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Three of my Lion King OC's that I adopted. Zahra is the lioness on the left and she's the youngest of the three. The one in the middle is Zanna and she's the oldest. The one of the right is Alala. Her father was killed by human poachers and therefore she has sworn revenge against human-kind. Her whole pride were roamers, never settling anywhere for long until they came upon Zanna's pride and Alala decided she'd had enough of roaming and decided to stay while the rest of her pride moved on.

Zahra's mother was a rogue lioness, banished from her pride by the new male that took over because she refused to let him kill her cub. She eventually succumbed to starvation and sickness since all the food she caught went to Zahra. Zahra roamed around a long time, catching small rodents for food until she stumbled upon Zanna's pride, where she has remained since.

Zanna is the daughter of the king of lands a distance away from the Pridelands. However, she is not the heir to the throne since she has a twin brother. She has been quite sheltered. She's never known hunger or danger before. She, Zahra, and Alala have been friends for a long time now.

Base here: [link] by :iconkisini:

Lion King belongs to Disney
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For *Nai-Alei 8D hope you like it!

Alei (c) to *Nai-Alei
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You can watch me for more! :D :iconsanguisgelidus: :iconsanguisgelidus: :iconsanguisgelidus: :iconsanguisgelidus:

Another wallpaper from me for you.. haha :D Hope you like it!! Tigers are by far my favourite animals and I drew quite a few of them, so I thought I should turn them into a wallpaper! :D :la:

-- Favs and comments are hiiiiighly appreciated!! :heart: --

Thank you for your support and almost 30,000 watchers!! Its just incredible!! :hug:

Tell me, which of these is your fav tiger? :D
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UPDATE: I fixed this so that the download is a zipped (compressed) file with all three wallpaper sizes (listed below) enjoy!

This is to help pacify some of my fans who did not (and I sincerely apologize :forgiveme:) get their "Betrothed" fix last week. ^^; There will be a new page this week! Thanks for being patient. :highfive:
Since "Betrothed" will soon be coming to a close, I'm offering a series of (and long-promised in this case) wallpaper of some favorite scenes. :aww:

This scene is from page 71 where Uru faces the difficult decision of allowing Ahadi to betroth Mufasa to King Khalfani's daughter Sarabi. :( Mufasa is too little to understand why his Mama is so upset, but he still tries his best to reassure her. :iconnala15babymufasaplz: Bless his little heart.

The download is available for 10:points: and includes three different sizes:
If anyone needs another specific size, let me know. I'll add it before you download. :aww:

More wallpaper is on the way soon! :boogie:

Other "Betrothed" wallpaper:

Art *Nala15. Scene is from "Betrothed" - a Lion King fancomic by *Nala15. Uru (design only, with some inspiration from *Shembre) *Nala15 and Mufasa Disney.
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a gift for *MelissaR1 :'D<3
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- PSD (Photoshop) file
- FLASH CS3 file
- GIF animation

In Photoshop: go to Window, Animation to be able to work with animation.

Software required: Adobe Photoshop (at least version 7 or newer (CS3, CC and others)), OR Adobe Flash (at least CS3 and newer).

P.S. The original Rianne Icon ( ) caused more trouble that I've ever experienced, it's all over the web and I've been contacted about it countless of times. So I FINALLY have made the OFFICIAL template that you can color with your wolf character's colours by yourself. 8)
100 pixels wide is the original size of the animation (I have worked in it).

Please make sure that you can manage to color this template by yourself, if you have the required software to do this, if you know how to use it.
Otherwise don't buy it, because I won't refund.
You can ask me to color it for you instead if I have free time at that moment. Payments are accepted on my Paypal in that case.

YES, you can use it for pet sites, as your icon, for game sites with unreal cash (like Neopoints or something) you can use it for your own character designs, you don't have to ask me about it.
BUT, I would STILL appreciate it if you give proper credits (animation & template by Oha), don't try to upload it as your own work, please (even if you have put colors on it).
AND please, DON'T USE Rianne2k8's ORIGINAL ICON! That character belongs only to her!

Please note that this is an exception, I will never make any templates from any more icons, especially the commissioned ones, and I have asked permission of Rianne.

YOU ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED to use, trace or recolor ANY other icons from my gallery.

Thank you! Have fun!

SEE ALSO: Dancing Cat animation TEMPLATE by Oha
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MY FRAND =TlKl noted me and asked about a icon commission

and i was like
and then i did this surprise gift thingy HE HE

i hope i drew the character you wanted and UGHGJ I HOPE IT'S OKk 8D
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Another one of Kiara from lion king.
Rules for using this base:
1. You don't have to ask to use it
2. It would be great if you sent me a link to your picture :)
3. Credit me
4. Please credit the original image to disney/The lion king
Have fun guys

Kiara (c) Disney/The lion king
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Commission for =Lukamei ^-^

Enjoy Luka <33
Had fun with this :D~

Character Lukamei
Art Capukat|Me
SAI- 30 min
Animated in Photoshop Elements 8
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