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on my very first pokemon playthrough ever, i had a fearow, and it was awesome. i managed to transfer my entire 1st playthrough ever team from fire red to emerald, from emerald back to fire red, from fire red to heart gold, from heat gold to black, and from black to white 2, but somehow my fearow got lost in transit. i will always miss you ; .;
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Type: Dragon / Flying

It is said that this pokemon constantly flies over the immense seas and rescues drowning people.
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I was bored, so I doodled this picture in photoshop and colored it. Couldn't think of a background, so it has not background.

If anyone is willing to make a background that would be nice. <:
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bvhjdfbhdf The next sheet of Free creature adoptables for all of the amazing people on DA :heart:

I hope you all like and have a fantastic time adopting :aww:

Rules: (READ)
:bulletred: All are free and anyone can adopt.
:bulletorange: 1 per person only.
:bulletyellow: Not first in first served.
:bulletblue: You MUST comment with the adoption certificate filled out to adopt.
:bulletgreen: Once you have adopted one of these, the one that you have adopted becomes solely your property to do what you want wish, you may have them as a whole species, Change design, or even make adoptables sheets from them.
:bulletblue: they will stay open for a couple of days.
:bulletblack: All of the plush animals on the sheet are adoptable, they are first in first served and no adoption certificate is needed. but are limited to 2 per person.
:bulletpurple: Have fun adopting everyone :D

:star: Adoption certificate (Please fill to adopt):star:



Designed be me and now have new loving homes with these amazing people:


1: Has been adopted by :icondaisywarriorcats:

Name: Otter
Age: Fifteen (In his species years)
Gender: Male

Otter was always teased as a cub for being what the adults called "Special". He was different, Because he made friends with other species while all of the other Kawauso-Same were a very hidden and antisocial to any other species around them. He was always the last picked for every game, So one day at the age of fourteen he decided to run away. But not to any other place out in the woods, He knew of a village of human nearby, And visited them for a snack or two now and then. The humans took care of him for a short while, But It was not long before that village had experienced something many places and settlements had around there. War. There was an ambush. The enemies took prisoners, Which included his master. Otter was devastated, There was nothing he could do, So he left the village and set out as a traveler. He now travels along the rockies and meets many different species that the humans and other Kawauso-Same didn't even know existed. Otter is happy with his life now, And he is very social, And because he is
Talents:so adorable to the human eye, He often gets scraps from humans travelers.
Birthday: 1997, July 17.

Personality: As mentioned in his Biography Otter is a very social creature, Unlike most of his species. Sometimes he thinks he can even understand what humans are saying. otter is very fun, But honest, Kind, And doesn't get sarcasm at all.
Favourite food: Otter isn't the pickiest but prefers a good salmon every now and then :3

Favorite colour: Blue and Green

- Feeling the wind in his face
- Friends
- Kicking his feet in the air
- Travelling to new places
- Songbirds
- Mossy dens
- Salmon

- Bullies
- Storms
- Prickly plants
- Ropes (Humans have tried to capture him)
- Cats

- Otter is deathly afraid of lightning
- Otter gets dizzy when told bad news
- Otter dislikes storms but sometimes plays in the puddles afterwards.
- Otter hates the taste of peppermint

Name: Frostbite

Name: Riverwater

Relationship: Otter had a good relationship with his parents, But they didn't like his choice of friends, Which were songbirds, Squirrels and other woodland critters. He liked his father, And always went to his mother when he was in trouble or afraid, And he had a good relationship with her, But she snapped at him occasionally and right before he ran away, So she feels guilty about it. Of course his parents miss him now that he is gone, But Otter has a short memory so he doesn't remember them much.

Name: n/a
Relationship: n/a

The Kawauso-Same (Meaning Otter-Shark in Japanese) are a very antisocial species, And keep to their own species.
They live in small packs of ten to twenty individuals, Led by a dominant male or female.
Their diet consists of many kinds of meat, Which is mostly fish. They can however eat berries.
The packs live mostly by riverbanks, Their dens being dug into the side of a hill or ledge nearby.
They birth usually around summertime to 1-3 cubs. Most of the cubs die, So they are protective parents to the remaining.
If the dominant leader is challenged by another individual, They do not react in violence but have a swimming race down a river, Which all of the other pack member watch.

Favourite Season: Autumn
Education: Taught by his parents
Fears: Lightning
Personal goals: To travel very far, Make friends and help others
Talents: Swimming, Fishing, Hunting, Art
Hobbies: Drawing, Fishing, Helping out

And more 'Likes'
- Romance
- Jokes
- Friendship
- Racing & Running

Random Story
I taught, You caught.-
With the sun high in the sky and Otter trotting along the path by the riverbank, Things were going pretty well for the creature. He had been walking strait on since his visit with the humans from the village. He'd been fed well on scraps and had decided to actually start covering ground, Which he hadn't been doing much because of the weather. Otter shivered slightly at the thought of having to travel through lightning storms. A sheer hiss escaped his jaws as he trotted along. "Lightning." He mumbled to himself, Shaking his head. If there was one thing Otter would have different in this world, It would be for no more lightning. He stopped where the ground sloped down to the riverside, Where it was shallow enough to wade. Lowering his head to have a closer look, Otter soon noticed four fat slimy salmon swimming around, Just out of reach. Otter had never tried salmon, But he was a good fisher. He decided it was time for him to try one. After all, The more he ate now, The less he would need to eat when winter came, He thought to himself. So, he decided to climb onto a rock, Where he would be close enough to grab one. And because he was a Kawauso-Same, Which was a very swift species, This should not be hard. So he crouched, Low to the ground, And without hesitation, Leapt. Right where he wanted to be. And soon enough, Splash! Otter's jaws had opened wide and snapped at one of the fish, Afterwards pulled it out of the water. It wriggled in his jaws, Struggling to be freed, But it was soon dropped onto the bank where it lay, Dead and ready to be eaten. Jaws wide, Otter lunged at it, But he heard a voice. "You're not going to eat that, Are you?" It asked curiously. Otter looked behind him to see a white and orange creature with a frilly tail. She raised her eyebrows, Waiting for an answer. Otter looked at the salmon and back at her. "Oh, Yes I am." He said. "Why? Do you want some" "Gross." She replied. "I don't eat anything that lived." "Oh." Otter nodded. "I see. Can I Still eat it?" "I suppose. It didn't mean anything to me." She said, Blinking. Otter nodded and began to eat. When he was finished, he licked his lips and looked up. The other creature was still there. "Ehhmm, Why are you still here?" he asked, Not trying to sound rude. "Can you catch another one?" "I thought you didn't eat anything that lived." Otter replied. the other creature shook her head. "I don't, But my family does." She said. "There isn't much to eat around here but fish, And nobody in my family can fish Maybe you could teach them..? We could give you shelter for the night." She offered. Otter shrugged. "Maybe I could meet them first?" "Deal." She said, Leaping off into the woods. She came out a moment later and signaled for him to follow. "Coming yet?" "Oh, Yes." Otter ran after her. A couple minutes later they arrived at a small rocky den. "Hello?" Otter peeked in. A smoky grey creature leaped at him from behind the den, Pinning otter to the ground. "Who sent you? Are you here for food? Who are you!?" he growled protectively. The creature Otter met earlier stepped forward. "No no, Gust! He's harmless!" She told him. He calmed down, Backing away. "Oh, It's you, Koi. Who's he?" he asked. Otter got up and shook off. What kind of greeting was that? "I'm Otter." He tried greeting Gust. "Oh.. I'm Gust, This is Koi and my mate is in there with the cubs." He told him. "But don't go in, She's a little bit sick." He warned. "Gust, Otter wants to teach us to catch fish in the river, In exchange for shelter for the night." Koi said. Otter looked at them. They were very thin, They needed this. "I don't need the shelter." he stated. "Let's get to work, You guys have a lot to learn." He was right. They worked for hours on their stance, Striking and killing. Of course Koi only watched, But Gust and his mate Rain learned quickly. And finally, After all that it was time to sleep. The night was quiet. Otter lay down for a while, But didn't sleep. He got up after a little while, Quietly walking over everybody and making his way towards the opening of the den. When he walked past Koi her eyes opened. "You're leaving already?" She looked up at him. Otter looked back with a nod. "I'm going to keep travelling. But what about you? If you won't eat any salmon how will you get by?" He asked worriedly. Koi blinked, And closed her eyes for a moment. "I'll manage." she told him. Otter smiled. "Yeah"


2: Has been adopted by :iconwolfieartist:
Name: Trix
Personality: Very Peaceful and Calm, Loves animals, but everyone else but Dusk (my character) thinks she is a total weirdo, Doesn't make friends easily, Doesn't trust people easily, Got her name cause she loves the cereal x3

Likes: Animals, Plants, snow, being alone, Music
Dislikes: Animal Cruelty, Drugs, Crowds, Rainy days

Info: When she gets mad her flowers will turn red instead of
pink, if she's sad they will turn gray.

Despite her nice appearance when you get her really mad she will... we'll just say you better watch out.

Loves the cereal Trix x3

Her best friend is a guy named Dusk. They've known each other since they were pups.

History: Her parents loved her but, one night they lost her. She ran off and dug a hole in the ground and slept there though the night, her parents came looking for her but because she was so far in the ground and asleep they couldn't find her. When she woke up the next morning, there were some flowers permanently implanted in her fur. She had thought her parents Abandoned her. Then she ran into Dusk and he was a loner, about the same age. He was alone for more time than she was and offered to teach her. Pretty soon they were best friends. When she thought she knew enough she went off on her own. Dusk came by every 3 days, but because she thought her parents left her she has a lot of trouble trusting other people besides Dusk.


3: Has been adopted by :iconagentchingchong:
Number: 3
Name: Jing
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Personality: Jing is an attention seeker . He can be pretty annoying but inside , he has a heart of gold . When he isn't annoying people , he is either hanging out with his buddies or being a computer nerd .
Knowledge : He is a computer savvy creature . He can figure out almost every problem you have with your computer . He has a computer shop and you can visit him if you want a computer or have a problem with it .
Bell : He often uses his bell to attract attention . You can't stop him from using it . It gets annoying very soon .
Skull : His 'mask' is actually a part of his skeletal figure . He cannot take it off .
History : He is a failed attempt at a genetics laboratory(?) and has been released at a nearby wilderness .
Fears: He is secretly afraid to be left alone without a distraction . It reminds him the time he was in the lab . He is also afraid of mannequins .
Sound : His vocal voice ranges from cawing , snarling , hissing , growling and grunts .
Tail : His tail is very strong and can use it to hold stuff . He also can hang from branches with his tail .
Choice of Moving : He jumps like a deer mostly but he also can sprint like cheetahs .

Drawings: [link]

4: Has been adopted by :iconsleepingpineapple:
Number: 4
Name: Fluine
Age: Something around 1 to 2 in human years? It's hard to tell when they're that fluffy.
Gender: Male
Fliune enjoys contorting himself into odd shapes and trying to fit himself into the smallest spaces possible. As you can imagine, this hobby of his has resulted in many unfortunate injuries on his part, but is also responsible for his extraordinary flexibility.

Luckily for him, Fluine happens to have a girlfriend and constant companion called Fluepa (Floo-eh-pa). Fluepa is in many ways similar to her counterpart. She enjoys the thrill of adventure, and is very easy going creature that is almost always ready to extract him from whatever unfortunate situation and/or crevice Fluine has managed to get himself into. They are almost perfectly suited to each other's needs.

Extra: Fluepa's appearance is similar to Fluine's. The only difference is their stature and coloring. Females tend to be smaller, and their coloring tends towards browns, greens, and some purples, while the males display showier blues, reds, oranges, yellows, and occasionally whites. It is important to note that while the males's crest and stripe are generally a single color, the female's will most usually be a motley assortment of many different ones.


5: Has been adopted by :iconmoxy-the-mysterious:
Name: Telly
Age: 13
Likes: fruit,loves to play games, style, loves to hide, loves candy the most.
Dislikes: hackers, People (mean ones etc) , monsters, trolls.

Drawings: [link]

6: Has been adopted by :iconnarwhalsalad:

Number: 6
Name: Callidora Bell (Calli)
Age: Young adult
Gender: Female
Positive Traits
Calli is always giving gifts to people she cares about. Even when she is poor and has almost nothing to donate, she finds something to give to those who need it most.

Once Calli sets her mind to something, she can do anything. She's done simply outrageous things despite the fact that they seemed nearly impossible.

Calli always thinks of the glass half full and will gladly tell you that everything is going to be okay. Even when chances are slim, she'll always find a reason to smile.

Calli will charge right into danger and ignore all of her fears to make sure that she can do what she needs to.

Negative Traits
Calli doesn't really think things through very well. She often will go ahead with what she's doing and forget to consider the downside of things.

Calli isn't exactly graceful and is always appearing to drop or bump into things. She has a hard time running, too, and will even sometimes trip on herself!

:bulletpurple:Independent (can be considered good or bad)
Calli often doesn't like to listen to what others say and would rather go on her own. She also doesn't like to accept help from others and is a little stubborn.

:bulletpurple:Occupation: Calli is a crafts/accessory maker. She likes to make little bags and jewelry and stuffed animals and things like that.

Background: Calli grew up in a city called Gray. Gray was incredibly drab and dull, and so were the people. Everyone was shades of gray and brown, black and white. There wasn't anywhere fun to go, and there wasn't anything fun to do. One day while taking a walk, Calli discovered a beautiful purple flower. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen! She took it home and went straight to her room. Making sure the flower was still there, she withdrew several pieces of cloth and lay them on the floor. Then, Calli mashed the flower into a nice pulp and colored the cloth. Next, she made the cloth into a beautiful neckband and tried to make it look like the flower.

She proudly wore it to school the next day. Her friends all asked her where she got it, and she told them that she made it. Her classmates all suddenly started asking for beautiful accessories and jewelry, too. So, everyday Calli would go outside and hunt for hours until she found bright flowers to color stones and cloth with. As she grew, her business did, too, and she eventually opened a shop. Now she lives in Science Land and does her work there. She still wears the flower neckband today, but its color has faded a bit.



A: Has been adopted by ~Prince-Ego
B: Has been adopted by ~Randina42
C: Has been adopted by ~CrazehTailsfan
D: Has been adopted by ~CrazehTailsfan
E: Has been adopted by *juleskitty16
F: Has been adopted by *Lavapony
G: Has been adopted by ~aquawolf923
H: Has been adopted by *narixam859
I: Has been adopted by =x-Blacky-x
J: Has been adopted by ~Icepath39
K: Has been adopted by ~spiritseyes
L: Has been adopted by *F0RESTFIRE
M: Has been adopted by ~transformersfan999

And a very special thank you to everyone who drew them :hug:

[link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

and please don't get upset if you don't get the one that you want this time, there will always be plenty more sheets to come ^^

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the F.E.A.R. Rattata. Otherwise known as the "Fucking Evil Annoying Rodent."

EDIT: YES. THIS WAS A TRUE STORY. Look up F.E.A.R. Rattata and see how it's done. It can and has been done.

Pokemon (c) Nindendo
art and Tala (c) *TalaSeba
~vernanonix as himself
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After I made my lion and tiger fakemon I got a lot of requests for a water or ice leopard. So here it is :)

used Sai
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I started learning zbrush on the side several weeks ago. Here are 2 sculpts I've worked on...
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This actually happened to me in SoulSilver. The slippery little bastard.

Visit my website:
to view all of my other comics!
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I was gonna do a garchomp, but this was easier and much funnier. Hopefully DA will let you guys expand the image otherwise I'll have to explain the joke and that really sucks the funny out of it.
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Who should I do next?
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