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Happy Valentines Day/Singles Awareness Day everyone~ Single or not, have a blushing Jet. (I'll forever be single because I'm an aromantic asexual but you don't need to know my story lol)

*throws chocolate in the air like confetti* o3o/

Version without watermark on my tumblr.

I used some liner pen my mum bought for me and colouring pencils. (I think some of them were watercolour pencils)
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For :iconakidemi:

I actually think greenish fire is awesome xD Hope you like your character's new look :heart: <3
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credit me if you will use her hair c: (ask permission to her after using c:) [link] also add me in facebook xD so i will have many friends :iconimeadow: sorry if its ugly :iconcryforeverplz:


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Here's my second character! Oh, I think you guys will like this lil foxy~

Name: Blaise

Age: 20

Species: Vulpix

Height: 6’1

Personality: Blaise is a pretty laid back guy. He enjoys trying to impress the ladies, and will go to any cost to make them happy. He can also be a little hot headed and rude, asking for fights. Even if you insult him, he’ll usually just say you’re “Just jealous of his looks.” He enjoys singing, so ladies (and even some of you guys, hehe >:3) don’t be surprised if he decides to serenade you, because despite his appearance he’s actually quite a gentleman. If he befriends you, he will be extremely loyal and protective of you.

History: Blaise grew up in a large family of 6 children, with him being 2nd oldest and the only male. They were homeschooled by their father, so even if there were a lot of children, they all had a very close bond and rarely fought. Although the children and their father were close, their mother was rarely home, usually out drinking. After awhile, his father and mother divorced. The children spent the weekends with their mother. Their mother promised their father that when the children were at her house she’d drink responsibly or not at all, but she lied. When she was drunk, she’d abuse the children without knowing. His father soon found out what was going on, and kept the children at his house from then on. His father then became overly protective, and was always making sure they were asleep before he left their room at night. Every night, though, he told them stories about a beautiful place known as the Twilight Gardens. Blaise was fascinated by the stories.

This went on until one unfortunate day when Blaise’s father became ill. His father realized he would not be able to teach them anymore, and knew he couldn’t keep them at their mother’s house, so he decided to send them all to a boarding school. Right away, Blaise was bullied for being such a girly Pokémon. At this time, he was only twelve, but soon after he turned fifteen, he realized being a girly Pokémon wasn’t such a bad thing. He was constantly being flirted on by girls and even some guys, and loved getting so much attention. His siblings were sometimes irritated by all the attention he got, though.

One night, Blaise was getting ready to go to an end of the school year party. He was talking to one of his classmates, when he slipped and fell down the stairs. It knocked him out for awhile, and when he woke up was in a strange place. He looked around, not recognizing where he was. “Ugh, where am I…?” He thought to himself. “Wherever I am, I hope I get back in time for the party…”

Likes: Singing, parties, his siblings, girls, guys, flirting and being flirted on.

Dislikes: Party poopers, egotistical people (speak for yourself xD) and people insulting him.

Fears: Being abused like he was as a child.


-if you haven’t noticed, he likes flirting. He will flirt on guys and girls.

-He is bisexual.

-He loves singing.

-He will occasionally have flashbacks of when he was abused as a child.

Alright, people of the Twilight Gardens, watch out for this one! xD
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Here's my app for :iconpkmnoccrossing: (Go join them, it's a good group)


:bulletwhite:Name: Lance

:bulletwhite:Age: 20

:bulletwhite:Birthday: March 3rd

:bulletwhite:Gender: Male

:bulletwhite:Pokemon: Luxray

:bulletwhite:Nature: Hardy

:bulletwhite:Hometown: Sunnyshore City

:bulletwhite:Personality: Energetic and fun-loving Lance is generally a good guy to hang out with. He's always looking for something to do and can't stand sitting around for too long. He tends to be an adventure magnet because of that. He is very headstrong, so he generally never gives up on what he tries to do, sometimes even if it seems impossible. Because of this energetic and brash nature he's generally not a good match for the quiet or timid.

He's very loyal to anyone that befriends him, even going as far as protecting them from danger at his own risk. On the other hand he's quick to clash with anyone he doesn't get along with, especially if they're arrogant or get in his way just to bother him.

:bulletwhite:Hobbies: Sparring to keep his skills sharp, exploration, working with electronics.

:bulletwhite:Favorite Food: Grilled Magikarp Filet with Sriracha Sauce


:bulletwhite:History: Lance was born and raised in Sunnyshore City. When he was old enough he worked on the city's solar panels and electrical equipment with his father, where he gained his affinity for machinery. Lance's mother on the other hand worked at the Hotel Grand Lake, which lead Lance to move between Sunnyshore and the Valor Lakefront frequently.

At the Valor Lakefront Lance met Simon the Bibarel, and also acquired his love for fighting. Since Lance's mother worked at the Hotel Grand Lake he quickly found out about the double battles that went on at the Seven Stars Restaurant. Despite his mother's clear disapproval he teamed up with Simon and joined in the fights. Winning and Loosing some battles he quickly became a skilled fighter, eventually outclassing most of the trainers at the restaurant.

He continued to live in Sunnyshore, battling, working, and fishing until one fateful encounter with Team Galactic. When the blackout occurred in Sunnyshore he wasn't willing to just sit back and wait. He went out, got Simon with him, and took the fight to Team Galactic. Unfortunately there were many more Galactic members out there than they were able to handle alone, quickly turning the brawl into a fight for their lives. Fortunately they both managed to escape, however not without nearly loosing Simon.

The encounter had changed Lance. Even though the Galactic incident sorted itself out with the help of an unknown trainer he wasn't comfortable with his old life anymore. Knowing there were bigger things out there Lance chose to set off on his own, to carve his own path for himself. Understanding, Simon let Lance go off, but not without giving Lance his shell bell, the item that saved his life during the Team Galactic encounter, as a token to remember him by.

A few weeks later and Lance finds himself in Aloe Town, eager to see what adventure awaits him!


Author Comments:

So yeah... This is my second time legitimately drawing an anthro character. This time an anthro pokemon, much to my surprise.

It was good to play around while making this one, I learned a lot. What to do and what not to do...

Anyways I'm generally happy with the end result. There are quite a few things I'm not pleased with (I got sloppy towards the end), but I know where I messed up.

Feel free to critique if you really need to, but unless it's something very specific it won't be necessary.
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you willobey the cobras XD
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so I'll take name suggests and XD if you think I should change anything like color or something

why because um :/ well because was I thinking it would be cool if I made a a team of hunters that had members that were great on land,air and someone to design traps

(there will be five members,insect,reptile,bird,fish,and mammal)

p.s. I see you are looking at my pics hun >:)
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note: my characters arenot sonic fc
s they yes their style to close to it they have their own story , their planet is known as Eco

Here's punky's rivel.

name: Miya
species: red spitting cobra
color: orange
Power: can use magic but only when she summons her elemental spirits to ad her they only help her in battle but she can only use one at a time in battle 
birth place: planet eco, country posina
rivel: punky the mongoose
favorite Food: rabbit (sometimes can be cannibalistic)
story: * Miya was born in a near desert country , her mother and father was a part of a traveling group of spellcasts ,one night when Miya was only 4 she and a few of the other children were  kidnapped by a special group of monidoran soldiers who are tasks to stealing just children , as Miya was being forcefully train into a soldier then into the left hand lady of Brine, she soon  lose all memory of her parents  
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Whooooo, quick sketch of my fursona~

Yep yep, Queenie's a bat :iconbatplz:
A Leaf Nose Bat, to be exact~

Goodness goodness, there's a few reasons as to why I chose a bat and such~

:bulletblack: I'm basically a night person; staying up most of the night and usually sleeping a little before/at noon

:bulletblack: I don't really like the sun too much. I burn very easily on sunny days so I tend stay inside ( Hence the albino/white fur due to my pale skin )

:bulletblack: I have terrible eyesight and such. Without my glasses on, I'm basically as blind as a-- Well, you know

:bulletblack: Ever since I was a little girl I just find bats to be totally adorable~~ :iconmonkeyloveplz:

Oh, and I have a blue tongue to kind of reference my Pokesona since he has a blue tongue as well V w V
No shading because I'm just totally lazy, okay? :iconlazycryplz:

Queenie the Bat Fursona (c) :iconqueenie-x-gamer: < --- Me, squeakie squeak~!
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had fun doing these, even though they're doodles ; u; :heart:

anthro kini in some of her outfits~ this is part of her refsheet on my FA c:
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