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Watch it here! 

or on the Timber Tumblr-Blog…
I would post on here, but it's proving tricky, I dunno.
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ZOOPHOBIA IS ALIVE! -week hiatus-

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 7, 2012, 7:55 PM
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The First 10 Pages are up for viewing! Most of the site is still being worked on by me and my friend Stephen (mostly him, cause I'm a derp), But so far he worked his magic beyond what I could ever hoped for! There are also some new links on the site, I made a new twitter and facebook page if ya'll like such things! So now I'll just be working on more pages, I have a bunch to post, but I'm not gonna start my scheduled posting for a lil while, since I really want to have ALL the pages done, though SOON! I hope you guys enjoy these first 10 teaser pages <3
Prolly not what you'd expect hm?
Go Go read read <333 !! :heart:
annoying Jack Black says GOO!
go to "first" to start at the beginning of coarse <3

EDIT: I'm goin' on Family Vacation, so Um yeah no activity on here for a week, when I'm back I'll see if maybe I can start postin' more pages ^^

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watch it here
Hope you enjoy!
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So yeah contest time.(EDIT NEW CHARACTERS)

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 4, 2013, 3:15 PM

Stole the idea (with permission :icontrollfaceplz: ) from :iconlady-of-mars:

"'Picture perfect moments.'- A pretty open theme. Draw mine and your OC's of choosing in a scene that could be taken as a photograph. This gives opportunities for photo-bombing, spur of the moment photo's and interaction of the characters with the unseen photographer.

This doesn't mean your drawing has to look like a realistic photograph, what I'm looking for is a nice use of composition of characters in typical photograph poses. Maybe add a border or frame to your image if you'd like.

You can do more than one photograph, So collages, album pages etc are also fine, but they will only count as one entry."

I'd like to see either/or/both/all/whatever:

Spade Updated Ref by SpadeNightmaren Evening Star by SpadeNightmaren

iENZO Updated reference by SpadeNightmaren

Vythica Concept by SpadeNightmaren


(HUGE UPDATE)Tranz - FULL REF + New Bio by SpadeNightmaren (oh my god this picture is bad) Endless Night - Tranz Chapter Header by SpadeNightmaren

Seraphine Updated reference by SpadeNightmaren

(Post-memory-loss) Taelin Reference (UPDATED BIO) by SpadeNightmaren Taelin (wanderer) Reference by SpadeNightmaren (He looks like a sissy in this picture with his semi-crossed legs but whatever)

Older Zaroa Rough Concept by SpadeNightmaren (4-year old equivalent) Zaroa doodles by SpadeNightmaren (baby)

Shark Speedcolor by SpadeNightmaren Shark Bust by SpadeNightmaren
1st Place: 1 Full color scene + 1 Chibi
Rust Kiriban by SpadeNightmaren NiGHTS Chibi by SpadeNightmaren
2nd Place: 1 Waist-up picture + 1 Chibi
Pretissimo by SpadeNightmaren NiGHTS Chibi by SpadeNightmaren
3rd Place: 1 Bust + 1 Chibi
Ivory by SpadeNightmaren NiGHTS Chibi by SpadeNightmaren


:icontankiethegreat: :thumb359165306:
:iconfairytalekitty: Surprise hug! by fairytalekitty
:iconstudio-ema: Welp by Studio-EmA
:iconjag2583: Contest Entry: P)(otoBombing! Jessie and Seraphine by jag2583
:iconsin-sinicle: :thumb357948552:
:iconchibipikagirl: 4 Spade by Chibipikagirl
:iconkaijaycolezanelloyd: Alliance of Three by KaiJayColeZaneLloyd

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EDIT2 - All right, I am allowing a ONE WEEK extension. However any categories that do not have at least 3-4 different entries will be cancelled.

EDIT - Ok the deadline is tomorrow and even though i have had people say they are entering, i have received zero thus far. So if you comment expressing that you still want to enter, i will post a ONE WEEK extension. but after that im giving up //rolls away

OK. LET'S GET THIS SHIT STARTED. This is m design contest! I am looking for a Demon King/Devil design! There will be prizes, as well as a few different categories. Prizes are still being determined, so please feel free to suggest some that ou'd like to see! Now, on to the categories!

This is what I'm reall after, a good solid devil design. He should be intimidating, and I'd like to see interesting, imaginative designs!
Here are a few things I like, but don't feel like ou need to stick to these things! If someone can invent a design completel outside of these things, I'll be even more happ!
- MUST > be male
- Even though he's supposed to be intimidating, sometimes a smile is scarier than a snarl
- I like long red hair !
- Eepatches are also a plus
- strange ees in general
- a class outfit!
- horns, wings, and tails are welcome
- strangel colored skin is welcome but not necessar

Entries :: none yet!

Technicall this one is supposed to be a demon king as well, but I'm going for something completely different with this one. This king should be a child, with a calm, stern expression. He should be regall dressed, but still a cute little kid
-I prefer dark skin on this one
- I would like horns and a tail, but what kind of up to ou

Entries :: Still none yet!

This one is much more free-form. I hardl have an set ideas for this one. Essentiall I want a cowardl demon. He should be somewhat genderless in appearance, but other than that, give me our most interesting demon designs! He should be abused and scard looking, but remember he should still be a demon, and those can be scar!


There will definitel be a point prize, I'll sa 1000 right now. I'd like to offer art/designs too, but I'm not sure what ou would want! ; <; So please comment and let me know! Also, if ou would like to donate a prize, ou are more than welcome to, and I would be ver grateful!
I would also reall appreciate an signal boosts, since I'm not terribl well known. ^^;

- 1500 points
- 2 customs from sexygingerbear

Important, these are! >:U
1. ou ma submit as man entries as ou like!
2. our entr must be fullbod, but it can be done in a chibi stle, or whatever is easiest for ou!
3. ou cannot withdraw entries once ou have agreed to enter them - it's not cool.
4. B entering a design, ou are agreeing that I will own the rights to that design if it wins, for me to do with as I please. Those who do not win, however, are free to keep/sell their designs as the see fit.
5. ou ma use a base if ou'd like, as long as it is allowed b the base maker if ou did not make it ourself.
6. Entries must be colored. Flat is fine, ou ma shade or offer alt colorations as ou see fit.
7. Do not tr to guilt trip me or an other contestants.
8. I ma add or change rules later, but I will update this journal when I do so that ou will have a heads up.

For now, I will put the end date for this contest at June 25! If ou plan on entering, be sure to have our entr submitted b then!
To submit an entr, make a deviation for it and then coment on this journal with a link to it! Make sure to state which of the three categories ou are entering it for! I will update the entries list for each categor as the come.

Thank ou ver much to everone planning on participating, and good luck!!
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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 8, 2012, 1:01 PM
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Getting credited for the work you do is the most simple wish that is shared by every single artist alive. Whether you draw stick figures doing something silly, or unique master works of scenes from fantastical worlds, or characters ranging from simple and cartoony to complex, detailed and realistic. You obviously want to get a little acknowledgment for your work, even if it's a simple thumbs up or anything really.

So it is incredibly understandable to be upset or disheartened when people mistake work you do for the work of another artist. Whether be simply because they saw the character or concept done by someone else first before seeing what was originally done. Or just something similar.

It can be as simple as not checking the credits most artists give when they draw characters that belong to others, it can be a careless first glance mistake, but that doesn't really excuse the fact that when you mistake a character or concept for the wrong artist who did it, it annoys and hurts them.

as simple as that anger most artists (people with brains) get when they hear ignorant people praising Tim Burton's work on Nightmare Before Christmas or Coraline, and leaving the true genius Henry Selick in the dust of his friend's name.

It is a sad fact of life people don't always like to give credit where credit is due, for reasons ranging from misinformation to downright ignorance.

But It really is disheartening to everyone involved.

Online many of us artists have close ties with each other, each other's work, and each other's characters. But just because we will draw each other's characters as gifts or trades, doesn't mean that they are ours, or people have the right to immediately group everything together in the same project.

Speaking as the creator of "Zoophobia"

which is my personal webcomic, which as most of my fans know has a wide and abundant cast of characters. It isn't very hard to distinguish which characters are mine, vs characters that belong to other artists and have absolutely nothing to do with my webcomic's plot or theme.

I felt the need to write this little notice because as of late I have been hearing disheartening things, and I don't really want my work mixed in with other's works. Understandably people get confused when all they see are the characters floating around on their own, and they are drawn by more then one artist even for fun. But now my comic is started and has a definitive website and more focused place to learn and see the characters of the comic, I would hope to see less of people confusing what is a part of ZP, and what is the work of other people.

I will also start to make sure I am a tad more clear when I state something is  a part of ZP, just to be safe <3

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I'm stuffy when it comes to books.

If I can't have a copy in my hands, my desire to read drains away.  I'm very sorry, All Webcomics- but if trees haven't died to bring us together, odds are we won't meet.

But I stumbled across Zoophobia- and, hot damn.  Intense, vibrant, it blew through my fuddy-duddy preferences and had me hooked.  If you haven't seen it yet, just take a glimpse:

The cartoony style explodes with life.  It's manic, distorted, potent- reminiscent in some ways of Ren and Stimpy.

Now, as a kid, I never really got into Ren and Stimpy.  It's a great cartoon, of course- it was groundbreaking with its perfectly articulated vulgarity.  Other cartoons have followed in it's footsteps, using exaggerated visuals to amplify their satire.

I think as a kid, that's why I never got heavily into Ren & Stimpy.  I had a thirst for emotionally relatable stories, but their style was used to spotlight grotesque absurdity.  

And in mainstream cartooning, that's what this dynamic style came to be used for- sarcastic depictions of stupidity.  Suitable for mockery, or shows that patronize children.  

Not so with Zoophobia.  

I think that's one of the reasons I love the series-  it's a counterpoint, proving that exaggerated cartooning isn't by definition limited to derisive caricature.

Vivienne takes this beautiful style and uses it with sincerity and verve.  The characters are distinctive and lively- and while humor is present, it isn't used to denigrate the cast.  They're fleshed out over time, allowing a full spectrum of emotions and drama to emerge, amidst a wildly imaginative yet coherent fantasy world.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, try the link above and give it a read!  And, hey- free cartoon!  Vivienne posted her award-winning thesis animation not long ago:…

She's got a Patreon here:…
And a tumbler:

So if you were ever curious, go forth and enjoy the visual incarnation of fun.  
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watching a fan-animated song reminded me of how bad I want to animate to music/a song.

I'd love to do a song that told a story for thesis but didn't think I'd find one in time or have someone willing to sing one/ect/ect.

plus the whole copyright issue and what have you, but the internet is full of music artists and ya know who knows!
anyways right now I'm kinda going into a dark place as far as what my thesis will be, I have lots of ideas but doubts about all of them, so tell you what.

If you are a musician, or KNOW a musician who writes songs or has songs, and just all that, and would be at all interested in a  song being FULLY animated, or singing a song to be animated, LET ME KNOW

email me at

link me examples of your work, songs and what have you.

This is not a definite thing, but I figure while I struggle to decide on a definite thesis, I might as well leave this open for people if they are at all interested in their music being animated.

If you know any online musicians or singers, please pass the word along!

I'd love to animate to a song, it's been my dream since ever <3

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60 poses theme challenge

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 24, 2012, 5:22 PM
Skin by SimplySilent

this seems like a really awesome challenge and i think it will help me a lot now that i'm back into drawing! everyone should try this!!


60 Pose theme

For the artists who want to do pose practices and studies.


Try to draw full body.

Try different angles on each poses.

You may include environments around the characters, but keep the main focus on the character.

Fanart/Original art either is fine.

1~50 is One character, 51~60 is with Two characters.

1. Standing

2. Walking

3. Running

4. Falling

5. Tripping

6. Slipping

7. Falling on the butt.

8. Holding the head

9. Sitting with legs crossed.

10. Crouching

11. On their knees

12. Hugging their knees

13. Hands/Knees/Head on the ground(Deep apology pose).

14. Bowing

15. Salute

16. Looking up

17. Laying on the back

18. Laying on the stomach

19. On tiptoes

20. Hands and Legs spread apart.

21. Arms crossed

22. Climbing up

23. Climbing down

24. Hanging

25. Jumping

26. Landing

27. Crashing

28. Spinning

29. Swimming

30. Dancing

31. Punching

32. Kicking

33. Thrusting [.......:iconpervyplz:: ]

34. Shooting

35. Pushing

36. Pulling

37. Picking up/Holding something

38. Carrying something on back

39. Throwing

40. Catching

41. Taking a stance

42. Swaying

43. Pouncing

44. Looking over the shoulder

45. Handstand

46. On all fours

47. Summersault

48. Flip

49. Dodging

50. Stretching

51. Resting head on someone's lap

52. Holding (someone)

53. Piggyback

54. Carrying someone on shoulders

55. Playing leap frog

56. Two people dancing

57. Throwing someone over the shoulder

58. Brohug

59. Embracing

60. Kissing [ this will be hard for me... O___O ]

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I Completed my senior thesis animated film, which was what was eating up all my time these last few months!
AWW man it really feels good to be free, but now I have lots more to be doing, thankfully I am able to really pick n choose now what I want to be doing! <3
I will release the film on May 12th!
Stay tuned!
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