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Latest Update: January 19, 2014 (wow it's almost been a year since the previous update! Haha [January 24, 2013])

Graphic Novel: Genesis

In short, HE GOT BIGGER. And I finalized his design! :dummy:

I have to go sleep but I'll edit description and add the proper info from the old reference (might have tweaks) later!

HIS OLD NAME WAS GENESIS (LACUS). Explanations later as well xD!!!</b>

Right well... hope you like him :la: He's one of my personal favorites!

Also some reminders:
-For an accurate size comparison to the other Genesis characters, please visit this:… (needs to be updated)

Background: (details excluded to them either not being worked out yet or to be released as the story/novel progresses) Lacus has no known parents or family members. He chooses/has the physical image of a Caspian tiger though he is almost triple in size as one. Although his age is unclear it's estimated he's been around for the equivalent of a few thousand (5,000-20,000? maybe more) human years though his personality at heart still reflects that of a 27 year old human. He belongs to a family of god-like beings that embody abilities within them allowing them to control certain aspects of certain things; Lacus's being water.

After a trajic event (details excluded), a human girl of around 21 _____ (insert name here, lol), ends up questioning her own reality and the two end up traveling together in search of the meaning of everything.

His story is not one of lust or love really, focusing more on sci-fi. Lacus can choose which physical form he wants to appear in- including humans. 

A very hard and personal bond forms between the human girl___ and Lacus....(?)

Sneak Peak into the Future:
He has a son, named Prius, who's a white (Caspian?) tiger and who's small, overly curious, companian _____.

Prius has no known mother (?) and is rebellious by nature. He goes on his own adventure (and stars in a future novel as a sequel to Genesis).

More details not worked out/excluded.

The story behind his creation: Haha well honestly this isn't the most impressive 'burst of inspiration after long thought' that you might think xD I was browsing a school encyclopedia and as always I flip to any animal section, this time the Tiger. I came across the Caspian Tiger and found them such beautiful animals I had to sketch one!! Obviously designing one as my intention. 

After looking them up in google in an attempt to find refs for anatomy, I found out they died out in the 1950's. A rather devastating result :(

His main role will be one of the two main stars in Genesis :3 Enjoy, and happy reading <3 I look forward to releasing the story!


Art © Capukat/Celine Chandra Character © Capukat/Celine Chandra
Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro Medium PTH651 Program[s]: Paint Tool SAI, Clip Studio Paint, Corel Painter 12, Photoshop CS5  Total Time:

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Corner from right to left
Kiara cubs:
Baya (Ugly-Looking in Swahili) is the youngest daughter of Kiara and Kovu, quite young so she just likes to get "clinging" in her mother, does not like to play with the other cubs, otherwise she gets nervous

Aaron (Gold in Swahili): He is a few months younger than Kiraki, the older brother. Aaron also likes to be with his mom, he does not usually very independent but loves getting into confusion, along with his friends, Aaron like his grandfather Scar, has a confidence in hyenas, but the pride not approve it. Lirdie is a lioness destined to marry Aaron, but he does not like it much, Aaron, likes his cousin Aziza, and he sees no problem with it because he knows that the two do not have the same blood.

Kiraki: He is the eldest and was also chosen to be king. Kiraki is very brave and very challenging, loves a fight, because he always wins, but despite being sexy and displayed Kiraki not likes see others suffer, no animals, even hyenas, he has a soft heart. But it also is not very smart in certain subjects, so he is in love with Lyra, he loves to hear her talk, and often times very romantic. But Kovu wants Aziza Vitani's daughter stay with him.

Vitani cubs:

Aziza (Powerful in Swahili): Aziza is the oldest, she is so much like Vitani, she loves to challenge others, fight hard, insult and act as if there were no rules. But despite all that all she wants is freedom, Aziza not like the Pridelands, where everyone has to follow the commands of someone, she does not feel fair, the other lionesses can not make their own choices, so it has a disconcerting way against Kovu. But is passionate about Kiraki ... and yes it will give a big problem

Ajali (Destiny in Swahili): Ajali is the youngest he is 1 year more young, he is usually shy and polite does not like to fight, but he likes to stay with him ​​sister all the time, so sometimes Vitani gives an earful at Aziza to go play with him. Ajali has practically what he want the time he wants, Vitani is the best hunter so is the leader of the lionesses, she has to go out to hunt and etc, so it does not get much from their children and that makes her sad. But Ajali like when the mother leaves, because it can stay with Aminah the Cubsitter, and he is in love with her, despite her being too mature for him.

Bases (C) Kisini and ~CrappyBases
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For more information on Genesis, please visit Lacus's ref found here: [link]

-For an accurate size comparison to the other Genesis characters, please visit this: [link]

Further details excluded and minor adjustments and information are subject to change.
Information excluded due to comic release as a sequel to Genesis

:D Please read Genesis first when that comes out and try to figure out what you will from there! Not much more, if nothing, will be revealed here ^-^

//GASP these guys took me forever .___. eeee & Enjoy!
Characters © Capukat|Me
Art © Capukat|Me
Wacom Bamboo Capture CTH 470
Paint Tool SAI: 7-8 hours (with multiple breaks xD)
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Don't be shocked but! She's a fursona of sorts.
A more & very personal fursona. Winter has never not been me but she's been that outside portrayal of myself.
Lucid is both. And I put a lot of thought into her and while I've always felt something was missing with Winter, it's really because I made her when I was like late 12 early 13 and really at that point in my life, it doesn't surprise me I didn't know too much about myself yet xD

A lot of things can happen and change in 2 years and please once again, Winter is STILL my fursona, but I don't really see Lucid as a more main fursona.

But more so of a direct representation of me. Although her design is simple, she's still far more complex then at face value and I do not expect anyone to draw her and get her personality spot on whereas Winter is far easier to achieve with that :)

I'm a fairly confusing person once you really get to know me, I'd think, but this is me~!

Anywho, also a few other differences, she will be my age and age along with me-- how fun!

Some bio things, Keep in mind the reminders on her reference
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 17
Species: Artic Wolf
Accessory: Can really wear a variety of things, but her noose is her most commonly worn one. Though it is NOT mandatory, it's not usually off.
Height: 28 inches feet (shoulder)
Weight: 90 lb
Length: 60 inches
Traits: At the moment (since she's me in the present, her traits and such will change Cx) she's very withdrawn to unfamiliar surroundings and people but open to those she knows. Often thinking for long periods of time, her confused state of mind and appearance fools many though she is alert and observant in nature.

That's all I have for now ^-^

Character © Capukat|Me
Art © Capukat|Me
Wacom Bamboo Capture CTH 470
Paint Tool SAI: 1 hour
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Commission for :iconlucain24:

Thank you for commissioning me :hug:
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Elain & Ted
Updated April 18, 2013 (recolored lol)

A character which stars in Porcelain

She's a fairly small and petite cat, unaware of her own age as she is unaware of her own life.
Whether it is suitable to call her living or not.
The majority of the living don't see her.

Ted is something of a host for demonic spirits. He has no good conscious or will. It is a mystery why ted is what was chosen to host the dead spirits, possibly because he was an object and something that could never die?

Then how would Elain's long lifespan be explained?
*details on this excluded*

Elain's family is dead, presumably murdered by Elain herself without knowing so.

Ted has ink over the place where his heart would be though he does not have one. Symbolic? *details on this excluded*

Elain had brighter green eyes and her fur was more brown in color before her experience with Ted. *details on this excluded*

Character Capukat|Me
Art Capukat|Me
SAI- 5 hours
Text added in Photoshop Elements 8
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throw pillows on society6 featuring several original artworks from me! ( for those who requested more mugs with different artworks, I'm slowly working on it! )

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Complex design commission for *emkh <3

She gave me free reign over everything so I just came up with this ^^ She/he is preferably a coyote with a bighorn sheep mask thing and some little rings and trinkets~

I love how this turned out :meow:

Hope you like it <3

:star:Other works by me:star:

Design Capukat|Me
Characters emkh
Art Capukat|Me
SAI- 1 1/2hours
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coffee/tea mug set designs made out of my original artworks! "over the rainbow" was most requested just like the autumn one c:

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