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Did I mention :iconinvader-neo:?

Guys, I love you all. I really do! :'D And I love that you guys are creating IB fan art! It's more than we could ever imagine and seeing that you guys are enjoying it so much makes us really freaking happy.. You have no idea. ;__; <3 But please, be sure to give my Kitty some credit as well. I'm going to be honest and say the idea for this story came from her and without her, this story would never have existed. :c

Okay, off my soap box.

Working on this bit in school. Yes, it IS based off of the all famous wallpaper ([link]) I just wanted to make something glowy.
My teacher called it anime porn... :C

It's taken me 4 hours so far..

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Video [link]

Well.. I wanted to draw some Zim related thing but my brain wouldn't allow me to do anything creative since I'm tired... So I got this idea. I imagine Zim getting all jealous and upset because Dib's full attention isn't on him, it's being split with the computer. xD
I dunno just a dumb little idea.

I wanted to do a speedrawing of this, but my computer fucked up during the lineart, so I was only able to capture the colouring. D: I'll post it anyway...

Sorry this isn't very exciting. xD It's something!
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SOO.. since some of your souls were wounded by my last picture ([link]), I drew this as a part 2 XD See I told ya Dib would be alright!
This is mainly for :iconzimplusdib: though :meow: :heart: Because I love her! :iconimhappyplz:
Yeah it's black and white again. Thought it added more drama :B

So this was kinda inspired by Linkin Park's song "Iridescent". Which is ironic becuase Iridescent literally means "colourful" XD

Zim gave me trouble.. I don't know why I can't draw.. -_-;; I must have drawn this picture like 4 different ways until I stuck with this. I PROMISE MY NEXT PIC WILL HAVE COLOUR :iconraegplz:

Eh.. That's about it :B I am done with semi sad pictures for now but I guess this one is bitter sweet :meow: Sorry there isn't much in the background either XD I had to hurry this up because I have something else I need to work on before I leave tomorrow :iconoo-plz:

Art is mine
Zim and Dib belong to Jhonen

ZADR GOOOOO <333 /zadf.. whichever you perfer :D
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Yet, more paperchilds! :D I love doing these now BUT they are SOOOO tedious! Especially this one :iconimdyingplz: But I like how it turned out! :B although the cutting sucks XDD

I wonder how they got into this situation, eh? :iconhurrplz:

Funny story bout this one..
So as I was working on the cutting and whatnot, I accidently cut Dib's neck and his head ALMOST came off of his body. SO, I grabbed it, ran out of my room and screamed "Dib's head is comming off everybody!!" I got tape and then ran back to my room. Everyone was like... wtf?? XD and when I was done I was like... OMG YAY ITS DONE... wait... how are they gonna stand... :| Dib's head kept pulling Zim over! D:< but I figured it out! :D

here's what they be sayin

Dib: help me goddamnit!
Zim: [tugs] DIB! Your giant head is weighing you down!
Dib: well SORRY my head is so big, Zim!

and then Zim pulls him up and they have make up secks :B [shot]

Does anyone recognize the comic in the background? :iconisupercameplz: I didn't notice it was there till I took the picture XD


thatisall. willmovetoscrapslater
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art trade with :iconnotyourtherapist: no, that's not Keef :XD: it's newly human Zim, from her zadr fic "Earth Friendly". and as you can see he's conversing with Chem Zimmy :meow:

i pulled out a real background for you NYT, be happy!!! :iconradicalplz: jk, i really hope you like it. sorry it took so long :aww:

Earth Friendly (c) :iconnotyourtherapist:
Chemicals (c) :icon10yrsy:
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
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Dib Membrane x Reader

You silently gazed out your bedside window, watching as the soft and delicate flakes of snow drifted down from the calm and peaceful sky outside. You subconsciously brush a lock of you (Hair Color) out of your eyes and let out a rather soft sigh before turning your gaze towards the sky above the white coated streets and yards. As you did so, you could see the silvery glow of the full moon beginning to peek out from behind the dark clouds. The moon's light then proceeded to soak everything with its soft and almost tranquil glow, making the blankets of white glitter and gleam like thousands upon billions of tiny stars. As you gazed out, you let out another sigh. It has been winter for a few months now and it almost seemed like winter may never end. You just had enough of it... The snow, even with how beautiful it may look out in the now moonlit night, it was cold and wet if it were to get all over your clothes and soak you to the bone.

You sat and thought of how your days at school have seemed a bit more rough than it should actually be... The sadness and pain of the horrible teasing and bullying that you had endured over time. At this time, you could feel your heart start to ache as water began to blur your vision as their horrible laughs and teasing filled your mind. Your mind soon began to wander as you soon rose from your place on your bed. Not really thinking, you throw on your winter jacket and boots before carefully heading down the stairs and head outside into the night. You soon shivered from the sudden blast of cold, your breath coming out into steam as you let out a shaky and uneven breath. You looked and could now see the bright moon had now fully emerged from behind the clouds. You could feel the cold breeze brush past you as you stood there in the continuingly falling snow. As you stare at the moon, your eyes start to catch the slight glint of small stars as they began to accompany the moon.

As you continue watching the dark and moving clouds above, you had subconsciously began to walk alone down the white covered streets, your boots making very soft crunch as they sank into the soft and powdery snow. You continued to walk, your (Eye Color) eyes staying transfixed on the sky, watching as the clouds softly drifted along, not really knowing where you are actually heading. It may have been minutes or hours since you had left the house, but your legs were now beginning to hurt from walking for so long. The air had become much colder now and you have still no clue as to where you have been headed.  After a few more moment, you soon came to a halt.

This was when you seemed to be snapped from what seemed to have been a trance and you could feel your legs locking up. Your legs began to shake as a shiver ran down your back. You looked around and soon found yourself in a vacant field that sat untouched from any creature. You looked around to find that you were no longer any place familiar to you. You let out a shaky breath as a breeze picked up, moving the snow into spirals of wind as the icy cold began to overwhelm you. There was a soft crunch as you collapse into the snow. You could no longer keep your eyes open as the freezing cold seemed to make you a bit more weary and drowsy. You soon let your eyes slip closed as you seemed to fall asleep.

You were not sure how long you have been asleep as you felt a hand on your shoulder, shaking you rather softly. Your eyes slowly open, letting the face of a young boy fill your vision. He seemed rather pale with short black hair that seemed to have a scythe type of style in the front. His bright amber eyes gazed at you from behind large, round glasses and seemed to lock with your half-lidded (Eye Color) colored eyes. It took a moment before you could register what he had been saying.
"A-are you alright..?" The boy asked, his face and voice filled with concern.
"Hmm...?" You said softly in response. "W-why are you..... I-in my room?" You asked drowsily.
He stared at you, a bit perplexed by your question.
"W-what..? This isn't you..." He paused. "N-nevermind... Hey, haven't I seen you before?" He asked after a moment.
"W-what do you mean?" You asked him.
"I think I've seen you before at school..." He replied back.
"School..?" You said, thinking; or at least trying to think. "I-I..."
"Yes..." He replied. "I think I have..."
"O-oh...." Was all you could say in response.
You could feel the tiredness returning as you began to dose off again.
"Hey..! Don't fall asleep on me! We don't know how long you've been out here..!"
"Leave me alone......." You mumbled as you slowly start to go into a deep sleep again.
"Hey..! HEY! Wake up!" He yelled over the rising blasts of wind that surround you both.
You made no effort to move. You just had no energy left as you continued to lie in the continuous falling snow.
"Don't worry..." The boy muttered as he carefully lifted you up in his arms, being careful not to drop you. "I'll find a way to get you out of here...."
He let out a soft sigh as he looked down at your sleeping form.
"Just hang in there..." He said softly and soon began to trudge his way through the snow, heading away from the clearing to somewhere that would be much safer than here.

This is my very first Canon Character x Reader story ^^; So don't be mad if it seems to not really make much sense :( It is EXTREMELY late in the day so I am not able to THINK that clearly -__-; So... Yeah ^^; Whoever wants to use this can... I might edit it later or make another part.... If I feel like it's necessary to do so... Hope you like this...

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:iconbadgirl842: is sick, and i told her if she went to bed, i'd draw her cuddles.

remember that RP i posted? yeah, we continued that. half the time we're totally IC and it's awesome, and the other half of the time it's mush.... so naturally i drew the mush.. yeah, i'm probably never gonna post it :XD:

Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
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it's difficult multi-fandom comic-ing guys. especially while you're in the midst of the TFP season 1 finale :stare:

also, works starts again tomorrow, so i guess that counts as a break from stuff

Simon, Snarp (c) me
others (c) their respective owners
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