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A design and ref commission for :iconwwarriorslover:!

I hope everything is fine! :heart:

Fynn (c) Wwarriorslover
Art (c) me~!
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Quick quick quickk reference ahah that lacks anatomy and that headshot literally took a minute just so I could see how her markings looked xDD

*Copy paste description from old ref*
Full name is Calypso but prefers to go by Roxi; a nickname given by her late brother who died in an Iditarod sled race when he was abused by his musher.

Always wears collar, other accesories are optional. Ski goggles and snow hat may be worn together but googles should NEVER be worn with the beret. Her collar is made of %100 deer leather, the buckle is pure silver, and the stones are 24 carat diamonds. She's a purebred Akita and comes from a rich family. Her occupation is a sled dog in Iditarod, Alaska as in part of a sled team. She met Enyoko (wolf mate)while in the middle of a race.

Age- 2 1/2 years
Best Friend- Nutmeg, (they're in the same sled team)
Species: Akita (dog)
Gender: Female
Old ref still has some of her accessories:

Character © Capukat|Me
Art © Capukat|Me
Wacom Bamboo Capture CTH 470
Paint Tool SAI: 30 min
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Species :: Hohle' (who-lay)
Type :: Neuvae
Addiction :: Marijuana

Likes:: Most kinds of music (if not all), Chips, Snacks, sweet lookin' animals, Concerts, Chillin', making friends with everyone, thinking, day dreaming, marijuana, etc.

Dislikes:: Starving, too much commotion, Depressing emo crap, pointless hating, politics, etc.

Personality:: One of the greatest laid back guys you'll ever meet as well as the nicest and easiest to become friends with. He's not the type to debate or ever to get angry and will usually chill and day dream and talk about his ideas. Classic stoner if you will. He loves going with the flow and hanging out with people.

-Random Facts-
-He lives in large apartment with his best friend, Jasper in New York.
-He works at a music store.
-He is in no way a materialist what so ever and will not care if you take his stuff.
-He doesn't smoke Cigarettes, only Pot.
-He goes by Leo, his full name is pronounce 'Lee-oh-nard'

Why yes, he does have a green Mohawk
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Last Update: May 5, 2013
Her rage form (as shown right) is when she's enraged/distressed/out of control

She's a fennec fox.

Other details excluded due to sleepyness
Added later lol!
I might even change her name idk

Character © Capukat|Me
Art © Capukat|Me
Wacom Bamboo Capture CTH 470
Paint Tool SAI: 1 1/2 hours
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Edit: How many times will I edit this before I'm satisfied. I just updated his face style, his hair and took away his horns and earring. I'M PRETTY SATISFIED WITH HIS DESIGN OTHERWISE. not too cluttered.

Edit:: OKAY I WAS ANNOYED BY HIS OLD REF so I cleaned it up a bit and the only thing I changed was make his eyes blue rather then heterochromatic. HEH

I FINALLY finalized this guy's design. he's gone through so many ref redos and changes since I first had him as a kid. he went from being a blue dragon, to a fluffy abomination of many designs and then to a weird satyr goat/canine thing. If I do end up remaking his ref it'll probably just be the over all layout cause this is kinda poop but it gets the job done for now. I waited on making his reference for the very reason that I keep changing him and his gang. Though I've been fond of this guy's design for the past few months.

A little about:: He doesn't remember much of his past at all, just that one day as a kid he woke up in a field as a kid with no memory of who he was or where he was and has been taken care of by a parent figure who he calls 'Aunt Fí' (who also has a some brothers) that he lives with on a farm. Aiden always knew he was obviously different and it often troubles him when he tried to remember who and what he is. When not working on chores and errands, he studies and reads up on history and lore of the world around him. He has not ventured out of the mountains he lives in and has only visited neighboring villages in the mountains on marketing/errand trips. His village is a central rendezvous for travelers and military, so he often spends time visiting with foreigners and military visits to learn more about the world.

Likes:: fOOD, fresh air, breads, Kids, pEOPLE, animals, Magic, training, fighting/sparring, Adrenaline rushes, reading/learning, traveling, meditating, etc.

Dislikes:: Aggression, defensive people, know-it-alls, stuck up people, etc.

Personality:: Aiden is a kind hearted, hard working kid that has a habit of never giving up. He's a fighter and can cause problems with his energetic, athletic behaviour by climbing and jumping on things he shouldn't. He is honest and his heart is always in the best place and often becomes naiive to things when he's overwhelmed with wanting to be nice. So he's pretty much a big pushover when it comes to 'doing the right thing'. Stubborn, wide eyed and adventurous, he absolutely loves learning about new things and seeing the world before his eyes and has the curiosity and wonder of a child most of the time. Most likely you'll always find him smiling and being a goof. He's also fairly bad at opening up a lot of his feelings and showing his weak side, it makes him cocky at times.

-Aiden doesn't know what he is, the closest he can make out is a satyr, and it bugs the ever living crap out of him.
-Aiden has a thing for the Empress.
-Ten-days is his partner in traveling after he saved his life. (well more than anything Ten just won't leave him alone or abandon him)
-Before his travels, he often collected things he bought from merchants and travelers.
-He often practices things he learns in book with magic and with this he learned he's able to control Ten through commands. (he has very little magical capabilities as far as it's known)
-His last name, Ginko, was given to him by his Foster aunt, as it's her family's last name.

That is all I can write off the top of my head. I hOPE it makes sense or whatever.

Aiden, art (c) me~!
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A little bit about:: Grew up in a fairly uppermiddle class family and lives financially well. Grew up fairly like a normal kid and befriended Allen as a kid and they've been best friends since. Liking the same things and basing their opinions off of each other's. He focuses his life on making people, especially Allen, happy. Sacrificing a lot of what he has for those around him. He takes care of Allen and his family treats him like family. He dates many people from when he was 12 and up. He tends to 'fall in love' easily as a kid and as a result, dated a lot of crazies and nymphos only to be broken up on and cheated on. He's an extremely chipper kid and doesn't follow through on making fun of people and doesn't get why people did it when growing up. so he befriended the one kid that didn't have any friends and grew up that way. Allen became friends with a lot more people due to Alex. (GO TEAM) Due to his personality growing up he didn't have a problem with making friends or going out with people, he can't handle drama and tends to avoid any issues that come up not wanting to be a part of it (despite all the shit that's up with Allen) he tends to be more optimistic towards things. After Allen returns from being gone for a few months he ends up getting emancipated after threats from his father and moves in with Alex. Alex was able to graduate from high school and shortly after the two moved into an apartment, maintaining jobs and such and playing in a band with their highschool gang. After Allen got pushed into drugs, Alex became more spiteful and upset and would constantly fight with Allen to the point all contact was usually hate and yelling. Alex became distraught and picked up drinking habits and started to lose interest in Allen and started to womanize or hit on other people, which in turn upset Allen more so. They got into a fist fight where both were being assholes. really they both kinda suck. In Allen's phases of victimizing himself or when the relationship starts to fall apart, Alex tends to -blame- Allen as he has doesn't tend to comprehend the bigger picture, thinking he doesn't really do anything wrong. Later, Allen had succumb to a Heroin overdose, hitting his head and passing out and suffering from head trauma, while Alex was able to call paramedics and save his life. Despite the fact, Alex remained pissed at the boy rather than sympathetic and ended up getting into a fight with Allen's Sister. Allen eventually awoke from his mild coma to have gained Post-traumatic amnesia, which Alex found hard to believe and would say Allen is bullshitting him since he couldn't remember Alex. After getting into more fights with the boy and his sister he eventually cut the ties and ended the relationship realizing nothing will look up and there's not point in trying anymore. The reality eventually sinks in for Alex shortly after and he slumps into depression and becomes consumed in guilt, and other insecurities over take him, etc.etc...

Likes:: Most music of any kind, sunny days, being in love, affection returned, sweets, TV, late nights, INTERNET, playing Bass/Guitar, Singing, Adventures, Video Games, physical contact, CUDDLES, humor, Alcohol, etc.

Dislikes:: KIDS, Drugs, Smell of Cigarettes, Sour things, Snow (irritates him when driving), Stress, Depressing things, Not understanding what's going on, missing concerts, being alone, being ignored, being rejected, being sick, People fighting, bigots, etc.

Personality:: A complete optimist and an over all bundle of happiness, easy to get along with, and you rarely see him mad in his teen years. He tends to annoy people with his constant chatter and hyperactivity but they still love him for being the life of the group. He's very caring and smart as well, he will do anything to go out of his way to help someone in need. A major helpless romantic and very charismatic. Though as years progress, Alex starts becoming more spiteful and apathetic about situations. He hit a low and tends to fight with other people and starts becoming more anti-social because of recent events. He becomes more awkward and isn't quite sure how to handle situations as they come. He's incredibly stubborn and doesn't understand the whole picture of a problem.

-He's a Pansexual.

Ex's in order
-Lydia - 3 months (Cheated and left)
[v Freshman year v]
-Austin - 1 1/2 months (A fling that didn't work out)
-Rip - 1 Weeklol (experimental on Rip's behalf)
-Nichole - 4 months (close friend, nympho, cheated and left.)
[v Sophmore year v]
-Melissa - 5 1/2 months (Close friend, though used her to distract his feelings)
[v Going into Junior year v]
-Allen - Continuous

-HE'S IRISH. His grandparents on his mom's side live in Ireland and they tend to visit on some holidays.
-Born and baptized as a Catholic but isn't as religious anymore.
-His parents are divorced, His father paid for Child support but they don't see each other often beyond holidays.
-His mother is a lawyer.
-He has a little brother that is younger than him by 4 years.
-He has a job as a waitstaff for a bistro, an contrary to allen, He has a car. (allen cannot drive)

OKAY so wow that looks better. CARRY ON,,,,,

updated design and character background

Alex, art (c) me~!
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Okay I finally finished this, phew~

Hope you'll like this, I made this for anyone wanna make Christmas presents to your friends/family or whatsoever to someone if you want to.
Feel special that I made this. :P

Try not to claim that your the plush pattern maker or I will haunt you.....
Just credit me if you will please.~

Its Sold
By the way, the plush that I made in the tutorial is for sale for 50$ include shipping. First comes, first serves.~
That's just the USA cost, other countries would cost more though.
It be the easy way instead of making it, if your willing to buy Lol.~

This is a 6 feet Dragonair plushie I made.

*People that used my tutorial:……………
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Heyy guys! :'D I made adoptables with this lineart too but as for now I thought it'd be nice to also let you guys be able to purchase this if you want ^-^

Only 50 :points:~!

Layers are named for convenience~!

Haha adopts shall pretty much be done by tomorrow? <3 But for now, enjoy~! :heart:

I quite like how this turned out hehe ;D
Hope you guys like this c: If it gets a lot of interest I'll definitely make more in the future ^-^

-Purchase and download the file
-It will be PSD image
-I already pre-colored basic aspects of the image on a separate layer so you can just color over by selecting them and/or coloring over a clipping group. Or you can completely delete that if you want to just start from scratch or add things :'D

-Do not resell or redistribute
-Do not remove my watermark
-Do not claim as your own
-Credit me in your description with either a link back to this drawing or my account
-Feel free to edit it and add things as you wish
-You may use this for profitable (adoptables, etc) or non profitable artwork

Lineart © Capukat|Me
Wacom Bamboo Capture CTH 470
SAI: 45 min
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#1 is a must. I'm serious. Don't even try not to follow that.

The rest you don't HAVE to follow. It's just more like, how I personally do my lineart to make it look nice.

There is nothing wrong with not doing it this way. :> I can find something ugly for my own work, but have no issues with others doing it.
But there is something very wrong not saving as PNG on Paint. Don't save as anything else. I will have major issues with you.
Okay, I guess I have to say this: if you absolutely have to save as jpeg/gif/etc. because something is wrong with your computer, I can deal with that. But don't do it willingly.

Also I hope the last bit didn't sound like I was saying there was anything wrong with thin, more "pixel"-like lineart. I only meant if you're going for that look then line/circle/curve tool doesn't need anything done to it. Otherwise it does.
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I did this in my studio art class for a friend of mine that liked ferrets haha
sorry guys i havent been active lately, for those who are awaiting their raffle prize note me?
like if i get you personally to tell me i will work on it more faster ._. yeah i know its my responsibility to get it done but eh
i have like 3 other things to do for people, like 2 request and 1 commission but i havent gotten to it, i havent gotten to anything with my lazy butt
:bulletblue: If you use please credit me in the description
:bulletblue: you may use for adoptables and anything else
:bulletblue: may NOT be used for commissions

also if you want a paint friendly version dont hesitate to ask!
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