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Mas bien esto es para una amiga del facebook en la que hicimos un ArtTrade, ni puta idea si tiene Facebook c:

Female Char :…

Male Char :…

Art by :iconjisthefox:
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Well I finally got a Halloween Picture down.  Wasn't too shabby with the effects as you can see. Better put them sunglasses on.
Here's the speedpaint which is rendered and stuff in program called Premiere Pro, for the first time. Have fun watching disaster:…

I will never break the halloween tradition of skulls everywhere. Never.
Besides..Some person liked last years picture I did and wanted an 'updated' version of that with more stuff in it, and use it for some Halloween Party invite whatever. Sooo yeah, hence the..Look-a-likes from last year's.
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Submitted on FA first~

My Roz <3
Short bio/about

Rozwell is not her real name, but one given to her.
Her real name remains a secret to even the people closest to her.

Abnormally light for her size and physique. This is due to her bones being hollow, among other things.
The weight calculation is based off the Unenlagia Dinosaur. This was used a a base, not a guide.

Her eye 'glow' is caused by excess energy/mana that her body cannot hold, and is slowly releasing itself, giving off a (slightly eerie) grace about her.
This glow varies in intensity during emotional throws, from a dim light, to an intense 'white hot' blue.

She normally wears a very stoic expression and is likewise in attitude.
To see a large show of emotion means something is very good or very wrong.

She is extremely possessive of the things/people she calls her own. She will let no one else touch 'her things'.

Has always been very antisocial and prefers to spend most of her time alone in thought, or clinging to the few loved ones she has.
She is not good in public places or large crowds. She gets nervous and begins to unconsciously cling to/hide behind the person she is with at the time.

She has always preferred not to speak as her voice is 'unnatural' to most, and uses telepathy to communicate on the rare occasion she feels like having a conversation, though hearing a dual-tone voice echoing through your mind might not be the better of the two.
She does like to sing in private.

Voice is nearly matched in this song ~> [link]
This song is also quite a lovely match for her if I were to choose a 'theme'.

She has an obsession with fruit. She will eat nearly any given to her.
This sometimes has a 'drunken' effect upon eating too much or eating certain kinds. This state is more like a trance that wears off in time depending on how much she has ingested.
Her favorites are tart berry like fruits.

More will come later~

Art and character are mine, do not use/edit/redistribute without permission! Thanks <3
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Concept art of Afoid and Hogger for m-muh story.
As you can see, they look more antro. Which is on purpose because the story that I'm writing is truly my own and should not have any references from any other universe. (As you may have already read in my previous journals.) kihi.

So what I'm doing now is scribble around until I'm satisfied.
It's pretty hard for Hogger to decide what he'll look. Considering I need him to be as less Sonic style'd as possible. I know anyone would give their characters clothing at this point, which is an obvious thing to do mostly. But the problem here is that Afoid is supposed to be tru half human, half hedgehog. Thus he is in need to wear clothing inb4 nakedness. Meaning that the rest of the furry characters (Not including the females) Should be naked. Most of the time at least. So I'm kinda stuck what to do.

Again, it's just concept rough-scribbling around. anything could change.
If anyone has any ideas on what I might do for ol' Hogger to cover up his 'sonic aspect' ness, throw it at me. I thought about a belt, some kind of shirt, stuff like that. I'll scribble with that some more.

ALSO, Note that Hogger will not look like this in general. He'll still have his Sonicy-aspects mixed with Anthroness. ...Probably. We'll see.

Afoid didn't change that much. Hey looks as bisexual as ever

If anyone has any questionaises about the story/characters. Post em here I guess.
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Gift for :iconmoldovorot:
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Happi new yeer. Counting down from last year and burst into the new one with lots of wine.  
Hope everyone had a great year n' lets see what what'll come next!~

Afoid looks like a chinchilla. 

now drink, damn it.

:edit: Wasn't too fond with some details here and there, so I ajusted it.

:bulletred: character & art - SpyxedDemon
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Since it has been so long since I uploaded some art, I figured I should at least up load this. Normally I don't upload anything from my books, but there are a few of you that seem to be interested in my dragons.

Anyway here is Toe`ku, Getting his infant apprentice used to eating solid food, as he watches the smelting furnace during the night. But I think the little guy much prefers to play. I like this concept that a large old dragon is interacting with a young tiny dragon. Such strong and powerful arms, but instead of labor or destruction, provides care and protection. This apprentice will always be safe as long as his master is around.

Hope you all enjoy and appreciate the meaning of this piece. And hopefully one day the book can be published.
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Okay, here. Now happy? lol jk lol 11!

But seriously, how many times did I change Spyx by now? Yeah, I know. Hogger's been the same here and there, just a few minor changes.

Aaaanyway, I'm planning to somewhat team these three up doing random things. I'm not exactly sure for what yet. Since Lycan's kind of became another main-side character thing, I wanted to do something fun with all three. AND NO, I'M NOT DUMPING AFOID. D-don't worry. The fuzzy asshole will still be around.
It's just that Spyx and Hogzyy don't seem to be very happy about it. : ) Don't be so mean, guys. Give him a break.

Expect sum more Hogger stuff again after a long time. I guess.

Hogger wears his scarf

:bulletblack: Art n fictionaldonuts(c)SpyxedDemon
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Is it wrong to find him completely and utterly attractive?

If it is... I don't care. ^^

Anyway, I got a request from :iconfindinginsanity: to draw her OC, Regigigas ([link]) and I was immediately inspired!

Thanks so much for requesting me, FindingInsanity! I love your character's design and had a blast drawing him up~~ I was especially careful when inking him because it took me so long to get the sketch, I was terrified of ruining him too...

I hope I did alright, thanks again~~ :happybounce:


His design belongs to: :iconfindinginsanity:

Regigigas the pokemon belongs to... pokemon.

Art belongs to me: :iconprushia:


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My first saucy sketch c;
I asked Vulpessentia for a saucy idea
he said to Draw BBQ >->

had to be censored even though it wasnt really showing anything, thats just how dA is… for an even saucier/uncensored version

p.s. if you dont like this kind of stuff...well turn back.
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