judgment is final. If you are constantly doing this with your commissions, it is going to be really bloody obvious that you are lying at even the quickest glance at your transaction history. These transactions are how paypal makes money, if they even think you are trying to rip them off, they will drop you without a second thought. After all, you're just dead weight if you're not paying your dues."

More reasons never to send as gift as a buyer: Aside from the fact that you are committing fraud and will be just as at fault as the person telling you to do it when the banhammer comes to town, gifts are not "buyer protected" by paypal. What this means is that if your commission artist decides they're going to be a fuck wit and screw you over that paypal will not help you if they run off with your money. You are not a buyer, the money was a "gift" so they don't owe you anything."

2. Safer method to complete payment transactions is sending an invoice to the buyer because everything is written down and marked down by the seller, also the seller legally pays the whole Paypal fee- within their control.

That's just for the future reference whenever, you- as a buyer, are going to purchase a commission, item etc. from any artist. It's also very important notice to the artists to keep an eye on this. :)

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 26, 2013, 3:02 PM

Duty Freeee... by cabin-pressure
O2 by cabin-pressureBELTS by cabin-pressure
MAKES YOU GO A BIT :iconspazattackplz::iconvoodooplz::iconepicclapplz:

SO I SHALL BEHAVE LIKE THE QUEEN OF SHEBAQueen of Sheba by Jozef-Szekeres:rofl:

TO BE LIKE A KID....1351737293781 Funny-pictures by kaykay9958....

THIS IS MY GIFT TO YOU ALL FOR THE WEEK END.:iconsomehugsplz::heart::iconkimberely:
Fat Cat by Myrret
Yarnbombed citroen 2cv by veracauwenberghsYarnbombed tree by veracauwenberghsBalloons at dawn by veracauwenberghs
Rainbow Rose by znkf0908Bright and shiny by antoniavogeltime of harvest praise by Rozvaljuh
time of harvest praise by RozvaljuhFelicificative Frog by PaintMyWorldRainbowRainbow Frog by Dana-UlamaPD: ALL IN ONE by lewisrockets
Groovy Grotto by l3pr0syButterfly On A Leaf by KW-Scottsharing....... by miapicassa
Merida by ferazhinCha Cha Woo by MyrretSwoop by MyrretPouty Merida by thecarefree
HurrHurr Color by BonnieKnoxMaggot (color) by BonnieKnox:giggle:
TO ADVENTURE..!!!Mighty Pirate by arisuonpaa
TO LOVE..!!!Two Side of Love by PaSt1978
The Grass by PaSt1978Long Island Iced Tea by PaSt1978Bloody Mary by PaSt1978B - Ocean by PaSt1978
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Early spring sunset II by Arte-de-Junqueiro
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journal skin by sempiternia
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Kiriban Time! CLOSED

Tue Mar 18, 2014, 7:19 PM
To theGallery.

Blue-Cat00 : You will get the main prize for being the first to send a note that followed all the rules :la:

MagicBirdie Loli-hunter will all be getting a little prize from me soon for getting super close:la:'


Conure! by MagicBirdiePankey by Blue-Cat00

EDIT: Less then 900 away :eager:

EDIT: Changed the pageview to catch. It's closer now :dummy:

Do you liking catching kiribans? Well today is your lucky day! :la: Catch my 77,777th  pageview for some cool prizes :aww:

Prizes include:
  • An undetermined amount of :points:  (but in the hundreds, aka 100, 200 etc)
  • One month subscription (or point equivalent)
  • a feature
  • and a llama

Feel like you won't be able to catch the view on the nose? No worries, if you are a few pageviews ahead or behind, please send a screenshot anyways! Up to 7 people that send in their screenshot will still get a few points and features :blowkiss:


Please send me a note :note:, with a full screenshot, in order to qualify. Upload it to your scraps, into your st.ash, whatever you find easiest :) Comments with your screenshot will be ignored!

Please :+fav: if you plan on entering, I may increase prizes if there are a lot of entrants :la:.

Lastly, if you feel like adding to the prize pool, please feel free to donate to my donation pool here. Anything is much appreciated :tighthug:

Alright pageview hunters, get hunting :eager: I'll give updates once the number is closer to being reached.

*Kathy :heart:

llama love by rainylake

Random discussion for those who are interested!

What would you like my next contest to be about? Suggest themes to me :la:

Or if you just wanna talk, feel free. I'm rather bored :B

  • Promotions!
  • Looking for a friendly animal arts group to join? Then head on over to ArtisticAnimals!

Up to 8 winners in this hunt for my 77,777th pageview. Click for more details! Win points, subscriptions and alot more :)
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Tue Aug 12, 2014, 11:25 PM
Ugh...I've been on the phone with my friends crying for the past half hour...
This is just too much for me to handle right now....

School starts in less than 2 weeks and I am going to need so much money to pay for all my new supplies and textbooks, my gas/parking....this seriously could not be worse timing.

I'm sorry.....I feel like a terrible person asking for help. I try very hard to be completely self-sufficient mentally/emotionally/financially. But despite what many people on here think, I do not have a lot of money, and $2,000 is not a small amount to just have robbed back you out of the blue.

If you would like to donate, even just a dollar, my paypal is ;-;

Seriously...anything is beyond appreciated in this stressful time.

I need to get out of the negatives as soon as I possibly can. /:

( If you can't donate, could you please reblog this signal boost on Tumblr? )

Ugh Omg by witchpaws

There are many other people who have been scammed too. Please consider helping someone else too, if you see a journal regarding this subject.

SCAMMER PIXLETT SPREAD LIKE WILDFIREEdit: ToxicMutagen has deactivate their account, I hope we find more information and get this person. She will probably make another DA account or in other websites, please be careful!
 If you take commissions or make adopts please do not let the users Pixlett or ToxicMutagen buy from you. They will pay after a few days, BUT they will issue a credit card chargeback on the purchase. (They "share" a Paypal name/email, so I am suspicious that it is just the same person who moved accounts)

An artist was scammed for thousands of dollars by a user named Pixlett / ToxicMutagen. Pixlett has since deactivated her account.
She has scammed more artist at this point, probably over 20 artist, including me! There has been so many journals and people suffering because of this person!
Here are some journals
<da:thumb id="475220437"/> I really need help..So pretty much everyone knows of the Pixlett  scams... So, the compete chargeback finally hit me and I am out a good chunk of money. What I took as a "financial savior" has pretty much devoured through my bank account.
Now, its not as bad as witchpaws or Kitsurie  (;; im sorry my loves I wish I could help  you guys out cause holy moly)
For some people's 215 dollars (the complete amount taken from me) is a tough blow but, not a killer. 
For my family- It sorta is.
We live in my grandma's house and care for it for her while she is in arizona being polyamorous . My mom live paycheck to paycheck. Generally before we are paid again, my mom and I have about 20 bucks between us. That is to our name. In all of our pockets and both of our bank accounts.
We have our lives carefully planned out. and as many of you know, I work my ass off to help support us the best I can. I have a job that gives me bad work anxiety. And generally when I am home I am workin
fuckWell just when you think all the drama is over with Pixlett that bitch finally charged back on me :/ im negative 209.00 and i just recieved a commission that was eaten up by the negative balance *was 272.00* here is proof:
the one not blocked out was what was charged back to me, i still have to pay gas money and my bank account only has 60.00 left in it :/ idk what to do, i called paypal and they told me i wouldnt have to worry, i didnt screen shot the comment saying she received the item cause  they said not to worry and now her account is closed, ugh idk what to do DX... i had plenty of money and was fine but now i might be fucked for the month and its only the 13th, idk what to do guys, i really dont :c all my money on my paypal * had 65.00 and then a 33.00 commission* was supposed to help with gas :c so im not sure and im freakin out cause i know that with witchpaws the credit card company sided with p
<da:thumb id="475240816"/><da:thumb id="475247937"/>

SimplySilent - Journal
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Updated materials list July 12, 2014!

:bulletgreen: Paper :bulletgreen:
*140lb Arches paper cold pressed
*90lb Saunders paper cold pressed
*140lb FLUID watercolour paper cold pressed
*Muse Cubi White Watson paper
*140lb cold pressed WINDSOR & NEWTON watercolour paper (Rough texture)

*W&N/ HOLBEIN watercolours
*Dr. Ph. Martin Synchromatic / Radiant liquid watercolour

*Dr. Ph. Martin Black Star Matte India ink
*Daler Rowney acrylic inks (Gold, silver, etc)

ESCODA / W&N series 7 brushes (Sable)

Speedball nibs
*The left one is a HUNT 513EF nib, and the one I use the most.

Globtrotter Travelogue
Great for mixed media

:bulletgreen:Masking Fluid:bulletgreen:
I don't use masking fluid.
I heard the W&N one is good.
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The Pixlett fraud has been fixed!

Sun Aug 17, 2014, 10:42 AM

I have some AMAZING NEWS ;A;

Everyone who has been scammed by Pixlett / ToxicMutagen is getting fully reimbursed by Paypal for our losses!
First off, the other night, when I logged onto Paypal, I saw messages that the chargebacks filed against me had been closed! :'D

In the "Status Details" section, it appears as though Paypal actually decided to investigate against Pixlett and realized that maybe HEY, THIS IS SUSPICIOUS AFTER ALL

Yayyyy by witchpaws

Then, when I checked my email last night, I had some emails from Paypal.
They wrote that they are making an exception to the chargeback rule, and fully refunding me ALL money that I lost due to Pixlett (from the first incident in July!)
(P.S. I don't know why the percentage signs are showing up in the email, but the amounts are how much I got chargebacked for.)

Paypal Reimbursment by witchpaws

So yes, this means that WE WON.

After being told by Paypal over and over that there was nothing we could do, THEY FINALLY DECIDED TO SIDE WITH US. I don't know what brought this on/if someone filed a complaint against Paypal or something, but whatever happened, THANK GOODNESS!

So yes, ALL VICTIMS ARE GETTING THEIR MONEY BACK. Even the smallest amounts. It could take a couple days as they are doing it in order from most recent to oldest, but you WILL get your money back if you have been scammed! :'D

More journals about the situation!

The last of the money will arrive at Monday/Tuesday! They are going in order, from newest to oldest scam by Pixlett! 

There was this person who actually personally CALLED PayPal and basically told them that how could the let this slide when it was obviously a fraud??

For SOME REASON PayPal decided to now listen and actually cance

Pixlett ResolvedI don't know how many people will view this, but can you all please get this out to everyone?
Paypal is looking into the issue. They will reimburse or have reimbursed the scammed artist. They will also revise the rules of the chargeback so that the issue will never happen again.
<da:thumb id="475853724"/>

Thank you SO much to everyone who spread the word, donated, and showed postivie words during this frustrating time. Your kindness will be forever appreciated!

Also, to those who donated in order to get a MYO slot: Thank you so much and enjoy your Sushi Dogs! <3 I have a LOT of designs left to approve, please have patience as I make my way through the list :'D

To those who donated otherwise: Thank you even more! I kept the list of charities/non-profit organizations from several journals back and am going to be giving to them! <3 I've asked this before, but if anyone else knows any reputable organizations that take donations, please let me know in the comments!!

SimplySilent - Journal
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Allow me to clarify my point further. I don't mean to say "everyone has to write fanfiction the same way" or "don't draw this kind of fan art". People can write or draw whatever the hell they want, and I don't have to look at it if I don't want. But my main gripe is when the perverted vocal minority of a fanbase gets so loud and obnoxious that it overtakes the nice quiet people who just want to enjoy the show or movie or whatever. When the people who partake in the sleazier side of fandom take the spotlight and become the public's main perception of what all fans are like.

Not all MLP fans are demented furries with a fetish for clopfic; most of us just think it's a cute little show with a great cast of characters. Not all Wreck-It Ralph fans are insane Turbo defenders or squicky Jawbreaker shippers; most of us just find it to be a very entertaining and inspiring film. But when those obnoxious fans start acting out more, whether it's just because they want to make a point or because they think it's funny, it gives the rest of us a bad name.

Like I said, this all started because of a "make your own episode" discussion on Equestria Daily. The premise was "Suppose that Hasbro gives you, the average fan, free reign to pitch your own episode for an upcoming season - what's it about?" I saw people coming up with deliberately stupid ideas that would never, ever get made in a million years, like Trixie murdering Fluttershy or Gummy becoming an alicorn princess, and I'm thinking to myself "You know, this is why nobody respects this fandom. Everyone's acting like a moron." I'm embarrassed to tell people that I watch this show, because they all give me that look. Even my own sister thought I'd turned into a furry. It's gotten to the point where I almost don't want to watch the show anymore, if this is what I have to deal with.

And that's what the point of my rant was. If this is the sort of thing you legitimately enjoy, then hey, have fun with that. But when you go braying about it at the top of your lungs just because you want to see people's reactions, it makes you and the whole group look insane. I don't think there's anything that can be done to stop this, but it's still something that bugs the hell outta me.
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