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InvaderCon III

Journal Entry: Thu May 2, 2013, 5:00 PM

...Shall NOT be in Pontiac, Michigan sadly!

BUT. You should DEFINITELY go right nyah -->… and support their financial cost. By doing this you:

:bulletred: Help pay for costs of IC3

:bulletorange: Have a say so in where the convention will be (NOTE: It HAS to be a MID-STATE area)
(REMEMBER: Invader Zim is set in Chicago, IL; a place already shown as a place of interest by the staff sooo... *HINT HINT*)

:bulletyellow: Get the chance to get some pretty awesome stuff, including your own exclusive ticket ahead of time! Plus, you can get the dinner tickets and breakfast tickets in some packages of donation, and even a PHONECALL from Richard Horvitz if you feel so incline to donate enough!


And so you know I'm not a hypocrite, I'm one of the sad losers who donated $120 for my Dinner Ticket that I was never able to get last time. XD

Please Visit:


Note Me

Watch Me

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---------Last updated: 3/30/14---------
I just spent the past 2 hours scavenging dA for IZ plz accounts...Because I was bored, and every plz journal I see is missing some. I haven't seen anyone else with this many IZ plz accounts in one journal. Enjoy!

EDIT 3/30/14: This journal got too full and a LOT of plz accounts wouldn't show up at all, even though they worked just fine. 
These plz accounts have been moved here:

:iconzimplz: :iconzimmyplz: :iconzim2plz: :iconzim3plz: :iconzim1plz::iconzim4plz: :iconzim: :iconzim01plz: :iconzim02plz: :iconzimhurrplz: :iconexcitedzimplz: :iconcreepyzimplz: :iconzimrapefaceplz: :iconzimraepfaceplz: :iconalienzimplz: :iconevillaughzimplz: :iconzimevillaughplz: :icongrumpyzimplz:  :iconsadzim1plz: :iconsadzim2plz: :iconsadzimplz: :iconzimomgplz: :iconzimomgclapplz: :iconmechazimplz: :iconzimcrazyplz: :iconzimpeepplz: :iconzimwafflesplz: :icontrysomeplz: :iconim-blind-plz: :iconzimwtfplz: :iconwtfzimplz: :iconzimevilplottingplz: :iconzimlickplz: :iconzimmylickplz: :iconzimpervfaceplz: :iconzimcameplz: :iconisayzimplz: :iconshockedzimplz: :iconsrszimplz: :iconzimsmirkplz: :iconzimsmile1plz: :iconzimcutieplz: :iconzimcuteplz: :iconzimsqueeplz: :iconzimehplz: :iconcutezim: :iconzimfacepalmsplz: :iconzimhideplz: :iconzimfacedeskplz: :iconzimwhatplz: :iconzimhoshitplz: :iconzimhuhplz: :iconzimshrugplz: :iconzimneatplz: :iconzimroflplz: :iconzimshappyplz: :iconthe-real-invader-zim: :iconuwantsomeofthisplz: :iconzimsexyfaceplz: :iconirktopsyplz: :iconpiggiesforscienceplz: :iconzimscreamplz: :iconzimscreamingplz: :iconscaredzimplz: :iconzimlaplz: :iconzimla-plz: :iconzim-laplz: :iconzimyesplz: :iconzimsandwichplz: :iconzimlolplz: :iconawesomezimplz: :iconangryzimplz: :iconzimtrollfaceplz: :iconzimlaughplz: :iconzimfailplz: :iconzimnoplz: :iconzimanimatedlaughplz: :iconzimpointandlaughplz: :iconzimidkplz: :iconzimwhutplz: :iconzimgrinplz: :iconzimsbuttplz: :iconzimthrustplz: :iconzimpointplz: :iconpervyzimplz: :iconzimrulesplz: :iconzimscienceplz: :iconbouncyzimplz: :iconcreepyzim1plz: :icondissapointzimplz: :iconzimseesplz: :icondancingzimplz: :iconzimevilgrinplz: :iconurlyinplz: :iconinsanezimplz: :iconeasterplatypusplz: :iconlookatmyneckplz: :iconzimgwahplz: :iconzimbearsuitplz: :iconzimfffplz: :iconzimdinosaurfaceplz: :iconzimglaresplz: :icondarkharvestzimplz: :iconzimwthplz: :iconzimloveplz: :iconzimheroplz: :iconiamzimplz: :iconhappyzimplz: :iconheadpigeonsplz: :icongermsplz: :iconscreamflatzimplz: :iconderpyzimplz:  :iconzimisderpedplz: :iconderpzimplz: :iconzimderpplz: :iconseriouszimplz: :icongrandpazimplz: :icongzisnotamusedplz: :icongzseeswhatyoudidplz: :icongrandpanoesplz: :icongrandpacameplz: :icongzdonotwantplz: :iconundauntedplz: :iconiamzimemoteplz: :iconzimslapplz: :iconzimhelloplz: :iconsuperzimlaplz: :iconzimo-oplz: :iconpsychozimplz: :iconliarzimplz: :iconzimtwitchplz: :iconzim-laughplz: :iconthehorriblemeatplz: :iconzim-cute-plz: :iconzimickplz: :iconzimewplz: :iconzimglareplz: :icondothewaveplz: :iconzimdatassplz: :icondatzimplz: :iconinvader-zimplz: :iconzim-makes-a-face: :iconzimunimpressedplz: :iconruleyouwithfistplz: :icontheofficiainvaderzim: :iconzimlickscreenplz: :iconzime-eplz: :iconzimlikesdatassplz: 

:icondibberz-plz: :icondibmembraneplz: :icondib-plz: :icondib01plz: :icondib3plz: :icondib4plz: :icondib--yousedwhutplz: :icondibgwahplz: :iconexciteddibplz: :iconohquititplz: :icondiblaplz: :iconceilingdibplz: :icondibcameplz: :icondibrapefaceplz: :icondibraepfaceplz: :icondibrapeface-plz: :icondibpervfaceplz: :iconpervydibplz: :icondibsnapsnapplz: :icondibberzplz: :iconiamdibplz: :icondibpointplz: :icondibpoint2plz: :icondibpoint3plz: :icondibpoint4plz: :iconkrazehdib: :icondibxpplz: :icondibheadplz: :icondibohnoesplz: :iconhappydibplz: :icondibriotdanceplz: :icondibderpplz: :icondibcrazyplz: :icondibcrazy1plz: :icondibderp-plz: :icondibholyshitplz: :iconangrydibplz: :iconsaddibplz: :icondibwtfplz: :icondibseesplz: :icondibshappyplz: :iconshockeddibplz: :icondibbeansplz: :icondibhappyplz: :iconthamoosedibplz: :iconizdibplz: :icondibhumanplz: :icondibwhatplz: :icondibsmirkplz: :icondibsmirk2plz: :iconingeniousdeviceplz: :icondibfu: :iconrunningdibplz: :icondibpervplz: :iconsaddib-plz: :iconsrsdibplz: :icondibisdeliciousplz: :icondibglareplz: :icondibyesplz: :icondib-savior-of-earth: :icondibuwantsomeofthis: :icondothewave2plz::iconaskdibmembrain::iconwtfdibplz: :iconcreepycarrotdibplz: :icondibsoniceplz: :icondibhideplz: :icondibhappyplz:

:icongirplz: :icondancinggirplz: :icongirraveplz: :iconravegirplz: :icongirdancingplz: :icongirdanceplz: :iconrobotdanceplz: :icongir2plz: :icongir01plz: :icongir02plz: :icongirdoglaplz: :icongirturkeyplz: :icongir3plz: :icongircupcakeplz: :iconsupergirlaplz: :iconimnakedplz: :icongircameplz: :icongirrapefaceplz: :icongiromgplz: :icongirishappyplz: :icongirsmileplz: :icongircrazyplz: :icongirscreamplz: :icongirthedogplz: :iconpedogirplz: :icongirpiggy-plz: :iconepicgirplz: :iconbloodygirplz: :iconnaked-girplz: :iconexcitedgirplz: :icongirhugplz: :icongirincontrolplz: :icongirspiggyplz: :icongir-plz: :icong-i-r-plz: :icongircuteplz: :icongirsqueeplz: :iconevilgirplz: :iconlagirplz: :iconpervygirplz: :iconcrazygirplz: :iconsadgirplz: :iconkinkygirplz: :icongirrobotplz: :iconomggirplz: :icongir1plz: :iconflyingpiggyplz: :icongir-the-sir: :iconmissyoucupcakeplz: :iconcrazygir-plz: :icongir--plz: :icongirhappyplz: :iconilovegirplz: :icongir-derpplz: :icondothewave4plz: :icongirla-plz: :icongirzplz: :iconsaltednutsplz: :icondancinggir: :icongirrainingpiggiesplz: :iconthankyougirplz:


:icongazplz: :icongazzplz: :icongazmembraneplz: :icongazlaplz: :icongazderpplz: :iconexcitedgazplz: :icongazgrowedplz: :icongazskullplz: :icongazrapefaceplz: :iconlightninggazplz: :icongazderpedplz: :iconpervygazplz: :icongazepicfaceplz: :icondothewave3plz: :iconzagr2plz:

Tell me if I missed any, I want EVERY SINGLE IZ PLZ ACCOUNT(except Irken gonna pass on that one). 
If the plz I missed does not fit in any of these categories, CHECK THE OTHER JOURNAL AND COMMENT THERE.
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Dib X Reader (Quickfic)

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 18, 2013, 7:55 AM
Art and CSS ©Yuminn

Dib looked at you, a smile on his face. You two had been having the best night ever, he had brought you to the fair and you two had pretty much ridden all the rides. 

"I, uh, I had a lot of fun tonight, ___" He said, his cute little nerdy voice as nervous as ever,.

"I did too, Dib!" You replied eagerly. "Your a really nice boy, you know."

"W-What did you say?" Dib's eyes widened hugely. 

"I said your nice! Because, you are, Dib!"

"N-No one's ever...b-been so nice to me before..." You looked at him sadly. Was that the first compliment he'd ever gotten?

"Dib, listen to me..." You looked at him sincerely. "You are a wonderfull person, you hear? Your smart, handsome, funny, and overall just a great person. I...I l-like you a lot.... and I think you deserve so much better for your life."

Dib said your name softly as he fought back the joyous tears that threatened to pour from his sparkling eyes. He leaned in and planted a soft kiss on your lips. Your eyes popped as he kissed you, and you kissed back sweetly. As he pulled back he waved his arms. "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!!!! I got carried away, I'm sorry please don't-"

You hugged him tight to silence him. "Dib...I love you." You whispered.

"Ahh..." Dib gasped "I....I love you too...." 

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It's been years.

It's been years, now, and David Hoover still couldn't get the gruesome image of out of his mind. It brought chills to his spine.
That monster. It's uneasy gaze, it's terrible, upside-down smile, it's tilted body.

A deformed man. A disturbed man. A man that still continues to chase him to this very day, even if in his nightmares.
That amused man. That swift man.

That mysterious man.

That deadly man.

That crooked man.
It still haunted him to this very day, and most likely always would. But that was alright. We all have our fears...David Hoover's was just...
a tad bit more...unique, if you'd like to describe it in that way. After the many close encounters with the strange beast, David had eventually
given up on his quest to find the former owner to the new apartment of which he had recently moved into, and decided to go back to his ordinary
days, days which he did not plan on spending in that horrid hell that is supposed to be an apartment. Instead he found a new place, which to his
relief, had no strange, traumatizing paranormal activity awaiting him on the inside.

He would never know the true secrets behind that apartment, and maybe, just maybe...that wasn't all that much of a bad thing. He couldn't help but
admit he was still curious, but he knew it wasn't worth the effort at all.

He tilted his head to the side to see his shirtless boyfriend with his eyes closed and snoring, and he snapped out of his state of fear and
chuckled a decent amount.

"...Hey...D..." David whispered softly, twirling D's soft red hair in between his fingertips while he did so. Snore. No response, unless you consider
that one. "...D..." David shook his head. "...I know you are not asleep."

D's face twisted into a more irritated one with his eyes still closed at the comment, but he still didn't say anything. David continued to play
with his boyfriend's hair.

"...Want to know how I know...?" Snore. "You never snore. I should know...half the time I have a hard time sleeping and you're knocked out within
minutes, so I end up watching you, so believe me, I'm very aware of your sleeping habits. Oh, and you tend to mumble nonsense and drool all over the
pillow, so--"

"Damn it, David, I get the point!" David smiled, satisfied with finally hearing his boyfriend's voice. "Knew it." "I-Idiot..." D mumbled, pouting
slightly as he tilted his head to the side. He sure could be sassy at times, David thought, amused. It was...cute, though. Just like everything else
about D. When David spent time with him, it was like all of his worries temporarily ceased to exist, including those unsettling feelings he still had
bottled up about the crooked man and the old apartment and it's secrets. D took all of the worry away. He was the perfect distraction. David didn't
know what he would do with himself if he didn't have him...he'd probably lose it.

David took his gaze to the wall in front of him, and with narrowed eyes and a frown, his mind slowly found it's way into worry again. D noticed this
change in mood, and with a worried frown, moved over and put his arms around his boyfriend on the bed, blinking up at him with worried eyes.

"...Hey, dude, what's wrong?...You have that look on your face again." "What look...?" "You know...that worried look. You seem to get it a lot when
you think for some reason...let me guess. It's about that monster again?" David sighed. "Am I really that transparent...?" D smirked weakly. "Funny. I could have asked
you the same thing earlier." Apparently they both could read the other's emotions quite well. D continued. "...Hey, idiot..." He poked David's cheek while he whispered.
"...Stop worrying. There's no point to it, so let's just focus on the good things." David stared at D for a couple of moments. Like you? Yes...D was most definitely
one of the good--no, one of the best remaining things in his life, if not the only.

David smiled softly.
"...Thank you..." He planted a soft kiss on his lover's lips. D's face reddened but he grinned, pleased that his words had seemed to help in some way and cuddled next to his
boyfriend. There was silence once again, although this time around it was a more pleasant silence, and it was broken yet again by another question.

"...So..." David slowly looked back down at D, who was currently cuddled up to his chest. "...What is your real name, anyways? Hmm? It's been so long...surely you would have
no problem telling me now after all of these years."

D smirked weakly. "Of course you'd still be asking about that." "Just out of curiousity." "Curiousity killed the cat." "That line is so old." "But so true." "I don't think a
name is going to kill me." "But it might just kill me." "Why...? Did your mother name you doofus or something?...Hmm, although, it does sort of fit in a way."
"Shut up." "Then tell me." There was a rather long pause after that last line, and after much thought, D just looked up at him slowly...and chuckled.

"No can do." "You are one stubborn bastard." "Indeed. But don't you worry..." D assured. "...You have a long time left to figure out my name, so why give it away so early? That's no fun."
David smirked weakly in defeat. "...Aah...I suppose you are right." He smiled, caressing D's cheek softly with his palm.

"I do have a lot of time to figure it out. We have the rest of our lives together to finish yet, after all. Do you think I'll figure it out by then?"

D stared at him with wide eyes, a blush settled on his cheeks, but eventually he found himself smiling yet again, and he nodded slowly.

"Possibly. " D whispered, leaning in to kiss David once more.

"Looks like we'll have to wait and see."
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Invader Zim Portal Songs Vidos

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 17, 2013, 5:48 AM…

A while back I made a Invader Zim Portal song rewrite. And you guys love it and I think you for your support of liking my songs. But one Invader Zim fan took it a little bit further. She writes IZ song parodies, then she took by song and made a video on it. So here you go. I hope you guys really like her video because I do. And please give her support because she worked really hard to make these videos and I appreciate what she has done. So thank you: :iconhazzybat:


PS YouTube is being a little butt right now. They won't let anyone have their freedom especially commenting. So from now on if you can't comment on my YouTube channel, you can comment in my journal where my videos are as well. Until further notice.


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Hey guys! I know this group has been a bit quiet due to the fact that we have been busy and chapters are coming out only a couple times a week, but I want to keep it alive! So here is what I proposed to IrkenInvaderMaz; A contest for a group icon!

I am not sure of what the prizes will be quite yet, but I know that they may involve points. But there will be drawing prizes for sure!

So here are some rules/requests.

-Please keep it related to "IB". You can do whatever you want! But make sure it correlates to the story.
-Use effort! I don't want little doodles and then you say "bam entry!" Please use effort. :3 Traditional art is acceptable as long as effort is used! In fact, I welcome traditional art. <3
-The creepier the better! Though, humorous ones are welcome too!
-Have fun and be creative!

So if enough people are interested, I will speak to Maz about prizes and will post them on a later date. :3

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   Jill was walking down to the carnival when she started to hear music playing 'pop goes the Wiesel' it was odd to hear that song in middle of nowhere so she followed it, before the ending of the song could come it stopped quickly! Jill looked around to see a abandoned carnival it felt almost haunted to her but she quickly brushed it off and started to walk around till she saw someone or something so she took out her chainsaw and her claws and lunges at who that person was he also had claws and vanished making Jill stop and look around 'huh?!' Jill thought 'that's weird. Where did that person go?' Jill kept looking around before getting shoved by something,growling she got up and lunged killing a KID?! But it was no ordinary kid it looked like she had some missing limbs and horrible scars all over her body making Jill gag at the sight till she heard a laugh behind her turning she saw the person he had deathly pale white skin with a cones nose with raven black hair and beautiful silver eyes he was wearing a clown costume that was black and white with black and white feathers on his shoulders he also had bandages wrapped around his black claws which had dried blood on them he was kinda cute towards Jill "um hello... Do you know what happened to this girl....?" Jill asked there was a long silent pause before the man spoke " yes I did that to her is that a problem to you?" The man spoke his sharp jagged teeth shingling slightly in the dark "I'm laughing jack what's your?" "J-Jill laughing Jill" Jill replied slightly scared but ready to attack if needed
      A few months later after visiting jack Jill started to have a crush on him 'jack Is so cute!' Jill said to her self before the door creaked open turning to see who it was she saw it was jack blushing she turned quickly and thought 'SHITSHITSHITSHITSHIT! NOE WHAT?!' But her thoughts were Intruppted By jacks voice "so how are you?"jack asked " I'm fine" Jill replied trying to hide her blush that failed making jack smirk and walk over to her pinning her against a wall Jill was shocked and struggled before getting kisses on the lip making her blush even wider than before "um jack?!" Jill asked "what are you doing?" "Something I should of done long ago" jack said before making everything go dark

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紅蓮の弓矢 Guren no Yumiya is the opening song for anime Shingeki no Kyojin~

well as you know,i'm a hardcore fan of blood and gore anime so this song has picked my interest :3
maybe the meaning was a bit brute but still has a good point in it.... :iconthinkingplz:
:O *huh!! i'm just babbling here.....where's the good point anyway??*
*ok...seriously this is just my opinion* :p

and this song was already in my collection~
i like a song in this type very much!! XDD
the one that sang with full spirit and upbeat *am i using the right word?? argh!!.....curse my English!! -_- *

here's the lyrics and translation :
enjoy!!~ :)

:iconrainbowsparkleplz: ~~>LYRICS<~~ :iconrainbowsparkleplz:

Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger!
Fumare ta hana no namae mo shira zu ni
chi ni ochi ta tori wa kaze o machiwabiru
inotta tokoro de nani mo kawara nai
ima o kaeru no wa tatakau kakugo da
shikabane fumikoe te susumu ishi o warau buta yo
kachiku no annei kyogi no hanei
shiseru garou no jiyū o!

toraware ta kutsujoku wa hangeki no kōshi da
jōheki no sono kanata emono o hofuru yēga ?
hotobashiru shōdō ni sono mi o yaki nagara
tasogare ni hi o ugatsu guren no yumiya

:iconrainbowsparkleplz: ~~>TRANSLATION<~~ :iconrainbowsparkleplz:

They're the prey, and we are the hunters!
Without even knowing the name of the flower it had stepped on
The bird that had fallen to the ground, grows tired of waiting for the wind
In the place where it prays, nothing changes
But what does change, is its readiness to fight
It steps over the corpses, and moves forward, the pig that ridicules intentions
The peace of the cattle, and the flourishing of deceptions
Can kill off, the freedoms of the hungry wolf

The disgrace that was taken prisoner, is the counter attack of beginnings
You're a hunter, who slaughters his prey in the castle wars
As the impulses that gush out fire up your body
Your crimson arrow that slings from your bow drills a blood red scarlet hole into the twilight.

i love gif :iconbummy1: :iconbummy2: :iconbummy3:
Eren Jeager photo tumblr_mkusxrip8M1rwgj3ko1_500_zpscfc080ff.gif

ps: i'm still learning how to use DA :p
    so....sorry if any of my journal was extremely bored until you could die.... :(
    *ah!! don't die!! i didn't want to take any responsibility*
    lol....bored --"
    and i don't know how to make joke~ :iconsighingplz:

tsk.....then i'll take my leave

*if there's any grammar mistake....don't blame me!! English isn't my native language*
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6 tips to create a character (...kinda)

Journal Entry: Tue May 15, 2012, 9:43 AM
  • Mood: Helpful


If you go down to the woods today
You're in for a big surprise

Keep these pearls of wisdom in mind and you shall soon reach eternal bliss! :meditation:

Well technically this should be titled "DARQX' TIPS FOR CHARACTER CREATION BOOYAH" or something along those lines - emphasis on DARQX and TIPS which i almost mistyped as "tits" and that would just be incorrect :B

:icontuxedoplz: Now excuse me whilst i put on my salesperson voice...

Do you want to create a character but don't know where to start? Maybe you just need some tips for a more realistic character? Here at Darqx' easy used car character tips, we can help!

Let's begin shall we? :lol: I'll be using the Hedone High boys as my examples.

Tip #1: Hai baby, what's your concept?

If you were looking for a date this pick-up line would probably get you slapped in the face, but if you were looking to develop a character and shove them in a setting with other characters than it's a pretty handy way to begin. To put it in a longer sentence: What is the point of your character in relation to the storyline and/or other characters?

Let's take .D and Izm for example since i have this thing about creating characters in pairs. And since storylines like to kick sand in my face and make me cry (ie i suck at them) all of my characters are developed more or less in relation to each other.
Opposites but not

.D and Izm are designed to be each others foils and to complement each other in various ways - both good and bad. Izm often serves as an instigator for adventures or unwanted circumstances (even when he doesn't mean to), whilst .D is a grounding force to keep things from going too awry. Sometimes these roles reverse. Both can count on the other to have their six, even though .D acknowledges that most situations they end up in is the other boy's fault (and will hit him for it).

Tip #2: Oh yeah, I can relate...

Relatability is an important aspect of any character, as it is part of what makes your character likeable. The more people can relate to your character, the more likely they are to enjoy your characters. Plus it has an added advantage of making them seem more realistic. Your character could be a two headed cow alien hybrid from Pluto but the absurdity of that doesn't matter so much if your audience can relate to them in some way.

Some ways you can achieve relatability are through:
  • Looks (this is a pretty shallow way though)
  • Personality
  • Actions (ties in to personality)
  • Ideology (what do they think?)
  • Relation to other characters in a group dynamic


Observe the people around you to gain ideas and understanding for aspects of your character's looks, personality, emotions etc.

We'll use Marcus as an example here, with some relatable aspects highlighted:
marky-maru the little bro

Marcus is the youngest out of the main group; he's boyishly cute for a 13 year old and resonates a naive "little brother" vibe which seems to automatically endear himself to most girls ...people. He's not a fighter and most times would rather run and get help then risk getting pummelled. He wants to do the right thing by the older boys and fit in with their group dynamics. Even though they like him well enough he still gets worried about what they might think about him, and as such at times doesn't have very high self esteem.

People find they can relate to Marcus because they have probably felt or acted like him at some stage in their life or so i've been told lol

NB: It should be mentioned that just because people can relate to a character doesn't necessarily mean they have to like them. You should still try and make un-likeable characters relatable, as it keeps their motives realistic (how many villains have wanted to take over the world "just because"? At least give them some kind of logical reason, even if the logic only truly makes sense to them) and makes for interesting conflict of interests for your audience.

An example is the HH headmaster. Rire is easy on the eyes, charming and good at his job. His relatability stems mainly through cosmetic reasons as people either like how he looks or apparently have had teachers that have looked or had a similar personality. Now throw in the fact that he has paedophilic tendencies and shows some sense of favouritism towards .D and all of a sudden people are torn as they are drawn in by one aspect and repulsed by another.

Tip #3: Contextually, my dear Watson!

The circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed.
Context is one of the things that helps to either make or break a character. Take these two extremely basic scenarios:
  • An 8 year old girl single-handedly defeats a small army
  • A dragon single-handedly defeats a small army
Now depending on what else we actually do with them both characters have the potential to be well rounded and interesting...but seriously just from skimming these the girl already seems a lot more Mary Sue than the dragon and will probably have less relatability.

:iconthinkingplz: Why's that?

Because of our preconceptions of what an 8 year old girl is and can do and what a dragon is and can do. It's not too much of a stretch to imagine that the dragon is possibly giant and the army was like squashing ants to it. Without knowing much about the girl (she could be the daughter of a giant cyclops for all we know), however, she just sounds like she has some super special awe inspiring Jesus Wave Mary Sue power or something.

Context affects everything. If your character reacts to something in a certain way, it will probably (or should, really) be explainable by taking things like their upbringing or past events into context. Your character dresses a certain way? Their environment and/or personality was most likely the context. Your character have bright neon pink hair? Maybe they've dyed it or your setting for them is some anime land where such hair colour is normal. Keep the context of your character in mind, and it will help to keep them believable.

Here's a simple instance of context in Hedone High:
design context

Tip #4: Get to know them

Some people can sit down and write every single nuance about their character, right down to what degree of softness they like their toilet paper to be.

Personally, i can't do this :B (but if you can all the more power to you lol.)

Consider this; when you first meet any of your soon-to-be-friends you know nothing about them. Eventually you learn their names and how to pick them out from a crowd by remembering their faces or how they dress or wear their hair. As you continue your friendship you'll find out bits and pieces about their life, what their hobbies are, whether they work, their favourite tv shows, whether they're in a relationship or not and so on and so forth. Unless you're some sort of super psychic (or Patrick Jane from The Mentalist) you can't just waltz up to a person and know what kind of toilet paper they like maybe i should ask my IRL friends this one day just to see their reactions XD

Similarly if you don't know everything about your character from the moment of conception then don't worry about it. It will come to you eventually and you should know when you have information about them that "feels right" and fits with your character. Try not to force the issue if you can help it or you may end up with something that feels a bit off, just for the sake of filling in a bit of information on a character sheet or whatever.

Example: Izm's last name has always been Tanner. Why? I have no idea, it just is :shrug: I tried to change it in my head once but nothing ever sounded as right for him as "Tanner" did.


Keep in mind your characters will probably evolve over time and so aspects of them that seemed "right" before might not seem as right several years down the track. Don't be afraid to tweak them.

Tip #5: K.I.S.S my shiny

If you are the only person in the world who can draw every aspect of your character even remotely may have overdone it :P That's not to say you can't have an interestingly designed character, but rather however they look should follow the general principles of their PERSONALITY, ENVIRONMENT and any CONTEXT that relates to them. If you seriously feel the need to drape your character with all sorts of useless artifacts and jewellery and multicolours and markings and symbols in a bid to make them "unique" or "interesting", then you haven't thought them through enough.

Keep It Simple Stupid.

Let's have a look at Desmond for this. Desmond is a party animal and probably owns at least one pair of glow-in-the-dark rave pants and keeps glowsticks on standby - which is all perfectly well and good if he's out partying but how would we portray him as such in a school setting without going overboard? Shit son, we keep it simple, that's how! :dummy:

Context: Desmond is a party animal and has a largely extroverted and pretty chill personality.
Solution: He dyes his hair (it's green at the moment) and has a bit of a punky mini-mohawk for a hairstyle. He also wears black jelly wrist bands which are/were trendy and an acceptably masculine form of jewellery, as well as pants with a side design on them as part of his uniform. Even his boots have neon coloured laces to attest to his loud personality.

Context: He's in a school setting.
Solution: He wears a school uniform like everyone else.

Context: Desmond has a little sister that he adores.
Solution: He wears a pin she gave him specifically for his vest even though it looks pretty girly. Anyone who teases him about how gay it looks will get pummelled.

desmond compares

Compare the two that i've drawn. Normal Desmond passes as he fits the contexts i've listed and his design is kinda memorable in the HH setting. Wtf!Desmond not only contradicts some of his personality aspects but he'd get kicked out of school if he went to classes dressed like that.

Now i could give you some other design tips such as "try and make them recognisable by their silhouettes alone" and "give them different facial and body features" but you know what? I'm pretty sure most of my characters suffer more or less from same-face syndrome so it would be kind of hypocritical of me to tell you things regarding those |D You could look up character design tutorials on DA or something for more in depth design tips by other people.

Tip #6: Wheel! Of! Flaw-tune!

A flaw is basically defined as an "imperfection", and in order to make your character not perfect (because seriously no one is perfect) and somewhat believable and relatable they should have some flaws. PSSH WELL DUH EVERYONE KNOWS THAT, people say, and then go off and give their characters random "flaws" like shy and childish and insert some mental illness here to give them an excuse to go batshit insane.

:iconimthinkingplz: Well sure, if you want to be like that. Here's another way to consider it:

A flaw may be just a personality trait, and a trait can become a flaw if it has largely negative impacts or consequences.

Take shyness for an example - it's usually more of a personality trait then a flaw, and although a bit embarrassing for your character if it makes them stutter talking to their love interest, it doesn't often cause significant problems and might even be endearing to people. ON THE OTHER HAND, if your character is so painfully shy that they can't step outside of their house and be amongst people or they'll have panic attacks and lash out at anyone who approaches them...then it becomes less of a trait and more of a flaw for them.

Conversely some traits are just always flaws, due to the negative perceptions we have of them. Being overly greedy, for instance, is not often considered a good or neutral personality trait.

That's all there is, there isn't any more.


There isn't too much more i can say that hasn't already been covered elsewhere (such as personality tips or colour theory or how to create names or whatever if you're in need of that sort of thing), probably with more knowledge than i could even hope to have lol!

More to the point i've run out of ideas and this seems as good a place to finish as any.

But let's recap:
  • Have a concept
  • Make them relatable
  • Put them in context
  • Get to know them
  • K.I.S.S their design
  • Are their flaws really flaws?

Keeping these things in mind when designing a character can be quite handy to make sure you don't end up with something intangible and unrealistic, or worse yet a character no one has any feelings towards (except maybe ones of "oh great another Mary Sue, moving along now").


You might have noticed i hardly covered the topic of a Mary Sue or a Gary Stu. Or at least didn't do it outright.

The thing about MS's and GS's is that they don't have to be the extreme examples given in other tutorials (where every person and their pet rock love them to death and they can do a bajillion things perfectly yadda yadda) to be considered Mary Sues. Your Plain Jane self-professed "Anti-Sue" might actually be considered a Mary Sue. Your magic girl with super powers might be a well rounded character. It all depends on how you handle their contexts and relatability. Once you start skewing or screwing around with these aspects to try and force them to fit something "awesome" about your character is when you start to have trouble.


Hopefully this has been of some help for you in terms of thinking about the things driving character creation, or has got you to look at some things differently :)

If not well then i hope you've enjoyed the pictures instead lol.

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