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Video [link]

Well.. I wanted to draw some Zim related thing but my brain wouldn't allow me to do anything creative since I'm tired... So I got this idea. I imagine Zim getting all jealous and upset because Dib's full attention isn't on him, it's being split with the computer. xD
I dunno just a dumb little idea.

I wanted to do a speedrawing of this, but my computer fucked up during the lineart, so I was only able to capture the colouring. D: I'll post it anyway...

Sorry this isn't very exciting. xD It's something!
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Did I mention :iconinvader-neo:?

Guys, I love you all. I really do! :'D And I love that you guys are creating IB fan art! It's more than we could ever imagine and seeing that you guys are enjoying it so much makes us really freaking happy.. You have no idea. ;__; <3 But please, be sure to give my Kitty some credit as well. I'm going to be honest and say the idea for this story came from her and without her, this story would never have existed. :c

Okay, off my soap box.

Working on this bit in school. Yes, it IS based off of the all famous wallpaper ([link]) I just wanted to make something glowy.
My teacher called it anime porn... :C

It's taken me 4 hours so far..

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SOO.. since some of your souls were wounded by my last picture ([link]), I drew this as a part 2 XD See I told ya Dib would be alright!
This is mainly for :iconzimplusdib: though :meow: :heart: Because I love her! :iconimhappyplz:
Yeah it's black and white again. Thought it added more drama :B

So this was kinda inspired by Linkin Park's song "Iridescent". Which is ironic becuase Iridescent literally means "colourful" XD

Zim gave me trouble.. I don't know why I can't draw.. -_-;; I must have drawn this picture like 4 different ways until I stuck with this. I PROMISE MY NEXT PIC WILL HAVE COLOUR :iconraegplz:

Eh.. That's about it :B I am done with semi sad pictures for now but I guess this one is bitter sweet :meow: Sorry there isn't much in the background either XD I had to hurry this up because I have something else I need to work on before I leave tomorrow :iconoo-plz:

Art is mine
Zim and Dib belong to Jhonen

ZADR GOOOOO <333 /zadf.. whichever you perfer :D
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Yet, more paperchilds! :D I love doing these now BUT they are SOOOO tedious! Especially this one :iconimdyingplz: But I like how it turned out! :B although the cutting sucks XDD

I wonder how they got into this situation, eh? :iconhurrplz:

Funny story bout this one..
So as I was working on the cutting and whatnot, I accidently cut Dib's neck and his head ALMOST came off of his body. SO, I grabbed it, ran out of my room and screamed "Dib's head is comming off everybody!!" I got tape and then ran back to my room. Everyone was like... wtf?? XD and when I was done I was like... OMG YAY ITS DONE... wait... how are they gonna stand... :| Dib's head kept pulling Zim over! D:< but I figured it out! :D

here's what they be sayin

Dib: help me goddamnit!
Zim: [tugs] DIB! Your giant head is weighing you down!
Dib: well SORRY my head is so big, Zim!

and then Zim pulls him up and they have make up secks :B [shot]

Does anyone recognize the comic in the background? :iconisupercameplz: I didn't notice it was there till I took the picture XD


thatisall. willmovetoscrapslater
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...I guess the only deviant posting I will be doing is icons...or possibly something else. I've wanted to make that icon ever since I watched that episode ( though I don't remember what the episode was Backseat drivers from outerspace.. neh?? Well, something like that).
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art trade with :iconnotyourtherapist: no, that's not Keef :XD: it's newly human Zim, from her zadr fic "Earth Friendly". and as you can see he's conversing with Chem Zimmy :meow:

i pulled out a real background for you NYT, be happy!!! :iconradicalplz: jk, i really hope you like it. sorry it took so long :aww:

Earth Friendly (c) :iconnotyourtherapist:
Chemicals (c) :icon10yrsy:
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
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Zim's whole base was hit with a EMP. While Zim and Minimoose was out on mission together. Gir, was sadly caught into the crossfire after being left at the base alone to watch his favorite show.

Zim, tried to fix Gir with the few tools he had stored in his PAK. But without his computer to run diagnostics and provide better tools more suited to the situation.
 An Invader Needs No one by VengefulSpirits

Zim is left helpless and frantic, to the point of taking out his frustration on Minimoose.

my weird fan-fic I Guess, idk i'll do much with it.  

feel free to fix my spelling and grammar I know I fail at that lol 

Next> Trust No one by VengefulSpirits
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