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Joy to the World , the Lord is come!
Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And Heaven and nature sing,
And Heaven and nature sing,
And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing.

Done the day of Christmas BUT not finished till ....well today xD
Ok I think my fav part of Christmas, besides family and friends, is DEFINITELY the songs, as cheesy and just sorta ear tiring as they are I LOVE THEM. and my favorite Christmas song is "Joy To the World" and it HARDCORE reminds me of Kayla <3

I have like 5 dif versions of "Joy To the World" on my itunes but THIS version reminds me most of Kayla [link]

anyways so yeah
Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

Mirage is totally OOC here, unless she is feigning innocent... which is possible... but in all honesty she doesn't care for christmas carols at all, I just wanted to have her here.
also re-apearance of Tentadora.. who isn't totally thrilled that her ward Damian is participating is Christmas carols praising the rival of his father XD
/ SORRY but that concept is just really funny to me XD/

(again, Prisma Color markers)

Characters (c) Me!
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Merry Christmas everyone! :heart:

this is a caricatured version of our Tree/fireplace
and yes we do have a Crab ornament on our tree
The stockings were my sister's idea.

(twas a doublepage full color marker drawing with prismacolor markers fwi)

also hahaha ignore the dude creepin' in the window, he will be known soon enough....I think *cough*

Characters (c) Vivienne M. (me)
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These are all doodles from an RP between me and *DollCreep
Twas a REALLY good one, and a ton of imagery stuck with me so I had to draw a ton, will prolly draw more knowing me cause I am constantly seeing things in my head all *FFFF must draw that part TOO*
But yeah, sorta newish character in here, you guys will know who he is soon enough hahaha <3

Afkinz and Gunter (c) *DollCreep
Tom and Addison (c) Me <3
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(starting at top from left to right)

-my new sketchbook intro page (for sketchbook #4)

-random Addison outfit doodles, without color they dont look like much.

-First colored image of Jestine I did after finalizing her design

-Charcoal doodle of Adder, Mirage and Phineas

- tiny Mira and Phin doodle

-Jestine and Mirage gesture doodle

- Sharpie pen doodle of Addi and Dame, for some reason i draw Addison playing the harp a lot, he can't play it well at all but he tries cause he thinks it looks sophisticated and impressive, Though Damian is a master of the banjo :heart:

- only inked fanart for an anime I was introduced to called "Black butler" which is prolly the ONLY anime I like xD

- Addison age concept sharpie doodles, One with Latika in it too :D

- Addison history concept pen doodles, also early design of Amelia and Dove.

Artwork (c) Me!
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This is old by now
Did it back right after Christmas, but the file is gathering dust so im posting.
was watching Animal Planet with my lil sis, I think, when I did this ^^
Addison likes them snakes

-done with Markers-
scanner ruined it as usual....

Addison (c) Me
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inspired by the works of the INCREDIBLY AMAZING *Pocketowl
tho unlike her an all her masterfulness at using gouache paint
I used prisma color markers and acrylic paints...

was still fun :heart:

Addi and Dam are Besties :heart:
characters(c) me!
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ok.. ranting over.. it felt good to do some hardcore tradi arts again, this was done with sharpies..

just a little illustration of my character Damian, he isnt really a MAIN character but hes got an apearance in my "Nightmare Realm" comic ^^

was inspired to do this a lil by re-reading my copy of JTHM (wich my friend Cole then stole from me lol jk)

might as well take this opportunity to tell a little about him

His name is inspired by the character from "the Omen" with the same name, its a classic horror movie, not my fav but still ^^
He is the son of satan, i was also playing off the myth of the "anti-christ" being born from a Jackal, so his mother is a Jackal, who happens to be Jack's aunt, so yes
Damian is Jack's cousin, Epic amirite? lol
Damian has an enormous crush on Kayla, who is very religious and (him being who he is) is beyond terrified and repulsed by him.
also Damian has an android guardian (who is the one behind him) another old character i made a looong time ago but only recently brought back into play and re-designed, as of now she has no name xDD

Now im not very religious, i am christian and all that but coem on, characters that have hellish powers of connections to the devil are fun in fiction, so i dont wnat crap about that :heart:

Damian (c) Me!!
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Random assortment of crappy photos from my phone of SOME of my fav works in my 2 college sketchbooks so far!
I will eventually scan and finish some of these, but it might be a while, till then, enjoy these blurry sneak peeks

I regret nothing!

characters/art(c) Me!
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Inspired by the "Stephen Silver" Sketchbook i got at Comic Con, Iv been doing gesture character/style sketches of my characters in a separate sketchbook (that I should prolly show my teacher cause he might like it!) Mostly using quick gesture lines and "S curves" which stem from life drawing.
These sketches really represent how I draw and my personal style, I have more of my other characters But i was too lazy to photograph them all So I did the Purple, Red, and Blue pages.

Characters/ style (c) Me!
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21 x 17 Marker illustration!

Fun to do, real thing is much brighter in color!

concept artwork :D

characters/concept (c) Me!
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