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Hope you enjoy!
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Tue Feb 19, 2013, 8:14 AM
Hey everyone!
My birthday is coming up this week ,so I thought that I could throw a contest.
All you have to do is draw a picture of Cliopadra!:dummy:
Cliopadra's ninjago oc collab by cliopadra13kaassis , MY NEW ICON by cliopadra13kaassis , My new ID by cliopadra13kaassis
You can draw her in any clothes you like,they don't have to be like in the pictures.
The prise for the best picture will be a FREE COMMISSION(better said FREE PICTURE) from me in any style with how many characters you want!!!!!! (i won't choose the picture alone, i'll consult it with my friends at school.we'll also judge by the skils of the artist)
The contest will end on Sunday 24.2.2013(two days after my 14th birthday)(will actualy end on the 25.2 when i come back from school)
If you enter,please  leave a link in the comments below.


Recent entry's: cliopadra13kaassis.deviantart.…

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ATTENTION ALL GREAT YOU DA'S! Because of the big response to this contest, and because I go over each and every entree carefully, I need to limit the number of images that I will view. Therefore, next Tuesday, the 12th, is the new deadline! THE JUDGING WILL TAKE PLACE ON WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH. (This way, you'll find out sooner who the Winner, Runner Up, and Honorable Mentions are!) If you can't make the deadline, don't worry. The response to the contest has been so strong, that I am planning to have another one on a completely different, but super-fin topic. Thank you all for your great entrees. And good luck to everyone!!

Fellow artists, start your engines, because here we go:


Take the best, coolest MANGA character you can draw (original or fan art - it doesn't matter), and do a finished, black and white picture of him or her. Then beside that picture, on the same page, take that SAME CHARACTER, and turn it into an appealing RETRO CARTOON -- in color (think "Fairly Odd Parents," "Atomic Betty", "Ren & Stimpy", Dexter," etc...).  


-Character appeal
-Character consistency
-Capturing the two, distinct styles
-Overall drawing skills
-Whether it has a stand-out quality


A signed book, and a pencil sketch made out to his or her name.


A signed book.


With a brief commentary about what I liked about your work.


When you finish, post a link in this journal to your artwork entree, so I can see it, and so anyone else who wants to, can also see it.  


March 1, 2013.

Good luck to everyone! I can't wait to see what you've come up with!

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Commissions Now CLOSED!

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 6, 2011, 3:14 AM
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Wasted Away comic - and leaving for vacation

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 11, 2013, 10:32 AM
So, since I am finishing Always Will Be today [yippee] i just wanted to make a simple announcement journal saying that I will be beginning another [and less confusing] comic, Wasted Away. =D

I will also be going on vacation for THREE WEEKS starting Sunday night x'D So you may not see much from me during that time period!

So the concept of Wasted Away is that they are currently in a WWIII time period through an animal's point of view [that's a horrible explanation of the story's really about but that's where it's set |D]. I am currently revising the script, and my friend is looking over my work. I will probably need a couple more people to look it over BUT you must know what you are doing! I cannot have a person who does not have an understanding of how scripts work or does not know how to judge plot holes and problems with scripts. i am not doing this to be mean, honestly! i would just like this story to turn out better than my old comic.

Nick Christmas Gift for Urnam7 by Wolfchick36Littlepandora by BeCarefulPaintKaa Journal doll by NeonDragonHeart:thumb371539184:
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Improve Faster - by Mitch @ Pencil Kings

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 26, 2013, 12:35 PM
I got an email from Pencil Kings and I thought I'd share it with you all! All credits go to the talented and inspirational Mitch of Pencil Kings!

Wouldn't it be nice if we could achieve the goals that we are working towards more quickly? 

The world is speeding up all around us, and thankfully we're able to speed up as well and get more of what we want in less time.  Here's some tips that will help you become the artist that you want to be more quickly.


Don't make mistakes - gain experience...

When you are learning if you think too critically of your work it may cause your brain some discomfort. The brain likes to succeed so when you don't quite get the results that you were aiming for, with the wrong attitude it can cause you some distress.  Instead of looking at these attempts as 'failures,' you should see them always as opportunities to grow and gain experience. 

The problem with looking at a work as a 'failure' is that it won't be too long until you have trained your brain into thinking that you are not good at drawing, and this will make it even harder to stay dedicated to it long enough to see the really great results and feel the enjoyment of being an artist.

To put it simply - keep focused on the positive and enjoy the process...


Spend time on your weaknesses

As your skills develop you may find yourself falling into the trap of only drawing what you are good at.  This again applies to your brain wanting to feel successful and good, but to really push and grow; you need to keep focused on those things that you are weak at.

Are you great at drawing men, but not so great at women?  Spend at least 50% of your time drawing and studying the female form.

Are you great at drawing faces and heads, but not bodies?  Learn about the proportions of the body and study anatomy.

Have trouble with hands?  Start incorporating interesting poses into your characters so that you are forced to draw the hands.

It won't take long before your list of weaknesses gets shorter and shorter and you've not only grown your skills in the weak areas, but also become a much better all-around artist in the meantime. 


Push yourself to work quickly

This applies especially if you want to get paid for being an artist.  You don't need to work at a hectic pace all of the time, but you should push yourself occasionally to see how much you can get done in less time.  If it takes you an hour to complete a drawing of the face, try completing a drawing in ten minutes.  Give yourself a time limit and try to finish your work.

By forcing yourself to work quickly you're going to be forced to make quicker decisions about your art and also train your hands to develop new techniques that will allow you to get more done in less time.

Working quickly is also great while you are learning because you will be gaining more experience in less time, and thus your skills are going to develop that much quickly. 

The other benefit if working quickly is that the more you do it, the more you will start to see your 'normal' pace begin to naturally speed up.  The goal isn't to have your normal pace be the same as your speed pace, but as you begin experimenting with working faster you'll find yourself working quicker overall without even thinking about it.

Get help

Having the right teacher can go a long way in helping your skills develop quickly.  Instead of spending months trying to figure something out, they can show you their techniques in a few minutes.  Sometimes you can find this information for free like with this free course on drawing the human face... but other times you are going to need to pay to receive the best information. 

Try to learn from the best teachers that you can find that are doing artwork that you are interested in learning about.  At Pencil Kings we try and handle the hard part of finding excellent teachers so you can just learn from the best without wondering who is a good teacher and where to find them.  


Set aside a time every day to work on your goals

This advice applies to any goal that you are trying to achieve, but it's worth mentioning again because it's so important.  If you're not working on something there is no way that it can become complete.

I personally live by the motto that "Each day you're not working on your goal, is another day you have to wait to experience the success and rewards of that goal."

So do yourself a favor and fully commit to those things that you want for yourself and don't be afraid of putting in the time and effort to reach those goals!

(By the way.. I love this site! Only $10 a month and you gain access to many inspirational instructional videos!)

Skin by SimplySilent
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EDIT: I added a few more little things, including a link for people who were asking questions

I’m sorry that the last journal seemed to upset so many people. It was meant as a cleansing of views and people around me that might introduce toxicity in my life. But I can totally understand how some people took it very personally, or felt that I worded it poorly. You are absolutely right, and for that transgression I am sorry.

With that in mind, I felt it might be a good idea to just give a refresher course on important personal rules, opinions, or views I have so that we’re ALL on the same playing field on where/what/who I stand for. So this is going to be a very BLUNT and DRY list of stuff about me and my opinions. I hope that it helps clear any confusions and I will be happy to elaborate on anything if you ask me in the comments section.


I am an atheist. While I am very tolerant of other religions providing they leave me alone, living in America has made me very intolerant of the more extremist Christianity sects in America. I acknowledge and understand that most Christians are lovely, decent, wonderful people, and that the bad eggs represent a vocal minority. My beef with Christianity often usually only rises up when Christian people in America try to harm other people’s faiths by refusing to let them enjoy their faith (such as the annual ritual of “war on Christianity” propaganda nonsense that crops up EVERY Christmas season).

I believe in a number of things, such as Climate Change (global warming) and the fact that we’ve been to the Moon. I do NOT believe in conspiracy theories like those of 9/11 truthers.

I am emotional. I’m an artist, after all, and I have an emotional way of thinking. I try to be logical and thoughtful about things, but I am not a Vulcan and sometimes if I’ve been worn down, emotionally drained, or exhausted, I can be prone to saying or doing something inappropriate. I try my best to not let that happen, but it does happen from time to time. I’m sorry.

I am a man of very strong opinions. I do not always think that I am right, but I am not afraid to voice my opinions in my personal spaces (my website, my comics, my journals, etc). I will NOT, however, go out of my way to invade OTHER people’s spaces and step on their opinions/views.

I live in America so ALL of my discussion should be framed with “in America” in mind. I cannot and will not try to force my opinions on another country, as I am not intimately familiar about their social dynamics/taboos/etc. And I would hope that people from other countries would respect that for me too and not try to impose their views on me. I can only speak for/about America.

Free speech is not censorship in my opinion. But free speech also is not a get-out-of-jail-free card either. Freedom of speech means that what you say CAN be challenged by others, especially if your speech it’s being used to cause harm to someone. That applies to me too. I do my best to not be on that side, but if my speech ever DOES harm someone in real life, I will apologize and try to make amends.

I do not believe that removing the ability to comment on my art or websites is a form of “censorship” as the rest of the internet is entirely open and free. As long as you can comment SOMEWHERE then it’s not really censorship as censorship really only applies to actual laws that a court can uphold preventing you from having free speech.

I can and will admit to being wrong.

I do not think that “all men are evil,” but I do acknowledge that America’s history from it’s creation strongly favored cis-white-men as the founding power structure/dynamic and that working towards dismantling the long established patriarchy system in America is a good goal to have for the 21st century.

I believe that feminism is very important, and that it benefits both men AND women.

I do not believe in humanism because I cannot support “equal rights for everyone” when we’re not all equal yet or on the same playing field legally/socially in America.

I strongly support the LGBTA (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Asexual) movement.

If you mention my fetish work at all, chances are you will be blocked/muted. I don’t mind if someone actually wants to have a discussion about things, but usually it’s only brought up as a pun or a condescending insult. 10+ years since it happened and I’ve developed zero-tolerance for it. Because doing so shows me you don’t respect me or are just trying to be antagonistic or troll-worthy.

Speaking of... I do not actually have any problems with sex, sexuality, sexy costumes, or sexually charged characters/stories. If it fits the situation and is in-character, then fine. I DO have a problem with “stereotypically sexy” character designs or tropes constantly being used for no reason. IMO, a fictional character is not a real person. They cannot do things for themselves, they need you (the artist) to tell them what/how to do things. Therefor unlike real life where a person choosing to dress and act a certain way (like Nicki Minaj for example) is empowering, constantly dressing characters in skimpy outfits and posing them in unrealistic intentionally erotic poses for no good reason is a BAD thing IMO. There has to be a reason for it to exist other than “the target demographic is men” or “it’s a fantasy setting so it’s not really realistic!”

I do not appreciate being linked to hate blogs, parody artwork, or anything making fun of me. You might be tempted to send me links because you want me to do something about it, but I honestly am doing everything in my power to NOT see that crap. Report it silently and move on. I do not need to know about it because I already KNOW people are doing it anyway.

Links with no description explaining what it is will be reported as spam or ignored.

I had an issue with Anime 10+ years ago when I was running the Anime club at my college and was treated generally pretty badly by the members there. While I did make some bad remarks and artwork about my hatred of Anime back then, I have since gotten over it and don’t care anymore. Anime is fine.

I respect criticism and help when they are made by my close friends/peers and less so when they are made by random internet strangers.

Speaking in a condescending, angry, resentful, or profanity-laden manner will usually result in me NOT paying attention to what you have to say or completely ignoring you entirely. Even if the user might have a point (such as providing criticisms), if the point can’t be made without insults and personal attacks, then it’s not worth my time or attention.

I do not believe in supporting people, groups, charities, or websites that I find to be offensive. For example: I cannot support anything made by the creators of Earthworm Jim or Shadow Complex because of their anti-gay views. Another example: I do not support PETA because PETA believes domesticated pets (like dogs and cats) should be murdered and eradicated. And I expect the same of people who don’t like my work either. I fully accept your right to want to deny me money or views if you do not like my work. That is your (and my) personal choice and I will not frown on anyone who does that.

SIDE NOTE: If you wanna learn more about what I mean by PETA, this is a very helpful short video explaining it: [link]

I am also a consumer rights activist. I believe that customers should be allowed to be upset if corporations do things that are wrong (such as when Microsoft tried to pass off all the anti-consumer-friendly nonsense of the original X-BONE). That said, I do sometimes feel that consumers can get a little out of hand (such as the "retake Mass Effect" movement over the bad ending to ME3). Overall though, I will generally take the side of the consumer, because our wallets are what is at stake.

I support the concept of things (such as approving of Brony culture as a way of challenging current societal masculinity norms), but not necessarily the methods or actions of said groups or organizations. This is why I cannot support the actions and methods GamerGate, but I DO support the idea of ethics in games journalism.


If ANY of these views, opinions, or rules of mine are “too controversial” or “too whiny” for your tastes, you have my permission to not watch me or follow my artwork. I’m OK with that.
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Mount Giant by mayshing

Making one's comment meaningful and making it count has many benefits, especially in the art world.

Single words praise really does hold little weight, and just not making any comment also don't earn anyone anything, so bringing it up another level is good for both the artist, and the appreciator.

1. It starts conversations, and make friends: When you comment on people's work around, not limited to the artists you admire but also artists you can buddy with on different levels, you will find yourself rich with many art friends to discuss your own work and joy with. You will also find this skill useful when you make it into the professional world where you would be making comments to make connections.

2. Gets comments for your own work: when you give people meaningful comments that rewards them, you can ask for feedback for your own work easier, because you have invested in their work first. If you cold-call it's harder to get the same favor back. Many times you don't need to even ask, they will be looking to your way.

3. Make the community much more enjoyable: we all enjoy an active community that encourages, and guide one another with kind words and understanding.

1. Talk about how the artwork "feels" to you: if you observe the artist is trying to communicate a mood, or a feel, talk about what it means to you personally when you see it. If they see their intention has communicated, they will be very happy. Even if it didn't, you will seem like an interesting person.

2. Talk about the area that took the most work technically to achieve or execute: the other person will be happy to know their time spent, and attention to detail is noticed and appreciated.

3. Talk about the one little area you appreciate personally If you don't see anything else from point 1-2, use 3.

4. Appreciate what the artist is trying to achieve, and discuss where they actually are and what else they can do to get where they want to go. This perspective is very suited for artists in study.

5.Thank them for their time and effort, and let them know how it helps you Especially for people sharing some useful information on tutorials. This one is pretty straight forward, simply because they really don't have to do it, so its a favor to the community that they are sharing.

6. Make up your own short story from the artwork, this option is very entertaining for both sides. If you are a creative writer, definitely do that! 

Lastly, the feedback doesn't need to be long to count, it doesn't need to be a paragraph, it doesn't need to take 1-2 hours, it doesn't need to be a well informed critique, it can be even just one sentence, all it needs to do is show that you care. When you care, others care about you too. It's just that simple. (But if you did the above 5 points your comment would be a paragraph already. lol)

Any additional thoughts to add to this welcomed. 
I have thought about this for a while.... in the early days on DA when it's not so convenient, comments are much more frequent, now it's so convenient, even with very popular artists they are not getting the quality of comments much either, if they are not, then its much less with the little ones starting up. Starving for feedback, got nothing, and left or give up, or get disappointed in the community. 

I noticed there's a trend of thought of "If I can't make a good meaningful comment, better just shut up."

It's my hope this article will help those who mean to comment, but couldn't get beyond one word, or one liner, to get to the next level and making your own comments reward you with new friendships, and new opportunities. 

We are artists, we will need the commenting skill especially for the art world. It will get you to places and even friendships, and favors if you know how to give good positive feedback. So comment away! 

Featured by DA journal, thank you!…
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Style, style, STYLE, oh, THE style

Tue Apr 24, 2012, 3:35 PM
What do you think about it? In terms of drawing. Is it important to have one of your own? Is it necessary to constantly seek it?

I've seen people troubled by not having constant style, people thinking their style is not original enough, people making a bold line between their two styles, people trying to get rid of one style...

My humble opinion on this is that you should stop wasting your energy on torturing yourself and just draw. Draw whatever you feel like.

Unless you're being paid for certain style but that's not what I want to talk about now.

What I want to talk about are all those personal pictures you do for self-improvement or supposedly for fun. "Supposedly" because if your main purpose is "fun" I don't get why you should worry yourself with "omg is this style all right what will my watchers say?"

Well, your watchers will get pretty bored if all in your gallery look the same. And also, there's not much space for improvement. Talking from my own experience, I was totally charmed by many very distinctive styles when fist seeing them but as the artist was always posting almost the same theme with same color choices I was less and less interested in it.
If said artists are happy with not changing anything that's fine. They must have a reason for it, right? After all, even if I'm gone from their fan list others will come.

But as an artist I'm on the "let's progress!" team as I guess many of you. So not having constant style is least of my worries. Actually it's not my worry at all if the next style is meant to be a better one.

And let me tell you one thing, you are you so it would really take a lot to make your art look like not yours. Anime/realistic/cartoon/even abstract I guess, will still have something in common if made by the same person as long as it comes from their heart. I think that if you wanted to change your art drastically you would have to change yourself and how you look at world first.

But what if you're not happy with your style? Are you sure it's the style that's a problem? Or maybe skills? Locate the problem, set a goal and go for it. And don't worry it's not an overnight change.

If it's a skills problem it's actually easier to fix since you only have to see more, not see differently. You can change it gradually. Improving everything at once might actually be too hard and you can lose your motivation. By splitting it, well, your pictures won't get awesome in an instant but certain elements will look better and better.

Style change (for example from anime to realism) usually result with a very awkward time period when your art simply looks weird because, as I said, changing everything at once is hard. Try not to worry though and don't give up. Also, don't think that your style is perfect it's just people who can't see the beauty of your new style. If you don't see your mistakes it's the end of progress. Remember, that as long as you see them you can make your art better.

As for searching more original style bara-chan wrote something interesting on the matter… . And you can't say that she doesn't have a distinctive style.

Your style forms on its own while you keep drawing by gradually discovering how you like portraying things or what are your favorite themes. Deciding too early on exact shape of it may result in repeating the same mistakes or making pictures too similar.

My tip is to not be afraid and try everything you feel like, anytime, even if you have a style you're happy with. One picture will not change it completely but may teach you something new that you can use in your usual stuff.

Having a vague idea of what you want your style to be like is nice, since it's always easier to not go blindly. So, something like wanting to draw like game concept artists or anime illustrators may make nice guidelines but thinking hard how to be distinctive from all other artists from that genre may take so much of your energy there won't be much left for actual drawing. Just don't copy one artist. Combine what you like, add as much as you can from your own observations of real world and don't try to be someone else. You are yourself and your art is yours. There is no one else in this world that is exactly the same as you so the same would be for your art.

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Ironic when a friend speaks of being heartbroken from being left behind and ignored, yet they bring the "end" in the same manner.
I guess that happens when they don't want to hear the truth and the only form of emotional satisfactory comes from being the one to leave the last laugh, to leave a trail of oneself behind and leave things open but no room to tie any knots. An alternative form of desperation to be remembered and reverse the effect of feeling insignificant. 

I felt upset and offended for a bit, then I realized that's probably the whole point; for me to acknowledge and fall for their tactics. Yet upon this realization it only proved to me that the person wasn't meant to be a friend. It only deemed my purpose of moving on from it all much more meaningful. After all, as a human being, I enjoy the sweet taste of spite. Yes, there were some bitter complications in between that made me crave for this, that I also restricted myself from proactively carrying it to prevent further, unnecessary, time consuming, energy inefficient, complications. 

I don't have to do anything directly. Initially my natural tendency to retaliate would make this frustrating, but most of the time, a neutral stance tends to result in the least amount of damage to self. It is also the best method in indirectly "retaliating" to these tactics, as they tend to be self-destructive because of it's very nature of dependence on responses. Often enough, it ends up being self-driven, fed not by my direct response, but the resulting response by the original deliverer of this tactic. 

The best part of this is that I will have a bit more peace of mind than if I had directly responded to the message. After all, this is more of an afterthought or a commentary. 
I actually ended up being able to let this go more than anything. I first said it to myself in the worst way possible, then it all started to make sense in a neutral tone.

This is probably the only positive usage for my terrible writing. I erase and rewrite a sentence so many times to get my full meanings carried out, then gradually over time as my mood stabilizes and more contents evolve into physical forms (both comprehensibly & incomprehensibly), things become slightly more settled. Mildly like a self-therapy session. With this I have better managed with impulsive messaging, which I realized over the years produce embarrassing and often irreversible results. Being impulsive is not enjoyable nor particularly something I want to associate myself with, and I feel sincerely sorry for those I heavily channel them to. These are some of the occasional cases when things sort of settle for itself. 

Well, I digressed. I must be asleep now to properly lead on life, to concentrate on things that do matter. Mostly because I am fairly tired right now and can no longer keep my attention straightforward. 
I waste enough hours on this whole ordeal, and hopefully the last of it. Now with all this, I'd like to say farewell to this friend. 

Just for record I'm going to post the response letter I wrote, but not for viewing. And the whole purpose of me telling you this is just for a sake of informing it's existence. 

Now I will vanish again. I just happened to come back to check a few things and this happened. I recently moved for a job and I have a lot to deal and fix. Hopefully things will settle soon!
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