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Something a little different! I needed a mindless warm up...

A quick explanation: I LOVE COFFEE. Seriously. I love coffee more than life itself sometimes... Or rather, I love life because it includes coffee.
So here's a batch of lovely ladies inspired by my favorite drinks! One is not like the other... :XD:

EDIT: I didn't realize Malaika's lines aren't available to be used on money adoptables. I'm not really in the mood to re-do these, and I feel like being nice, so these are free!! All you have to do is this! Please USE the character you adopt! Actually draw her!

So here we go!

1. Chai Tea Lioness - TAKEN by :iconkiralebia :
2. Iced Mint Mocha Lioness - TAKEN by :icontwin-fan:
3. White Mocha Lioness - TAKEN by :iconadventuretime283:
4. Dark Roast Americano Lioness - TAKEN by :iconphotos-by-neko12:
5. Cinnamon Latte Lioness - TAKEN by :iconbluemelons:
6. Raspberry Mocha Lioness - MINE
7. Orange Mocha Frappuccino Lioness (For all you Zoolander fans) - TAKEN by :iconstriped-wolf:

Line Art :iconmalaika4:
Background from [link]
Designs by :iconlaniej:
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WHOO! Last commission for December!
This was a lot of fun to make. This is a model sheet for :iconimvula:, of Xerxes, who she adopted from my pair of adoptables, here: .
The image is pretty darn huge, so feel free to zoom or download if there's something you can't quite see.

I hope you like this, Imvula, and thank you so much for adopting this guy!! I hope you have fun with him. :D

Xerxes, Character Use and Image Use :iconimvula:
Art and Character designed by :iconlaniej:
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Last Update: January 16, 2013
And finally! :D Mei desperately needed a new reference haha *^*

Update: January 16, 2013 (a few hours laterr) I added the optional headset & some closeups!

Ahh and I purposely took my liberties with the anatomy ahaa~~
It was fun making her super slim and unrealistic//shot//

Headset: Optional and worn when listening to music, singing, etc.
I was going to add a headshot in there for a better view of her 'M' marking as well as her tongue and teeth...

and her headphones and whatnot but ahh pssh I'll do that later when I'm not lazy and have more time, I wonder when that'll be x___x

So for now enjoy~!
I missed her original grayscale too so I added that in with edits as her X-form which is when she's all into herself~! Woot!

Enjoy! More to be added later xD
She was my fourth OC (or fifth?) to be ever made and my one true sparkle/scene character ~! xD

Butttt I still like keeping majority natural haha x___x
Character © Capukat|Me
Art © Capukat|Me
Wacom Bamboo Capture CTH 470
Paint Tool SAI: 3-4 hours (kinda lost track haha...//was too fun shot)
Text added in Adobe Photoshop Elements 8
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I made these color sheets, so I didn't have to pick colors from a screenshot every time.
They're based on the colors that the characters has in DIRECT SUN! Shadow and night colors will come later.

The character shown is traced from an original image from the film. Though it has been redone by me, from the bottom, line for line, color for color. It's in the exact colors shown in this sheet, to show how it looks when used.

If there's any character, that I haven't already made, which you want a color sheet for, please do not hesitate to let me know.
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Ewwww her old reference was SO ugly :'D

Nothing has changed really :'D I haven't actually included her winter coat here because I usually NEVER draw it, but if you're drawing a picture for me for some reason and want to use her winter coat, still feel free :'D (You can ask me for the colours)

Only thing I don't own here is the Nala clipart I used for the size reference (owned by Disney)


Also, gotta stress this: Kitchiki's personality is not supposed to reference my own (That would be my other fursona, FebzHyena)
She represents my artistic, creative side which I've grown up with <3

Kitch was created in 2006 and I still love her -3- She's mah little baby.
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Walkthrough for

BIG FILE! Sorry about that! Hope this is useful a bit
Really just an explanation of what I did, not a tutorial. I'm not extremely good at explaining things haha
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These are traced, and only here for comparisment.

Just a comparisment of the characters, with the colors in my color sheets.
This is so it's possible to see how they look together, and get the feeling if you think they "match" good enough, for your taste. 'Cause one thing is how they look alone, by themselves.

This is the only characters that I've made these color sheets for, at this time, but more will come.
And yes, the characters are traced directly after images of the characters. But from the bottom, line by line, color by color.
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Some outlander cub lines,
can be used for references, character designs and adoptables!

Once purchased you will receive a PNG of the file with a white background and no watermarks!

Have fun!

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Finally!!!! a new ref for my dear Nicky.
Yes I included her 'natural' mane colour as well.

I hated the last reference.. so behold! haha

enjoy! I hope you enjoy it!

art and Nicky me
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This is just a step by step! I don't really teach you anything, just screenshots of the progress.

Finished piece:
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