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Hi :wave:

:star: Inspiration

For `JunkbyJen's annual think pink v contest here [link]

Category: Photomanipulation

It's about hope. The light of hope in the shade of darkness. It exists, we just need to put our belief in it :pray:

:star: Stock used
Model: ~SheisprettyStock
BG: *Domi-nica
Pigeon: [link]
Light: ~redheadstock

NOTE: Watermark does not appear on finished prints. My work is copyright Mohd Rosli (aka =moroka323/=moroka). All rights reserved. My work may not be reproduced or republished, in any way, manner or form without my written permission. My work does not belong to public domain.
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Lena from Beautiful Creatures. The dark version. Hope you like.

Model photo of Lena provided by the Beautiful Creatures contest: ~[link]
Lightning brushes by kingskully: ~[link]
Smoke brushes by JavierZhX. Here's the link to brushes: ~[link]
Tree brushes by redheadstock. Here's the link to brushes: ~[link]
Cracks on skin brushes by redhead stock. Here's the link to brushes: ~[link]
Forest background free from Link to website: ~[link]
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,Edit Now the judging is over I got to work on this a lot more and with all the critiques given in mind and the sense of wanting it to be really 'me', with a lot more painting, adding of objects and the nitty-gritty details I love so much this work has been 'revamped'.

So now we also have "Cats in hats with goldfish 'bling', tiger mice and tiger parrots, sofas with paws and women with claws, the invention of 'Strapples' and flowers I adore."

Anyway I hope you like this one :D

Inspired by my own little ball of fur who likes to act like there's a big cat inside her, but actually surviving in the wild is not her style .... really she's the 'Lady of the Manor'. The over all look was Rococo/Baroque pin-up fantasy inspired with some Japanese style mixed in.

Photo manipulated with much digital painting.

My own face and body parts used as well as a reference for painting the body pose.

PS: Strawberry milk goes off really quickly - so drink up straight away if your a fan. ;)

Many of my Own photo's used and
Stocks used from:

Cushion on the chaise lounge:

Body pose reference for painting courtesy of:

Used in the back wall with full copyright access from wikipedia commons:

Extra resources used, thanks to:
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My entry to Wacom Dreams Contest!!

What does this mean?
This work represents the dream of freedom, the yearning to know the world without fear of storms and challenges that may arise.


Female Model - ~moonchild-lj-stock
Cliff - ~Momotte2stocks
Clouds - ~meihua-stock
Tombstone - =Fairiegoodmother
Star brushes - =kuschelirmel-stock
Shackle -


All the clubs displayed in my journal, have my permission to submit this work on their galleries

The work contained in my gallery is copyrighted ©2004-2009 Alessandro Santos.
All rights reserved. My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission

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Yeah, need to practice with Photoshop a little more before the next DA contest.
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Together by blood and love,
That evil is united with the good,
and the good with the evil
Both have their purposes,
Opposites of one another, but always united in the balance,
Depends on the good of evil to exist,
How the bad depends on the good to exist,
Between the two there is a difference that seems to separate
But the reason and the reality and keeps them together,
both dance within the lives of mortals,
Those mortal that can sin, save,
And die depending on his actions ...

. By Hector Zepeda

This is my entry for Good and evil contest!!
and its i think for now, my most elaborated and detailed work until now. i spend like a week working hard on this work, and i really like how it ends.

My interpretation of the theme its that good and evil really dont exist, and depends of the subject, people cant notice good things without evil things, so they needs each other to survive.


The guy its evil the girl its good: its obvious, usually a male figure its asociated with the violent impulses and brutal strong, instead the women its more asociated with patience and love.

they both represent human concience, deciding what act to do... to go to the plenity of the medows or go trough the darkness in the forest, good and bad acts, that in the end will have their consecuences.

in the fact that they both, cant exist without each other, i painted them with like a wedding clothes, like a team instead of being enemys.

I choose the color purple for the theme, cause in a very dark tone can be horrorific and sad, and in a very light tone can be cute and clean!, for me goes great with the theme!

the symbol on the horse (The Sun and Moon united) means the union of the oposites... good and evil, male and female, love and hate, like part of the human being.

I hope you all likes it!

AND FAV PLEASE!! O__O, if you fave it i have more chances to wining!!, pleasee!! T_T!!, i put a lot of effort into this!!.

FEATURES AND Promotions are apreciated too!
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Copyright© Cindy Grundsten 2009
changing, tubing, cropping, or use my work for other reasons is not allowed. Respect this!

________________________________________ ____

I'll try to explain one of my dream despite my poor English.

My dream is that people will respect all life. I am thinking in particular of all the animals here on earth.
Many, many animals suffer tremendously because of the human. Why?

When I see a spider climbing up my wall on the balcony, I say ..... hallo little guy, how are you today? Yes I do. Because I love animal, and they have all my respect. Eaven a little spider.

And that's exactly what I want to say in my picture ..... the little mermaid who see the beautiful, cute little seal and say: Hello little guy, how are you today?

I have taught my children to always protect and be kind to animals. And they have understood the message.

My dream is that people and our beautiful animals could live side by side. That people will respect the animals value and the right to life.

That the animals will escape being killed because of human ego. For what?? How dumb are people really ...?????

Our animals are a blessing. (Your love ones can let you down ....... but your dog never do ....) :no:

Stock used

Girl [link]
Seal [link]
Part of backround [link]
Part of backround 2 [link]
fish texture [link]
Fish texture 2 [link]
Fishing net [link]

Rest from Melgama store and

Thank you so very much for watch :glomp::heart:
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Only the light can guide you to the dark

This is my entry for the Beautiful Creatures contest. I choose to portray Lena as dark :)

Thank you!
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girl - [link]
The owner of this image allows for free use.
temple (background) - [link]
The owner of this image allows for free use.
Photos of the tiger, hours and pineapple are taken from stock of contest (Fotolia).
sky - [link] (Fotolia)
The remaining original pictures are my property.
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