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It was about time to do something different than photographing just fursuits. While I was cleaning two costumes I threw one tail on top of the other and suddenly I saw a nice photo forming. Here is the result!

Pink Tail is part of "Pinky"
White Tail is part of "TranceCat"
Photography by
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Don't be shocked but! She's a fursona of sorts.
A more & very personal fursona. Winter has never not been me but she's been that outside portrayal of myself.
Lucid is both. And I put a lot of thought into her and while I've always felt something was missing with Winter, it's really because I made her when I was like late 12 early 13 and really at that point in my life, it doesn't surprise me I didn't know too much about myself yet xD

A lot of things can happen and change in 2 years and please once again, Winter is STILL my fursona, but I don't really see Lucid as a more main fursona.

But more so of a direct representation of me. Although her design is simple, she's still far more complex then at face value and I do not expect anyone to draw her and get her personality spot on whereas Winter is far easier to achieve with that :)

I'm a fairly confusing person once you really get to know me, I'd think, but this is me~!

Anywho, also a few other differences, she will be my age and age along with me-- how fun!

Some bio things, Keep in mind the reminders on her reference
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 17
Species: Artic Wolf
Accessory: Can really wear a variety of things, but her noose is her most commonly worn one. Though it is NOT mandatory, it's not usually off.
Height: 28 inches feet (shoulder)
Weight: 90 lb
Length: 60 inches
Traits: At the moment (since she's me in the present, her traits and such will change Cx) she's very withdrawn to unfamiliar surroundings and people but open to those she knows. Often thinking for long periods of time, her confused state of mind and appearance fools many though she is alert and observant in nature.

That's all I have for now ^-^

Character © Capukat|Me
Art © Capukat|Me
Wacom Bamboo Capture CTH 470
Paint Tool SAI: 1 hour
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Edit: Is anyone else having trouble with the dA submission system? It is glitching all over the place for me :/

Tattoo design commission for :iconchthonickhonri: of a fox and a wolf.

Edit These are the commissioners personal characters that are very dear to her. Please avoid any references to the game Okami. Not all wolves with red markings are Amaterasu. Thank you :)

Sorry for the watermarks, but they are to protect both myself and the client. This tattoo is ONLY to be used by the commissioner.

Thank you :D

If you would like your own design, I offer custom commissions.
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I'm feeling extortionately lazy this Christmas Eve, so in lieu of a description written by myself I'm just copying what Ren wrote on tumblr:


spanning 25 tracks (+intro track) and featuring some of the COOLEST ART I’VE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE OF PUTTING ON A RELEASE (illustrated by squeedge), this is the BIGGEST ON TRAX release yet. 24 tracks including brand new unheard tunes, the past three months of free singles, and remastered classics dating back to 2009 make up this ENORMOUS disc. to top it all off, the 25th track is an 18 minute minimix of some of my personal favorite works from 2012.

the collection comes with an alternate cover and four wallpapers, and the entire thing is one big NAME YOUR PRICE package. $0? NO PROBLEM. $100,000? PROBABLY NO PROBLEM. whatever YOU see fit. cash-dolla-money support is SUPER DUPER APPRECIATED if you can spare it! ♥


This is an alternate "cover" made for the purpose of showing off the art, so I think I'm putting this in the right category.

Drawn in Paint Tool SAI
All editing and type done by ~queenston
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Another tattoo design...more practice practice practice.

I love the concept of Yin and Yang. Balance, Unity, Harmony

If you are interested in a commission you can send me a note.
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Or in other words a journal skin without any coding xD

A commission for ~ary! Which I totally overworked over but I needed to try out the new shading and I just needed to make it perfect :)
And this ( pet and character is just so gorgeous :heart:

But haha enjoy! I'm definitely going to be using this shading more often! Very time consuming and tedious but it'll be available for commissions next time around :D

I also improved upon my sketches and lineart and in general everything so I'm very pleased with the outcome :3 <3

Hope you like it! Enjoy ^-^

~~Oh and I have an official logo now! Finalized and will be the base design for all logos/etc and future updates haha! (the little guy in the corner there)
|Other works by me|

Transparent chat pose version:

Character © ary
Art © Capukat|Me
Wacom Bamboo Capture CTH 470
Paint Tool SAI: 5-6 hours
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I ended up making a Conbadge for :iconmystikmeep:'s suit for rainfurrest coming up!


Dymitri =MystikMeep
Art =Ten-Days-Till-Sunday

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It has been one HELLAVA week for me so far,... 6__9; I shan't go into the details, but lets just say there been alot on, in like.. every aspect of life, and some of it less fun~ :'C
BUT!! -That iz not why your here checking this poster out!

The poster is faaaaairly self-explanatory, but here's the details again written for y'all~

This gathering, being outdoors, is subject to WEATHER what moves ALL ON ITS OWN, (just like the Ever Free forest!) so dress appropriately if it's cold, warm etc.
*unless there is a MASSIVE storm going to brew on the actual day, it'll still go ahead whatever comes~

-Open Invite! *Bring yaself and your whole crew if you like, it's all good!
Not that it needs saying at all, but Humans, Furries, Bronies, Cosplayers, Robots, Geeks, Nerds, Students and the Unemployed (me not to long ago) are Totally good to come along and join us for the day if you can get there!
(Mingle, meet new people, or bring a friend, iz all good! just be nice to other attendees too please!)

-No RSVPing required, though letting me know passively if your planning on making a show, how many you'll have with, (so I can make a rough gauge of making good on bread accompaniments!) would be appreciated. :'3 Plan to be real cruise-y.

:bulletblue:Date & Time: Saturday 6th of October, 2012. For a 11:59am start,(yeeeeeeahp I'M FUNNY. |'D) but will run for the better part of the day
:bulletpurple:Venue: E E Gunn Reserve, Ormond, Victoria (in the BBQ area, next to the stand-pavilion~)
-The venue is a Public Park, so the event will be a non-alcoholic one!
-There is ample free parking from the Woodville Avenue road entry to the park, as well as on gravel of the Foch Street side.
-Weather permitting, if you would like to suit/costume it up, that's all good! Though arriving in normal park knock'about treads is a good idea additionally, as we may have ball-games and be there for a while. (There are two large public toilet with room enough to change in then on site.)

:bulletgreen:FRISBEES, BALLS & other fun stuff welcome also! *If you end up bringing Nerf Stuff, I'd ask you be careful not to lose dart around the place, and don't be that jerk that shoots people who aren't part of our group, don't want to be shot. (just play it nice, yo)
:bulletgreen:DRAWING/ART & CRAFT GEAR it completely welcome~!
Heck, you wanna do the whole 'artist playing games, draw trades or sell prints' to anyone wanting to buy them there, go nuts! There is a large under-cover steps stand that will be good shade/sitting for that.
:bulletgreen:CONVENTION BADGES will aid others in identifying you, if you wish to bring/where them, (I might bring a stack of blank sticker so people can NAME TAG it up all AA style if they want too~ :heart: |'3

:bulletred:BYO: Meat (and other food/veggie burgers etc are alllllllll kule) for BBQ'ing, If you wanna bring sandwiches/salads/breads/sauces etcccc feel absolutely free! (and please don't pester anyone else to feed you! You are your own responsibility, take care of yourself, be nice do not litter up the place! RAR! X'B)
*If you have certain dietary restrictions, please be aware to take care of your own food prep and basically look after yourself!

:buletpink:Cakes/Gifts/Birfday Artz etcccc you wanna bestow upon either Carni or Kradden-Blum will not go unloved upon!:love: but not mandatory, just come along and have fun n meatzie goodness!!


Poster inked with an 0.5 + 1.0, Bacon-Barfy Carni line-artz by ~DrDubyu, coloured/text/arranged in both Open Canvas & PaintShopPro7

Kraden ~Kraden
DrDubz ~DrDubyu
Carni + partial ARTzwork by Erika Vasos, Sept 2012
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An animation in which Zoroark transforms into the 3 legendary beats, as seen in Pokemon: Master of Illusions: Zoroark.

I take requests! I can do moar, such as splices, recolors, neons, infernoes, and moar! Just contact me.
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This is a commission for ~Alphaheart of her Character Jack.
I hope everthing is like you wished.
It wasn't planed to shade the anthro form but it looked like it would miss something so I added little shading.
If you don't like it I will change it to the unshaded version. :)

Don't use without permission
Charakter by ~Alphaheart
Art by *Mikaley
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