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Original by ~nekokyuuketsuki: [link]

Oh my lawd, I actually finished this! O:
I started this liiiike... 9 or 10 months ago, then just stopped working on it, because I figured there was no way I was going to finish it.
Then about 3-4 months ago I started it up again, and here we are, finally finished! XD

I had to dig threw so many old Neopets accounts to fill in 100 characters, but I did it.
And actually, I still have many-many more old characters I could have added. I belive I still had around 30 (at the very least), that couldn't be fit in.

Characters without names were either never given names, or were given names but I dropped the name and never thought of a new one.

You may notice a few have the same names, that's just by chance.
Some character's names are shortened and that's why their name is the same as another. Like Ashnith and Ashley, (42 and 50), both their names are shortened to Ash.

I basically just slapped the characters on there as fast as I could, so a few are overly ugly. ;w; Like Ash (50), oh my god, she looks horrible. XD I haven't drawn her in many years, and never in color, so she looks strange.

Ignore that white line near 37. >A>

Aaaaand... I guess most of my human characters like hoodies? XD

And most of my characters are male. XD I've never liked female characters all that much.

A few characters had to be given re-designs (still making sure to look pretty much like their old designes), just to be good enough to show to the world without everyones' eyes dying of ugly.

91 and 92 actually used to be Miroku's brother and sister.
And 20, 24, and 96 were his kids at one point. But 20/24 have been given totally different designes and are no longer related to him. XD

FFFFFFFF, also, on the very last part where it says "Now tag some poor souls" I had writen "NO" in red, and only just now noticed that it is now gone. 8C Oh well.

So, yes.
Here this is.
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Here are my new mascot guys <3
The one on the left is Nero, he is the eldest brother. Then the one on the right is Suni, he is the youngest.
I will have single refs of them up soon, where all there information will be on <3

But omg yeah, I am so happy with how the chibis turned out as well as the colouring as well <3
This is also my new ID as well ; w ;

I also hope you like my new Mascots <3

Nero and suni [c] moi
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An ID. o3o
She looks so angst.
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8. Would have been nice to keep this confidence up.
Sometimes I'd actually dress as a girl back in these days. But then my mom could still dress me. I was also way skinny, and friends with everyone. No trace of social awkwardness. (That I can remember) My hair was a lot lighter when I was a child, it sort of darkened with age? But not that much, it's still a light brown. Always and forever a tom-boy. Huge fucking brat. Stuffed animals were the shit, bro. <3

12. What the fuck am I even doing? (started age 10)
Once 5th grade came I somehow no longer knew how to interact with human beings. (Probably on account of changing schools)
And I just became more awkward as time went by. This year I also gained a bunch of weight and, ehh... I was also hell-a violent at home. Very mouthy, and around this age is when depression hit me. Also, jackets were cool.

15. It's not a faze mom! (Started age 14)
I was like some sort of semi-goth. I finally got a dog and that really helped change me for the better. I got a lot less violent at home, pretty cool man. (Not that I entirely got better) My depression fluctuated something terrible in these years, but again, I had a dog and I think she really helped from anything too bad happening. Let's see.. Ah yeah, I also believe I was better then everyone at this time. Like, holy shit did I believe myself to be superior. But I also had some really bad self hatred. So "I'm better then everyone, but I'm also the worst person to exist ever." Social awkwardness just got worse. Didn't help that I dressed like a weird-o, nor that I looked 13 all thru my high school years. I had loud, kind of annoying opinions at this time. This stage literally lasted from when I entered high school, till a few months after I left.

18. Everything is cool bro.
Plaid and dressing in layers is the shit man. And I decided how I used to dress was really fucking weird and I hated everyone who dressed like that because they were attention seekers. Thru this stage of my life I eventually did NOT think like that, but at least from the initial start I did. After high school I stopped thinking I was better then everyone, and just stuck to believing I was a piece of shit and everyone else was better then me. (: Lost some weight, that was cool. Depression would come and go, but it was pretty controlled at this point. Social awkwardness was realized to be full on social anxiety, and that just keeps getting worse even to this day. :I (My hair was actually longer then shown here. :U Nearly to my booty) Sometimes I would still have those loud annoying opinions, but by the time I was 20 was when I REALLY became the "everything is cool bro" person. Accepting whatever and whoever. I could still have opinions, but so could everyone else.

22. I'm one sexy man-women.
Still basically the same as the 18 stage, (Ehh, not that I act like 18 year old me, but I still dress like that, and a lot of what I think of myself has stayed the same) I think I've gained a bit more confidence from my lack of hair. Also dressing fancy as fuck is nice. Finally decided even if I'm a girl I can embrace my manly-ness as much as I damn well please. It's not like I enjoy being a women anyways. lol

Ps. Stuffed animals are still the shit, bro. <3

Finished this as fast as I could, need to get all my personal pics out of the way so I can start focusing on commissions. uwu
(I'm not 22 yet, but screw you only 5 more days till I am)

Now that I AM 22 I can get rid of that.
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Whooo! Lineart! owo

But here we have this.
Use it on ref. sheets or for adoptables, or whatever.
Use it once, use it a thousand times, it's all good.

Do not remove the little signature thing.
You can move it, or re-write it, but keep it there please! >w<

Yes, you may submit the colored version to your gallery.
Yes, if you make adoptables the buyer may submit it to their gallery.

Lol, people, you don't HAVE to buy anything. If you really believe 40 points is a lot it's not my issue, honestly. Save your points for something you DO find worth it and ignore this.
Again, you don't have to buy jack shat. Don't like the price, fine, don't buy it? But I'm not going to put this up for like, 10 points and only be making $0.08 off it. :I
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Blank by :iconluunan:

This was a lot of fun to make. :'3
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:iconpaintset: has right for first pick and she may take 2 ponies instead of 1.
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Template :iconnaitecoffee:
Flag :iconsomadjinn:
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This was made a year ago. 8D I have taken literally a year to finish the coloring. Wow.

Okay, so, I no longer want these to JUST be about asking me/Blue questions. They will still be called Ask Blue, because it's got a nice ring to it, but I would really love if they were not only ask me/Blue, but ask any of my OCS. Got a question for Jasper? Just ask. Or what about another OC of mine that you really want to know something about? Just ask!

Also, ehh, this is a weird request, but could question directed at Blue refer to them as a guy/genderless from now on? He/him, or they/them pronouns? That way I can use my male sona, or the older Blues. :>


I will not answer questions that to answer I'd have to draw your character. I'm sorry, but I wont do it.


Please remember: I get normally 100 questions for each of the Ask Blues that I post. I can't possibly draw them all. If I don't answer your question, don't feel bad! I might have asked it on a previous Ask Blue, or I simply couldn't get it in. If I don't answer your question, feel free to ask it again on the next Ask Blue. ^^
(Seriously though, check first to see if I answered it in a different Ask Blue before repeating the question)
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