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This character is new too DA pretty much. But she is a big role in ZP and is one of my personal favorite characters. Right now shes what expresses my feelings most, so she's gonna be my ID since I don't much feel like caricaturing myself anymore haha.
Carrie (c) Me
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This is possibly the weirdest picture I've ever drawn.....

No pictures yet.
Felt I needed a new ID anyways. so heres this.
added some of my newer chars that I like/have developed most.

EDIT: It's been brought to my attention that I seem to be a closeted Scene kid, even though i still don't really understand what Scene is........ :B

Characters (c) Me!

(woulda put Afkinz here, but I wanted it to be only chars that I made for it)
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So as this is the last year I'm going to be in art school, figured it'd be fun to look back all the way from the start of my time posting online.
I was actually kinda surprised at some of my old art. hm, good times <3
THANK YOU ALL who have been with me from the very start, you guys get all my love! 
Artwork(c) Vivienne M.

Blank meme here:
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just a quick thing to practice the diversity of some characters, though I ended up going with characters that are very similar in a lot of ways, so the variety prolly doesn't seem as drastic, but it's still fun too see how different they are from each other. I chose my top favorite demon characters!
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~NiniC19 Made a ZP Meme and I FLIPPPPED FFF
I don't deserve a meme fffff but regardless, this was so fun and a nice lil stress break!
Adina is my least favorite character for reasons regarding story, I actually like drawing her haha
blank: [link]

Characters (c) Me
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So a friend of mine is joining a silly OCT :iconchoosanjuanoct:
and my sister has been way into them so I figured maybe I'd try my hand at one, just to say I did, and since this is a joke OCT, i figured I don't really need to put as much time and effort into it as most require.

I also figured it would be the perfect place to debut and develop one of the characters from Jay's storyline: Joss
Basically she is terrible, but she likes it that way-
her backstory is that she wants to be queen bitch, and to control everyone else cause she hates everything and wants it all her way. Also she hates Jay cause she is a better alpha, and she wants to be queen party werewolf bitch. This is her goal.

also missing from her dislikes- her full name: Josaline (she hates her real name)

EDIT: Changing her main name so it isn't ass offending to people who reacting badly to her.
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I didn't love the original piece at all, in fact it makes me sick.
redid this [link] cause it makes me sick to look at LMAO
revamping both of these characters as you can see haha
......yeah :I
characters (c) Me

EDIT: DUDE WOW! thanks fer all the love on this, really wish I had worked harder on it now, I sorta threw it together fast so theres tons wrong with it, but yeah, thank you all so much <3
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Mk so this took longer, But yeh, I has weird taste :iconicameplz:

10.) Jonny (Carmen Got Expelled Pilot)- his only appearance was in this pilot done by the creator of the animated show "El Tigre" [link]
Its not even fully animated, But his design and just his -smooth only not- attitude was instantly enjoyable. and I know that if that show had been picked up I woulda been loving him in it. I'm still bummed it wasn't picked up... *sigh* this character deserve some respect.

9.) Dr. Facilier(Princess and the Frog)- not really hot as he is just BADASS hahahaa I dig his style and movements, very rubbery and very smooth. hes a faaaaaaaantastic Disney villain and just an amazing guy character, with some wicked things up his sleeve, plus awesome voice hahaha.

8.) Balto (balto)- SUCH an adorable character, When I was a kid I used to watch this movie constantly, and Balto is the sorta character you just want to reach in and HUG FFFFFFFFFF I loved him, plus his youthfulness and determination is soo great, and his voice ^^

7.) Rodolfo (El Tigre) gahahahahaha what to say... hes HILARIOUS, macho but an INCREDIBLE pansy, Rodolfo made me laugh EVERY time he was on screen, plus hes got powers and stuff lol and an incredible voice.

6.) Fone Bone (Bone)- from a graphic novel, he is a sweetie, Fone is the sorta character you want by your side. hes incredible loyal and knows good morals, while still being able to loosen up, hes also the voice of reason and levelheaded-ness, plus hes smart and sensitive.

5.) Jack Skellington(Nightmare Before Christmas)- Just.. sexy.. idk why LOL hes just that one character that yer like "yeah... yeah.... I'd tap that :I" LOLJK but really, Jack is just an appealing character, from an increeedible movie and just has this sorta regal-ness about him. even though hes sorta like a Disney Princess "I want moooooooore" nyahahhahaa <3

4.) Death Bear (Bear Nuts) from the webcomic [link] he is a very mysterious character. He has powers but instead of using them all the time, he keeps to himself and doesn't draw attention to it, he is the symbol of reason amongst the characters an when he has to get involved he takes control of the situation. his expression is also very passive so its enjoyable to look at him. pfffft yes <3

3.) Danny(Cats Don't Dance) JUST a fantastic animated guy. hes full of energy and dreams that propel him. hes got such live and passion for what he loves, and hes a performer, which I looooooooooooooooove(personally teehee) his singing and acting/dancing is so incredibly fun to watch and the animation is so crisp an bouncy on him. gullible but heartfelt, he is just a really cute character ^^

2.) Naveen (Princess and The Fog) *put as a frog cause he is one most of the film) Just.... haha what Can I say, hes just... HOT lol hes got great charisma and just a great personality, plenty of flaws, but redeemable qualities, and an awesome accent xD

1.) Flynn Rider (Tangled)... *sigh* yeah.... just.. charisma, Sarcasm, humor, attractiveness, and affection.... this dude is like ...just.... an amazing animated guy xDD I got nothin' else to say :I

and again
fer the record, if you guys are all weirded out I put animals on this list, PFT grow up, they aren't real so its not like anyone can get with any of them xD

blank meme-> [link]

~honorable mentions~
Dean ( Iron giant)
Luke (Samy's character) [link]
Bakura (YGO ... dont kill me)
Undertaker (Black Butler)
Flint Lockwood (Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs)
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Ive wanted to do this for years, but was always to lazy
~ but since Im leaving for college soon I figured Might as well show my room as it is NOW


YES imma Packrat ^^

Hope y'all can read my writing xD

My room is (c) Me, good luck stealing it

original meme [link]
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throwin' a simple contest for all you aspiring character designers out there!
heres your chance to design something to be included in a real webcomic project!
deadline is October 1st!
email submissions to
note me any posted submissions as well <3
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