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I've seen a lot of different ways to make shiny Irken eyes, and one day while dinkin around I came up with a new, really easy way to them too. I daresay that any Irken eye tutorial will work though, but this is just a simplified way that I figured out. Enjoy!

This was made with Photoshop 7.0 and a Wacom Intous4 medium tablet.
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This is my new favorite base. You know the rules. I own nothing but the base.
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Kay, so Ham and Mada have been pestering me about hands and Vort Legs

I looked to see if there was a tutorial on them
There wasn't

I got it all proofread and tested by Ham, yuss |D

I recommend checking out this tutorial on "hocks" if ya still dont get it

So yeah

hope this helps
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Here's the little tutorial I promised on how I color and shade with markers. Sorry that it's not very insightful or anything, it's juts how I do it. And you can apply this technique to any drawing, I just drew Zim for this cus I can't seem to draw anything else. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Here's the finished picture [link]
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Dick Grayson x Catgirl reader -cause I love you
My name is [name] Kyle, and Selina Kyle, a.k.a Cat woman is my aunt and she took me in when both of my parents died.

So I live with her and sometimes help her steal some stuff. She said she doesn't want me to steal often like her because I would get caught.

One night when Aunt Selina was gone to steal something. I was home making my own outfit. ''Meow,'' Isis her cat said as he came and I patted his fur. 

''All done,'' I said and was on it. I had a mask cover my eyes and my [c/h] was in a ponytail and I grabbed my gloves that have claws and a whip too. 

''I'm going out Isis,'' I said and got out. ''Meow,'' he said. I smiled and went out.

I then got to  a building and saw Aunt Selina fighting Batman and Robin. I grinned and jump to the building.

I grabbed my whip and my whip grabbed Robin's leg and I pull it and he fell down. ''Ow...who are you,'' Robin asked and look at me.

''Well little birdie I'm Cat girl,'' I said and kick him in the stomach as he got up. Aunt Selina look at me. ''What I'm helping you,'' I said. She sigh. ''We're talking about this later,'' she said and Selina and me escape. 

Weeks later since I've become Cat Girl. Aunt Selina was a little mad then soon she said it was okay.

I have a huge problem. I have a crush on the boy wonder. 

''No he wouldn't love me back, I'm a thief, a wanted person, he just want someone good,'' I thought sadly.

''[Name]...are you okay dear,'' Aunt Selina said. I look at her and I was crying. ''No I'm not okay...I'm so sad Aunt Selina...I'm in love with the boy wonder and...I know things wouldn't work out, he's good and I'm bad,'' I said.

'Shh listen to me [name] you aren't bad, your good too sometimes we do bad stuff like steal but we also are good,'' Aunt Selina said. I nodded and hugged her.

Later I was sitting outside building till I notice Robin and Batman fighting the Joker. I got down and saw the Joker was about to shoot Robin but Robin was fighting Joker's minus.

''NO,'' I yelled and got down and pushed him. I then got shot. I fell to the ground coughing blood.

''No [name],'' Robin yelled and ran to me. He put me on his lap. ''[Name]...what have you done to yourself, why did you do it,'' Robin asked. ''Why? cause I love you,'' I said and smiled weakly. 

His mouth opened and I could tell he was crying. He hugged me closer. ''I love you too [name],'' he said and kissed me. I kissed back till I fell pain. I moan. He stop and look at me. 

''I need to take you to a hospital,'' Robin said and pick me up bridal style. ''No...Birdie I'm not going to make it,'' I said. ''Don't say that [name] your going to make it,'' he said and grabbed the bat claw and we flew to the next building.

''Robin stop put me down,'' I said. He did and was crying. ''Dick,'' he said. ''What,'' I asked and look at him. ''My name is Dick...thought you would know,'' he said. I smiled. '' Richard,'' I asked. He nodded. I smiled. ''Good bye Dick, it was nice knowing you and I,'' I begin but everything was black before I said I love you.
I don't own you or Batman or Catwoman or anything only the story
Sorry I made a Sad storyWaaaah! 
Please commit this
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free to color
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I'm not doing this to be a blow-hard, but due to popular request by several deviants I have now begun my "Naruto OC Tutorial" series.

Why did they ask me? My Naruto OC "Aki Hyuuga" has gotten me a lot of notes and an "ok" amount of comments/favorites due to her strength in design and over-all character. Basically, she's what a lot of Naruto OCs are not, which is strong and believable. Or something. Whatever.
What makes a strong character is exactly what I was talking about in the first bit of this: you've gotta get in the creator's head. Your character should be (as close as you can) like something the series creator would make himself. I found her notes in the early Naruto mangas very helpful for creation... if you know what to do with the knowledge.
University Undergrad student thinks TOO much, it's a curse, not a blessing.

Katakana chart (for first names): [link]

Hiragana chart (for family names): [link]

The reason I'm so capable at analyzing style is because of the practice I get as a Liberal Arts university student, who's studying "social history" (like media). Yes, it's quite boring. I'm happy to use my skills to help others!!! <3

Other Naruto OC Maker Tutorials:
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Tutorial i did for Advanced Photoshop Magazine issue 95 April 2012. Explaining a few of my 3d Post production techniques in Photoshop and some of my resources are on the disk.
Big Thanks to Adam Smith for making it happen.


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Link back
spend more than five minutes on it
credit me
have fun

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NAME: Tumblekit of ScorchClan

Son of Blindstar and Copperwing


Hey! Reme again with ANOTHER audition. This is for this lovely bundle of amazing, Tumblekit. NEW:This is my audition for them, I hope this is okay. I got permission from Rainy to not include how old the kit is, since he isn't technically born yet. GUYS I GOT HIM! OMG <3 SO HAPPY! MY FEELS! MY EVERYTHING! I LOVE HIM! TYSM TDC <33333333

Oh god this took long...and be prepared for lots of writing...

So, enjoy?~

EDIT: I enlarged his app and added a a couple more bubbles. Why, you might ask? Well, he's the second strongest of the litter, twins with Wildkit, and inherited his father's great endurance and strength. He rarely portrays any of his mother's physical attributes or mental ones for that matter as he's a little slow, but not as much as his sister, I might add. Though, he's a hefty fellow who's tough as a kit of the deputy and leader.


Name: Tumblekit >> Tumblepaw >> Tumbleweed.

Gender: Male >> Tom-kit.

Clan: ScorchClan.

Rank: Kit.


((Prepare for an all-out ((a.k.a LONG)) description… //OTL))

Breed and info: Tumblekit is a handsome little tom, curtsy of his parents Blindstar and Copperwing. From his parents, he’s born as the breed known as an American short-hair, a tabby at that, whose flank consists of a rich earthy brown pallet that does decent enough in the heat of his home…not by much though. All of his siblings, including him, share a variety of shades retaining to that of brown. He's the twin of his sister, Wildkit, so they look alike, of course. He also mirrors Redshadow quite a bit physically, almost being a carbon copy of the tom; with the orangeish-ginger pelt. (Redshadow is Copperwing's father)

Coat/Fur and Body:
Body/Tail: Tumblekit’s coat is medium-short and is rather soft, normal for a kit like him. Though his fur colors are similar to that of his father’s and his grand-father on his father's side, they very in shade and pattern. The main color that resides within his pelt is a rich reddish-chestnut color that makes up most of his body. His chest and belly is the same chestnut color of his body, with a blotch of creamy-gold that forms into a raindrop at the center of his chest. Starting from behind his head to his hindquarters is a large tabby pattern of a medium-chocolate brown that covers his entire back; the color flowing nearly to the end of his tail with the earthy shade. Speaking of his tail, it’s voluminously fluffy for a kit. The very tip of his tail being a soft creamy gold-brown that shapes the tip like the head of a burning flame; jagged and distinct. Along his back, the dark brown reaches across his sides, parallel and in the shape of tabby waves; curved and odd-looking. Two of those claw-curved like shapes are seen on both sides of his neck; cupping either side like an unfinished, pointed collar, before bending over to the mid-way on the sides of his pelt; meeting in a “v” or an unfinished heart, before trailing into two large claw-curves on his hind-legs. Not to mention the very dark rim of mousy/muddy color that graces the strange shape on his flank like a border.

Face: The tom-kit’s ear tips are a similar chocolate brown to his tail and upper area of his body. The rest of his face is chest-nut furred, besides the distinctly curved "mask", like a raccoon's; divided in a round “U” along the bridge of his nose and splitting off around his eyes in a sort of upper curve, flowing under his eyes until they curve the opposite way underneath both of his eyes. The mask finished off just above Tumblekit’s nose in a wide and rounded-off “W”. There is a chestnut colored parting of fur that appears like “fur bangs”, flowing from his forehead and over Tumblekit’s right eye in three jagged pieces.

Legs/Paws: The Scorch-Clan kit's back legs and paws are almond/chestnut colored, unlike his front paws. The tips of Tumblekit’s paws are a creamy-gold that begins after splitting in a “V” shape of chocolate brown patterns that look like “W” shaped rims, except they are thick and mirror a half diamond at the center of the “V”, which spreads across and up his paw in a spike before ending around his paw. Just above the round “W” shaped “bracelet” of his front legs is single arrow shaped marks that are the same shade as his paw “bracelets”. Both of his front legs look just like the other, matching perfectly.

Eye Color: Contrasting beautifully with the rich earthy shades of his body, Tumblekit holds large, clear, and brilliant sky-blue eyes that usually glitter with warmth and friendliness.

Build: Tumblekit inherited a build that mixes both his father and his mother’s shapes. He is rather tall and bulky for a kit. Like his father, Tumblekit had tough leg muscles and broad shoulders, making him strongly developed. He’s pretty muscular and strong, like his father, but retains a somewhat slender form that balances him well. No doubt that when he grows up, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with in strength and toughness. He has strong back legs and unusually large paws.

Nose: Same deep lavender-red color of his paw pads; nose being soft, sensitive, and sharp.

Inner Ear: The color is just like his paw pads and nose.

Paw Pads: All four are a lavender-red color; his paw pads are soft as a kit, but will most likely toughen out like the side of a rock once older and well-trained.

Claws: Tumblekit’s claws retain a thorn-sharp and are an ivory white like his mother’s.

((Lol, you guys think he'll have a Copperwing complex? Well, think AGAIN! Somewhat of the opposite! <3))

Personality: Down to earth and cheerfully energetic, Tumblekit is extremely friendly, open, and almost never gets angry; unlike some of his kin. He’s amiable and is quite easy going, caring, and has a good sense of humor. Tumblekit never takes cruel and rude remarks to heart either. He’s considerate and nice to others, especially to those he loves and respects…really, even to enemies and rivals alike. It’s almost hard to hate him when his charismatic spirit is so easy to be around. Though, it hasn’t stopped cats before, of course.

Tumblekit’s very reliable, sincere, un-judging, polite, and dependable...for the most part; making him the ideal and trustworthy friend you’d love to have. He’ll keep a secret if he has to, and respects other cat’s decisions and will almost never challenge them otherwise. He enjoys seeing teamwork and bonding, valuing these things greatly; believing optimism and working together is a great solution to any wrongs. This also causes him to look at bad events thoughtfully and look at both sides of an argument before coming to an honest-to-goodness opinion. He treats everyone as his equals too, unlike some kits who will think they’re better than others because they’re offspring of the Clan’s leader and deputy. ((Which is like, none lol, I'm just implying how kin can make people snooty))

The tom-kit is fiercely protective of his friends and loved ones, and will selflessly risk his safety for the better of the weak and those he cares for. He also easily forgives others and will never leave a friend hanging, even if they make mistakes. Tumblekit likes to think of himself as a consultant and is willing to help anyone out when they need it, and even if they don’t…making him rather pushy and obnoxious in the fashion. He strives to be as meek spirited and as fair as possible. He's quite the pacifist as well, refusing to fight unless extremely necessary. Some may view him as weak because of it, if they aren't intimidated by his size. Whenever he finds himself in a fight or sees others in them, he will go out of his way to try and make peace and be a sensible and reasonable cat. When his siblings argue and fight, he tries to be the referee or peacemaker. Well, either way, he’s strong-willed, brave, and is always willing to see the good in others though he has a great sense of justice. He really is a good soul.

Though, Tumblekit has his good traits, he has his weaknesses. Tumblekit, being the overly trusting cat he is, will lay down his life in the paws of anyone, even strangers, which just screams ridiculous to most...unless he knows they're evil scum. But, that’s Tumblekit for you. He also has the habit of making jokes and being extremely optimistic and reassuring in times of danger, trouble, and peace; nurturing the morale of others and growing on the nerves of those who dislike him. He will sometimes do this in the most uncalled of moments, making things even more awkward. Not only that, but with his over protectiveness, comes the price of sometimes letting that blind him from the bigger picture, even in times that will most likely kill him. Tumblekit is pretty oblivious too, not to mention idiotic, so he's as blind as his mother is physically when coming across love or anything confusing and or stuff you should notice. Speaking of which, the tom is almost stupidly selfless. He's that kind of cat... He'll always put other's needs before his own, especially his loved ones because he's such a goody goody I-want-to-make-everyone-happy tom. Some call it "playing the hero" or something like being too helpful and king...a selfless-freak, if you will...but, that's just how he is. He'll help anyone in need and will persistently do so even if it is out of his paws to do it. He’s also just a tad-…Okay…really protective of his siblings too, which means even Sunpaw is someone he'll watch out for, even though she's much older and pretty capable as well; he is extremely protective of his kin, especially his younger brother, being as he's so small compared to him and Wildkit... Well...he just loves his family and will often ignore being rational or having a brain when it comes to them, let alone protecting them. His heart just swells with love, doesn’t it? Yup, when it comes to family, Tumblekit will often, which is rare, lose his temper and become extremely fierce; out of character, you can say. He is also overbearingly honest, almost brutally so to the point that he'll answer honestly when you should probably fake an answer, but will try to be as gentle as possible if he is the bringer of bad news and such. If that doesn't work, he'll try to "sugar-coat" things if all else fails; which is both a wonderful and terrible trait to other cats. During tension and trouble between others and such, he tries to be a peace-maker and a voice of reason, often to no avail and will usually end up in the middle of it. He isn’t the smartest kit ever born, and certainly not the most graceful or nonsensitive; as he can be seen as the first one to cry out of his siblings, but, he still has a quick-wit and isn't that brainless...again, probably the "middle" kit in intelligence as well...but some of the things he does makes you question his intelligence. So, brashness, mindlessness, and recklessness effortlessly make up his "middle name". Even when you knock him down, he’ll persistently get back up and treat even the meanest of cats as if they’re his buddies, being the social butterfly he is. Also, he seems to be the mediator between his siblings at times and has a hard time between choosing between his twin and his "little" brother when they bicker and ask him to decide who's right and what not. Out of the three, he's the "middle" kit, literally, as he was born second. He always tries to be as fair as possible when it comes down to it, as he prefers to not fight with his family; much to the unlikeness of his brother and sister. Though, he seems to be especially close to his brother. ((He wishes he could be closer to his twin and can't help but feel jealous when she's hanging out with other kits besides him or his brother. But, being the good natured guy he is, he just plays it off as being okay with it huehuehue headoreshistwin))

As for real fears, he’s has a deep and outlandish fear towards spiders, bugs, and thing that would scare she-cats usually. He’s also has a fear of water, as in the bodies of water and such. He’s afraid of drowning and will proceed to cry and begin to wail like a kit without its mother when even coming in contact with it...scratch that, he'll cry and wail like a terrified she-kit because of water ((he'll even freak out from a puddle. A PUDDLE!)). He doesn’t even like it when it rains, which doesn’t usually happen *thank MysticClan for that*. He just might faint right then and there if he was accidentally drenched. Such is life…Tumblekit can’t help it. He hopes to never have to learn the skill of swimming…or so help ScorchClan, because there will be trouble.

Over all, through the good and bad, Tumblekit is a good-natured, level-headed, and down to earth kind of  character who’ll make a good warrior and friend to any cat.

Fun fact!: Tumblekit absolutely loves mud and wet dirt, even though he hates water. He also loves rocks, pebbles, and even better…shiny pebbles and rocks!

When he has to stop drinking milk and get used to water...prepare ScorchClan...prepare. *Probably will be the only times he'll stand it...*

-Mother: Blindstar
-Father: Copperwing
-Siblings: Thunderkit (Brother), Wildkit (Twin-Sister), and Sunpaw (Half-Sister).
-Mate/Crush: None. Just a kit!
-Kits: None. JUST A KIT!!! What kind of KIT has KITS?! xD

History: Silly mouse! Tumblekit hasn’t even been born, let alone even starting out in life! So, this’ll be updated sometime bviously! All he can give you is that he was born along with Wildkit and Thunderkit to his parents Blindstar and Copperwing of ScorchClan.

Role-play Example: ((Oh gawd! :iconspiderren: and :iconwarriorrainyday:, borrowing your babies Copperwing and Blindstar! I asked permission just in case~ <3))

In this example…this long example //I’msosorrydon’thurtme<3 Tumblekit is 5 moons old...ON WITH THE EXAMPLE! *cough*


The golden sun beat down ruthlessly from the clear aquamarine skies of day; upon a stretch of vegetated desert lands. From the celestial body’s point of view, there was little flora to call “green”, as most of the area was rolling dunes of pale earthy-brown sand and unfathomable dryness. Amongst the barren wasteland lay a paradise of sorts, nestled around a sparkling oasis.

It was rather beautiful within the ugliness.

Everything was unusually quiet as of now; everyone was either inside the dens or out and about for patrols and such.

”Wooh! Hehe! YEAH!!!”


The loud energetic squeals belonged to none other than a little chestnut furred tom-kit, Tumblekit. He played about a few palm trees which towered over the young tom with their lush green leaves, alone and…in a shallow pit of…mud. He thrashed about a splotch of mucky brown, not a care in the world. He felt at ease in the grimy sludge that piled in between his claws. He couldn’t imagine how excited his mother would be just at the thought of cleaning him.

Oh well!

Sitting on his haunches at the center of the rather cold mud, Tumblekit gathered as much as he could in his large creamy paws; enough to make a gooey ball.

You know what he did with it next?


He didn’t throw it anyone. Didn’t put it back down. Didn’t do what a normal kit would do.

Oh no…

He pressed it right into his face.

A cacophony of obnoxious giggles and laughs followed as Tumblekit continued his “bath”. Hey, it was a great way to stay cool, and, even better, he loved making mud. Who cares if you got dirty? As long as it was fun! Well...

Until something caught his eye.

A sparkly pebble of some sort was a little ways off, right in his line of vision...right in his grasp...

He couldn’t resist.

Bolting on his anything-but-graceful paws, the young tabby kit raced towards the glittering gray of the item…and then…that’s when it happened.


Did he hurt some cat? Run over a tail or two? Die? Explode instantaneously? Die!?

It was far worse…

He tripped.

Right into the thin waters of the oasis within his home.

Of course he wasn’t in any real danger; he was nearly 5 moons old! What would a little water do? Well…a little water meant a different thing for the troublesome tom-kit.


Yep. Here’s our “oh so bold” and “brave” Tumblekit. Dyin- I mean “drowning”. If there was something Tumblekit feared, it was his liquid-formed foe…WATER! Really, he was splashing about like a seizure induced fish on land or an elder with a bad itch...weird mental images aside…right at the edge of the crystal clear waters, barely even three inches in.

He splashed about obnoxiously, crying for help. While looking all-the-more idiotic and mouse-brained to whoever witnessed it. He felt as if his life was flashing before his eyes. WHY WAS HE NOT RECEIVING HELP!? Didn’t anyone HEAR his gir-manly screams for help!? When did his clan become a bunch of sadists?! HE WAS DYING FOR MYSTICCLAN’S SAKE! Within his mind, he made his amends to his starry ancestors...and begged…

Idon’twannadieIdon’twannadieIdon’twannadie! MysticClan please, I’m so sorry for not staying clean like mom wanted and being a total mouse-brain and wandering towards the oasis when I’m supposed to be in the den…I’M SO SORRY! PLEASE FORGIVE ME! MOM! DAD! SUNPAW! THUNDERKIT! HECK, EVEN WILDKIT! I DON'T CARE! HELP ME! I’M TOO YOUNG AND PRETTY TO DI—

While hyperventilating and praying steadfastly to the world to have mercy, He suddenly felt very light…more so...not “drowning” anymore. Was he dead? Is this MysticClan?...Was he flying? Was he dead?!

Opening one tightly closed eye of brilliant blue, he looked down. He met the scraggly reflection of himself. He was actually looking down at the watery menace. Wait…looking down?

Why does MysticClan look like ScorchClan…am I dead? Wait…why does my escort to MysticClan look so much like…oh…OH!!!

Indeed, Tumblekit was very much alive. But he might as well be dead. For his “guardian angel” was none other than a certain hot-headed deputy of ScorchClan…Copperwing…his father. Realizing he was now safe…well..scratch that...burn it...throw it in that dreaded water...

He couldn’t say he was exactly "in the clear"…because he wasn't. Anyways, he gave his father a sheepish grin, blue eyes sparkling hopefully into his unreadable emeralds.

”Uhm…hey Dad…I was just out for a swim…y’know? I was a tiny bit dirty and decided to make friends with the…uh…water?”

Even though he was lying out of his muzzle, Copperwing seemed content with the answer, seeing as he set the soaking tom-kit down beside him after his gaze flashed upwards at something in the distance. Didn't matter! Who could care about what dad was doing? HE WAS ON LAND! SWEET, DRY, NON-WATERY LAND!

As soon as he met dry ground, he began rubbing his muzzle against the sandy earth like a love-struck she-cat.

”I’m so sorry I ever left you ground…I love you…I’m so sorry! I hope that this never happens again. Thank you MysticClan for having mercy on my unworthy soul! THANKYO-“

He was cut off by an amused chuckle that he wouldn't have glanced twice at...…was from his dad.



Was he…smiling?


Did MysticClan turn evil?

Did Mom give birth to eighty more kits?

Did he confess his love for water?


The tom smirked dryly before answering the slack-jawed son of his. ”You might want to say your prayers again...”

Yes he should have. For a cat stood majestically a few feet away, the wind caressing her familiarly creamy brown fur, with that candle flame white marking burning brightly on her chest and famil-

Oh no…

OH NO!!!

He looked to the side for his father, hoping to be bailed out. Really, looking for some way out. But, of course, he was no where to be seen. Instead, he looked into the sightless violet eyes of a full grown she-cat, her purple mask scrunched from furrowed brows.

Jumping off a cliff sounded really good right now.


He couldn’t think anymore past the yelling and screeching, right in his ears about not listening to her…blah blah blah...getting dirty since he apparently was covered in mud…blah, blah...getting into trouble…oh, and the BEST one...making the clan nearly lose their fur from panic thinking some she-kit was dying in camp so everyone raced back as soon as poss- HE WASN’T A SHE-KIT!!!

He swore he could hear the snickering of his siblings. Sadists.

He could only answer his glaring mother with an “I love you…?” before being dragged away to certain doom.

Yup. His clan was full of sadists and he might as well have died in the water.


He was going to die now.


((Hands…Water*hah get it? Water? Because of Tumblekit's fear? Anyone? Anyone?...I'll stop now...* you doing? Hands…stahp!...That was so long…I’m so sorry…this was meant to be short but then…my hands were all “WOOH! MORE MORE MORE!”…))

Relationships: Seeing as Tumblekit hasn’t interacted with anyone as of yet, not being born kind of does that to you, unless you count being in the womb in an inactive state of mind “making relationships”…I’ll leave this blank. 

:bulletwhite: - Acquaintance.
:bulletblue: - Friend.
:bulletyellow: - Good Friend.
:bulletpink: - Crush.
:bulletred: - Love.
:bulletblack: - Hate/Discomfort.
:bulletorange: - Dislike.
:bulletpurple: - Mixed Feelings.

RPed by: Remepie


I can't wait to get somewhere with this little guy! Thanks alot again and It'll be a pleasure RPing with everyone!


Tumblekit © :iconremepie:
Group © :iconwarriorrainyday:
Cat Design/Parents and creators of the kits © :iconwarriorrainyday: and :iconspiderren: >>
Blindstar and Sunkit © :iconwarriorrainyday:
Copperwing, Redshadow, and Wildkit © :iconspiderren:
Art and Audition © :iconremepie:
Character Sheet © :iconthedifferingclans:
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