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Joy to the World , the Lord is come!
Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And Heaven and nature sing,
And Heaven and nature sing,
And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing.

Done the day of Christmas BUT not finished till ....well today xD
Ok I think my fav part of Christmas, besides family and friends, is DEFINITELY the songs, as cheesy and just sorta ear tiring as they are I LOVE THEM. and my favorite Christmas song is "Joy To the World" and it HARDCORE reminds me of Kayla <3

I have like 5 dif versions of "Joy To the World" on my itunes but THIS version reminds me most of Kayla [link]

anyways so yeah
Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

Mirage is totally OOC here, unless she is feigning innocent... which is possible... but in all honesty she doesn't care for christmas carols at all, I just wanted to have her here.
also re-apearance of Tentadora.. who isn't totally thrilled that her ward Damian is participating is Christmas carols praising the rival of his father XD
/ SORRY but that concept is just really funny to me XD/

(again, Prisma Color markers)

Characters (c) Me!
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Merry Christmas everyone! :heart:

this is a caricatured version of our Tree/fireplace
and yes we do have a Crab ornament on our tree
The stockings were my sister's idea.

(twas a doublepage full color marker drawing with prismacolor markers fwi)

also hahaha ignore the dude creepin' in the window, he will be known soon enough....I think *cough*

Characters (c) Vivienne M. (me)
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This is old by now
Did it back right after Christmas, but the file is gathering dust so im posting.
was watching Animal Planet with my lil sis, I think, when I did this ^^
Addison likes them snakes

-done with Markers-
scanner ruined it as usual....

Addison (c) Me
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inspired by the works of the INCREDIBLY AMAZING *Pocketowl
tho unlike her an all her masterfulness at using gouache paint
I used prisma color markers and acrylic paints...

was still fun :heart:

Addi and Dam are Besties :heart:
characters(c) me!
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Inspired by the "Stephen Silver" Sketchbook i got at Comic Con, Iv been doing gesture character/style sketches of my characters in a separate sketchbook (that I should prolly show my teacher cause he might like it!) Mostly using quick gesture lines and "S curves" which stem from life drawing.
These sketches really represent how I draw and my personal style, I have more of my other characters But i was too lazy to photograph them all So I did the Purple, Red, and Blue pages.

Characters/ style (c) Me!
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///This isn't a pairing picture btw for many reasons xD///

So originally I wasn't gonna post this but I sorta just went MEH, I need to get SOME sort of "Tangled" fanart out there (again crappy quality cause I photograph my tradi arts ffff)
ANYWAYS! I have done tons of Tangled fanarts but none good enough to post just yet, so .. *shrug*

after seeing Tangled 3 times I have definitly come to the conclusion that Rapunzel is EXACTLY what Addi would be if he was a girl, xDD minus a few of Rapunzel's added skills like cooking and music, and maybe minus a tiny bit of her optimism.
But like her he is very strong willed, artistic, good with animals, dainty and just sorta wide-eyed peppy. Also they both had a very limited and lonely upbringing and a hesitance and foreign understanding of the outside world.
obviously she is more girly (as she is a girl) but they still have a ton in common with personality and even appearance.
I found it amusing also that they both even have green eyes and blonde hair (even if Addi's is much lighter)
Even the songs and how she sang them reminded me of Addi, LOLIMWEIRDFFFFF

idk I just found it really entertaining to watch Rapunzel and what she did, Her herself I LOVE!
she is DEFINITELY my fav Disney princess!

anyways this style was inspired by a cute little "Tangled" story book i got after seeing it the first time ^^
Looks muuuch better Irl *shrug*

Rapunzel (c) Disney
Addison (c) Me!

(im not gonna spoil the movie but appearance wise theres another reason that they remind me of each other)....
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21 x 17 Marker illustration!

Fun to do, real thing is much brighter in color!

concept artwork :D

characters/concept (c) Me!
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Just a lil practice with ink wash... I'm pretty rusty so it failed, but with the comp light adjustments you can see more of the details, on the real paper they are faded cause they dried.

This is SPOSED to be an illustration of Tom emerging from someone's dreams after stealing their soul. It's an incubus thing that I think is really awesome and felt like drawing.
(IDK if thats what you can see tho pfftt )
... THIS can be anything' ya want it to be.. I honestly don't really care xD

this didnt take long, I literally just went at it for like 40 mins with the brush just doing whatever.. so its really messy and confused *shrug*

inspired by Stephen Gammel's works in the scary story books I used to read when I was younge, reminded of him by *DollCreep
-but I wasn't reallly goin fer his style cause theres no way in HELL I'd be able to pull it off nyahahaha, his is too idk.. PERFECTLY WICKED? meh ^^

Tom (c) Me!
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