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More info at the journal!  Technicolor OCT Meanwhile: The Visual Novel

(click to download example PSD)
For the next Meanwhile event, your judges will be creating a Visual Novel style mini-game so that you can explore the Terrace and the colorful characters that call it home and find more clues. To do this, we will need YOUR help!
This Meanwhile is open to both Contestants and Spectators - all we require is that you have a character reference sheet uploaded to the gallery. To participate, we need a few things from you. Unless you have spoken to us or we have contact you to state otherwise, you ~must~ make your own cut-outs.
Participants that have already submitted will eventually be contacted by myself or Marble with certain questions that would be directed at your character, and you must respond with in-character answers for these questions. If you would like to add your own beyond what we ask (perhaps to cover things based on your own cha

Hey guys! Here's the "template" for the Visual Novel stuff- I say "template" because it's not really a template, it's more like a guide. Use Miles and Babbit to gauge how tall you should make your character ( Babbit is 3', but on a stool, Miles is 6' ). Here's a handy template by MrPr1993 for further reference! TOCT - Height Chart by MrPr1993

Character Cut Outs

- Make sure each cut out is transparent! This is extremely important! Test them on different values of backgrounds to make sure everything is filled in and there are no holes or weird stray lines.
- Your cut out should have a Resting emotion ( when they aren't speaking ), and any other emotion you'd like. Remember that they are replying to what is being said, which is subject to change, so make them general! ( Angry, sad, pensive, etc. )
- It doesnt really matter which way they're facing, as long as none of their cut out touches the right or left side of the background.
- You don't have to save these as a .PSD, they can be sent to me as a .PNG as well. Make sure they fit within 1027 x 778.

Backgrounds (optional)

- Do you like my background there. I just googled it and messed with it in photoshop. You can do that, or we'll do it for you. Backgrounds are optional!
- If you make one, they must be 1027 x 778.

Music/Sounds (optional)

- Yes! You can choose your own music for your character's scene. Make sure they are good quality, fit with our theme, and have no vocals (Sorry! But they distract from the reading). 

When you've gathered all your pieces (cut outs, music, BG) , please ZIP them and e-mail them to me at ! Include "Technicolor VN - (Your Username)" in the subject line so I can find them easier. Thank you!

This project is open for both contestants and spectators! You need to have a reference sheet in the group to participate. 

That's all folks! Have fun!

- b-marble

for my lovelies at :icontechnicoloroct:
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:iconexclamation-plz: Warning! Large File size! 645 x 3726 :iconexclamation-plz:

If you're worried about the large file size, you can see the original tutorial on my blog here.
This is the result of trying out a lot of tutorials and finding what worked best for me. The file size is very big, because I wanted to make a guide that was beginner friendly.
I might put up another tutorial about drawing using the Path Tool (a.k.a. drawing directly into Gimp when you can't afford a fancy graphics tablet), in the future .

:bulletpurple: Important note: Use Gaussian Blur +1 on smaller images or it will become too blurred.

Program used: Gimp.
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quick thing for :iconversailles70:
idk how useful this will be

i hope this is big enough to see???
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:bulletred:AND DO NOT RE-UPLOAD HERE :bulletred:

:bulletwhite::+fav: If you download or use, PLEASE<3
:bulletwhite:If you do use this tutorial, PLEASE put a link in your credit so other people can see it too!
You never know who might want a little directions on how to do something like this~!!!
:bulletwhite:LINK ME TO IT, because it would be oh so nice to see and :+fav: your finish work, please and thank you :]!

You are going need a basic understanding of photoshop to understand this! I really didn't put many pictures of what I was using up X_x!!!

THIS IS MY FIRST TUTORIAL! So, if somethings wrong or whatnot, please don't scold me for it! (especially spelling, I'm a horrible speller and I have no doubts I've spelled something wrong in this)

I would like feedback though D:! Things that will help me to make a better tutorial next time and what not? Like was it understandable? Was it neat enough? Whatnot like that :]

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

++side notes++
Picture is me, fonts from [link]
Finished picture : [link]

Thanks for viewing! :heart:
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Free-to-use by Jumpfer-Stock   Includes :- 3 Fantasy Castle, 3 Fantasy House, 4 Fantasy Musroom House

More to follow soon  Nod 
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Ah! Finally done! ;u; I put it off a lot, but I worked really hard on it. xD Make sure to zoom in so it's easier to read!
This is my entry for :iconvivzmind:'s contest. The goal was the design a character for her webcomic - Zoophobia.…
I absolutely love this comic, so if you haven't read it, go read it right now! It's awesome!

Some Extra information on Autolycus...
What inspired this character?: Autolycus is based on a character I acted as in the Shakespeare play 'A Winter's Tale'. The character's name was - obviously - Autolycus.
What's up with Autol's 'player' habits?: Due to Autol's childish personality, he's sometimes set apart from the rest of the gang a bit. Though he feels very accepted by them, he sometimes finds himself wishing for something more. This leads him to charm a strange girl into spending time with him. However, the reason it's a different girl every time is because Autolycus is afraid that a girl would be disgusted with him if he let her get too close and she saw who he was and what he's done. While Autol is very happy with Ren's gang and has no plans of breaking off, Autolycus is often troubled about where his life has led him and this uncertainty can make him feel very lonely.
Why doesn't Autol tell anyone about his locket?: First of all, Autolycus is part of a rough crowd. The locket being heart shaped is bad enough, but Autol fears that if the others discovered that inside is a picture of Mommy and Daddy, he'd get made fun of. It's a childish reason to keep a secret, but that simply goes along with Autol's childish personality.
Now that Autol has a better life, why doesn't he go find his parents?: Autolycus refuses to try to contact his parents for many reasons. One is that he holds the slightest hint of a grudge against them for kicking him out of the house so early in his life. He realizes that it had to be done, but he can't help feeling betrayed. Autolycus also knows that becoming part of a gang is far from what they meant when they said 'find a better life', and he's afraid that they'd be ashamed of him, or maybe even turn him in to the police.
What kind of songs does Autolycus sing?: Autol will sing just about anything that has a happy, catchy beat. However, his favorites tend to be upbeat songs with a hidden sad or dark meaning. Yes, that even includes nursery rhymes like Ring Around the Rosie and London Bridge. I also see him singing the songs that the Autolycus in 'A Winter's Tale' sings. Especially; "Jog on, jog on, the footpath way and merrily hence the stile-a! A merry heart goes all the day, your sad tires in a mile-a!"
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You must Read the Rules before you use this stock.
Questions? Please check my FAQ

FAQ #217: What are "Stock Photos" and can I use "Stock Photos" in my submissions?
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La Alhambra, Granada, Espaņa.

Spain, summer 2010.

Stock Rules:

1. Provide a link to my stock on your artwork (preferably include my icon as well).

2. Send me a note or comment with the link to your work so I can favorite what you have done.

3. Do not redistribute the stock and claim as yours.

4. Ask my permission if you want to use the stock outside of DA.

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Wydaje mi się, że wszystko jest już napisane powyżej. Błędy poprawione.
W tutorialu zostały wykorzystane prace :iconraingirldev:.

Poprzedni tutek:…
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Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid 7.:D

:bulletblue: it's just a RENDER! i didn't draw this!!
:bulletpink: if you use it, please give me credit (as renderer and not artist) and show me what you did with it, I'd love to see that :squee:
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