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Similar Deviations
Sorry for blurry photos, I own the worlds worst camera.

I finished her about a week ago, finally got around to uploading her. :heart:
I'm just so proud and, just, oh meh gawd. ;A;
Mein baby. :heart:

Her front paw pads are adorable, one of my favorite things on her.
You can see them here:

Every detail Blue has I included in the plush. Her paw pads, the paint drips, the number "5", the hole in her ear, floppy ear, everything.
And if you can see, I've added freckles to Old Blue's design, so those were included here.

I'm a retard and forgot to stuff her tail before attaching it, but we'll live.

Her nose isn't crooked, I just didn't adjust it right after stuffing her and didn't notice till the pictures were taken, (and we all know how lazy I am with re-taking pictures). I've adjusted it though, so her nose isn't wonky now in rl.

Still some slight changes need to be made with the pattern, but as of now I'm very pleased with it enough to call the pattern I have finished.
After I finish what I have of plush commissions I'll likely open some for this pattern.

Entirly hand sewn.
Made of fleece.
Sits at 8 inches tall, 10 inches if you include her ears.
Stuffed with pollyfill and plastic pellets for weight.
All details were hand stitched on, no glue or paint was used.
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A bit of a sorry gift for a commissioner. XD

For three reasons.
One, taking so long to mail out their plush.
Two, because the plush is now out-dated, since I revised the pattern long ago.
Three, because it was the first time I had embroydered markings on, so it came out super tiny. XD

This plush:

Oh, and, this is my new pony pattern! O: I revised the pattern long ago, I had just yet to 100% compleate a plush using it. XD
There was a free pony pattern going around a while ago that this pattern looks alot like, but that's honestly coincidence.
I would link the pattern, but I belive it got removed or something, since I can't find it. D:

The angle of her butt is weird, which makes it look really thin, and one of the apples got cut off from it, so yeah, that's all just the camera angle. XD

All hand sewn.
Made of fleece.
Stuffed with pollyfill and plastic pellets.
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My half of a trade with :iconpenguln:

Sorry for taking so looong. ;w;
The lineart of this was kinda old, so it's not really what I even draw like anymore. kdjfklsd
Hope you like it thouuuugh! owo

As always, I'm sorry for my wiggidy-wack shading.
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Blue, you ment to try much more on this picture then you did, didn't you?


Yes. owo

Any-hoo, yes, I am lazy.
Which is sad, 'cause I did like this pic. XD

Chey-terd, I drew her face too fat, and eyes too small.
And I all together forgot to shade their eyes.

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I wanted to make a plush on my sewing machine, so I went and made this. :>

I got the better angle of her face, but her eyes are a little too close together. And her muzzle is too small.
Also her butt where her tail comes out of is misshapen, and her belly is too wide.
My back hurts horribly right now, so I didn't bother to position her tail right, sorry!

I was inspired off this here pattern:

'Corse it's my own pattern. I just liked the idea of the ears and the back/top of the head being one peice, I belive it's more sturdy.
I've already edited the pattern more since this plush, so it's now even more different.

She is made of fleece.
Her eyes are layered felt.
She measures 14 inches standing up, including her horn.

She stands up perfectly on her own, like this, as well as flopping down pretty cutely.
Flopped down:
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:iconcrisisangelwolf:'s commission.

The fact that I finally finished this makes me so happy I want to punch someone in the face. :I

I think I redrew this picture about six times.
Three times from computer crashes.
The rest from just not liking how it was coming out.

Some of them only have four fingers on a hand 'cause I referenced a billion pictures and at some angles they really only looked like they had four fingers.
But it's also half on me just not knowing how to draw hands.

But, I'm kinda happy with how this came out, simply 'cause it's a lot different from what I normaly draw.
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:iconbirchwing:'s commission.
Sorry the pose is almost exactly like one of the other chibis. dldfjdsj
Also, sorry about those paws. @w@
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I think I decided on his name.
All I can think for him is Ethen-Allen. (like the furniture line XD) Yes, one name, but he can just go by one or the other.
But then I also really want Dalmer in there. What the heck does he need a last name for, he's just a little fox? But I'm just going to go with Ethan-Allen Dalmer, because I love it, and I just totally see that as him. ;;

In this chibi-chib form he can have up to 9 tails, in the normal feral form he'll normaly have 1, but he can still have up to 9.
And the only difference in the design between the two is that in his chib' form he had the red ear tuffs.

Oops, forgot to blur-ish the stripes on his tail. Oh well~~
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Re-submitted because I forgot to put up the transparent version. XD

Oh look, it's Blue. owo

Soooo, I guess there are now three Blues? The two old ones and this one here. 8C
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:iconflashlighthusky1:'s commission.
She wanted her character, Blue and Fuchsia.


This pic, I'm actually so overly proud of. ;w;
That's my favorite background I've made. :'3
And one of the first backgrounds I've made in nearly 9 months that I like. XD
I think I'm getting back into making decent background. O:

Also, Blue looks like she's missing a leg, that's because in the sketch her leg fit right behind Flash's and it looked normal, now in the finished it just looks like it's missing. XD
I ment to draw a bit of paw sticking out, but forgot, but I hope we'll live without it. ;w;

Shadding is a bit messed up, we'll also have to live with that.
Because like, I can't shade, oh my gawd.

And lastely, Flash doesn't have pupils because I couldn't get them to look right without making her look cross-eyed.
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