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My second papercraft model. This guy was a nightmare! The original model had pretty much every piece going though every other piece... and that cape just about had me wanting to kick the little purple ball across the room. Totally worth it though. : )
Also, it will be another week or so before the file is ready for download; this is just a sneak peek.
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Here's a new model that I made since this lil guy is one of my favorite enemy in the Mario series and I wasn't able to find a good one anywhere. So enjoy!

The model can be found on Nintendo Papercraft's webiste.

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Ness papercraft from super smash bros on n64 designed by me

get it here:
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My latest design! It turned out better than I thought...

Download the template on my website! [link]
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Boo Mario papercraft, my latest design.
Download at: [link]
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The Magikoopa papercraft, my new papercraft design.

Download here: [link]
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Wheelie from Kirby Air Ride!

Get it here soon: [link]
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... or Pikmikebana, the art of arranging pikmins on a stump.
Ok, bad joke, sorry! :D
I won a "New Play Control Pikmin" for the Wii, so my friend Brandon decided to celebrate the thing by making pikmin papercrafts! He originally wanted to make only these two, but I convinced him to make also the red, blue, and yellow ones, so expect them too in the future!

Templates are now available here [link] on Nintendopapercraft!

3D editing by Brandon (aka ~z8-0 )/template by me/rip by Gazamaniac (if I'm not mistaken)

:bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen:
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Yay! More new papercrafts
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30 days. 30 days to decide the fate of the one you control; 
Welcome to Pikmin, where the reality of survival strikes you with no mercy.

Drawing info:

Paint Tool SAI
3-4 hours

Music used: [link] [link] [link]

Quotes from: [link]

This is how I draw Olimar. It's common in my K-omics and I've always liked my style of him. Shame that I've never gotten the time to formerly draw him correctly in this way, and post to my gallery.
--and of course, because Pikmin 3 is on its way~ EEEEEEEEEE

Headcanon: He is at least 40 years of age.

If anyone finds this too graphic, please let me know. I will apply a maturity warning ASAP.


Greetings, and thank you for taking the time to look at this drawing of mine. 
As a word of warning, what you are about to read is something of deep emotional connections to one of my favourite childhood games, up to the present: the first Pikmin game.
I have always been a fan; through both the storyline and gameplay of the whole Pikmin series. I consider myself above average in playing the game and its controls; and I always feel myself more than just playing it.

This has been written to give fans another outlook on what the game, in its entirety, is all about. The picture is an illustration of the main things I would like to discuss.

Only warning; here we go.

"My name is Captain Olimar. While traveling through space, my ship was struck by a meteor... I must have blacked out, and I awoke on the surface of a weird planet. With so many parts lost, the skeletal hull of my beloved Dolphin is a painful sight. The engine is gone... I'm stranded."

You, as a player, take control of a lone soul-- Captain Olimar. In mortal danger, stranger to such a foreign world, and with only a speckle of hope left for your life, you find yourself alone.


Even with Olimar's fortunate help of the Pikmin, he is the only one to decide what happens. The pikmin only act upon the actions of their leader; which is in your hands.
The weight is immense. You hold the key to the possible future of Olimar, or his untimely fate upon the 30th day.

What is so significant?

Don't you see? Pikmin is not a game about strategy, tactics or speed.

It's about survival.

"I wonder if I shall ever be able to escape from this world. How much suffering must I endure before I can finally see my family back home again? Still.... When my heart grows too heavy, I take comfort in my efforts. I will get home...or I will expire trying."

Pikmin, in itself, is one of the darker, more emotional games DESPITE the cheeriness of its skin-- presented by Nintendo. Not only because of its dark reality masked by bright colours and music; but because Olimar makes you feel more than just a player controlling a character.

He makes you realize that you're in control of a breathing, living being-- no matter if inhuman-- in a massively tragic conflict, unable to return to his home-- his family. 

If one was stranded with no easy way of survival or contact, they'd be desperate. Grieving. Panicking. Slowly turning insane.
Olimar gives us an incredible insight into what he thinks about the situation at hand. He is scared. Lonely. Angry and grieving-- and mesmerized all at once by the environment around him.

Emotions we all feel at least once in our lives.

"At this point, I no longer care what happens. Surely, not even a last-minute push can guarantee my success. Now that I think about it, my wife always said that I gave up too easily... What does she know, anyway?!? When did she become a licensed psychiatrist? ...Now I am upset. I guess I will just go to sleep early tonight."

To be stuck in such a horrible conlfict, knowing you have a family at home-- worrying about your life or COMPLETELY oblivous to it-- cuold be incomprehensible. No-one we know, or one person in a blue moon, could ever experience such a desperate feat at life.
And knowing that only threads hold the rest of it together.

Through the horror that is the high possibility of death, Olimar had to bond with what he had around him. The Pikmin.

A scary discovery, turning into a tight bond of leader-to-follower. Unconditionally, the Pikmin help him with every command as he chooses. The heartache of seeing them fall in battle-- only to keep going-- shows the devastating reality of this planet to Olimar.

"When I see the Pikmin engaged in fierce battle with other creatures of this world, I often grow uneasy wondering why they never attack me... Could it be that they actually view me as a parental figure? A strange, disturbing thought..."

A revelation; the player starts to realize the true nature of Olimar's use of the Pikmin. Any mistake is a flaw in his command. Any responsible death is his fault.

Knowing any of those times could be himself, seeing the Pikmin die is just as horrible.

So much death-- so much violence-- no easy path home. And not to say he isn't in the way...

"The Pikmin have all perished because of my own carelessness. I am an utter disgrace as a leader... How can I continue to collect parts without them? Still the Onions join me in low orbit, as if this Pikmin extinction had never happened. I shan't sleep tonight..."

He is vulnerable-- fragile. He could easily fall like his Pikmin comrades. He will feel guilt for each one of their sacrifices. He will feel REAL emotions-- and face things that no one else will ever face.
Considering his space suit isn't the best, and his size is that of a 25 cent coin, death could come to him at any time.

Cuts, bruises, punctures, cracks, scrapes, all that mess. It could actually happen to him. Of course, it is all shielded my Nintendo's rating system, not to mention that Pikmin IS indeed a children's game,
but that is beyond the point.

It is very rare that we see the reality of a video game until it is stated.

"My people were borne out of the sea of stars to come down to Hocotate, and when we complete out lives, we return to the great ocean of stars. But since these Pikmin come from the depths of the soil, surely, to the soil they shall return. How very poetic-while it is all alien to me, the basic premise is universally beautiful."

I have always been uncomfortable in starting a new game in Pikmin; knowing I will feel these emotions again, along with the possibility of failure.

With failure, comes the gut-wrenching bad ending to Pikmin. We all know what happens.

That is where your mistakes are always realized. Knowing you just let the life of an innocent being-- a husband-- a father-- come to an end. All of his efforts, trials, and progress have been wasted.

His family will never be able to see him again.
Was in vain.

To witness such a horrible fate really hits a Pikmin fan like I-- right through the heart. I myself have never gotten the bad ending, and have only looked it up via YouTube. It makes me glad to say so.

Through reading this, I hope you'll further understand the impact Pikmin really has had on me, and hopefully many others. It is a work of art unlike many of Nintendo's treasures, crafted with utmost emotion and care only this game could ever hold above the others.

The next time you play Pikmin, or if you go to try it, remember these words--

and hopefully see it as the great gem of human emotion, discovery, and vulnerability it really is.

Day 30
"I am so very tired..."

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