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How to play

Can you match the correct outfits to the characters from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica?

Press the "try match" button if you think you've found an outfit from the anime.

There are a total of 10 different outfits that will match for a bonus item.

Have fun playing dress up with or without the bonus items!

Can't remember what the characters outfits are? Click the (?) button in the game or go here:

Artwork in Adobe Photoshop CS6
Programming in Adobe Flash CS6
Song performed by me, composed by Kajiura Yuki
You can download the song: [link]

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Merry Christmas, everyone!

Start the countdown to Christmas with this interactive pixel Advent calendar. Click on the doors to reveal festive pixel images and then save the graphics to use on your profile, journals, blogs and websites. A new door will become active every day so keep checking back to receive your daily gift.

Merry Christmas everyone!

This is one of those things that I did when I should have been doing other things but I love Christmas and I love the festive spirit and I really couldn't help myself. Enjoy!

How to Use

- Click on the door that corresponds with the date

- Click on the image underneath to be able to save the graphic

(You will either be prompted to save the image to your desktop or directed to the graphic hosted on my website)

- All previous doors will remain open so you won't miss out if you miss any days.

- If you don't want to download the graphics you can also find them hosted in this folder of my gallery.

(New graphics will be uploaded the day after they become active in the calendar so as not to ruin the surprise)

Terms of Use

- You may use these graphics on any website

- Credit is appreciated where possible

- These graphics may not be edited

- These graphics may not be used for commercial purposes or exchanged for real or digital money

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This was just for fun ^^ Hope you like it

Audio is from Dane Cook: Fireman and Police men

Youtube version is clearer: [link]
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whatsup folks.

i know it seems that i havent been really active lately.. and here i present you with some crap.

um.. yea.. sorry about that.
for the credits. all of the text in the game was made by gasara. she has a webpage that has free downloads.


dont freakin make an OC or Original character outta this game.
people have Oc's in this game. and i dont want their designs stolen..

thats pretty much it.

so if the game is complicated im sorry.
but im pretty much a firm believer that if you just let people do their own thing.. they will figure it out.

but if you cant message me and ill help you.

also, the eye color doesnt change. no facial expressions, no anything. okay. i couldnt figure that stuff out. not while trying to make the eyes blink. i thought it would be easy but i was wrong.

there shouldnt be any glitches. but if they are please feel free to point thme out,.
and sorry for the shitty quality. i really did try to make it nice. and it looks good until i upload it.. then it looks like crud.. so if anyone has any tips.. id love them.

anywhoo.. enjoi
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YAY, your very own virtual squirrel, just what you always wanted! :meow:

-fork&knife: feed da squirrely. give him an energizing nut or a treat that makes him happy! :aww:
-heart: show your squirrel some love!
-bat&ball: play a game and earn points.
-moon/sun: let your squirrel rest, or wake him up.
-soap: bathe your squirrel and make him happy!
-poop: self-explanatory.

BARS (on the right)
-green: hunger. Your squirrel can't play games if he's too hungry!
-pink: happiness. There's lots to do to make your squirrel happy.
-blue: energy. If your squirrel gets too tired, he'll fall asleep on his own :sleep:

To make your little squirrel grow up into a big squirrel, you need 150 points! You get these points by caring for your squirrel. Once you get 150 points, the green arrow button will appear - click it to make him grow!

Yeah, so.. this is like, a more advanced version of that old Bitbit thing I made. So... yeah. ENJOY :)

If you enjoyed this game, check out the free avatar that comes with it :meow: :
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Forgot to tell I didn't design the clothes!! They were designed by mauuchi <3


Hi~~ How are you? ;v; sorry for not posting anything these days ;A; I've been busy and making this!! <33

A secret dress-up game<33

This adorable OC named MauMau belongs to this cutie: :iconmauuchi:

I wanted to make a new and pixelated dress-up game but I felt really lazy to design clothes so I made this ;v; hope you don't mind bby <3 I just wanted to experiment doing some menus and trying to do something better than the last one ToT

I tried to put some music but I couldn't TvT // and LOL I forgot to put here her main clothes xD (just noticing now)

I am currently working on another dress-up game, this time with 2 characters~~ ;q; It's a commission, so be patient, I'll try to make it even better than this one <3

--> For now dress-up game commishes are closed, but I'll probably open them again. They will be pixelated or not, and you'll be able to choose the type of menus, but first I'll submit the other one~~ anyways, if you'd be interested in a dress-up by me, it would cost between $100-200, depending on the complexity, number of charas, etc. So just tell me to be sure someone would be interested TvT, thanks <33


Game: Yanderika

OC: mauuchi

Bullet; Red Please don't steal/trace over this drawing. Thanks ;w;

:bulletred: This time you are totally NOT ALLOWED to make OCs or adopts using this game, this OC belongs to someone else.


Commissions info:

Commission info [CLOSED]:star: Please read all the notes before asking me anything!! :star:
If you're paying with points wait until you can do it in the commission application in my profile page.
I won't be accepting commissions from suspicious deviants.
I won't be accepting commissions of things that I don't like or don't fit my art style.
Pay before I submit it.
Only PayPal or DA points accepted.
Send me a note with:

:star: IMPORTANT: Pay as "friends and family". 
:star: IMPORTANT: Prices may change depending on the complexity of clothes, etc. 

Number of characters
Price and the way you're gonna pay it (paypal or points)
References (at least 1 per character) 

25$ or 2500:points: + 17$ or 1700:points: per character added 
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Bert + Ryu = Beryu

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Hey guys :D
Good news :D
All my final exams are over and i have plenty of time :D and that means : MORE PROJECTS COMING UP :D
omg i have waited for sooo long to finally get some games going ;)
and here i proudly present:

:iconcatofmoon: s Request of her OC Sailor Moon Nightquest Amulets :D
aaah I soo love some of her characters *_*
Ah it could be that the last background AND the button sounds could get a little annoying :S I'm sorry for that and i will maybe change it soon :D :icondoctorwinkglassesplz:
Still i hope you have plenty of fun with that one :D

don't forget to check out Cat of Moons character pics :D[link]
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