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Joy to the World , the Lord is come!
Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And Heaven and nature sing,
And Heaven and nature sing,
And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing.

Done the day of Christmas BUT not finished till ....well today xD
Ok I think my fav part of Christmas, besides family and friends, is DEFINITELY the songs, as cheesy and just sorta ear tiring as they are I LOVE THEM. and my favorite Christmas song is "Joy To the World" and it HARDCORE reminds me of Kayla <3

I have like 5 dif versions of "Joy To the World" on my itunes but THIS version reminds me most of Kayla [link]

anyways so yeah
Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

Mirage is totally OOC here, unless she is feigning innocent... which is possible... but in all honesty she doesn't care for christmas carols at all, I just wanted to have her here.
also re-apearance of Tentadora.. who isn't totally thrilled that her ward Damian is participating is Christmas carols praising the rival of his father XD
/ SORRY but that concept is just really funny to me XD/

(again, Prisma Color markers)

Characters (c) Me!
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Inspired by the "Stephen Silver" Sketchbook i got at Comic Con, Iv been doing gesture character/style sketches of my characters in a separate sketchbook (that I should prolly show my teacher cause he might like it!) Mostly using quick gesture lines and "S curves" which stem from life drawing.
These sketches really represent how I draw and my personal style, I have more of my other characters But i was too lazy to photograph them all So I did the Purple, Red, and Blue pages.

Characters/ style (c) Me!
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///This isn't a pairing picture btw for many reasons xD///

So originally I wasn't gonna post this but I sorta just went MEH, I need to get SOME sort of "Tangled" fanart out there (again crappy quality cause I photograph my tradi arts ffff)
ANYWAYS! I have done tons of Tangled fanarts but none good enough to post just yet, so .. *shrug*

after seeing Tangled 3 times I have definitly come to the conclusion that Rapunzel is EXACTLY what Addi would be if he was a girl, xDD minus a few of Rapunzel's added skills like cooking and music, and maybe minus a tiny bit of her optimism.
But like her he is very strong willed, artistic, good with animals, dainty and just sorta wide-eyed peppy. Also they both had a very limited and lonely upbringing and a hesitance and foreign understanding of the outside world.
obviously she is more girly (as she is a girl) but they still have a ton in common with personality and even appearance.
I found it amusing also that they both even have green eyes and blonde hair (even if Addi's is much lighter)
Even the songs and how she sang them reminded me of Addi, LOLIMWEIRDFFFFF

idk I just found it really entertaining to watch Rapunzel and what she did, Her herself I LOVE!
she is DEFINITELY my fav Disney princess!

anyways this style was inspired by a cute little "Tangled" story book i got after seeing it the first time ^^
Looks muuuch better Irl *shrug*

Rapunzel (c) Disney
Addison (c) Me!

(im not gonna spoil the movie but appearance wise theres another reason that they remind me of each other)....
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Just some stuff to show that cartoons aren't the only thing you gotta draw to get better at artwork.
the first sketches are 2 minute foot and hand life drawing gestures. They are my personal favorite things to life draw.
then theres a perspective scene sketch thats unfinished, and a hour long portrait sketch from a photo, kinda off but it mostly shows how I render.
Then just a page that shows how I used "S curves" in my sketches, which are very messy but show alot of action.
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Some of you might remember these when i used to do requests over at :iconkung-fu-panda-pals:

Thought I might put the whole gang together. :)

From left to right, top to bottom:

Hai Fen *MellowSpark
Liwei ~MKfan - Tigress Dreamworks
Koto ~DolphinMoana - Shifu Dreamworks
Dalang ~ladyfoxfire
Tan and Gen *MellowSpark
Huang yu *SuperSonicBoom182
(for ~Kelev) Tigress and viper Dreamworks
Shun yuan ~Kenichi340
Zhan ~Purpleground02
Hei long ~DolphinMoana

And alllllll images were made by/belong to ~Qhusi/~Rainroad!

Background texture from
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the reason i havnt been around the last few months... i've been busy making this!

a commission, that as part of the deal, i was not allowed to post online any info about him, until he was shown at designated Convention.... he debuted on the weekend at Melbourne SupaNova! so now, i can show you all!!

Sleipnir is a roughly life size, semi-stylized 8 legged animatronics foal puppet.

he is based on the Norse myth and is Loki's son.

many many months of work went into making this fella. and its great to see him finished!

despite looking soft and squishy. only his neck is soft. the rest is all solid and fully sculpted out of lightweight materials, and made in such a way he can bend and move. he can lay on the floor, or flop in your arms. he however can not stand on his own.

his ears, eyes and one leg are animated, and you can see him in action on my youtube here: [link]

more photos of him are on my Livejournal: [link]

polystyrene, resin, paper mache, glass balls, fake fur, polar fleece, felt, acrylic paints, gauche paints, plastic balls, stuffing, tape, elastic, silicone tubing, actuators, wiring, testers, buttons, switches, bolts, PVA and over 100+ hot melt glue sticks.
i think that was them all...
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21 x17
Marker illustration!

Three of my favorite animals! and some of the least approachable, xD I love em!

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Original ource Here:
Re-Drawn With Artist's Permission!!

It's Finished!!! I Enjoyed Doing This Maybe A Little Too Much! But What Can I Say? I'm A Sukker For Skrillmau5, Joel And Sonny Are The Best Couple, They're My Favorite Couple :DDDD

Expect To See Moore Skrillmau5 From Me, So If You Don't Like It, You Should Probably Stop Following Me. Because I Don't Want a Whole Heap Of Bitchy People Complaining All The Time

Done In Colored Pencils

Time Taken: A Few Sleepless Nights
Song: Skrillex, Deadmau5, Feed Me


Art (c) Me
Original Here [link]
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Gift for :iconshyga:
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