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InvaderCon III

Journal Entry: Thu May 2, 2013, 5:00 PM

...Shall NOT be in Pontiac, Michigan sadly!

BUT. You should DEFINITELY go right nyah -->… and support their financial cost. By doing this you:

:bulletred: Help pay for costs of IC3

:bulletorange: Have a say so in where the convention will be (NOTE: It HAS to be a MID-STATE area)
(REMEMBER: Invader Zim is set in Chicago, IL; a place already shown as a place of interest by the staff sooo... *HINT HINT*)

:bulletyellow: Get the chance to get some pretty awesome stuff, including your own exclusive ticket ahead of time! Plus, you can get the dinner tickets and breakfast tickets in some packages of donation, and even a PHONECALL from Richard Horvitz if you feel so incline to donate enough!


And so you know I'm not a hypocrite, I'm one of the sad losers who donated $120 for my Dinner Ticket that I was never able to get last time. XD

Please Visit:


Note Me

Watch Me

Mavin Stamp for #Mavin-For-the-win by ebaziiStamp: Pewdiepie x Cry by chocolate-ninja-6:thumb184225109:

CSS skin by arbrenoir
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Hey guys! I know this group has been a bit quiet due to the fact that we have been busy and chapters are coming out only a couple times a week, but I want to keep it alive! So here is what I proposed to IrkenInvaderMaz; A contest for a group icon!

I am not sure of what the prizes will be quite yet, but I know that they may involve points. But there will be drawing prizes for sure!

So here are some rules/requests.

-Please keep it related to "IB". You can do whatever you want! But make sure it correlates to the story.
-Use effort! I don't want little doodles and then you say "bam entry!" Please use effort. :3 Traditional art is acceptable as long as effort is used! In fact, I welcome traditional art. <3
-The creepier the better! Though, humorous ones are welcome too!
-Have fun and be creative!

So if enough people are interested, I will speak to Maz about prizes and will post them on a later date. :3

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---------Last updated: 3/30/14---------
I just spent the past 2 hours scavenging dA for IZ plz accounts...Because I was bored, and every plz journal I see is missing some. I haven't seen anyone else with this many IZ plz accounts in one journal. Enjoy!

EDIT 3/30/14: This journal got too full and a LOT of plz accounts wouldn't show up at all, even though they worked just fine. 
These plz accounts have been moved here:

:iconzimplz: :iconzimmyplz: :iconzim2plz: :iconzim3plz: :iconzim1plz::iconzim4plz: :iconzim: :iconzim01plz: :iconzim02plz: :iconzimhurrplz: :iconexcitedzimplz: :iconcreepyzimplz: :iconzimrapefaceplz: :iconzimraepfaceplz: :iconalienzimplz: :iconevillaughzimplz: :iconzimevillaughplz: :icongrumpyzimplz:  :iconsadzim1plz: :iconsadzim2plz: :iconsadzimplz: :iconzimomgplz: :iconzimomgclapplz: :iconmechazimplz: :iconzimcrazyplz: :iconzimpeepplz: :iconzimwafflesplz: :icontrysomeplz: :iconim-blind-plz: :iconzimwtfplz: :iconwtfzimplz: :iconzimevilplottingplz: :iconzimlickplz: :iconzimmylickplz: :iconzimpervfaceplz: :iconzimcameplz: :iconisayzimplz: :iconshockedzimplz: :iconsrszimplz: :iconzimsmirkplz: :iconzimsmile1plz: :iconzimcutieplz: :iconzimcuteplz: :iconzimsqueeplz: :iconzimehplz: :iconcutezim: :iconzimfacepalmsplz: :iconzimhideplz: :iconzimfacedeskplz: :iconzimwhatplz: :iconzimhoshitplz: :iconzimhuhplz: :iconzimshrugplz: :iconzimneatplz: :iconzimroflplz: :iconzimshappyplz: :iconthe-real-invader-zim: :iconuwantsomeofthisplz: :iconzimsexyfaceplz: :iconirktopsyplz: :iconpiggiesforscienceplz: :iconzimscreamplz: :iconzimscreamingplz: :iconscaredzimplz: :iconzimlaplz: :iconzimla-plz: :iconzim-laplz: :iconzimyesplz: :iconzimsandwichplz: :iconzimlolplz: :iconawesomezimplz: :iconangryzimplz: :iconzimtrollfaceplz: :iconzimlaughplz: :iconzimfailplz: :iconzimnoplz: :iconzimanimatedlaughplz: :iconzimpointandlaughplz: :iconzimidkplz: :iconzimwhutplz: :iconzimgrinplz: :iconzimsbuttplz: :iconzimthrustplz: :iconzimpointplz: :iconpervyzimplz: :iconzimrulesplz: :iconzimscienceplz: :iconbouncyzimplz: :iconcreepyzim1plz: :icondissapointzimplz: :iconzimseesplz: :icondancingzimplz: :iconzimevilgrinplz: :iconurlyinplz: :iconinsanezimplz: :iconeasterplatypusplz: :iconlookatmyneckplz: :iconzimgwahplz: :iconzimbearsuitplz: :iconzimfffplz: :iconzimdinosaurfaceplz: :iconzimglaresplz: :icondarkharvestzimplz: :iconzimwthplz: :iconzimloveplz: :iconzimheroplz: :iconiamzimplz: :iconhappyzimplz: :iconheadpigeonsplz: :icongermsplz: :iconscreamflatzimplz: :iconderpyzimplz:  :iconzimisderpedplz: :iconderpzimplz: :iconzimderpplz: :iconseriouszimplz: :icongrandpazimplz: :icongzisnotamusedplz: :icongzseeswhatyoudidplz: :icongrandpanoesplz: :icongrandpacameplz: :icongzdonotwantplz: :iconundauntedplz: :iconiamzimemoteplz: :iconzimslapplz: :iconzimhelloplz: :iconsuperzimlaplz: :iconzimo-oplz: :iconpsychozimplz: :iconliarzimplz: :iconzimtwitchplz: :iconzim-laughplz: :iconthehorriblemeatplz: :iconzim-cute-plz: :iconzimickplz: :iconzimewplz: :iconzimglareplz: :icondothewaveplz: :iconzimdatassplz: :icondatzimplz: :iconinvader-zimplz: :iconzim-makes-a-face: :iconzimunimpressedplz: :iconruleyouwithfistplz: :icontheofficiainvaderzim: :iconzimlickscreenplz: :iconzime-eplz: :iconzimlikesdatassplz: 

:icondibberz-plz: :icondibmembraneplz: :icondib-plz: :icondib01plz: :icondib3plz: :icondib4plz: :icondib--yousedwhutplz: :icondibgwahplz: :iconexciteddibplz: :iconohquititplz: :icondiblaplz: :iconceilingdibplz: :icondibcameplz: :icondibrapefaceplz: :icondibraepfaceplz: :icondibrapeface-plz: :icondibpervfaceplz: :iconpervydibplz: :icondibsnapsnapplz: :icondibberzplz: :iconiamdibplz: :icondibpointplz: :icondibpoint2plz: :icondibpoint3plz: :icondibpoint4plz: :iconkrazehdib: :icondibxpplz: :icondibheadplz: :icondibohnoesplz: :iconhappydibplz: :icondibriotdanceplz: :icondibderpplz: :icondibcrazyplz: :icondibcrazy1plz: :icondibderp-plz: :icondibholyshitplz: :iconangrydibplz: :iconsaddibplz: :icondibwtfplz: :icondibseesplz: :icondibshappyplz: :iconshockeddibplz: :icondibbeansplz: :icondibhappyplz: :iconthamoosedibplz: :iconizdibplz: :icondibhumanplz: :icondibwhatplz: :icondibsmirkplz: :icondibsmirk2plz: :iconingeniousdeviceplz: :icondibfu: :iconrunningdibplz: :icondibpervplz: :iconsaddib-plz: :iconsrsdibplz: :icondibisdeliciousplz: :icondibglareplz: :icondibyesplz: :icondib-savior-of-earth: :icondibuwantsomeofthis: :icondothewave2plz::iconaskdibmembrain::iconwtfdibplz: :iconcreepycarrotdibplz: :icondibsoniceplz: :icondibhideplz: :icondibhappyplz:

:icongirplz: :icondancinggirplz: :icongirraveplz: :iconravegirplz: :icongirdancingplz: :icongirdanceplz: :iconrobotdanceplz: :icongir2plz: :icongir01plz: :icongir02plz: :icongirdoglaplz: :icongirturkeyplz: :icongir3plz: :icongircupcakeplz: :iconsupergirlaplz: :iconimnakedplz: :icongircameplz: :icongirrapefaceplz: :icongiromgplz: :icongirishappyplz: :icongirsmileplz: :icongircrazyplz: :icongirscreamplz: :icongirthedogplz: :iconpedogirplz: :icongirpiggy-plz: :iconepicgirplz: :iconbloodygirplz: :iconnaked-girplz: :iconexcitedgirplz: :icongirhugplz: :icongirincontrolplz: :icongirspiggyplz: :icongir-plz: :icong-i-r-plz: :icongircuteplz: :icongirsqueeplz: :iconevilgirplz: :iconlagirplz: :iconpervygirplz: :iconcrazygirplz: :iconsadgirplz: :iconkinkygirplz: :icongirrobotplz: :iconomggirplz: :icongir1plz: :iconflyingpiggyplz: :icongir-the-sir: :iconmissyoucupcakeplz: :iconcrazygir-plz: :icongir--plz: :icongirhappyplz: :iconilovegirplz: :icongir-derpplz: :icondothewave4plz: :icongirla-plz: :icongirzplz: :iconsaltednutsplz: :icondancinggir: :icongirrainingpiggiesplz: :iconthankyougirplz:


:icongazplz: :icongazzplz: :icongazmembraneplz: :icongazlaplz: :icongazderpplz: :iconexcitedgazplz: :icongazgrowedplz: :icongazskullplz: :icongazrapefaceplz: :iconlightninggazplz: :icongazderpedplz: :iconpervygazplz: :icongazepicfaceplz: :icondothewave3plz: :iconzagr2plz:

Tell me if I missed any, I want EVERY SINGLE IZ PLZ ACCOUNT(except Irken gonna pass on that one). 
If the plz I missed does not fit in any of these categories, CHECK THE OTHER JOURNAL AND COMMENT THERE.
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It's been years.

It's been years, now, and David Hoover still couldn't get the gruesome image of out of his mind. It brought chills to his spine.
That monster. It's uneasy gaze, it's terrible, upside-down smile, it's tilted body.

A deformed man. A disturbed man. A man that still continues to chase him to this very day, even if in his nightmares.
That amused man. That swift man.

That mysterious man.

That deadly man.

That crooked man.
It still haunted him to this very day, and most likely always would. But that was alright. We all have our fears...David Hoover's was just...
a tad bit more...unique, if you'd like to describe it in that way. After the many close encounters with the strange beast, David had eventually
given up on his quest to find the former owner to the new apartment of which he had recently moved into, and decided to go back to his ordinary
days, days which he did not plan on spending in that horrid hell that is supposed to be an apartment. Instead he found a new place, which to his
relief, had no strange, traumatizing paranormal activity awaiting him on the inside.

He would never know the true secrets behind that apartment, and maybe, just maybe...that wasn't all that much of a bad thing. He couldn't help but
admit he was still curious, but he knew it wasn't worth the effort at all.

He tilted his head to the side to see his shirtless boyfriend with his eyes closed and snoring, and he snapped out of his state of fear and
chuckled a decent amount.

"...Hey...D..." David whispered softly, twirling D's soft red hair in between his fingertips while he did so. Snore. No response, unless you consider
that one. "...D..." David shook his head. "...I know you are not asleep."

D's face twisted into a more irritated one with his eyes still closed at the comment, but he still didn't say anything. David continued to play
with his boyfriend's hair.

"...Want to know how I know...?" Snore. "You never snore. I should know...half the time I have a hard time sleeping and you're knocked out within
minutes, so I end up watching you, so believe me, I'm very aware of your sleeping habits. Oh, and you tend to mumble nonsense and drool all over the
pillow, so--"

"Damn it, David, I get the point!" David smiled, satisfied with finally hearing his boyfriend's voice. "Knew it." "I-Idiot..." D mumbled, pouting
slightly as he tilted his head to the side. He sure could be sassy at times, David thought, amused. It was...cute, though. Just like everything else
about D. When David spent time with him, it was like all of his worries temporarily ceased to exist, including those unsettling feelings he still had
bottled up about the crooked man and the old apartment and it's secrets. D took all of the worry away. He was the perfect distraction. David didn't
know what he would do with himself if he didn't have him...he'd probably lose it.

David took his gaze to the wall in front of him, and with narrowed eyes and a frown, his mind slowly found it's way into worry again. D noticed this
change in mood, and with a worried frown, moved over and put his arms around his boyfriend on the bed, blinking up at him with worried eyes.

"...Hey, dude, what's wrong?...You have that look on your face again." "What look...?" "You know...that worried look. You seem to get it a lot when
you think for some reason...let me guess. It's about that monster again?" David sighed. "Am I really that transparent...?" D smirked weakly. "Funny. I could have asked
you the same thing earlier." Apparently they both could read the other's emotions quite well. D continued. "...Hey, idiot..." He poked David's cheek while he whispered.
"...Stop worrying. There's no point to it, so let's just focus on the good things." David stared at D for a couple of moments. Like you? Yes...D was most definitely
one of the good--no, one of the best remaining things in his life, if not the only.

David smiled softly.
"...Thank you..." He planted a soft kiss on his lover's lips. D's face reddened but he grinned, pleased that his words had seemed to help in some way and cuddled next to his
boyfriend. There was silence once again, although this time around it was a more pleasant silence, and it was broken yet again by another question.

"...So..." David slowly looked back down at D, who was currently cuddled up to his chest. "...What is your real name, anyways? Hmm? It's been so long...surely you would have
no problem telling me now after all of these years."

D smirked weakly. "Of course you'd still be asking about that." "Just out of curiousity." "Curiousity killed the cat." "That line is so old." "But so true." "I don't think a
name is going to kill me." "But it might just kill me." "Why...? Did your mother name you doofus or something?...Hmm, although, it does sort of fit in a way."
"Shut up." "Then tell me." There was a rather long pause after that last line, and after much thought, D just looked up at him slowly...and chuckled.

"No can do." "You are one stubborn bastard." "Indeed. But don't you worry..." D assured. "...You have a long time left to figure out my name, so why give it away so early? That's no fun."
David smirked weakly in defeat. "...Aah...I suppose you are right." He smiled, caressing D's cheek softly with his palm.

"I do have a lot of time to figure it out. We have the rest of our lives together to finish yet, after all. Do you think I'll figure it out by then?"

D stared at him with wide eyes, a blush settled on his cheeks, but eventually he found himself smiling yet again, and he nodded slowly.

"Possibly. " D whispered, leaning in to kiss David once more.

"Looks like we'll have to wait and see."
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Dib X Reader (Quickfic)

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 18, 2013, 7:55 AM
Art and CSS Yuminn

Dib looked at you, a smile on his face. You two had been having the best night ever, he had brought you to the fair and you two had pretty much ridden all the rides. 

"I, uh, I had a lot of fun tonight, ___" He said, his cute little nerdy voice as nervous as ever,.

"I did too, Dib!" You replied eagerly. "Your a really nice boy, you know."

"W-What did you say?" Dib's eyes widened hugely. 

"I said your nice! Because, you are, Dib!"

"N-No one's ever...b-been so nice to me before..." You looked at him sadly. Was that the first compliment he'd ever gotten?

"Dib, listen to me..." You looked at him sincerely. "You are a wonderfull person, you hear? Your smart, handsome, funny, and overall just a great person. I...I l-like you a lot.... and I think you deserve so much better for your life."

Dib said your name softly as he fought back the joyous tears that threatened to pour from his sparkling eyes. He leaned in and planted a soft kiss on your lips. Your eyes popped as he kissed you, and you kissed back sweetly. As he pulled back he waved his arms. "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!!!! I got carried away, I'm sorry please don't-"

You hugged him tight to silence him. "Dib...I love you." You whispered.

"Ahh..." Dib gasped "I....I love you too...." 

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   Jill was walking down to the carnival when she started to hear music playing 'pop goes the Wiesel' it was odd to hear that song in middle of nowhere so she followed it, before the ending of the song could come it stopped quickly! Jill looked around to see a abandoned carnival it felt almost haunted to her but she quickly brushed it off and started to walk around till she saw someone or something so she took out her chainsaw and her claws and lunges at who that person was he also had claws and vanished making Jill stop and look around 'huh?!' Jill thought 'that's weird. Where did that person go?' Jill kept looking around before getting shoved by something,growling she got up and lunged killing a KID?! But it was no ordinary kid it looked like she had some missing limbs and horrible scars all over her body making Jill gag at the sight till she heard a laugh behind her turning she saw the person he had deathly pale white skin with a cones nose with raven black hair and beautiful silver eyes he was wearing a clown costume that was black and white with black and white feathers on his shoulders he also had bandages wrapped around his black claws which had dried blood on them he was kinda cute towards Jill "um hello... Do you know what happened to this girl....?" Jill asked there was a long silent pause before the man spoke " yes I did that to her is that a problem to you?" The man spoke his sharp jagged teeth shingling slightly in the dark "I'm laughing jack what's your?" "J-Jill laughing Jill" Jill replied slightly scared but ready to attack if needed
      A few months later after visiting jack Jill started to have a crush on him 'jack Is so cute!' Jill said to her self before the door creaked open turning to see who it was she saw it was jack blushing she turned quickly and thought 'SHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT! NOE WHAT?!' But her thoughts were Intruppted By jacks voice "so how are you?"jack asked " I'm fine" Jill replied trying to hide her blush that failed making jack smirk and walk over to her pinning her against a wall Jill was shocked and struggled before getting kisses on the lip making her blush even wider than before "um jack?!" Jill asked "what are you doing?" "Something I should of done long ago" jack said before making everything go dark

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Invader Zim Portal Songs Vidos

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 17, 2013, 5:48 AM…

A while back I made a Invader Zim Portal song rewrite. And you guys love it and I think you for your support of liking my songs. But one Invader Zim fan took it a little bit further. She writes IZ song parodies, then she took by song and made a video on it. So here you go. I hope you guys really like her video because I do. And please give her support because she worked really hard to make these videos and I appreciate what she has done. So thank you: :iconhazzybat:


PS YouTube is being a little butt right now. They won't let anyone have their freedom especially commenting. So from now on if you can't comment on my YouTube channel, you can comment in my journal where my videos are as well. Until further notice.


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We interrupt your regularly scheduled propaganda to bring you a public service announcement from your oppressive rulers: The Irken Empire!

Greetings, superior Irkens who may be listening and/or inferior slaves who may be listening (in which case - GET BACK TO WORK!); this is your spokesperson of the Irken Empire, here to give you a quick reminder on our policies.

Since we are the superior race in the grand scheme of all things in the universe, it only makes sense that we, the Irkens, are the ones most important in the Irken Empire. You can easily identify your superior overlords by:

1. Our green skin! We do not have any other colors of skin, just varying shades of lime green and green.

2. Our strict dress code! We mean business, so we dress for business here at the Irken Empire.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about the different tasks in our glorious regime. First of all, let's start with Defectives.

You'll notice that defectives are not technically Irkens, as they are corrupted and just plain stupid. They will have bland, everyday Irken Military Uniforms and may look "different" from other Irkens. We strongly advise that, if you see any defectives - identifiable by their head stamp and inferior genetic/data-based flaws such as an hour-glass type figure, mutli-colored or odd-colored antennae, or mis-matched eyes (one pink and another red, for instance) - please inform a superior at once or, if you are that superior, promptly drag the little mongrels kicking and screaming back to where they belong... or just shoot 'em in the face! They're replaceable in the snack-slave industry, after all.

Next up on the hierarchy of the best species in the universe - we have your service drones and snack slaves. Assuming that they aren't snack slaves or service drones because of being defective, they can be identified by their short stature and task-specific, mass produced uniforms, such as this one and this one. Janitorial drones and maintenance crews fall under these categories as well. Remember: even though they are among the lowest tiers of the Irken Empire, their grease stains are more important than you.

Speaking of importance, if we move up on our list of Irken Empire superiority, we have the security Irkens. These soldiers are here to keep you in line and make sure you aren't exercising idiocy in any way, shape, or form. Also, some have pointy zapping rod things which are fun to poke foolish slaves with.

Next up to be identified are the Irken Military Scientists who, unfortunately, tend to have inferior life forms thrown into their midst. That's okay, though, seeing as we here at the Irken Empire do believe in equality of species; each species that is non-Irken is equally likely to be beaten into utter submission.

Following the logical chain of command, we then have the Irken pilots and navigators. These taller soldiers are what keeps the Armada going... well, that and 2,000+ weeping species' slave labors. These guys are divided into three groups: The Main Force, which surrounds the Massive, the Secondary Force, which is usually busy blowing up planets somewhere else when the Massive can't be present, and the Planetary Conversion Team, which converts conquered planets into various useful things for our glorious regime, fixing the mistakes made by the foolish local species who formerly resided on them.

Even further up, we have a wide variety of Irken Elite soldiers, each with their own unique tasks and, therefore, unique uniforms symbolizing their job. This elite is an example of one who is about to graduate from the academy on Devasits. Notice the official Irken Elite gear she has on.

Of course, then we have the genetically gifted Irkens. These are the Tallest and their Advisers.

The Tallest's Advisers have been selected due to a specific amount of skill their PAKs contain. Since they are superior, it is only fitting that their PAKs be relocated to the front of their chest and injected with growth hormones to make them taller than all others (apart from the Tallest, of course). Their job is to advise their leaders, the Tallest, on what would be good and bad ideas. For instance, "Sir... it may not be the best idea to stick your tongue out the airlock, even though it 'feels funny,' since that would mean the vacuum of space is trying to rip your taste organ out of its socket." Little things like that make life easier for the Tallest.

Higher then them (literally and figuratively) we have the Tallest. Usually there is only one, but our current regime rulers happen to be the exact same height, so we went with both of them. Tallest, even from a young age, can be easily identified due to their special, segmented body-types. This gets more noticeable as they grow to maturity. I mean, really. It would take a complete idiot not to know who in the empire is going to be a Tallest one day. That's how obvious it is.

The other Irkens with "Tallest" body types who actually aren't taller than the current Tallest are taken to an undisclosed location full of snacks and stuff, to keep 'em happy while they're waiting in line for the current leaders to expire stop being leaders.

Finally, on top of our Irken hierarchy, we have the Control Brains. There is one per planet (at least) and each one has a specific job, but all are superior to every Irken (even the Tallest must bow before them... or just, y'know, obey orders under penalty of death). There are basically two types of control brains: Control Brains, the normal types, and Judge Control Brains, whose job is to weed you out like the Defective you are and deal out your proper punishment.

Although there have been rumors of a Master Control Brain, whose existence is kept hidden from all but the Tallest, he we would like to say that █████ ██ ████ these ███████ ████ █ ██████ rumors ██████ █ ██████████ ███ █ ███ ████ are ███████ █ ██████████ ██████ false. ██████ ██████ ███████ so ████ ███ ███████ stop █████ ██████████ asking █████ █ ████ █ █████ about ███████ ███ ██ ██████ it and █████ ████████████ █ o██ bey █████████ the ███ empire.

This concludes our special announcement! Remember: non-standard clothing, body types, and emotions are punishable by death or Defective-related reprimands. All Irkens guilty of any of these crimes will see a Judge Control Brain swiftly. NOW GET BACK TO WORK!

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Damien- October 4th
Kip- July 17th
Terrance and Phillip- January 18th (Terrance), November 12th (Phillip)
Craig- January 25th
Bill- February 8th
Fosse- May 28th
Clyde- April 10th
Kyle- May 26th
Bebe- August 13th
Jimmy- May 13th
Jimbo (Stan's Uncle)- May 4th
Pip- May 12th
Token- June 20th
Gerald (Kyle's Dad)- October 4th
Scott Tenorman- December 10th
Stuart (Kenny's Dad)- February 15th
Shelly (Stan's Sister)- November 24th
Mr. Mackey- November 28th
Sharon (Stan's Mom)- December 16th
Carol (Kenny's Mom)- April 16th
Chef- October 4th
Ike (Kyle's Brother)- December 17th
Tweek- August 17th
Sheila (Kyle's Mom)- June 17th
Liane (Cartman's Mom)- April 12th
Cartman- July 1st
Butters- September 11th
Timmy- February 24th
Kenny- March 22nd
Mr. Garrison- September 26th
Randy (Stan's Dad)- March 1st
Wendy- December 18th
Stan- October 19th
Stephen/Chris (Butters' Dad)- September 15th
Bridon Guermo- July 28th
Marvin (Stan's Grampa)- September 17th
Linda (Butters' Mom)- November 2nd
Queef Sisters- February 19th (Katherine), September 27th (Katie)
Loogie- August 1st
Terrance Mephesto- June 18th

Lol it took me forever to find all these! You guys arre welcome!
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Ask the OCs!

Fri Dec 21, 2012, 5:30 PM
Yup, my OCs have formspring accounts. : ) Any question you've been burning to ask? Chances are, they'll answer you directly. Added Ayule and Spindle!

:bulletpurple: Ayule's Formspring:

:bulletpink: Spindle's Formspring:

:bulletblue: Nuic's Formspring:

:bulletorange: Tex's Formspring

:bulletorange: Sanavava's Formspring:

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And if people want to ask other OCs, just leave a request and I'll kick their lazy butts into making one. v v


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