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Simplicity and flexibility merged into one Rainmeter skin. Path.
You would also like to check Path visual style for Windows 7

Updates Log

- Fixed bug when date won't change.
- Fixed bug when weather state won't change.
- Fixed typos in Russian language.

- First release


:bulletblue: Weather
:bulletblue: Notes
:bulletblue: Launcher
:bulletblue: Slideshow - horizontal and vertical dimensions
:bulletblue: Clock - normal and mini variants
:bulletblue: Music - normal, mini, and mini with vinyl
:bulletblue: Configurator to customize suit.

Release Notes

-It is highly recommended to choose your audio player for music widget, city for weather widget, and folder or image for slideshow widget right now for propper work of this suite
-Don't forget that to apply changes in editboxes you need to press ENTER.
-If you run Windows 7 or 8 text rendering should be fine. Otherwise download… this Platform Update to enable D2D rendering.


Design - FenGenzus 
Rainfile - Kaelri
Icons - Vlad Cristea
Weather Icons - spovv

All my work is free, but if you like you can donate me
Thanks for everything!
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This is a Rainmeter suite including at the moment slideshow (2 variants that differ in image height) and player (both with drop shadow), time/date/weather, RAM/CPU, and screenshot skins. The buttons advance to the next item for the slideshow and player skins though the player also shows transport controls on hover (the player is very simple - it's purpose is to display cover art nicely and to provide basic transport controls). Left clicking toggles time/date/weather between temp/time and weather description/date and toggles the RAM/CPU skin. Left clicking the button in the bottom left takes a screenshot.

This work is hugely inspired by the wonderful work of tokems [link] and pk1st [link] .
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Elegante Skins 1.0

Font : [link] , [link]
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!!! Sevenbark 2 !!!

Hide Icons

will appear soon:

Recycle Bin
and many more

Visual Style

Taskbar Magic
Install Instructions
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*Possible Font issue - For some, the font Roboto is not loading with the skin. There is a font folder inside the skins directory; FLaTTs-@Resources-Fonts. I've actually deleted all Roboto fonts from my computer, and reinstalled FLaTTs without installing the font and the Roboto font still loads in the widgets, because of the fonts folder included, so I'm not sure what's going on, if anyone is having an issue, try installing the fonts from the Fonts folder I mentioned above. If anyone has a solution to this odd problem, please let me know, I'd appreciate it, thanks.

|| UPDATE 6 || 11/26/2013
This is going to be the final update for the FLaTTs skin.

*FIXED*:  Google calendar widget, the events list no longer extends past the bottom edge, it just shows the first 8 events of the month, though the calender will show all.

*CHANGED*:  The weather widget has been redesigned to more info added.

*NEW*:  Now includes a system stats widget, that includes Core Temp readings ( download Core Temp for free ), a google apps launcher, there's a search input field on it, but I forgot to add the code, so maybe I'll do another update to finish that. Added a favorites launcher, has four sections in it, social, shopping, web links and apps. Also added a small User folders launcher.

|| UPDATE 5 || 10/17/2013
Now with The Three-in-one Notebook widget. Includes note-taking with up to nine note-pages, TodoList with nine tasklists which include up to nine tasks per tasklist and a gmail reader, shows your most current nine emails.

Update 6 will be a big update, it will be coming up within the next two weeks, it's going to include; System Status widget, a google apps widget, an apps & website shortcut launcher and I'm going to redesign the weather and add more weather info.

|| UPDATE 4 || 10/10/2013
Added a dashboard widget, includes a gmail icon that show the count of your new emails, hover over the icon and it will show your latest email in a tooltip. To edit your gmail username and password, right click on the icon. Next is the facebook icon that shows the count of your lastest notifications, up to the last ten, after that it'll show just a "10+", hover over the icon and it shows the latest notification in a tool tip, left click the icon to edit the rss feed for your facebook notifications. The notebook icon for right now is just eye-candy till I finish working on the notebook widget and the recycle icon links to your recycle bin showing the count of items in your bin, left click to open the recycle bin, right click to empty it. :D ENJOY!!

|| UPDATE 3 || 10/2/2013
Added a calendar and Google Calendar widget. If you need help configuring your Google Calendar widget, just leave me a note or comment here. :D

The code that was used for the calendar and Google Calendar was made by moshiAB for his Sphynx rainmeter suite, he was kind enough to let me use it.

Sphynx by moshiAB

|| UPDATE 2 || 09/27/2013
The music player and clock&date widgets have been added. To set your music player, press the little settings button on the upper right corner of the player widget. By clicking on the song title and artist it brings your player; iTunes, Winamp ...etc. to the front. Hovering over the cover the controls popup, such as previous play/pause and next buttons.

|| UPDATE 1 || 09/26/2013
Added the Image RSS Combo widget. Two parts to the widget, there's the rss reader on the right, has 3 different feeds you can use, switch between feeds with the buttons on the bottom. The image feed is from Interfacelift, a feed of the most recent 6 wallpapers added. By clicking on a thumbnail image it places that image in the large preview window, if you hover over the large image, the title will pop up, and if clicking anywhere on the title background it will open your browser to that image on To edit any of the reader feeds, press the diamond rss button in the center of the widget, I don't recommend changing the Image feed, it probably will not work.

New Rainmeter, FLaTTs. Starting with the weather widget first, there's gonna be more widgets to follow, I have it set to where you can redownload this rmskin package and it will keep all your settings when I have updates/added more widgets, so you don't have to go in and change things again. It's just a simple skin no fancy stuff flat as you can see, the design is based from Flattastic UI kit By Ben Moss. Hope you enjoy, there is more to come!
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Welcome to my first Rainmeter Suite! "Edge" is a powerful Rainmeter Suite that focuses on providing multiple User support for your different needs based on location, situation, or Windows machine, while delivering the latest Rainmeter features through a wide variety of skins. Furthermore, "Edge" is designed to provide a very easy environment for theming, making it the only suite that will be able to transform to match *any* Windows Visual Style (more about "Themes" in the future).

Skins included:

  • Actions
  • Chat
  • Clock (Digital/Analog)
  • ColorPicker
  • Date
  • Gmail
  • Google Reader
  • Launcher
  • Music Player
  • Notes
  • Quotes
  • Google Search
  • System
  • Wallpaper
  • Weather
  • Youtube

Rainmeter 2.4 beta r1598 is required. Get it from here.

General Guide

When you install "Edge", the Start skin will be loaded automatically. It is a wizard skin, which will guide you through the necessary steps to use the suite. Creating a User is mandatory. Even if you just want to use "Edge" without all the extra User features, you must create a new User.
Lastly, the wizard prompts you to enter some more variables, and explain how skins work. It will be expanded in the future.

Skin abilities

Most of the skins come with some shared abilities, to create a consistent suite experience. Some of them include:
  • The Edit button: This button launches a GUI which let you easily change User variables. RIGHT click opens the variables file in your default config editor.
  • MIDDLE click: Middle clicking on ANY skin background will close the skin. Personal Preference, so I would like your opinion about that.
  • Hover: Hovering many skins enables some buttons and options that weren't visible before.
  • Scroll wheel: Many skins support scrolling for changing pages and items. Make sure to check that out.

PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE visit the the forum thread, where a FAQ, detailed Instructions and help are waiting for you. Also, consider that this is a stable, but beta release, so there may be problems. Please try to contact me, to get them solved.


There are so many people to thank. I will very soon provide specific links for anything that I've used from the guys below. Please forgive me if I let someone out now, I will add you as soon as I remember you. To the ones I can currently remember :
JSMorley, Kaelri, smurfier, RedK, Pho3niX, Mordasius, Poiru, JoBu, fediafedia, and depicus.
neiio, Gaia '10 team, cooliographistyle, lysy1993lbn, DijaySazon, kiko11, zainadeel, kAtz93 and SolMiler.
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Google now desktop in rainmeter now

- Tweaks for logon screen. Custormize your logon screen at your will.

- 3 in one notebook (gmail, notepad and todo list)

- Special dialogued shutdown option.

- Easily editable variables.

- Additional Wallpapers included.

- Detailed instructions provided.

Credits / thanks to:

My other skins

THANK YOU & ENJOY Love:happybounce:
If u like it Do add as your Fav

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by Bradd9



Clock and date
Weather and Conditions
Music Player


Now comes with separate skins for each feature as well.


This skin comes in four versions, white and black, and with and without music players. The skin uses #SCREENAREAWIDTH# and #SCREENAREAHEIGHT# so the skin should fit everyone's desktop.


Backgrounds within the download.


This website inspired me to make this skin. [link]


Please report bugs


Reddit Link - [link]
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Azor for Rainmeter
by Bradd9


In Action




Clock and date
Music Player
Weather and Conditions


Windows 7 Theme

Tapek by Kiko11




Ethereal by PointVision



Slideshow - Kiichi Chaos



Special thanks to Feedanza for some basic codes from Lighto.






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Android KitKat for Rainmeter 2.0.3

What is KitKat for Rainmeter?
It's exactly what it says! This is a Rainmeter suite designed to look and act like Android 4.4 KitKat as much as possible. And just like its OS counterpart, customization is easier than ever. Best of all, it's like having an Android desktop computer!

Check out the successor to KitKat for Rainmeter, RainDroid! RainDroid is the new name for Lollipop for Rainmeter. Download it here!

- Inverted Gapps DLC (Official)

- None yet

11/19/13 (Nov. 18) 2.0.3
- 2.0.3 released!
- Slightly changed sidebar menu in Google Currents app
11/19/13 (Nov. 18) 2.0.2
- 2.0.2 released!
- Added ability to change weather unit. Change in "Settings > General". It is right under "Weather Location Code".
11/18/13 (Nov. 18) 2.0.1
- 2.0.1 released!
- Modified Welcome screens; should work on 1366x768 now. If not, let me know!
- Changed a tiny bit of things in Settings app.
11/17/13 (Nov. 17) 2.0.0
- 2.0.0 released!

Known Issues
- Welcome Screen should now work on 1366x768.
- If you accidentally locked the screen immediately after installation, the default way to unlock is by clicking the bottom-right dot!

Suite Features
- Status bar with notifications and quick settings
- Navigation bar with button functions
- Built in 'multitasking'
- Brand new dock and apps/widgets drawers
- Android lock screen
- Screen 'turns off' and displays customizable LED notification light at bottom
- 18 new apps
- 28 new widgets
- Paranoid Android-style system recoloring
- KitKat easter egg
- Security options
- Volume rocker with scrolling levels and toggleable mute
- Power button which can lock screen or open power menu
- 'Favorite Apps' function which replicates Recent Apps
- 'Search Now' function which replicates Voice Search
- Conflicting apps cause suite to ask you to make a decision
- Customizable Google Now background- choose from 12 different locations
- Google Now backgrounds change from early morning > afternoon > evening > night

Apps List
- Apollo
- BBC News
- Calculator
- CNet
- Currents
- Engadget
- Flipboard
- Gmail
- Google Now
- Google Play Music
- News and Weather
- Settings
- The Weather Channel
- USA Today
- Yahoo
- YouTube

Widgets List
- Analog Clock
- Apollo
- BBC News
- Digital Clock
- Gmail
- Google Play Music
- Google Search
- News and Weather
- Photo Gallery
- Sticky Note
- The Weather Channel
- Tumblr
- USA Today

Q) Where do I get Rainmeter?
A) Get the latest version here.

Q) How do I install?
A) Download the .RMSKIN file on the right and install!

Q) Why is the download ~106 MB?!
A) The apps use a lot of large image files. I know it is a pain and some people have internet caps. I apologize for this.

Q) What resolutions does this work on?
A) The suite has been designed to be flexible to a minimum of 1366x768. It will look even better on larger screens.

There is a full FAQ included in the download.

System Requirements
- Latest version of Rainmeter
- Windows 7 PREFERRED


Tips & Tricks
- Middle click the Google Search bar to open 'Search Now'.
- You can scroll your mouse wheel to adjust volume level on the volume rocker.
- Middle clicking the "lower volume button" will mute. Middle clicking the "raise volume button" will raise volume to 100.
- Double click the home button to open Task Manager.
- Double click the menu button to open 'Favorite Apps', a play on Android's Recent Apps.
- For the Currents and USA Today apps, move the mouse to the left edge of the screen to open the app's topics menu.

If you find a bug, DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT! Instead, please let me know. The reason is so that people making modified versions will have the same updates as the original.
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