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anywho! My finished headphones :) My Tumblr followers saw these with a few extra pics. The original design can be seen on those tumblr doodles but they came out 85% close I can say!~

Love these TO BITS :heart:

If you're wondering:

- These are Philips SHP 1900 headphones.

- Coloring was done with regular acrylic paint and Sharpie paint markers.

- Inking was done with Faber Castell Multi-Mark pens.

- White outlines and highlights were done with White Paint Markers!~

- Varnish Finish- Crystal Clear Krylon.

-Will I be selling these? hmmm not considering it at the moment :"D

- Can I customize your headphones? BUHNN...maybe? Like, I wouldn't know how the sending of the headphones or if I MYSELF buy the headphones...but if it comes up that people are willing to then why not! haha.

that's about it and sorry the photos are dark ;n;! There wasn't much light, especially at 1 in the morning xD

Why Sai? I wanted GREEN headphones, not blue. Elix and Perkisn would've been okay but I get too PAINTERLY with those too. Needed a character that has 3 colors TOPS and YEEEEP.

I really love paint markers now. ohmygawdwkdjejfe.
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Art for Promethean Wars that is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter spring 2015.

Promethean Wars is a tabletop game.

Promethean Wars is based in a fantasy environment where the Asteroid actually missed Earth 65 million years ago and dinosaurs never went extinct. Instead of the evolution of human beings, another species known as Prometheans evolved from dinosaurs into intelligent humanoids. Fast forward to modern times, Promethean factions are at war in space fighting over resources and using cybernetic dinosaurs as their ground troops.

In Promethean Wars you will take control of a faction war commander where you will be pitted against another faction. Both sides will fight for control of territory while harvesting precious resources. A winner is determined when they take out their opponent's mothership which can be done by ground assault or nuclear strike.

The game will feature many miniature ground troops, miniature harvesting generators, an assortment of unit and event cards, custom combat dice, and a large game board.

Get your T.rex ready to drop into combat this summer in Promethean Wars.

Follow updates and news releases:…
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head-on rendering of my final concept of a worthy successor to the original F1, in response to McLarens latest p11 concept.

sketch then photoshop :D

For final photoshop renders and CAD model see my gallery :)
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ragnarok is a construct an creature made from spirits and magic. he is the only construct that has free will and can think for him self. every 50 years he has to replace the rocks for his lava consumes it
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Just an attempt to design a futuristic looking muscle car. I had a certain car in my mind when designing, can you tell what?
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Hahaha, you could almost say this is an early Monster Month 2 monster. So I'll take that opportunity to treat this description as such and showcase the new database layout. ;D

Battle Theme: [link]

(all star stats are out of maximum of 10)

Species: Skwoone (skwoon)
Genus: embezzler rodent
Element: Earth
Body Form: Flesh, Fur

Loot Drop: Cookies, Cookie Crumbs

Height: 2'
Weight: 20 lbs
Length: 2'3"

Personality: Hyper Impulsive Possessive
Habitat: Any area containing trees
Diet: Cookies

Quantity: :star::star::star::star:
Mob: a Posse of Skwoones

Danger Rank: :star:

Health: :star:
Strength: :star:(+3 Offensive Mode)
Fortitude: :star-empty:
Intellect: :star::star:
Dexterity: :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:(-2 Offensive Mode)
Agility: :star::star::star::star::star::star::star::star:(-2 Offensive Mode)
Courage: :star::star::star::star::star:
Magic: :star-empty:
Total: 25


Little rascals that fret about with an insatiable appetite for cookies. You might mistake them for raccoons, but they are more squirrel or chipmunk. They are closely related to Mophers, but they prefer the safety of trees than in the ground.

They possess no arms, and use their teeth for grabbing and their tail for hitting instead. Their tail has a cavity connected to the back of their throat that allows a large storage of food. When in full-on Offensive Mode, they'll store rocks in their tail to increase its damage output.

Skwoone communities are close companions with Mopher communities, and are often cohorts. While they are prone to steal cookies from other creatures, they refrain from stealing from one another and are more likely to share their stash of cookies with their brethren.

People with empty cookie jars are quick to blame Skwoones, or use them as a figure of speech. "Skwoone" is also a term used to define anyone who steals cookies.

Fun Facts:
Its original design was a raccoon and called a "Coon", but I quickly realized that relating it to squirrels was much more fitting.

Mythology: Knick's Adventures, Dungeon Tale?

Skwoone by I, Nick Roger/*The-Knick. Do not copy or distribute.

Remember, everyone! Monster Month II starts February 1st! I can't wait!

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created a banner for my facebook.

lines came from James Dean & Audrey Hepburn of

Sleeping with Sirens
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Illustrazione McLaren

Tecnica: Marker, gessetti e pastelli

The illustration is realized with chalk, pastel, tempera painting and copic marker

I make illustration on commission.
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