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The three plushies I've made using this pattern hangin' together.
Took the photo like two weeks ago, so I've since added a little collar to Blue, which you could see in the "hipster" photo I just uploaded.
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Was just supposed to be bobbing, but I went and animated a bit of her. XD
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Long story short, Miroku as a two tailed cat demon like Kirara, from some story idea I had, (which sounds stupid, but actually had a good plot going), which I'll never make 'cause I'm lazy.

Any-hoo, I wanted to doodle some b/w stuff, so I did.
The first time I made this Paint went and f-ed up on me, (told me it was out of memory then left a giant black box over the pic which I couldn't get rid of and had to restart paint), leaving me with nothing but the sketch.
So then I was like, screw it, and didn't touch it for a month, 'cause the first time I had spent about an hour on it messing with the shadding and it looked really cool.

But I finally got around to re-doing it just now.
Only spent like 5 minutes on it this time, so it's nothing near as good as it was. XD

I'd like to do some comic pages or something with the black and white coloring like this, but now I'm too scared to do a larger project like that because if only a tiny little pic went and messed up Paint, I'm sure a larger one would be a billion times worse.
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Just a pic to show how her front paw pads look.

Full pics of plush:
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Another of :iconbirchwing:'s journal dolls~~
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:iconbirchwing:'s commission.

Reupload because as much as I tried the other one would not update. >w>
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Tried to make sure I got only one picture per person, so I belive this is 230 different people.
However, it's likely I made a mistake if someone switched accounts or something.
Also, some people got left out, I'm sorry. D: I would have added every single person's picture, but this alone took hours to make and I was just done. XD
And, the art rangs from being drawn about three days ago, to being drawn 15 months ago. (I belive /one/ picture might be older, but none others)
Two of these were trades, two were commissions.

I might add more later, but please don't feel bad if you're not here. ;A; (You'll make me feel all guitly XD)
There was just SO MUCH to add and it takes a long time to do this. ;w;

Also, because I'm sure some people will take this that way:
I didn't make this to show off. *eye roll*
I made it just to show all the different styles of people, and sorta say, "Hay, thanks, I see you drew me something and I still love it!"
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:iconkittenthepsycho:'s plush, finished forever ago, already uploaded the pictures, I just needed to add her bangs! X3
Finally shipping her out tomorrow with some other over due what-not. @A@

Don't you love the high quality of my camera? :I
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Because I am a nerd, and had about 15 minutes to run around my room taking pictures, I took pics of all meh Inuyasha shat.

Though I'm sure about 90% of my watchers already knew who my favorite was, I think it would be obviouse seeing just this who my favorite dude is. XD

I've been collecting Inuyasha junk for many years, so it's pretty natural that I have a lot of stuff. XD My Pokemon collection is probably far larger, (as I've spent even MORE years collecting Pokemon stuff), but my Inuyasha swag is still impressive, even compaired to the Pokemon junk.

Okay, so, I guess I shall talk about each number now, you don't really have to read all this, it's for my own enjoyment.
(Dear lord, this is a LOT of freakin' text, but again, it's pretty much all for myself, so no need to read)

1. Three pillows.

2. Two shirts, one with Inuyasha, one with Miroku. The Inuyasha shirt was one of my first Inuyasha items, however I can't remember if it was /the/ first item or not. Before that point though I was always weirdly embarassed to let anyone know how much I loved Inuyasha. At that point I had already obsessed over it for about 3 years, (this was all between 6-7 years ago), and I was so over the top into it that I was afraid people would think I was weird if I gave even a little hint that I liked it. I think only my brother even knew how into it I was at that time. Once I saw the shirt though I had to have it and slowly began to push away my phobia of people knowing I loved it.

3 and 4. Wall scrolls. The one with Inuyasha/Kagome/Miroku is just a fan printed one, it's obviouse from the bad quality. Though you only notice it up close. I adore both those wall scrolls.

5 and 6. Two throws. :heart:
Of corse it was Miroku's face that got messed up in the one shot. >3> I fixed it and took about 5 more pictures, but they were all coming out overly blurry, so I just went with this pic. >w<

7. The front and back view of an Inuyasha jacket. I used to wear this jacket CONSTANTLY. I belive I wore it for a year 1/2 straight at one time. (And we're talking 'bout back when I lived in Phoenix where it got to 120F at times.) The wear greatly shows. One sleeve is horribly torn, there are holes in the pockets, and Inuyasha on the back is rubbed off and cracked pretty bad in spots. When I first saw this jacket, it was one of those HAVE to have things. It was $60 at the time, and I saved for a long time to get it. But once I went to buy it, there was only one left, they had no more in the back, or coming in, and this jacket was a 2XL, so about three sizes larger then I needed. But I needed the jacket, and bought it anways. I would really love if this jacket for more fitting, but it's also kinda fun at times wearing this huge jacket.

I actually don't think I would have made the friends in highschool that I had without this jacket. It was the reason the friend I had made talked to me, since she saw I was into anime too.

8. A pillow case.

9. Three little Kagomes, (the green one is Kagome, it's from a board game I think?), Inuyasha, Kanna, Naraku, and Koga. These are some of the newer things I've gotten, and I only bought them because they came in a set (which was at a very decent price I might add), with one Miroku item that was pretty rare, so I ended up getting all of them. I might end up selling these things, which is why they're still in the packing. I don't display them and they're just kept in a box with a couple other items I plan to sell. I used to hate Koga, but after reading the manga where the Last Act took place, he grew on me a little. I also enjoy Kanna, love Inuyasha, have nothing against Kagome, and even after the show/manga was over I found a way to even not totally dislike Naraku, so it's nothing against the characters, I just don't have any space for these items, small as they may be.

10. These two things also came in the set mentioned above. I love me some Shippo though, so I gladly kept them. The one is obviously a keychain, the other is a magnet. (it's attached to a metal Zelda lunchbox)

11. My little Miroku plush. <3 ;w; Got him at an anime convention so many years ago.

12. More peices that came with the set in 9 and 10. They were on one keychain, just unscrewed the chain from their heads.

13. Only two other items I got after this guy. I was so excited to get him. ;w; I've been trying to get this guy for years, but was not about to pay $50+ on him, so was always looking for him for cheap, and finally got my hands on him and made sure I was not out bid. Got him for very cheap, I was so excited. :heart:

Also, in this pic you can see a few of my Roy Mustangs. XD I have a semi-decent Roy Mustang collection. Though it only has about 7 peices. Also a collection I've had for a few years, though only in the last 6 months have I added more to it.

14. A Kirara plushy! X3

15. My newest item, just came in the mail a few days ago. This one I am beyond excited about. This is a pretty rare item, and normaly can't be bought for cheap, but I got it for so cheap. ;3; I am in love with these damn beads. A simple thing, I know, but I love them. XD

16. A coloring book! I love this book, it's filled with so many nice pictures. And quite a few pictures I've never seen, which I was so excited about. *Mainly for the couple of super cute Miroku pics. X'D*

17. Ani-mangas 1-3 6-9, Inuyasha movies 1-4, one Inuyasha DVD, and Inuyasha Final Act part 1.

18. Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask. I actually LOVE this game. XD I have complaints, sure, but overall, I always have so much fun playing threw the game. The demons pop up WAY too damn much when you're running around, the character's figures are a bit too weird looking, (I only ever have Shippo following me, because the others all look too weird for me), the screen can be kind of annoying, since I prefure cameras that you can controll and not just have one set view. The story really isn't that amazing, and the character you play as I have mixed feelings for. I also don't really like that if you spend all your time with the character of the opposite sex you're character pretty much gets "shipped" with them. And yeah, I really didn't like that honestly.
BUT! I did love spending the time with the characters, getting all the different scenes, and unlocking different clips.

Some people's main complaint about the game was how repetitive the battle clips were, but I have never grown sick of them. I love seeing how the different characters would mix, doing different powers and such.

And the voice actors are all the original voices, so I just love that so much. ;w; I can't wait to buy a little cheap TV to put in my room so I can play this game again.

19. And here you get the extent of my Miroku collection! XD
I plan to get a better picture of this one day, once I have the last three items I really wanna get my hands on. They're pretty cheap items, so it shouldn't be too long till I get them.
One of the Miroku's, (the largest one), he's got one of the wrong hands on, but I've always been too lazy to take it off and replace it. ^^;

Other things you can see in this pic:
Pokemon: Buizel and Pikachu, Hetalia: Germany and Japan, Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp version), Metalocalypse: Toki, FMA: Riza Hawkeye.
And ah, my, the pink things, those look very... odd.
But that's actually the feet of a pretty large Honey's bunny from Ouran Host Club. X'D

Other items I own not shown in pictures:
A Kirara hat. It's packet away and kinda hard to get to, so I didn't bother getting it out.
A bunch of trading cards.
A poster with Inuyasha/Kagome/Sango.
A Miroku bookmark.

Things I used to own but have been lost:
An Inuyasha watch.
A braclet with all the characters on it. Lost that one in Florida years ago.
A Sango figure that went with the Miroku in picture #19. (The larger Miroku) I bought her in a set with a Miroku figure, but both were misplaced, and I presume accidentaly thrown away many years ago. I ended up buying a new Miroku, but didn't get another Sango, because at the time I originally bought them they were always being sold together for the same price now-a-days for just one of them.

And, I should have an Inuyasha cosplay necklace, but there was a mix-up and I ended up being sent some Naruto cosplay thing instead. I have never been into Naruto, so you can imagine I was a little annoyed, but never bothered to correct my order.

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:iconscribblestik:'s journal doll.
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