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I've seen a lot of different ways to make shiny Irken eyes, and one day while dinkin around I came up with a new, really easy way to them too. I daresay that any Irken eye tutorial will work though, but this is just a simplified way that I figured out. Enjoy!

This was made with Photoshop 7.0 and a Wacom Intous4 medium tablet.
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Kay, so Ham and Mada have been pestering me about hands and Vort Legs

I looked to see if there was a tutorial on them
There wasn't

I got it all proofread and tested by Ham, yuss |D

I recommend checking out this tutorial on "hocks" if ya still dont get it

So yeah

hope this helps
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Dick Grayson x Catgirl reader -cause I love you
My name is [name] Kyle, and Selina Kyle, a.k.a Cat woman is my aunt and she took me in when both of my parents died.

So I live with her and sometimes help her steal some stuff. She said she doesn't want me to steal often like her because I would get caught.

One night when Aunt Selina was gone to steal something. I was home making my own outfit. ''Meow,'' Isis her cat said as he came and I patted his fur. 

''All done,'' I said and was on it. I had a mask cover my eyes and my [c/h] was in a ponytail and I grabbed my gloves that have claws and a whip too. 

''I'm going out Isis,'' I said and got out. ''Meow,'' he said. I smiled and went out.

I then got to  a building and saw Aunt Selina fighting Batman and Robin. I grinned and jump to the building.

I grabbed my whip and my whip grabbed Robin's leg and I pull it and he fell down. ''Ow...who are you,'' Robin asked and look at me.

''Well little birdie I'm Cat girl,'' I said and kick him in the stomach as he got up. Aunt Selina look at me. ''What I'm helping you,'' I said. She sigh. ''We're talking about this later,'' she said and Selina and me escape. 

Weeks later since I've become Cat Girl. Aunt Selina was a little mad then soon she said it was okay.

I have a huge problem. I have a crush on the boy wonder. 

''No he wouldn't love me back, I'm a thief, a wanted person, he just want someone good,'' I thought sadly.

''[Name]...are you okay dear,'' Aunt Selina said. I look at her and I was crying. ''No I'm not okay...I'm so sad Aunt Selina...I'm in love with the boy wonder and...I know things wouldn't work out, he's good and I'm bad,'' I said.

'Shh listen to me [name] you aren't bad, your good too sometimes we do bad stuff like steal but we also are good,'' Aunt Selina said. I nodded and hugged her.

Later I was sitting outside building till I notice Robin and Batman fighting the Joker. I got down and saw the Joker was about to shoot Robin but Robin was fighting Joker's minus.

''NO,'' I yelled and got down and pushed him. I then got shot. I fell to the ground coughing blood.

''No [name],'' Robin yelled and ran to me. He put me on his lap. ''[Name]...what have you done to yourself, why did you do it,'' Robin asked. ''Why? cause I love you,'' I said and smiled weakly. 

His mouth opened and I could tell he was crying. He hugged me closer. ''I love you too [name],'' he said and kissed me. I kissed back till I fell pain. I moan. He stop and look at me. 

''I need to take you to a hospital,'' Robin said and pick me up bridal style. ''No...Birdie I'm not going to make it,'' I said. ''Don't say that [name] your going to make it,'' he said and grabbed the bat claw and we flew to the next building.

''Robin stop put me down,'' I said. He did and was crying. ''Dick,'' he said. ''What,'' I asked and look at him. ''My name is Dick...thought you would know,'' he said. I smiled. '' Richard,'' I asked. He nodded. I smiled. ''Good bye Dick, it was nice knowing you and I,'' I begin but everything was black before I said I love you.
I don't own you or Batman or Catwoman or anything only the story
Sorry I made a Sad storyWaaaah! 
Please commit this
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This is my new favorite base. You know the rules. I own nothing but the base.
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Painting from my table :)

Still Life sketch by Azot2014

Speedpaint Disco :) by Azot2014Medieval France by Azot2014Garden with Round Trees by Azot2014Ghost-Ship - speedpainting by Azot2014Dreamy Freedom by Azot2014
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Here's the little tutorial I promised on how I color and shade with markers. Sorry that it's not very insightful or anything, it's juts how I do it. And you can apply this technique to any drawing, I just drew Zim for this cus I can't seem to draw anything else. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Here's the finished picture [link]
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La Alhambra, Granada, Espaņa.

Spain, summer 2010.

Stock Rules:

1. Provide a link to my stock on your artwork (preferably include my icon as well).

2. Send me a note or comment with the link to your work so I can favorite what you have done.

3. Do not redistribute the stock and claim as yours.

4. Ask my permission if you want to use the stock outside of DA.

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So here's another pack of the band brushes, since my last had a lot of success. So this one is more famous bands, but it's all my favourites ;) And may be yours too! So DOWNLOAD! if if you have any request of any bands you like, put it in the comments and I might put it in another one. (because I somehow realized I like making Photoshop brushes)
So this pack includes theses bands:
A Day To Remember
Bring Me The Horizon
Asking Alexandria
Falling In Reverse
Pierce The Veil
Escape The Fate
I Killed The Prom Queen
Sleeping With Sirens
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Me: *clears throat* Invader Zim, are you ready to hear the very important mission I have for you?

Zim: *salutes* Yes! My Tallest!

Me: *smiles like an idiot and blushes* Damn you're cute. *shakes head* Humm. Very well! Your mission is to make alot of fans out there very happy. When they summon you, you are to folow they're every order. If they say jump you jump, if they say dance you dance. Is that clear?

Zim: *gulps and pulls on his shirt collar* Y-Yes, my Tallest.

Me: Aww don't be so nervous, you are the great and almighty Zim! This will be easy for you. Plus I'm sure they will love you just as much as I do. *smiles and pets his head*

Zim: *blushes* Yes. YES, I AM great and almighty! Zim will make them so happy that they will all DIE!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 

Me: *giggles* That's the spirit! *gives him a kiss on the forehead* Now go to your fans!

Zim: *looks stunned  for a moment then salutes again* I will not disappoint you my Tallest! *runs off*

Well here he is for all of you to use and abuse. ;) 

Be nice to him ok?

As I've sayd before this is my first mmd model so I'm sure he has some things that shoulden't be there or needs some adjustments that I don't know how to do. But hey what MMD Models don't have glitches?

Well if any one wants to fix him up a bit feel free but show me what you've done, ok? 
That goes for if you use him on anythink too. I would love to see what you've done with MY Zimy. :3

Oh something I almoust forgot to say. If you notice the antenna on some of the pics don't mach, that's cause at a point I got bit by the perfection bug and redid them.

Ok time for credits:

Used Zim's PAK, meshs and other stuff:…
Some Kaito expressions I can't find at the moment.

Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vazquez 
Model EDIT (c) Me
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