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I got this concept from watching one of the Riddick Chronicles movies...Pitch Black...and i loved the i came up with an envolved form of the bioraptor species....BioRaptorix..four legged, nocturnal creature that flies and has two tails to whip or kill its prey, claws build for slashing prey...lives in pitch black caves or tunnels...comes only at night....Hope you like!!! :D
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For Ralola's "Draw to Adopt!"

All credit goes to her, she's the mastermind behind this creature, I just gave it a pose.
I thought that her creature might attack in a similar manner to a scorpion, using its tail like this.
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*EDIT* I lost xD Oh well, stilll fun to draw!

Oh glob this took forever.

(/)_.) ummmm
She is suppose to be diving into the night :3
I think it looks.....okay.
But it was really fun to draw C:

Its an entry for:
(You should check out the other entries, they are cool o3o -…

I hope you like it ^^
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so this is a drawing i just did today for my friends adoptable the story behind this creature is that she's the guardian of all moons of every planet in our solar system...she's kind, caring for all beings, and most of them all loving...Hope you like!!! :D
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You guys, I actually won this one X3 mhmhmhmhmhmhmhh
The reason behind this not having a mature filter, is because it is NOT blood guys XD it's stuff mixed from berries and stuff for her to use to trick things into thinking it's blood

My 2nd Entry for :icontaluns:'s contest, which I will submit when I finish the bio.

Name: Banshee
Age: 5-6
Gender: female
Personality: Very shy, but also very curious. Submissive but friendly if she isn't afraid. Can act child-like and playful when comfortable.
History: She gets her name from the long scream-like sound she would emit when started because she had no other defense, as she couldn't change the color of her scales like others of her species. She was born in captivity and was very skittish, so her owner gave her to a man who kept her on his large property to give her space. At night, she saw another like her venture onto her owner's land, and when startled, his scales turned into colors imitating blood.
After this experience, she also wanted the ability to do this, but couldn't, as she didn't have the ability. Being the smart species she was, however, found that she could imitate it by creating a dye with various things she could find in the outskirts of the woods. After discovering this, she began to live more in the woods around the town, as she could better take care of herself.
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Yeah that's pretty much what I thought about doing my final exams in Middle School <XD (or any other tests I had... or have...)

I don't know it's just... whenever I'm in a stressed situation I just want to get hit by a bus, or a meteor to fall right down on me, or get eaten by a shark, or something else just to be free for them :iconstressplz:
I'm probably not the right one to ask for advices doing those situations.... Even though I got some good grades :iconproudplz:
(Except for math..... but it's not like we're best friends anyway so... :iconsnooty-plz:)
And yes! I do use glasses. I've only used them when I was at school, or went to the cinema (because normally I see things like a mole, but as soon I'm using my glasses... everything turns into HD! :iconohmygodplz:)

.....Please tell me I'm not the only one thinking like this :iconcannotunseeplz:

© The-White-Monster
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Name: Kokuhi  
Gender: Male
Sexuality: heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Biological Family: Ornitísquios
Specie : Dragon
Origin: Originally designed by Taluns

Like : To be alone,do fight, rest, hunt.
Dislike : Boring pll, to have a mate.
 Personality :
It is very serious, and often plays the adult, but is gentle and prefers to stay away from those who get in your way or bothers, what do you hate most is the desobedessam, it may lose a life because of it, one sees someone die is not sad, he does not like to make friends.

Story : He is not from this planet, Birthplace Kumulos, a place where every part was a new species of dragons, flying those which are in the earth, and those that live in water, HE is a land dragon, the height of his kind is 50m, he was born as a fighter, was smart and started having powers, knew how to fly without wings one day became interested in this miserable planet, and came here, to see such a creature was terrifying, but I would Kokuhi researching this creature was interested, unfortunately, the human race is so also arrested and have been searching for arcalo put a piece of metal on his back, he could not stand it, became furious, and 'bout what he had learned, went gold for it, and it was the many galaxies and managed to create a new world, created animals, forests, deserts, water, everything, and like all dragon went to live in a cave, surrounded by gold, no one knows where it came from , just know that he was no longer the same.
i hope i can win.......... well i tryed kkk
Draw by me
Adoptable contest :icontaluns: 
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This is my entry for =Taluns contest. Did this all today to make sure that I made the due date because I just started watching her and I didn't know she was having a contest xD; This was for adoptable #2!

But yeah, so this is the adoptable I choose to do.
Name: Biohazard
Gender: Female
Bio: Biohazard lives underground in caves filled with toxic waste from awful acidic runoff water that seeps into the ground. Whenever she is in contact with the toxic waste she is energized and thus the slime oozes from her mouth and eyes, (The black socket-like things running down her face, neck, and tail.) Biohazard cannot stay for long outside of the waste, but does enjoy visiting cities from time to time to spew the toxins onto precious metal objects, such as cars, and certain parts of houses, causing them to corrode in just minutes. She has caused thousands of dollars of damage, which is considered "explainable" by humans, which she finds quite humorous. She lives alone, and doesn't like to be accompanied by others, not to mention the fact that no other animal or species for that matter could survive in the harsh conditions that she thrives in.

I really enjoyed making this character, out of the adoptable provided, and definitely enjoyed making the background! I got my inspiration from Borderlands 2. When I first saw the adoptable, the green ooze instantly made me think of the corrosion weapons that you can obtain in the game that are highly effective against the Hyperion robots. Love it!!
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A little something I did for a contest. :) A participant was to draw the design they were interested in, and this bugger caught my eye right at the beginning.

I absolutely hope to win him, as I've already got plans to use him in some RPs and stories I have, as I do with all the characters I adopt.

So this won't be my only piece to submit of these beauties, I've also taken a liking to a couple more, and I'll be doing more of these lineless works asap. With a little luck, I might be able to score one of each type of these species-- they're just too cool!

Total Time: 10+ Days

Species belongs to =Taluns

A bit of info for this character-- effective only if I win of course:

Name: Serkhan
Age: 8
Gender: Male
Bio: Due to his albinoism, he was a liability to his group and family, only rarely capturing prey to eat due to the fact that he was always so easily seen. This is also the main reason that he was one day captured by an intrepid adventurer, who saw fit to give the Nightmaleon to a family member of his, as a sort of pet. Unwilling to live the life of a dog, but a little reluctant to turn away at the chance of such an easy life, Serkhan, which is a name given to him by his new owners, has to begin adapting to a lifestyle that is entirely foreign to him.
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Should you see my artwork anywhere else than in my gallery, please let me know.

Designed & created by *Taluns [link]

My hand is _aching_. Ahh so many details and awesome things. I'm actually very proud of this picture, being able to reproduce it well and not make the anatomy too wonky even if I'm not yet too used to drawing dragons. I've always wanted to be able to draw them though, so I'm happy to learn.

I don't know what impresses me the most - the fact the original design was done with markers, that someone would just figure out a design like this like "oh no problem" or the fact that it was given away for free. I mean, look at him. Too f**king awesome! :faint: Still at awe for being able to have him.

I know the pose is very similiar to the original, but I needed to get to know the design and anatomy before I could go crazy with it - it is not traced or anything though. No shading because this is a ref and now I'll be able to go back at it and easily see how the markings go.

About his wings; when the wings are not summoned the orb is orange/red. When he summons his typical wings (which are shown here) the orb changes into teal/black. When he is angry the orb gets yellow/red and the wings are burning. The wings themselves - despite their structure - are not feathers. They're something in between leather and paper.

Also despite his size you might not know he is there because he has a skill to mask himself.

Name: Ksireimm
Age: 3200 years [immortal]
Gender: male
Height: 4 metres at withers
Species: dragon (the type is something in between Chinese and European)

He's the kind of silent and still creature, much like the base rock we stand on. No one actually knows exactly what flows through his mind and he's not the one to explain it. He seems to understand and love the universe in a much deeper way any human could understand. You could compare him to a very old, a bit grumpy old man who's seen it all. He is known for his sudden swifts in moods and those are mostly known to follow the paths of big conflicts in the world, like wars and such. He does enjoy company, but only the kind of those with open hearts and minds. His emotions do not usually show through, but when they do they're over the top. His rage will burn everything from before him, his love is almost too much to handle. He is very posessive and in that mindset fairly greedy. He hates those parts of himself and often denies their existence. He is the kind of a creature who can see straight through lies and excuses and doesn't trust too easily. His orb can generate wings that fit into his mood. Most often they're a combination of black and teal, but when he's angry they're burning.

Likes: Peace, those free to understand and open their hearts to secrets too big to understand by ordinary people, seeing the full starlit sky at night, aurora borealis, being true, beautiful creatures
Dislikes: Being close minded, losing what's his, conflicts, losing his temper, revealing his true feelings

Background story:
Ksireimm has been there for thousands of years, following through the evolving of mankind and the destruction it has caused. He was actually born in a land where no man could enter, but it was over time destroyed by dragons all one mightier than the other trying to take the top position and all ending up in lies, backstabbing and it all went down in flames. The night he realized, as a fairly young dragon, that his world as he knew it no longer existed or offered a place to live, he entered to full unknown - the Earth as we know it. Only to see the whole circle going off again, from time to time. But this species was so wide spread and had so many different inviduals that it was able to stay in existence much longer than Ksireimm had anticipated. Ksireimm was the best friend of those that believed in making the world a better place; big thinkers, peaceworkers etc. Not many knew he was there, following up, but he was. He is always searching for the next person to make this world a better place and encourage them, whether they know he is helping them or not. He can sometimes foresee the future from the stars, and gets fairly anxious at cloudy nights. He had many friends over the years and being immortal like he is, he lost them over the years. This made him even more posessive of things that are his, and should he find a way to make someone he cares immortal, he would most likely go for it.
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