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I've seen a lot of different ways to make shiny Irken eyes, and one day while dinkin around I came up with a new, really easy way to them too. I daresay that any Irken eye tutorial will work though, but this is just a simplified way that I figured out. Enjoy!

This was made with Photoshop 7.0 and a Wacom Intous4 medium tablet.
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Here's the little tutorial I promised on how I color and shade with markers. Sorry that it's not very insightful or anything, it's juts how I do it. And you can apply this technique to any drawing, I just drew Zim for this cus I can't seem to draw anything else. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Here's the finished picture [link]
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Shut up, at least I'm not dead.

One of the random things I drew while I was on a birthday party. I was bored, you know. A lot.

Omg this sucks. I don't think it will be of any use for you all as well, because it's as basic as the fact pigeons fly. :|

I hate the last expression. When I run out of idea's I just shit out a random expression a la Frankenstein. >>;;

Meh. The three headshapes are the most common headshapes I use. I'm sure you can come up with more. It just didn't fit on the paper and I was too lazy to come up with more. So there.

The last Irken is random.

I don't know why I threw Liz in there.

Those are the best Irken headshapes ever. :heart: At least the last 2 ones, lol. I still need practice on the first one. D: Ugh.

Uhm.. So.. Yeah, I hope you all can read my handwriting. Tell me if you can't. >.>;;


Liz, tutorial © Me.

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This is my new favorite base. You know the rules. I own nothing but the base.
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La Alhambra, Granada, Espaņa.

Spain, summer 2010.

Stock Rules:

1. Provide a link to my stock on your artwork (preferably include my icon as well).

2. Send me a note or comment with the link to your work so I can favorite what you have done.

3. Do not redistribute the stock and claim as yours.

4. Ask my permission if you want to use the stock outside of DA.

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Kay, so Ham and Mada have been pestering me about hands and Vort Legs

I looked to see if there was a tutorial on them
There wasn't

I got it all proofread and tested by Ham, yuss |D

I recommend checking out this tutorial on "hocks" if ya still dont get it

So yeah

hope this helps
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Sorry if this appears in your inbox a few times. The image not showing has been a problem.

The idea for this tutorial was suggested to me by ~EmpressOfNoneckia


I did this tutorial because I was bored...

... Hence the last step.

... Buahahaha. :D


Not enough thumbnail space!
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Me: *clears throat* Invader Zim, are you ready to hear the very important mission I have for you?

Zim: *salutes* Yes! My Tallest!

Me: *smiles like an idiot and blushes* Damn you're cute. *shakes head* Humm. Very well! Your mission is to make alot of fans out there very happy. When they summon you, you are to folow they're every order. If they say jump you jump, if they say dance you dance. Is that clear?

Zim: *gulps and pulls on his shirt collar* Y-Yes, my Tallest.

Me: Aww don't be so nervous, you are the great and almighty Zim! This will be easy for you. Plus I'm sure they will love you just as much as I do. *smiles and pets his head*

Zim: *blushes* Yes. YES, I AM great and almighty! Zim will make them so happy that they will all DIE!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 

Me: *giggles* That's the spirit! *gives him a kiss on the forehead* Now go to your fans!

Zim: *looks stunned  for a moment then salutes again* I will not disappoint you my Tallest! *runs off*

Well here he is for all of you to use and abuse. ;) 

Be nice to him ok?

As I've sayd before this is my first mmd model so I'm sure he has some things that shoulden't be there or needs some adjustments that I don't know how to do. But hey what MMD Models don't have glitches?

Well if any one wants to fix him up a bit feel free but show me what you've done, ok? 
That goes for if you use him on anythink too. I would love to see what you've done with MY Zimy. :3

Oh something I almoust forgot to say. If you notice the antenna on some of the pics don't mach, that's cause at a point I got bit by the perfection bug and redid them.

Ok time for credits:

Used Zim's PAK, meshs and other stuff:…
Some Kaito expressions I can't find at the moment.

Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vazquez 
Model EDIT (c) Me
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Hehe, I haven't made a free base in a long time TTvTT so here's this <3

-YES, YOU CAN USE THIS. PLEASE DON'T ASK. Not even if you think asking is polite. It's not. It's infuriating, and you will be ignored.
-You can use it for adopts, your OCs, whatever you want. You can edit it too, for accessories and stuff yeah.
-You can use them on whatever site you wish.
-You MUST give credit.
-You are NOT allowed to claim the base as your own.

MSPAINT friendly version can be found here -

Base/art belongs to me.
Made with Paint Tool SAI and Adobe Photoshop CS4.
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My general process workflow at work:

Lowpoly base mesh modeled in Maya.

Base mesh imported into zbrush.

Lots of subdivisions and detail added, resulting in obscene polycount.

Descimate mesh.

Import obj into 3dsmax. Using Graphite Freeform modeling tools with highpoly mesh as the surface reference and create optimized lowpoly model for in-game use.

Unwrap lowpoly cage in 3ds max.

Export lowpoly cage as obj.

Import both lowpoly cage and the descimated mesh from zbrush back into Maya.

Use Maya's Transfer Maps tool to generate normal map from highpoly zbrush mesh.

Delete descimated zbrush mesh.

Set up shaders on lowpoly cage using the generated normal map and textures I make.

Export to engine.

That's my work flow. Yes, I really do use both 3dsmax and Maya.

This tutorial covers the step of getting the zbrush model 'Descimated' or 'optimized' to a point where Maya and Max can actually stomach importing it and not crashing my machine.
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