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Here are the brushes that I use most often...
they aren't really anything special but people have asked for them (it took me forever to get rid of all the other brushes so I could save my two down into one file...)
I don't really remember how i made them @3@... but i'm sure it was just some combination of two brushes that resulted in an effect i liked!

well enjoy!
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Re-edit: Changed the title since the previous title made it sound wrong and well... It seemed like it had a double sense XD

Edit : I know it looks wrong... Each time I do those sort of drawings it always look like the other one is gonna rape XD (I did an other one before where she was like 4 years old and it was her father who was doing it... But it also looked wrong XDD he looked like a pedo) but don't worry, Jo is a good boy, he does not rape now grope.... Cause if he did... Well he'd get slaughtered 8D by her 8D nah but even if she was too weak to even hurt him he would never do such a thing XD he's a good boy XD

Added a little rose to add something abit more valentine-like :o and had to give Jo dat goatee -w- he looks dayum hawt with a goatee and side burns XD

I also gotta seriously give them more medieval cloths than that... Honestly they are from a medieval world but got modern clothings XD tho I never put them socks when they are in a house since I wasn't sure if they actually wore socks in medieval times :o but put bandages for some reason, I actually like it when I see charactors in movies having bandages on their feets when they walk around, not necessairly because they are wounded or injured.

A few seconds ago I did a quick research actually on google bout socks, one said ''Some people did. But then, as now, many people simply wore shoes without socks. However, they were used for unlined boots, (and especially for armored knights).'' and in an other it said ''In early medieval times, those who wore socks were considered of the noble classes.'' ''And in the 16th century with the invention of the knitting machine, tighter woven socks were made.'' and my story would be before the 16th century, maybe in the 14th century dunno, never really thought of it, theres also ''Knitting schools opened in the 16th century making it easier to acquire socks.'' ''Men wore stockings before women even did, but they were called hose and by the twelfth century a staple in a man’s wardrobe'' now I'm trying to find out what ment hose x) yay for google XD tho if someone can explain me before I find it out myself cause I dunno what to write to find out, I translated the word in french but yeh... I wanna know why they called them hose X) what they ment by that.

Just by thinking that, don't wanna imagine how it felt like walking with shoes but without socks ._. I never wear shoes without socks (except sandles, but they arent shoes... And sandles with socks... Ehhh... I know I'm not a fashion fanatic but nah.... I won't wear sandles with socks XD) just imagine how their boots smell horrible ._. I had heard they didn't take baths in medieval times too because they thought it wasn't good to take one or something, don't remember, but just saw while doing some researches on google to give more information that it's a myth XD they did bath.

Man I have to give myself a kick in the ass and give them more medieval like cloths X) unless I use the excuse Ahahaha-it's-my-univer-that-I-created-so-I-give-them-the-clothing's-I-want but nahh, it's mostly the colors actually that bugs me X) oftenly medieval clothings have brown, black or green cloths. Dunno if they are a few other colors. But I love giving more colorish things.

Anyways, happy valentine's day y'all~ I'll do one last picture of valentine's day for all those who are alone on valentine's day XD and here's a little story for that picture if you wanna read it it's up to you X) last thing, just checked something to say what day was established valentines day cause I thought it didn't exist in medieval times and saw ''The day was first associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. By the 15th century, it had evolved into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines").[1][3] Valentine's Day symbols that are used today include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced greeting'' tho thats from wikipedia, wikipedia doesn'T ALWAYS have the good informations XD but if your curious about it, here ya go.… also ''St Valentine's Day was originally the Roman feast of Lupercalia'' ''It wasn't until 1537 that St. Valentine's Day was declared an official holiday.''

I actually might do further researches for you guys about valentine's day and do a journal about it if it interests you guys, I know I rarely check my grammar and I probably got a lot of errors in my texts, one thing I do know is sometimes I don't put my words in the right order. That's one of the things I noticed in my english text things. And I've never been quite good in checking my grammar, even in french. (tho I do less errors in french than in english when I take time to correct X) tho I do have trouble homophones, that's one thing my french teacher told me I had most trouble with. And abit the verbs since in french there is alooot of grammar rules on it, in english classes since I moved to french school I do admit they always gave us grade 3 stuff :T so it was always quite easy for me, past tense, futur and present. Didn't have alot of trouble with it :T

Anyways, I'll shut up and do the story.

-------------------------------------- STORY TIME : YOU DON'T NEED TO READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO, OH AND THEIR WILL BE CUSS WORDS, I DON'T CENSOR THEM --------------------------------

Today was quite a calm day, the wind blew softly as Jonathan rode his horse throught a pathway, going throught the woods as a shortcut. He had a rose in his head which he took off the thorns. After a few minutes of walk, he arrived at a farm. The only animals their were we're chickens for eggs, 2 cows for milk and two horses that were for traveling when time came where they had to travel with horses. It was where Maxence lived with his daughter, Angel. Ofcourse at her age she could have already chosen to live with him now, being 18 years old, but both had chosen to stay with their fathers a little longer. Atleast until they had completly finished their trainings. They still had a few years to go before being officially elemental knights, still having much to learn.

He hid the rose for the moment behind him, placing it behind his pants and belt and hiding it with his shirt. He stopped infront of the front door and softly knocked on the door. After a few seconds, he could hear some foot steps and then the door opened. Angel had opened it ''Ahh ? Didn't expect you today.'' she said, surprised. He smirked abit ''That's all what you got to say ? I came all this way for you and that's how you greet me ? Alright then... I'm going back home !'' he said, doing a fake insulted look. She smirked abit, knowing he wasn't serious. Tho when he saw her smirk there was a little something strange ''Alright, bye.'' she grinned abit, closing the door but reopened it. ''Tsk ! Mean !'' he said. Her grin had seemed strange abit too.

She smirked again and put on her boots then came out, scratching the chestnut horse on the chin as he softly blew on her face. (… thats how the horse looks like X) burned chestnut ? not sure, tho in french it says burned chestnut, alezan brulé) she then looked at Jonathan ''Let's bring him with the other horses.'' she said. He nodded and first off, went to the stables to take off the saddle and the briddle. Putting it on the fence of one of the boxes. He then brought him outside where all the two other horses were, eating the grass peacefully. Afterward they closed the fence of where the horses we're so they wouldn't get out and went in the house.

Once in, they put off their boots, he noticed her father wasn't here right now. Jo smirked and said ''So your surprised I came ? After this special day ?'' he said. She rose an eyebrow, not quite understanding ''Your gonna ask me money, I sense it ! I know everything !'' she said jokingly ''100 gold coins please ?'' he joked back then went back on a more serious answer and smirked saying ''But really.'' he said ''Well as I know it's not my birthday.''

This actually amused him, it seemed she had forgotten what day it was today. But she actually rarely paid attention on holidays, she even sometimes forgot it was her birthday tho in some ways, she tries to forget it because when he reminded her it was her birthday, she gave him one hella of a glare because he reminded her she was getting older in that way. Which always amused him. She always exagerated her reactions. Right now tho she didn't seem as gleeful as usual ''Are you doing alright?'' he asked. She looked at him then chuckled ''Common, just because I don't know what day is today ? What day is it ?'' she asked ''That you'll have to guess it, I love mind torturing you.'' he grinned ''You dick =_='' she said, knowing he was gonna have lots of fun and that he wouldn't give her a single slight clue.

He chuckled abit but just looked at her smile, it wasn't her real smile that was obvious. Something seemed to be bothering her. She went to grab a cup that had tea in it, tho it was almost empty and finished it with a few sips. They went to sit on the couch and she crossed her legs and layed her cheek on her hand, elbow on her leg and looking at the ceiling, trying to remember what they it was. Honestly, she wasn't the type of girl who would whine if you forgot about her birthday because it made her feel old and about valentines day because... Well... She always forgot about it.

She used to do some cards as a kid for all the kids she knew, but today wasn't like this anymore. He smirked and said ''I am dissapointed of you.'' he said ''But... But... D':'' she said, exaggerating her expressions ''Here, I'll be nice with you, today. Here's a good clue that should give you the answer. Even tho you probably got me nothing since you forgot about it.'' he lifted the back of his shirt, he had wanted to play it like if he was the one who completely forgot about it but she never had seemed to actually remember it, which was why he told her about the special day. He took out the rose and gave it to her. Her ears perked up. Now knowing, of course, it was valentine's day ! She had actually thought of doing something for him but with all what she had to do it came out of her mind. Tho, she chose to joke a bit and said ''Still don't get it.'' she said, but her smile betrayed her, he chuckled a bit ''Yeah right, don't play it ! I know you guessed it ! Your an awful liar !'' he said. She smirked ''God damn smile !'' as she took the rose and gave him a huge tight hug and a kiss on the cheek ''Sorry for getting you nothing, had thought of it but I had been first of all through a lot of training's lately and a lot of stresses this week.'' she said.

He knew there was something she didn't exactly tell, but for now hugged her and said ''It's alright, I'm not a girl I won't whine if you get me nothing, the hug and kiss was just enough~ the rest I don't care~'' he grinned, she whacked his head but now super hard''I don't whine when you get me nothing D: just your presence makes me happy!'' she said ''Hey ! That hurts ! You man beater ! D: I give you a rose and here you whack my head !'' he said jokingly ''Oh don't be a wuss !'' she chuckled abit, a little bit more smiley now but still there was something. She smelled the rose then said ''Thanks a lot, I love it~'' she said. He sat next to her and rubbed her head ''My pleasure, atleast there has to be one in the couple who doesn't forget and gives something.'' he grinned teasefully ''Dude ! Two seconds ago... You said you didn't care, the hug and the kiss was enough ! MAKE UP YOUR MIND, MAN !'' she said.

He just smirked, then, again, looked more serious and looked her in the eyes ''Now to be more serious, what's bothering you ? I clearly can see something's either worrying you or your sad about something, I see it in your eyes... Your smile... Your laugh, it lost all it's gleefulness. You don't seem like the happy-go Angel I know.''

Her ears starting going down and now with a more nervous unsure smile she said ''It's nothing important, don't worry.'' he looked at her and shook his head ''Don't lie to me, now your smile looks more like a nervous one.'' she let out a sigh ''I don't wanna talk about it....'' she said, ears completely down now, her stare away from him and looking down and crossed arms and legs. He looked at her, and sighed, before she had turned her head her eyes had began turning watery, which was probably why she turned her head and looked down. Hotheaded like she was she especially hated when others saw her crying, feeling usually humiliated by that, thinking a warrior like her shouldn't cry.

He hated seeing her sad and grabbed her arms, turning her a little bit then grabbing her ankles, pulling her on the couch and making sure ofcourse that she layed comfortably. He sat on her legs and to avoid from getting pushed off or her trying to defend herself, he blocked her arms with his legs, holding her tightly, placing his hands on her shoulders then ruffled her hairs with one hand. ''You know, I could stay like this all day.'' he said and cleaned a tear away from her cheek with his thumb, taking the rose so he wouldn't crush it and putting it somewhere on the couch ''You know I hate to see you crying, it means your sad. And when your sad, it makes me sad and wanna make you happy. Now, tell me.'' he said, she seemed hesitant and now attempted struggling to get him off, but she could only move one leg abit, the other one was completly blocked. She wasn't able to get her arms off either and since he had his hands on her shoulders, she was forced to stay layed down.

She let out a sigh, giving up ''You'll find this stupid.... I know he is strong and all and always came back in one piece... But yeh....'' she hesitated again and then he guessed she was talking about her father ''Where is Max ?'' he asked. She looked at him then stared down again. Well technically his chest seeing she was layed down but more like a blank stare ''He's gone on a mission, he told me he'd come back but there's been a few days he should've been back. Ofcourse I can take care of myself and all... And he didn't tell me at all what the mission was... But I heard him talking about it during the middle of the night with Eiridan... He is gone to get a highly dangerous criminal... Of course normal humans is nothing next to us, we could bring a normal powerless and with a normal strength human down easily. But it's not a normal human... He has some powers which they couldn't explain, but he had destroyed plenty of cities with not much trouble... It's the type of mission they'd never ever send us in our current level...'' she said ''And he went there alone ?'' he asked and she shooked her head ''He went there with Eiridan, Yabaro and Ian since there was also possibilities the guy would have also dangerous allies...'' she said ''So that's why I hadn't seen these four lately... And why didn't you speak to Max about it ?'' he asked and she shrugged ''Cause I didn't want him to see I was worried...'' she said.

Jonathan just laughed abit, squeezing her cheek, tho he stopped his laugh so she wouldn't feel humiliated ''Come on, theres nothing wrong in being worried. Everyone gets worried, even me, even your father.'' he said ''Yeh but I ALWAYS get worried for simple things...'' she snorted. ''I know, but your just caring for the others. I know you easily get worried, I know you quite well. And if he was sepposed to be back a few days ago, it's a bit normal that it gets you even more worried. But if something ever happened to him, if he died, you know that we would learn it quickly. Maybe he's just having some difficulties right now.'' he said, trying to comfort her abit. It actually worried him a little bit too, but for now he wanted to see her smile.

She sighed ''It's what I've been telling myself, he could have some difficulties... He'll come back... And all... I tried everything to take away my stresses... But with no results... In my mind all I wanted was to directly go find him.'' she said and Jonathan said ''On your own it would be a bad idea, if like you said we arn't enough strong to fight off that guy, you'd turn into a major burden for him, cause the guy could use you as hostage to manipulate him if he captured you and learned you were his daughter.'' he said. She sighed, Jonathan was right on that part ''The other elder elementals must still be keeping in touch with them somehow. We could just go see with my father, but normally all of them always keep contact, so if something happens, just the fact they havn't sent any messages for a while could make them more tempted to go see what's going on, or if your father or the others sends a message about being in trouble. We could just go talk about it to my father.'' he said with a smile, she sighed and nodded ''Alright...'' she said.

He did comfort her a bit but her ears was still pinned down and eyes still watery. A thought passed his mind as he thought of the fact she was completely pinned down, could hardly get away and couldn't defend herself. He looked at her, making sure to not grin right away to not give his intentions ''And after all that ? You ain't gonna give me a real smile ? The smiles that I love ?'' she looked at him and shrugged ''You did recomfort me a little, and I'm actually glad you forced me to speak... But I don't feel like smiling... I will still be worried until I get some news...'' she said. He then looked and said ''Well, I guess I'll have to make you smile, I wanna see you smile and laugh~ You know what that means ?'' he said with a toothy grin now.

Her ears perked up, dear lord... She knew she was gonna be screwed now ''Don't you dare ! D:'' she said. He smirked and placed his fingers on her sides, he hadn't even done anything yet and she screeched, thinking he was gonna do it ''Jo ! No ! Don't !'' she said, struggling already, he just chuckled ''I didn't even do it yet and your already screeching ? This is gonna be fun~'' he grin, tickling her sides. She tried to hold her laugh, biting her lips and grinning, contracting her muscles and closing her fists as she tried to get her arms out but to no success. It didn't last 3 seconds that she started giggling ''Hahaha ! Dude ! Stahahahap it you dick !'' she said, still laughing and struggling.

He just chuckled, not having any trouble keeping her down. He grabbed her shirt, lifting it up a little bit, not completly only partly. He gave her a soft kiss on the neck and said ''Let the giggling festivity start, your going to tickle hell~'' he grinned, tickling her belly. She now laughed loudly, having a lot more trouble to talk now ''AHAHAHAHAHAHA ST.... HAHAHAHAAASTAHAHAHAHAHAAAAP ! STAHAHAHAHAHAP ! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!'' she tried to pronounce other words, but stop was the only one she could pronounce. Nothing else. He moved his left hand to her side, keeping the right one where it was, attacking her belly and left side at the same time. This time, she wasn't even able to talk, blushing as she simply felt a little bit humiliated tho in an amusing way, halfly she felt humiliated and annoyed, a little part amused. But she still wanted the torture to stop, she tried to talk and could only do the s sound. Being quickly cut by her laughings. He chuckled ''You already endured high pains, passed a few of your fears, your not even scared of huge blood thirst beasts, your a warrior... But when it comes to tickles.'' he chuckled ''I'm sure if you could talk right now, you would be begging me to stop, am I right ?'' he grinned, she nodded while laughing, hoping it would atleast stop ''Well to bad for you~'' he grinned.

He finally gave her a break, letting her catch her breath as she had coughed a little. ''I hate you ! That was really torturous!'' she said with an annoyed expression, tho she had some hint of amusement. He chuckled and said ''You'll forgive me anyways.'' he grinned, patting her belly. She screeched, thinking he was gonna restart but he only pat. He chuckled and went to poke her side, but stopped right before touching and she screeched. He laughed and said ''Man it's fun torturing you !'' he said with a grin, attacking once again and forcing her to laugh and smile ''And I love your laugh~ It's funny and cute~ The best moments for me is seeing you smile and laugh, cause I know your happy, even if it's forced~ And your so cute when you look all shy, blushing like that and feeling humiliated !'' he said, ofcourse, she wasn't able to answer. After about 10 minutes of tortures, including all the breaks he gave her so she could catch her breath, he finally stopped and kissed her forehead ''I love you, you know that ?'' he said ''I don't, not anymore :C your a dick !'' she said and he chuckled ''You'll forgive me anyways, and you know what's even more fun ? You can't even get your revenge since I ain't ticklish, and if you try anything to get your revenge, you know what's gonna happen.'' he grinned, pulling her shirt back down. She snorted ''One day I'll find your weakness and trust me, you'll have a reason to be scared !'' she grinned. If she could find something... He chuckled and ruffled her hairs up, getting off of her and said ''Good luck, now I guess we could go see my father ? So you can sleep in peace without being stressed.'' he said. She nodded, staying on the couch a few seconds while catching her breath.

He chuckled and waited a bit before she got up and went to get her boots, now eager to go see Ace ''Next time something like that worries you, tell it to me. Don't let it haunt you.'' he said ''But you'll tickle me TT_TT'' she said and he chuckled ''Nah I won't, promise. I just felt in a little teasing mood right now. You'd be hating me if I did it each times, wouldn't you ? But I will pin you down till you tell me all, or else if your a bit more hotheaded, a little torture to make you tell the truth.'' he grinned. She snorted and pulled her tongue out, finishing to put her shoes and swishing her tail around. Once she got up, he gave her a hug from the back and said ''Forgot to say while giving the rose, happy valentine's day, and know all always be there to bring you up when your down.'' he said, she got out of his arms but to turn around and hugged him back ''Thanks.'' she said.

------------------------------- STORY END ----------------------------------------

Soo now, that's all. Happy valentines day y'all :cute: me I'm having a lonely valentines day... Cause I got no boyfriend to hug and kiss and pass time with, but I got a father who gives me chocolate each valentine's day 8D FUCK LOVE ON VALENTINES DAY GO CHOCOLATE ! BWAHAHAHAHAHA !

Art (c) Me
Angel and Jonathan (c) Me
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yo yo yo!

soooo I use binary for lines (varying between it being set to pressure sensitive and not) w all the others for coloring

but they're all changing a LOT right now so this is prolly going to be different next week u 3 u;;;

still yah, these are what i use :->
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(( Yep, the basics of how I do my skies. I know I add other things such as galaxies or night clouds (as seen in that one Westman picture). But I didn't know which one to do. ;; That explains why the end result in this tutorial isn't as....extreme...or...good as the other skies I've drawn.

Hope this helps or sheds some light! I tried to be as detailed as possible.

Send regards to my friend Fwee :la: as she gave me those brushes for Sai. I've provided the link below for it in case anyone wants it.

Brushes download: [link]

How to install brushes to Sai

1. After downloading the brushes, open up the file. (I use Winrar, so I don't know how this works with other programs).

2. And open up your Paint Tool Sai folder as well. Click on brushtex (it should be the first one).

3. Select all the brushes and copy and paste them to the respective folders in your Paint Tool Sai folder.
(Inside your Paint Tool Sai folder, you should see other folders with the names such as "blotmap", "brushtex", "elemap", "papertex".
Place what you're copying into the right areas. So brushtex things will go into the brushtex folder, elemap into the elemap folder, and so on.)

4. Start up Sai and check your new brush and canvas textures o3o.
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Free for Use ((:
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Made in CS2, my first attempt, any tips are welcome and ecouraged. 4 Brushes in this pack, my second has over 25, all Hi Res.

Please, if you use just comment here with a link to the produced work. I would love to see it. Otherwise feel free to do whatever.

There is now a second brush set very similar to this, check it out. This time there are over 25 brushes. [link]

Please create an account and vote on my t shirt design: [link]
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These photos were taken with a non-realistic approach to archery in mind; they are more geared to the magical and the fantasy.

Please refrain from making comments about the model's ability.

The model in this pack is the expressive and talented :iconjademacalla:! Please notify him if you use these images in your work. :heart:

DeviantART has limits on how many comments I can post before being marked as spam; for this reason I cannot reply to every message. So, thank you in advance for the kind comments and I do hope the stock is helpful if you use it. :highfive:


Funded through Kickstarter.


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And, whatever you do on Tumblr !

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Questions? Please check my FAQ

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Doing a little practicing using the head method taught in Andrew Loomis's - "Drawing the Head and Hands" if you ever get a chance check it's very helpful.

Practice Method-
-Draw face from imagination
-Draw using the 3 steps
-Repeat the steps 5x times
-Draw from imagination again - *See some what of an improvement.

Noses / Hands
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shes a blue merle sheepdog so she is considerably fluffier than how i drew her.................
look at this for fur length ref i guess [link]

not exactly a new character just a really old one redesigned + renamed (her old name was dark)(not like it had a dark meaning, her name was literally "dark")

she's extremely introverted and does not like being around anyone else!!!!!! shy dog
and she's also pretty sensitive and cries a lot

i'm not sure why i gave her a scarf but it is optional
her paw pads are the pink colour :33

here's her old design in case anyone was interested [link]
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