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****** MALE TROLLS NEEDED TOO, a female troll is okay to apply with! but if you have a male troll we'll lean more towards your side! *******

so ; as none of you are aware of, i'm sure
me and my friend gloria are doing a fantroll adventure!
we have had this opened since forever ago, lmfao like really in august.
we already have 5 SOLID members u v u and we've been discussing the plot and everything like craaazY
we have an upwards of atleast 6 trolls, which is nice and all
but i have a feeling we could go for a couple more?
we might have 7 trolls actuallY - mAYBE 8???
but i really like the number 9
all of the memebers of the group will discuss YOUR fantroll!
there will be atleast 2 stages of judging, wow i feel harsh lmfao oh well.
first one is a private discussion! that is where you describe your fantroll to uS!
and then there's the group only discussion ; in which we discuss what we like / dislike about your troll!
and whoops there's a third stage lMFAO OH WELL
the third stage is the confirmation / nopefirmation / can you change this and you might get in
we WILL NOTE YOU back this information, and possibly discuss in a chat.
comment on this journal! but do not link us your fantroll or ANYTHING.
just say you'd be interested!
we will give you an appointment, and then when we set up a chat you may give us your trolls information!
the link will stay the same throughout the interviews; BUT WHAT CAN NOT HAPPEN IS
you can not bring a friend to view the chat, that's automatic disqualification, if they want to enter then they make a seperate appointment.
AND after your appointment is done DO NOT re enter the chat, we might be interviewing someone else, SO PLEASE RESPECT THAT.
if you have any questions afterwards just note me!
do not beg to get in because we are only taking a finite amount, if aNY!

thank you for your time! c:
the groups name is Hivebound, and some of the character can be found there! u v u
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My Deviantart Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 2:59 AM

Mother by Nishi06

Deviantart is like the mother who gave birth to me. She gave me life as an artist, she allowed me to showcase my skills and creativity and even to express my ideas. Without Deviantart, there would be no Ry-Spirit!

friends by nn88

Deviantart also allowed me to make new friends! Some of my closest friends I made are through here on this very website. And no they are not the three people in the image above, but those guys looks fun, contact me if you are one of the three people in the picture. Thanks

Grow by golden-quince

Deviantart has helped me grow as an artist and as a person too! Through positive feedback and compliments from the nice community!

Sweet home by Mar-ka

Deviantart is like a home to me. This is the website I visit the most, I have made the most friends here, I also follow many other talented artists here who has inspired me. DA is my home!

Laughter... by stupidyou3

Another thing that I experience a lot on Deviantart is joy and laughter. The community is filled with funny people, even Deviantart itself often has a great sense of humour! Especially on my favourite day of the year, no, not my birthday, but April's Fools Day. Every year I look forward to that day to see what Deviantart is up to!

HBD RY-SPIRIT! by lynchees

And lastly... myself! Without sounding too cliche, Deviantart has helped me find myself! It has helped me find out what I wanted to do with my life! And that is to become the ultimate Pokemon Champion.. no. But rather to become a professional artist so I can showcase myself to the world and hopefully inspire others too!

Happy 14th Birthday Deviantart! One more year and you will be able to watch mature movies in the cinemas.

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Click the top hats to link to more sites! :bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred:

  • Mood: Pride
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A thought.

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 20, 2012, 1:44 PM
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  • Watching: Sticky Buddy Dub
  • Playing: Mario 3D Land
Death. We are who we are because of our experiences and influences, right? What we think of ourselves, other people, other things, crap beyond, etc. That stuff influences our choices, and our choices further build on us, right? Just brain activity. Electrical impulses. That's what keeps us conscious. What will happen when we die? When all those electrical impulses just...stop, how on Earth would that work? Yeah, the whole light and a tunnel, but if it's true that there's nothing beyond that, how could all our previous thoughts, experiences, choices, affections, hates, the part that makes each of us a unique person...just fizzle out? We wouldn't even be able to comprehend death, because we wouldn't be there. We wouldn't be able to see our life flash before us, because it's all gone. And we couldn't even think about that, because we'd be gone.
For me, that's a horrid and terrifying thing. We're always thinking, working, sleeping, taking a crap, or participating in intercourse. And to imagine being unable to think...STUCK in non-exsistance, your soul just...a vegetable.

We create with our thoughts. Music, books, structures, cars. We ourselves are gods, having the ability to create whole universes, filled with life, and knowing the feelings and thoughts of every being on it. For that kind of power to simply poof away is sick; every day, gods are disappearing, never to be found again, impossible to replace, for we're all different.

Losing so many creators and so many unknown worlds. It's dismal.

I guess that's the main reason why I believe in an afterlife. You don't just drop life into the world only to snuff it out.

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I just was looking at him today (Our Fancy Llama) and thinking he needs a name :iconimseriousplz:
I'd make a poll about this but I have no idea how :XD:
So...any suggestions? It has to be fancy of course! And Jolly good!!
AND ALSO! I think fans of Tiny Top Hats should be called something too!! =o Something so fancy, people will tremble at the very mention of them
:iconlaughingplz: OHOHOHOHO

Also, on another note, we will be attending and selling at Anime Southeast in Sevierville Tennessee =D July 13th-15th!!!
So if you're in the area or plan on going to that con, please come by! :love: I don't know if I'll be cosplaying any characters, but I have some original cosplay Lolita plans :meow:

That's all for now!! :dance: I can't wait to hear what sorts of ideas we can brainstorm up :giggle:

My suddenly-more-important-than-anything To-Do list:

[ ] Name for our Llama
[ ] Name for fans of Tiny Top Hats! :meow:

-Cassie :iconisaydanceplz:
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Sun Mar 3, 2013, 3:37 PM
Summer's almost over for me ;__;
School is going to be very stressful for me, so time I have leftover from school will be super precious to me, so the prices will go up from here.
Thanks for all of your support this summer, it's been great C':
I hope you all feel the same :'D

Yo, everyone~
Thank you so much for all of your support!!
The waitlist is open for people who don't mind waiting LOL; but for now the 4 slots I have open for the summer are taken C': (summer ends early for me OTL)

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer 8D


Point commissions also open, but do realise the prices are 20% higher due to deviantArt's point transaction fee, because I do need to exchange it into real money. If you are interested in point commissions, please go to my profile page~

 Please have a look at the prices and just note me with the order form (below)  if you're interested! Thank you all so much for the support~

:bulletgreen: Bust- $2.50 per character bousou by 2943
:bulletgreen: Half body/Knee-up- $5 per character
artblock by 2943
:bulletgreen: Full body- $7 Ichi by 2943

:bulletgreen: Normal- $6 per character

:bulletgreen: Painted- $8 per character  

:bulletgreen: Normal- $10 per character
:bulletgreen: Painted- $15 per character

~Half Body/Knee-Up~
:bulletgreen: Normal-$12-$15 per character
:bulletgreen: Painted- $20-25 per character  Adahy by 2943

~Full Body~
:bulletgreen: Normal- $15-20 per character  Takizawa by 2943
:bulletgreen: Painted- $25-30 per character  

:bulletgreen: $6-$10 per character Aoba by 2943

:bulletgreen: Background- $4 for simple background (decorative shapes, gradients, sky and clouds, etc) and $8 for detailed background (cities, houses, forests, etc.)
:bulletgreen: Extra props- Large detailed weapons and large animals (ie. tiger, horse, dragon, etc.) $8 each, otherwise free C':

   :star:ORDER FORM~:star:
Name: ( dA name )
E-mail: ( your email )
Number of Characters: ( # )
Request: ( include all info about ur characters and how you want them to be shown/pose you want them to be in/what style, etc )
Format: ( sketch/lineart/color/paint and with/without bg )
Type: ( headshot/halfbody/fullbody )
Payment type: ( PayPal/points )
Deadline (optional): ( about when you want me to finish it by ( reasonable is around 2 - 4 weeks *u* ) )
Receive: ( post to dA or send to e-mail )
Any Last Words: ( omnomnomnom )

Please pay at least half IN ADVANCE, or I will not do the commission(s)

1. :iconk-kinq: :   :bulletblue:
2. :iconsundropxx: : :bulletblue:
2.5. :iconsundropxx: : :bulletblue:
3. :iconpomelonian: : :bulletblue:
4. :iconmeatlessbox: : :bulletblue:

1. :iconanhvan44: : :bulletblue:
2. :iconmarincolosseo:: :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletred:
3. :iconmeatlessbox: ::bulletblue:
4. :iconkirasdarklight:: :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletgreen:

1. :iconcookiecrazie: ($20/$20 spent)
 I. normal waist: :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
 II. normal waist: :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:

2. :iconkirasdarklight: ($20/$20 spent)
 I. normal waist:  :bulletblue:

 II. normal waist: :star::star::star-empty::star-empty:

3. :icon0w0b: ($4/$4) spent
 I. colored bust :headshotsketchcolor by 2943 :bulletblue:

Next Kiriban: 44,444

:bulletgreen:: paid
:bulletyellow:: half paid
:bulletred:: not paid
:bulletblue:: finished

:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: : not started
:star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:: sketching
:star::star::star-empty::star-empty:: lining/base color
:star::star::star::star-empty:: coloring/painting/shading/bging
:star::star::star::star:: final touches/finished

Shadow of the Colossus © Team Ico & Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.
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why my dad is the best

Wed Dec 19, 2012, 9:13 AM
Alt Text

ok so I had to share this with you because it cracked me up so bad.
back story: my dad has been in Afghanistan for 6 months and he just came home for Christmas. We picked him up at the airport today

He got out from the uniform and had changed into normal clothes when he got home. And being in Afghanistan he has to grow a beard, for undercover purposes and such. And the beard he has grown in pretty much the same as Tony Stark. So my dad pretty much looks like the baby of Tony Stark and Hawkeye. keep that in mind.

So he gets out of the bathroom all changed, and he had fucking went out and bought; the Black Sabbath shirt that Tony wears in The Avengers.
Alt Text

Imagine how much I fangirled all over the floor. My dad loves superhero movies, especially marvel. My mom thought we were crazy, but I'm now here in my captain america shirt with my dad and his iron man shirt. we're the biggest fangirls

On a uniform there's Velcro on the arms and chest for badges and such. And before I go on, be sure to have watched the honey badger video;…

and so he had gotten one of his friends, to make him a badge that looks like a coat of arms with a honey badger eating a snake and quotes from the video around it. I literally died at this point

oh gosh I missed my dad so much <3
I'll make a new journal to push this off the page soon. I just wanted to share

Name of Image
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I was away for a few days and wasn't here for that DD. Which I am very appreciative of. Thanks so much James--Steele for suggesting, and kingmancheng for accepting it.

I truly wish I had time to reply to the more substantial comments on the film, but there are just far too many at this stage. I promise I had read all of them up to a certain point, and will read the new ones as asoon as I have time.

It brings me great joy (like, so much joy - words of elation are pretty devalued these days on the internet, but so, so much joy,) that you all like the film. This is what I want to do in life, and to have everyone like it as much as they have puts me at a loss for words.

All I can say is I look forward to the next film I make, which I have just started writing.
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Contest Time: Winter is Coming... (Last Call!~)

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 15, 2012, 9:17 PM

Last call for all entries! I will accept no more after tomorrow night, so those who still need to enter must do so soon!

((For who have not seen my latest drawing, you should go check it out, because it revolves all around the Death Wytes.))
Death Wytes by TheGreatWarrior More Death Wytes (sketches) by TheGreatWarrior

((I have decided I want to hold a contest. Why you may ask? Because I can!))

The Rules:
- One entry per person
- Entry must be in Adventure Time style
- Your entry must include at least one Death Wyte and at least one of your OCs.
- Undead servants of the Wytes are optional. They can be any creature known in Ooo, but zombie like and all cold, like ice and icicles over their bodies and ripped off flesh and all that stuff.
- There are many different Death Wytes out there. You can create your own, but it must follow a similar appear as the original one (Skeleton body, ice hands and feet, icicles on clothes and possibly other parts of body, weapons made of super strong ice, and cold energy around open areas of their bodies). I may still want to look over your idea before your entry can be submitted. In fact, it's best you do show me your Wyte is you are making your own, that way I can see if you got it right and might give you better chances in the contest.
- Death Wytes do not talk and have no pity. They are creatures of pure evil. That means your OC must fight, run, hide, any of those and more, as long there is no friendly talk and stuff like that.
- Background is mandatory. The setting will be snowy. Death Wytes do not live outside the cold and snow.
- Must be in color. Comics may not be applied to this rule (I'm thinking it over).

((More rules might be added))

Note: If you want to understand them better for your submission, look at their info on their drawing above.

:star: Contest will NOW conclude October 10th :star:
(currently thinking it over)

Originally going to be the 1st, but I decided to extend it some more.

If you're entering and complete your submission,
please link me in the comments below so I can look.

I'm looking for another judge(s) who would be willing to discuss and help me pick a winner, this person must review all the rules, understand them, and chose a winner based on the criteria above. If you'd like to be a judge, please note me. When I choose, I will be keeping him/her  anonymous, to avoid any confrontation with other AT OC admins.

I will try NOT to comment on people's entries.
I do not want to sound like I'm giving favor to certain people over others.
However, I will wish everyone luck and say I hope to see their entries soon. It's just my thing.

The prizes are:
First Place:
- A 3 Month Premium Membership
- Their OC included in a special Death Wyte related drawing

Second Place:
- A 1 Month Premium Membership
- Their OC included in a special Death Wyte related drawing

Third Place:
- Their OC included in a special Death Wyte related drawing

So yeah, all three winners be a part of a special Death Wyte related drawing, along with Kenny.
Also, premium memberships are awesome. That's why I'm putting them as part of the prizes.

Good luck to you all. Winter is coming... be prepared... and have fun...


:iconederedyy: Cool moves! by EderEdyy

:iconaskdollpartssisters: Winter is Coming... by Askdollpartssisters

:iconpixelodon: 'Winter is Coming' contest entry by pixelodon

:iconask-thebeeguard: Winter is coming Contest entry: Shield by Ask-thebeeguard'

:iconcandlette: Contest Entry: Winter is Coming by Candlette

:iconxxgoldenninjaxx: Contest Entry: Winter is Coming by xXGoldenNinjaXx

:iconaskthe-plushy-king: winter is coming by AskThe-Plushy-King

:iconask-actressprincess: :thumb331374501:

:iconask-kytothehero: :thumb331629103:

  • Mood: Fear
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
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come here

sit on my knee

let me tell you

about homestuck.

online commissions & button sales are closed for now, sorry!
social networks!
formspring -
tumblr -
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Sho-You will be an e-artbook released in DECEMBER 2012 featuring stunning artwork from the best manga and anime artists within the online community. The e-artbook is completely free for anyone to read and will feature artist depictions of themselves as magical girls, in a whimsical adaptation of the discovery of their creative souls, to raise awareness for a non-profit charity called Artists for Charity. AFC supports and teaches artisan skills to orphans suffering with HIV in Ethiopia. In the same way that the children save themselves with art, the e-artbook will demonstrate how art gives an artist's creative soul the power to touch and give joy to others.

The artist who produces the most impressive work will be selected to have his or her work featured on the cover of Sho-You, and will receive free commissions, features, and a print of his or her submission. Everyone who submits art work to Sho-You will recieve online features on deviantart, tumblr, facebook and the Sho-You homepage The qualifying submissions will be chosen by an appropriate panel of judges.

EDIT NINE: Sho-You is now closed. The finished version will be released on December 1st! If you require a grace period for your entry to be submitted, please send me a note at once. Sho-you will no longer accept entries after 12 Midnight GMT -5.

EDIT 8: Just a friendly reminder that submissions will be due in five days! Good luck everyone!

EDIT 7: Sho-you will now be launched December 1st 2012, on World Aids Awareness Day. Submissions must be in by November 25th 2012.

EDIT 6: There is no set size. Just make sure the DPI is 300 so it can be printed if you win overall c:
Also, the deadline is fast approaching, have you started your entry yet?

All the Judges have now been selected.

oceantann Lolisoup maureencreates hinoraito

The deadline is September 10th 2012.


A deviant who would like to remain anonymous has just offered 475 Deviant Art Points to the over all winner.

If you are interested in submitting artwork to be featured in Sho-You please follow the link to Sho-You's homepage where you will find more information regarding submission dates and criteria. If you have any questions that have not been answered, feel free to post a question on this journal, blog, or note me.

If you would be so kind as to spread this proposal in the form or a journal or post online, we would be very grateful. If you would like to offer features or other rewards to the qualifying submissions, please contact me and we can discuss your interest.

I can be contacted at: at any time.

Feel free to contact us at any time at any one of these online venues:



EDIT: Please repost, reblog, tweet, this journal or anything possible. It is really appreciated - I need your help to make this work c:

By request, I will include the additional details in this journal. If you can, please re-post this journal.

Criteria and Regulations

The jury of judges will consist of five people. Currently, Anna Carriere, Elise Rosberg Of WASABI PRESS, Oceanchan, Hinoraito and Maureen Hiebert. Judges were chosen based on artistic skill and standing within the art community. Judges will give each work a score from 1-10, 10 being the best score. The work which has the highest score will then become the overall winner and cover of Sho-You, and those following with the highest scores will be featured in Sho-You. If there is a tie, judges will  vote between the placeholders.

Work will be judged based on quality, colour, translation of theme, and creativity.

Please send entries to with your deviantart user name, a link to your user page, and the image. Title your e-mail as "Sho-You" to avoid any confusion.

The most impressive entry will become the cover for Sho-You, and that artist will recieve a professional-quality  print of their entry (size 20X30). So, be sure to make your entry with the proper print dimensions and DPI. You will also recieve a full body, full colour, commission from

Submissions must be in by November 25th at 12 noon [EST], as it is World Aids Awareness Day [] to promote a cause dear to AFC.

Art work will be collected and hosted on an e-book website which is yet to be decided. I will announce when it is decided.

Anyone is free to submit an entry. We will not discriminate - but, spaces in Sho-You will be limited.

With your picture you will have a page dedicated to notes about your design, contact information and personal feelings towards the project. If you are not good with words, feel free to include an inspirational quote or photo of yourself instead.

It is requested that you do not upload your finished work until after the book is launched. We also ask that you link to AFC's website if and when you post your work to websites with an artist's notes option.

Your art work can be digital or  traditional media. No photos, manipulations, literature, or costumes will be accepted at this time. Your art work must be new, as in, must be created specifically for Sho-You.

Your art work must be completely finished. No sketches will be accepted. Colour is mandatory unless black and white is used for effect.

Your artwork must be appropriate for people of all ages. That means no nudity.

Your "magical self" does not have to be a portrait of you, though some detail of your true self would be rather charming. But, more so, it must reflect your creative soul.

Your art work must be entirely your own, with no tracing or stealing. You may however participate in collaborations should you choose to do so.

You may submit more than one entry, but only the best one will be in the e-artbook.

Sho-You is entirely free for anyone to read. There will be links to AFC's main website where people can become educated on their mission or donate if they wish to do so. I will remind everyone that this book is not meant to generate any profit. If any profit or publicity is generated by the creation of this e-artbook it is meant entirely for the children of AFC. No money will come directly through the hosts of this project.

You may draw your "magical girl" with a magical girl that most inspired you, however, you may not claim commerical rights to a copyrighted character. It will be made very clear in a watermark on your entry that you have drawn an unofficial version of the character and will not make any profits from the use of a copyrighted character image or semblence. To put it simply, it's much easier not to draw a commercial character at all.

You keep all commercial rights to your work.

Do not forget to sign or watermark your work.

Feel free to ask any questions via note, e-mail, or on this journal.

In addition to being hosted in the e-artbook, I will feature your artwork on my deviantart, tumblr, facebook page and any other places I am on the web.
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  • Reading: Gone With The Wind
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Eating: Ice
  • Drinking: Water
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