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Ahhhah well I gave it my best shot! ^-^
Lena going Light! haha

I entered because it was impossible to resist the temptation haha!! So give it a go guys, fantastic trailer and really interesting :'D

But um yes! Enjoy!
Art © Capukat|Me
Wacom Bamboo Capture CTH 470
Paint Tool SAI: 30 min (sketch and touchups)
Adobe Photoshop CS4: 7 hours
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(January 2, 2012)

(September 15, 2012)

For deviantArt's redraw contest <3333 :D

And I believe this proves that
you can improve with practice, much faster than you think c:

I've been drawing for 20-30 hours weekly on school days for the past 8 months. And about 10 hours daily over summer break which was really my most major improvement period.

Just keep drawing
and trying
and you WILL get there c:

*Oh and yes i changed his species, more info available on new work*
Characters Capukat|Me
Art Capukat|Me
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:D Redrew this old drawing that I loved

My character Nicole and Mr fish :D

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For the DA contest!

EDIT; Had to resize them both, as when I made them smaller they both blurred... hope they look slightly better now? Both pictures are wide, so they didn't fit >.>

[link] <--- OLD ONE!

[link] <----- NEW ONE!

Wow I have improved... But the face on the new one is o-e

Theres just over a year inbetween them

What do you guys think?
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This is my first entry for dA's Insidious 2 contest.

:star: The Theme: I created this image based on my everyday activity- drawing- but this time something has gone horribly wrong. I've turned my back for one moment, and something sinister is coming for me. Haha. I guess my creations are sick of all the bright colors ^^;

The back half is painted traditionally and the front half is painted in photoshop. I used all my own stock and reasources. I haven't done anything more than simple edits on photoshop in over a year. I know I need more practice ^^; It was so frustrating trying to achieve the look that I was actually going for....and this is miles away from what I'd actually like this picture to look like.
I may try and refine this and make a better version if I have time.
Otherwise, I'm happy enough with it for now.

This is based on my old concentration from AP art.
Specifically this piece: [link]
I actually like the older piece better (because I know I don't excel at photoshop right now) but I wanted to try something new and go for a different effect.
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My little entry for the "draw this again" contest! c:

I don't know about you, but there should be some improvement there, hehe. I remember I was so proud of the older version when I finished it. It had like, meaning and stuff.. and colours! I even recorded it, and made a speedpaint video! [link] gosh I loved it, but after I switched accounts and two years passed I saw so many mistakes, so here I am drawing it again! This time (just for fun) I actually also recorded it... or so I thought... something is wrong with the file so it's gone. but I really wanted to show you how I drew it this time! but oh well...

enjoy my crappy past art~

The new one:

The old version is on my old account ~Creambox

art *Lavnic
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There it is! Fiiiinally! :la: I've been working on this ever since the contest was announced. A sculpture of Lara Croft being attacked by a wolf, ONE of the most memorable scenes of the game, for me at least. Entirely handmade using polymer clay and apoxie sculpt. Also used some turf and bushes for the base, from woodland scenics. Lara measures 7 inches long and the wolf 8 inches. Oh, I've had a hard time taking good pictures T_T sorry about that!

Lara is my first full human sculpture I've ever done and I'm glad with how she turned out! Wish I had more time to work on this piece though but it's okay, I'll probably be doing more tomb raider sculptures in the future anyway! :D This project made me want to sculpt more characters!

Also, I've finished the game yesterday....And I CANNOT believe how awesome it is... I can't believe tomb raider has come this far! I'm so proud to be a fan! :giggle: Outstanding job Crystal Dynamics, thank you for giving us this amazing game!

More photos here: And the sculpting process:

:happybounce: If you're interested in more photos, please visit my Tumblr: [link]
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Well, I can HONESTLY and TRULY say I didn't know about the dragon on the banner until now, and I had already drawn the picture, so I don't care anymore c:

Here is smoke, Yellow spines are what happens when nicotine hits the walls of houses, is on your teeth, and can damage nails. Secondhand smoke, however, can be deadly for people who have never touched the stuff, the smoke spreads to their lungs, and can make them look splattered with black paint. I have seen a lung from a CHILD who lived in the city, being raised around secondhand smoke, and his lungs were covered in black smoke splotches.
He had died from lung cancer. A CHILD. This is one of the reasons I would like awareness to be brought to it.

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Entry for the Train your Brain contest Drawing and Painting section. (Digital Painting)

So here is my entry for the contest! I actually finished it before the deadline!!!

I am super happy with how this turned out, not exactly what I was going for but it actually turned out better then I thought it would. And of course all hand painted by myself.

I really hope I win or at least place for this contest, it would be amazing to get to do a 3 week art workshop and be able to do some online art classes. Anyways wish me luck!!

Program: Photoshop CS5
Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch tablet
Original Size: 2000 X 4500 pixels
I don't recommend downloading as the file is huge.

Tiger Reference: [Link]
Griding method used to obtain the sketch
Everything else 100% by me
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Nuclear autumn. Apocalypse. SAI, Photoshop

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