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So sexy
oh yes
I'm taking commissions for shirts for $15 because these are really fun to make.
White only
I can do front and back, and I can do words on it as well.
Note me if interested! ^^

EDIT: I might take point commissions for these at 100 points a dollar~~
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So I've spent many hours on this!!!
This is Ariel my sea Cat :)
I did some tweaking to her original design and I really love how she came out :) Do expect more of her soon :)
Her companion's name is Ebb :)
Shes a single lady as well!
Personality: To be described later
eee :squee: I can't believe I have so much detail in a reff sheet O.O its weird for me but I LOVE this character :) I hope one day to get her a mate!
Sea Cats are a closed species and you can only get one through :iconmwokozii:&:iconxxfatxcatxx:
I was so excited to adopt her :)
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The basic logo for Big Apple Ponycon ([link]). Logo originally conceived by Lissanne Lake; traced, cleaned, vectorised and edited by me.

This one's mostly for letterheads, large banners and the like. A shiny version can be found at [link]

EDIT: Restored the gold skyline.

EDIT: BUY THE PIN! Just $6, goes towards supporting Big Apple Ponycon! They'll cost more at the con, so buy now! [link]
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So I finally had the time to finish this little fellow =)

Yes slushie is now for sale on furbuy!!
go check it out and spread the word: [link]? <<<<<----

Hi there, =)

You are bidding on a brand new, happy go lucky fox partial fursuit -> ( Head, Tail & Handpaws ) That is only worn for photo's and fitting. The suit is now called ''Slushie'' but the name is not set !

This happy fox is looking for a good owner who take good care of him or her!


The head:
- fits a 22 - 23 size head. ** if you have a really large chin the head can be a bit small, if you want more info about that please email me!
- great ventilation via the mouth and eyes!
- static jaw ! ( Jaw does NOT move! )
- flat toony eyes
- great expression

>>>>!! This suit is still GENDERLESS! this means you can decide if you want it to be male or female !!!! <<<<

-4 fingers medium size handpaws. can fit large male hands but can be a bit small by the fingers.
- Fleece yellow pawpads, stuffed for the toony look
- handpaws are wrist length

- hidden belt loop, made out of fur and very sturdy !
- great wiggle / swing
- greatly stuffed with high quality stuffing, so the tail is very soft!

All my stitches are SOWN!

Besides the fursuit you also get:
- Ownership over the character, name and design is yours!
- reference sheet, printed, framed and signed.
- cute bandana
- badges
- and a cute plushie of slushie ! -> This will be made for the winning person of the auction!
Also you receive a discount between the 10 - 50% if you order extra items like: feetpaws, armsleeves & Bodysuit.

- I only accept PAYPAL!
- Payment can be split in a 50/50 way. I do how ever want the FIRST 50% WITH IN 3 DAYS !, the other 50% MUST BE TRANSFERED WITH IN 5 WEEKS ! THE SUIT WILL NOT BE SEND OUT TILL I HAVE RECEIVED THE FULL PAYMENT!
- I ship world wide ! for a shipping quote, please tell me in which country you live.

More photo's of '' slushie '' :

This suit can be turned into a fullsuit, for info about that please contact me =)

Only serious bidders ! if you don't have the funds for it please do not bid.
Read the discerption good please !
If you have any questions please ask!

Happy bidding
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OUTDATED! Updated reference: Capu by Capukat

Capu is my Mascot. (My fursona is Kiaro)

:star: Reminders!

-Haha the only thing I didn't have space (and partially forgot) to add on his ref was that the tuft of hair on his head is a part of his design! :meow:
-And also! These accessories are just general ideas for what he can wear! He can wear just about anything though! But he hates flashy clothes! xD
-Oh and the claws (which are optional) can be black or the brown of his paw pads (which is the same brown as his eyes and nose)

Final Capu! :party:

:la: :dummy:

I always get extremely psyched when I finalize designs~!

I'll do a character development piece sometime-- took me a good year and a half to get him like this! :D
I only ended up getting rid of two markings-- ear and cheek stripes. And then warming his colors more, but yeah!

Oh and I didn't draw the paw print xD It's one of the vector images/shapes provided in Photoshop Elements 8~!

Character © Capukat|Me
Art © Capukat|Me
Wacom Bamboo Capture CTH 470
Paint Tool SAI: 4-5 hours
Text added in Adobe Photoshop CS2
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Monster concept design for *Flameshade2's GAME ;O; this is the first one, a strong-looking boss creature in a jungle setting. [i was actually given the decision between a jungle setting or desert setting... how fun.] and please say if you would like things about the design changed. =D

this is the game that they are currently developing: go check it out! =)

since this is game development art, i removed the "effects" [including my signature] of a small character drawing but i can always add them in easily if you want them. =) I also made the resolution double the size of a normal small character drawing for use.

one last thing i can do, is i can remove this from deviantART entirely if you would like to keep the business between us, and i can email you this and your second commission.

thank you so much for this exciting commission! :la:

Commissions are still open... if you're reading this, watchers xD

oh! and one more thing. if you have any tips on character design and how i could improve i would really love to hear them.
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Robot [erhhh robot monster =D] design for *Flameshade2's game! Please go check it out, looks like a neat project!

again if you would like any changes to the design please let me know!

Thank you for commissioning me!

Other followers, commissions are still open if you would like something like this.
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Hi all,

Her is a little WIP what has kept me busy for quite some time now :D
Geo the wolf is almost done :) He only need to add the back and the neck and add the nose ( the nose is lose and pinned in place)

Geo will be a full body fursuit. I already have finished the handpaws and tail and I'm working on the body :D
He will be debuted on Eurofurence 19!

so when you see geo give him some hugs! :D

Fursuit made (c) FurryFursuitMaker
Geo (c) Geo the Wolf

I'm NOT open for commissions! I'm planning to be open again in august, but feel free to contact me for a quote :D
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Latios has mostly the same body shape as Latias, which is highly aerodynamic and shaped like a jet-airplane. However, he has a larger build and is heavier than his counterpart. His lower body is blue instead of red and features the same triangle-shaped marking that Latias has, only red. The rest of Latios's body is gray instead of white. Latios has flatter ears and narrower eyes than Latias. The gray spot in the middle of Latios's blue face is shaped like a tear-drop. Latios also has ridge-shaped features on his rear, which may either be rudimentary feet or tails or some sort, which differs in shape to Latias's. Like Latias, Latios's forelimbs can be tucked into his body in order to reduce air-resistance when in flight, increasing his aerodynamic properties.

Latias is a bird-like dragon Pokémon. She has a highly aerodynamic body, with the shape of a jet airplane, which lets her fly at topflight speeds. The lower half of her body is red with jet-plane wings and stubby feet. Latias has a blue triangle-shaped ring on her chest. Latias's white and red arms can be tucked into her body in order to reduce air-resistance when in flight, further increasing her aerodynamics. The upper-half of Latias's body is white. She has triangle-shaped ears and a red face with a white pentagon in the middle.
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I've been meaning to make this tutorial for a while!

This is how I make fursuit eyes. There really isn't a wrong way to do things as long as it looks good, is durable, and provides good vision though, so don't take this as an end-all, be-all method. Experimenting is half the fun of making costumes!

Hopefully the infographic provides enough explanation, but if you have any questions, definitely feel free to ask.

Here are some places to get the supplies needed for these:
• Buckram (paintable fine mesh fabric): [link]
Never bought from this store, but it looks good.
• Plastic sheets: [link]
I have bought from here and I can vouch for the quality. .03-.04 thickness is what I prefer, any thinner and it warps with the heat from the hot glue. Any thicker and it start becoming really hard to cut.
• Suede for eyelids: [link]
My secret to this? Swatches. Buy whatever fur you need for the costume and grab a swatch of the suede you want for the eyelids for a nominal fee. Their swatches are plenty large to get a pair of eyelids from. :3

The acrylic paint can be bought at any craft store, you don't have to go expensive with this. Same with paint pens.
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