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My Deviantart Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 2:59 AM

Mother by Nishi06

Deviantart is like the mother who gave birth to me. She gave me life as an artist, she allowed me to showcase my skills and creativity and even to express my ideas. Without Deviantart, there would be no Ry-Spirit!

friends by nn88

Deviantart also allowed me to make new friends! Some of my closest friends I made are through here on this very website. And no they are not the three people in the image above, but those guys looks fun, contact me if you are one of the three people in the picture. Thanks

Grow by golden-quince

Deviantart has helped me grow as an artist and as a person too! Through positive feedback and compliments from the nice community!

Sweet home by Mar-ka

Deviantart is like a home to me. This is the website I visit the most, I have made the most friends here, I also follow many other talented artists here who has inspired me. DA is my home!

Laughter... by stupidyou3

Another thing that I experience a lot on Deviantart is joy and laughter. The community is filled with funny people, even Deviantart itself often has a great sense of humour! Especially on my favourite day of the year, no, not my birthday, but April's Fools Day. Every year I look forward to that day to see what Deviantart is up to!

HBD RY-SPIRIT! by lynchees

And lastly... myself! Without sounding too cliche, Deviantart has helped me find myself! It has helped me find out what I wanted to do with my life! And that is to become the ultimate Pokemon Champion.. no. But rather to become a professional artist so I can showcase myself to the world and hopefully inspire others too!

Happy 14th Birthday Deviantart! One more year and you will be able to watch mature movies in the cinemas.

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Click the top hats to link to more sites! :bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred:

  • Mood: Pride
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****** MALE TROLLS NEEDED TOO, a female troll is okay to apply with! but if you have a male troll we'll lean more towards your side! *******

so ; as none of you are aware of, i'm sure
me and my friend gloria are doing a fantroll adventure!
we have had this opened since forever ago, lmfao like really in august.
we already have 5 SOLID members u v u and we've been discussing the plot and everything like craaazY
we have an upwards of atleast 6 trolls, which is nice and all
but i have a feeling we could go for a couple more?
we might have 7 trolls actuallY - mAYBE 8???
but i really like the number 9
all of the memebers of the group will discuss YOUR fantroll!
there will be atleast 2 stages of judging, wow i feel harsh lmfao oh well.
first one is a private discussion! that is where you describe your fantroll to uS!
and then there's the group only discussion ; in which we discuss what we like / dislike about your troll!
and whoops there's a third stage lMFAO OH WELL
the third stage is the confirmation / nopefirmation / can you change this and you might get in
we WILL NOTE YOU back this information, and possibly discuss in a chat.
comment on this journal! but do not link us your fantroll or ANYTHING.
just say you'd be interested!
we will give you an appointment, and then when we set up a chat you may give us your trolls information!
the link will stay the same throughout the interviews; BUT WHAT CAN NOT HAPPEN IS
you can not bring a friend to view the chat, that's automatic disqualification, if they want to enter then they make a seperate appointment.
AND after your appointment is done DO NOT re enter the chat, we might be interviewing someone else, SO PLEASE RESPECT THAT.
if you have any questions afterwards just note me!
do not beg to get in because we are only taking a finite amount, if aNY!

thank you for your time! c:
the groups name is Hivebound, and some of the character can be found there! u v u
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Princess Celestia:
:iconprincesscelestiaplz: :iconmolestiaplz: :icontrollestia2plz: :iconcelestiaunamusedplz: :icontrollestia3plz: :icontrollestiaplz: :icontrollestia: :iconalfalfamonsterplz: :iconalfalfamonster2plz: :iconewwwnoplz2: :iconcelestianoplz: :icontwilightyesplz: :iconcelestiazomgplz: :iconhellestia: :iconcelestiaorlyplz: :iconcelestiawtfplz: :iconsadchibicelestiaplz: :iconcelestialaplz: :iconcelestiashrugplz: :iconcelestiafsjalplz: :icontwicelhugplz: :iconsadchibicelestiaplz: :iconcelestiabadgeplz:
:iconcelestiachallng1plz::iconcelestiachallng2plz: :iconalfalfableh1plz::iconalfalfableh2plz::iconalfalfableh3plz:
:iconcelestiaokay1plz::iconcelestiaokay2plz: :iconalfalfableh4plz::iconalfalfableh5plz::iconalfalfableh6plz:
:iconcelestiaokay3plz::iconcelestiaokay4plz: :iconalfalfableh7plz::iconalfalfableh8plz::iconalfalfableh9plz:

Princess Luna:
:iconwoonawowplz: :iconewwwnoplz: :iconhappyprincesslunaplz: :iconprincesslunashyplz: :iconninjalunaplz: :icontrollunaplz: :iconnight-princess-luna: :iconprincesslunaplz: :iconalfalfalunaplz: :iconmlplunaplz: :iconlunasaluteplz: :iconlunasadplz: :iconlunaponyplz: :iconlunaisdisappointplz: :iconlunaisconfusedplz: :iconlunaissadplz: :iconmissprincessluna: :iconlunaisnothappyplz: :iconlunagaspplz: :iconscaredlunaplz: :icondreadpiratelunaplz: :iconlunaisayplz: :iconmolunaplz: :iconlunasmilesplz: :iconprincesslunaummplz: :iconlunamlpplz: :iconnightmarelunaplz: :iconlunachallegeaccepted: :iconlunachallengeplz: :iconnewlunaisseriousplz: :iconnewprincesslunaplz: :iconlunashappyplz: :iconlunahuzzahplz: :iconroyalcanterlotvoice: :iconthefunhasbeendoubled: :iconlunafsjalplz: :iconlunaapplenomplz: :iconprincesslunahappyplz: :iconsarcasticlunaplz: :iconmostwonderfullunaplz: :iconshockedlunaplz: :iconohlunaplz: :iconartthoumadplz: :iconlunabadgeplz: :iconlunamadplz: :iconlunadeliciousplz: :icongrinninglunaplz: :iconlunaispleasedplz: :iconlunadoubledfunplz: :iconforeveralunaplz: :iconnightmarelunaplz: :iconlunadatflankplz: :iconlunafunplz: :iconnsfwoonaplz: :iconwoonastuckplz: :iconwoonaplz: :iconlovestrucklunaplz: :iconnewlunarrepublicplz: :iconhappywoonaplz: :iconsciencewoonaplz:
:iconlunachallenge1plz::iconlunachallenge2plz::iconlunachallenge3plz: :iconlunayay1plz::iconlunayay2plz::iconlunayay3plz:
:iconlunachallenge4plz::iconlunachallenge5plz::iconlunachallenge6plz: :iconlunayay4plz::iconlunayay5plz::iconlunayay6plz:

:iconprincessbrohoof1plz::iconprincessbrohoof2plz: :iconsishoof: :iconprincessbrohoofplz:
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Sun Mar 3, 2013, 3:37 PM
Summer's almost over for me ;__;
School is going to be very stressful for me, so time I have leftover from school will be super precious to me, so the prices will go up from here.
Thanks for all of your support this summer, it's been great C':
I hope you all feel the same :'D

Yo, everyone~
Thank you so much for all of your support!!
The waitlist is open for people who don't mind waiting LOL; but for now the 4 slots I have open for the summer are taken C': (summer ends early for me OTL)

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer 8D


Point commissions also open, but do realise the prices are 20% higher due to deviantArt's point transaction fee, because I do need to exchange it into real money. If you are interested in point commissions, please go to my profile page~

 Please have a look at the prices and just note me with the order form (below)  if you're interested! Thank you all so much for the support~

:bulletgreen: Bust- $2.50 per character bousou by 2943
:bulletgreen: Half body/Knee-up- $5 per character
artblock by 2943
:bulletgreen: Full body- $7 Ichi by 2943

:bulletgreen: Normal- $6 per character

:bulletgreen: Painted- $8 per character  

:bulletgreen: Normal- $10 per character
:bulletgreen: Painted- $15 per character

~Half Body/Knee-Up~
:bulletgreen: Normal-$12-$15 per character
:bulletgreen: Painted- $20-25 per character  Adahy by 2943

~Full Body~
:bulletgreen: Normal- $15-20 per character  Takizawa by 2943
:bulletgreen: Painted- $25-30 per character  

:bulletgreen: $6-$10 per character Aoba by 2943

:bulletgreen: Background- $4 for simple background (decorative shapes, gradients, sky and clouds, etc) and $8 for detailed background (cities, houses, forests, etc.)
:bulletgreen: Extra props- Large detailed weapons and large animals (ie. tiger, horse, dragon, etc.) $8 each, otherwise free C':

   :star:ORDER FORM~:star:
Name: ( dA name )
E-mail: ( your email )
Number of Characters: ( # )
Request: ( include all info about ur characters and how you want them to be shown/pose you want them to be in/what style, etc )
Format: ( sketch/lineart/color/paint and with/without bg )
Type: ( headshot/halfbody/fullbody )
Payment type: ( PayPal/points )
Deadline (optional): ( about when you want me to finish it by ( reasonable is around 2 - 4 weeks *u* ) )
Receive: ( post to dA or send to e-mail )
Any Last Words: ( omnomnomnom )

Please pay at least half IN ADVANCE, or I will not do the commission(s)

1. :iconk-kinq: :   :bulletblue:
2. :iconsundropxx: : :bulletblue:
2.5. :iconsundropxx: : :bulletblue:
3. :iconpomelonian: : :bulletblue:
4. :iconmeatlessbox: : :bulletblue:

1. :iconanhvan44: : :bulletblue:
2. :iconmarincolosseo:: :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletred:
3. :iconmeatlessbox: ::bulletblue:
4. :iconkirasdarklight:: :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: :bulletgreen:

1. :iconcookiecrazie: ($20/$20 spent)
 I. normal waist: :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
 II. normal waist: :star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:

2. :iconkirasdarklight: ($20/$20 spent)
 I. normal waist:  :bulletblue:

 II. normal waist: :star::star::star-empty::star-empty:

3. :icon0w0b: ($4/$4) spent
 I. colored bust :headshotsketchcolor by 2943 :bulletblue:

Next Kiriban: 44,444

:bulletgreen:: paid
:bulletyellow:: half paid
:bulletred:: not paid
:bulletblue:: finished

:star-empty::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty: : not started
:star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:: sketching
:star::star::star-empty::star-empty:: lining/base color
:star::star::star::star-empty:: coloring/painting/shading/bging
:star::star::star::star:: final touches/finished

Shadow of the Colossus © Team Ico & Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.
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I was away for a few days and wasn't here for that DD. Which I am very appreciative of. Thanks so much James--Steele for suggesting, and kingmancheng for accepting it.

I truly wish I had time to reply to the more substantial comments on the film, but there are just far too many at this stage. I promise I had read all of them up to a certain point, and will read the new ones as asoon as I have time.

It brings me great joy (like, so much joy - words of elation are pretty devalued these days on the internet, but so, so much joy,) that you all like the film. This is what I want to do in life, and to have everyone like it as much as they have puts me at a loss for words.

All I can say is I look forward to the next film I make, which I have just started writing.
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A thought.

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 20, 2012, 1:44 PM
  • Mood: Stumped
  • Listening to: Wasted Penguinz
  • Reading: Rough draft of United
  • Watching: Sticky Buddy Dub
  • Playing: Mario 3D Land
Death. We are who we are because of our experiences and influences, right? What we think of ourselves, other people, other things, crap beyond, etc. That stuff influences our choices, and our choices further build on us, right? Just brain activity. Electrical impulses. That's what keeps us conscious. What will happen when we die? When all those electrical impulses just...stop, how on Earth would that work? Yeah, the whole light and a tunnel, but if it's true that there's nothing beyond that, how could all our previous thoughts, experiences, choices, affections, hates, the part that makes each of us a unique person...just fizzle out? We wouldn't even be able to comprehend death, because we wouldn't be there. We wouldn't be able to see our life flash before us, because it's all gone. And we couldn't even think about that, because we'd be gone.
For me, that's a horrid and terrifying thing. We're always thinking, working, sleeping, taking a crap, or participating in intercourse. And to imagine being unable to think...STUCK in non-exsistance, your soul just...a vegetable.

We create with our thoughts. Music, books, structures, cars. We ourselves are gods, having the ability to create whole universes, filled with life, and knowing the feelings and thoughts of every being on it. For that kind of power to simply poof away is sick; every day, gods are disappearing, never to be found again, impossible to replace, for we're all different.

Losing so many creators and so many unknown worlds. It's dismal.

I guess that's the main reason why I believe in an afterlife. You don't just drop life into the world only to snuff it out.

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INTRO: So I'm going to hold my first contest. You probably don't care about intro so I'll make it short and sweet. I have a lot of points to give away so I am going to do a contest once or twice a month. If there is anyone out there that would like to donate more points so I may continue hosting the contests and perhaps make the winner point count rise in the contests, I would gladly appreciate it. When you are done with the entry, put it in a link in a comment below and I will add you to the list.


Homestuck: Did I Cause You Pain?

Contest deadline: 5th August, 2013, 2:00PM
Announcement of winners: 7th August, 2013

This contest allows media such as:
Digital art
Traditional art
Sculpture art


A little explanation of the subject:

The subject of this contest is Homestuck: Did I cause you pain.
It doesn't have to be something physical. It could also be mental.
It could be an object, a memory, a person/troll, a lusus, a friend, or a simple sadness... basically anything that would be considered sad or painful.


and execution.

The 3 best entries will get valuable prizes:

1st place:
20 points + One full body colored Pic by World-dreamer + Half body Pic by ZombieDragon11 + 1 fully shaded chibi by Silverrwind + 1 Fanfiction by xoxrocketdawg561

2nd place:
15 points + Half body Colored Pic by World-dreamer + one flat colored chibi by Silverrwind

3rd place:
10 points + Chibi colored by World-dreamer + 1 Rough sketchy chibi by Silverrwind


Contestants Entering so far.

puppylover41925<da:thumb id="383203961"/>
shadowmist413 Sadstuck contest entryKILL ME
Tavros couldn't do it. He couldn't bring himself to slam the lance down and into her heart. If anyone else had asked him to do it, he would have. but not her. Never her.
Rust tears were streaming down his face, mixing with the cerulean color of her blood. Time was running out. She was slowly dying and he couldn't do a thing about it. 
The tears were coming even faster now. If only he had the confidence to do this, like she asked! This was a quest recuprecoon, she would be fine. But he couldn't help but ask himself if something went wrong- he would never forgive himself. 
He couldn't do it. No matter how much she assured him he could. He didn't want to hurt her- he couldn't hurt her- she was going to die. Jumbled thoughts were racing through his head and he couldn't make sense of any of them. The room was spinning. His head was spinning.

<da:thumb id="383556549"/> gamzee sadstuckYour name is Gamzee Makara, and you’re currently sitting in front of your
husktop, your mouse hovering over a name. The name of your best bro, and
long time flush crush. Your mouse was over the Trollian handle,
adiosToreador. You build up all your courage before double clicking, starting
a conversation.
TC: HeY tAvBrO (o:
AT: hEY gAMZEE,, (:{
TC: HeY tAVbRo cOuLd I aLl Up AnD tElL yOU sOmEtHiN?
TC: WeLl Ya SeE i AlL uP aNd GoT mYsElF sOmE fLuShEd FeElInGs FoR yA
You sat there for a few minutes, but you werent getting a message back.
TC: TaVbRo?
You sat there for what felt like hours, staring at the screen, re-reading that
same line and letting the information sink in. He didn't feel the same.
AT: gAMZEE,,,? ):{
TC: AlRiGhT tAvBrO, i GuEsS iLl AlL uP aNd TaLk To YoU lAtEr ThEn
You closed the conversation before he could say anything, perfectly aware
of the purple tinted tears stream
<da:thumb id="383619593"/>
FlashbackwardI am the light twin
You changed, and I gulped
We're both stuck beneath.
I am the long teeth
You bled, and I blamed
Because he gave chase.
I am the hard face
You beamed, and I jeered
Hope you caught the laugh.
I am the chill draft
You fell, and I missed
Too late all my care.
I am the hue rare
You whooped, and I ran
We've yet to begin.
I am the mad grin
You screamed, and I swung
Wish you never saw.
I am the long claw
You choked, and I leapt
Though certain to die.
I am the dark eye
You raged, and I clung
No chance just to coast.
I am the pale ghost
You died, and I croaked
Yet still we plunge on.
I am the half gone
You dropped, and I burned
See you in a while.
I am the bright smile
You soured, and I shied
Not yours but my choice.
I am the thin voice
You left, and I galled
Never asked for this life.
I am the sly knife
You spun, and I maimed
Got back up anyway.
I am the spring day
You stabbed, and I scrawled
Flying where I had failed.
I am the judge veiled
You tasted, and I rambled
Turned ou
inscynis <da:thumb id="383749444"/>
AnyBraginski  The Death of the Signless
The crowd of angry trolls shrieked and yelled around me, and the pounding of their feet shook the very ground. I heard none of it. I was barely aware of the Dolorosa beside me, frozen with the horror of what she was seeing. Or the Psiioniic, farther away and passed out. I remember them giving him a drug, to keep his powers suppressed. They must have given him too much. Not even the sharp bite of the irons digging into my skin as I struggled against the restraints really reached me. My only focus was on him, my love. They had strapped him high to the punishment jut, for all to see, for the high blood to watch. At first he held strong, even though they beat him, he didn't cry out. But... One can only take so much pain. With each new blow, he whimpered. Softly, softly, but it was there, hidden by the horrible jeers thrown at him. It felt as though I was the only one who could hear them, the only one who might be able to help him, and yet... I was being held back. Helpless. As I watched my
ladyAmberPearl<da:thumb id="383725582"/>

rienforcedCarnadge<da:thumb id="388979511"/>
Sadstuck:Caused Her more pain then Imagined~DLSadstuck
her humble figure, innocently crouched by the one she LOVED's bleeding and battered body.
it was as if i could hear her heart thud strongly against her chest, her eyes looked up to me with silken tears.
the whole world seemed monotone now, like everything was in black and white except her expecting figure.
her body shook softly with each sharp breath she took, thinking that each one would surely near her last.
bow in hand, i saw watchers with their eyes locked.
through all the loud silence, came a soft, shy, feather like whimper,
it came from her lips, her hand was on his heart, 
whisks of hair overcast her departed already face
she was going to die with him,
go way with all flesh of the one she loved
the one she cared for.
i pulled my bow up
a heavy tear fell from her innocent eyes and splashed down onto the dark ground breaking the utter silence.
"what did she do?" my heart raced as my mind thought hopelessly.
i felt the heaviness of the watchers, the ones waiting for h

I open for donations. Just let me know if you can donate points, prizes, PMs, or anything else.
It would be greatly appreciated. The prize list will update.

Have fun and good luck.
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Contest Time: Winter is Coming... (Last Call!~)

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 15, 2012, 9:17 PM

Last call for all entries! I will accept no more after tomorrow night, so those who still need to enter must do so soon!

((For who have not seen my latest drawing, you should go check it out, because it revolves all around the Death Wytes.))
Death Wytes by TheGreatWarrior More Death Wytes (sketches) by TheGreatWarrior

((I have decided I want to hold a contest. Why you may ask? Because I can!))

The Rules:
- One entry per person
- Entry must be in Adventure Time style
- Your entry must include at least one Death Wyte and at least one of your OCs.
- Undead servants of the Wytes are optional. They can be any creature known in Ooo, but zombie like and all cold, like ice and icicles over their bodies and ripped off flesh and all that stuff.
- There are many different Death Wytes out there. You can create your own, but it must follow a similar appear as the original one (Skeleton body, ice hands and feet, icicles on clothes and possibly other parts of body, weapons made of super strong ice, and cold energy around open areas of their bodies). I may still want to look over your idea before your entry can be submitted. In fact, it's best you do show me your Wyte is you are making your own, that way I can see if you got it right and might give you better chances in the contest.
- Death Wytes do not talk and have no pity. They are creatures of pure evil. That means your OC must fight, run, hide, any of those and more, as long there is no friendly talk and stuff like that.
- Background is mandatory. The setting will be snowy. Death Wytes do not live outside the cold and snow.
- Must be in color. Comics may not be applied to this rule (I'm thinking it over).

((More rules might be added))

Note: If you want to understand them better for your submission, look at their info on their drawing above.

:star: Contest will NOW conclude October 10th :star:
(currently thinking it over)

Originally going to be the 1st, but I decided to extend it some more.

If you're entering and complete your submission,
please link me in the comments below so I can look.

I'm looking for another judge(s) who would be willing to discuss and help me pick a winner, this person must review all the rules, understand them, and chose a winner based on the criteria above. If you'd like to be a judge, please note me. When I choose, I will be keeping him/her  anonymous, to avoid any confrontation with other AT OC admins.

I will try NOT to comment on people's entries.
I do not want to sound like I'm giving favor to certain people over others.
However, I will wish everyone luck and say I hope to see their entries soon. It's just my thing.

The prizes are:
First Place:
- A 3 Month Premium Membership
- Their OC included in a special Death Wyte related drawing

Second Place:
- A 1 Month Premium Membership
- Their OC included in a special Death Wyte related drawing

Third Place:
- Their OC included in a special Death Wyte related drawing

So yeah, all three winners be a part of a special Death Wyte related drawing, along with Kenny.
Also, premium memberships are awesome. That's why I'm putting them as part of the prizes.

Good luck to you all. Winter is coming... be prepared... and have fun...


:iconederedyy: Cool moves! by EderEdyy

:iconaskdollpartssisters: Winter is Coming... by Askdollpartssisters

:iconpixelodon: 'Winter is Coming' contest entry by pixelodon

:iconask-thebeeguard: Winter is coming Contest entry: Shield by Ask-thebeeguard'

:iconask-the-candletwins: Contest Entry: Winter is Coming by Ask-the-CandleTwins

:iconxxgoldenninjaxx: Contest Entry: Winter is Coming by xXGoldenNinjaXx

:iconaskthe-plushy-king: winter is coming by AskThe-Plushy-King

:iconask-actressprincess: :thumb331374501:

:iconask-kytothehero: :thumb331629103:

  • Mood: Fear
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
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Short contest! Huge prize

Tue Sep 11, 2012, 11:33 PM
durr snurr

So I wanted to give away the rest of my points that I had left from the previous contest. So Im going to make a challenging short contest this time!

- Draw the following characters under.
- They need to be in an enviroment doing something together
   (can be whatever aslong as they are not just sitting there or standing there)
- Challenge yourself on backgrounds and poses and shading.

Characters you will be drawing
You have to include them all and no one else.
You can also find more picture of them in my galleryfolder animal characters.

7 Desember by griffsnuff Rice (female)
Atom ready for takeoff by griffsnuff Atom (male)
Kupasauce by griffsnuff Kupa (male)
Sokkensauce by griffsnuff Sokken (male)
Tape pinkness by griffsnuff Tape (female)


I will judge on effort and creativity of the chosen idea. 50/50
Its all up to you what you end up making them do, and you cannot write a story to explain the picture, try to make the picture explain itself.


1st place - 3000:points:

2nd place - 1000:points:

3rd place - 200:points:


September 26th 2012


:D Have fun!

Gingerbread snuffen!

FAQ's commissionstumblrBlog
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Japanese 101

Wed Sep 5, 2012, 2:06 PM
Konnichiwa Minna san! Watashi wa baka desu! Watashi no shumi wa e wo kaku koto desu! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! (^O^☆♪

So okay some of you got jellin of my fine japanese language desu ne.
I thought of why not teach my lovely watchers speak japanese?

Okay let's start with the simple one. If you want your sentence to sound like japanese you need to put 'desu' at the end of each sentences. Now before we start using 'desu' let me tell you first what it means. It would be stupid if you're using the word that you don't know right? Okay the word 'desu' comes from the latin word 'Canius Femina' meaning bitch. For example I love you desu (I love you bitch).. Tehehe kidding aside. Okay the meaning of 'desu' is really hard to explain but basically it's a polite modifier or it can also mean " It is ", "Those are" , or "I am." or whatever.

Now that you know the word desu let's use it in a sentence.

Fuck you desu. V(=^・ω・^= )v
I'm fabulous desu. (⌒▽⌒)☆
I'm done desu. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Adding cute text emoticon makes it more looks like very japanese.

Ohh it sounds so japanese now right? It sounds kawaii too.  Ahh now what does 'kawaii' mean? Hold your horses bitches, we'll go on that later! Winku~ \ (^_~)/ <3

Okay although we have already made a sentence sound japanese, it's still not enough. Let's proceed with ra ri ru re ro chi tsu etc.

How do we use them? Change all Letter 'L' to rrrr . If it's in the end of a word you use 'ru'. Also it applies to any other consonant letters. You'll just add 'u' instead. If it's letter 't' at the end you change it with 'tsu' if it's 'ch', make it chi or chu or whatever. Some use it wrong like let's go to beach = ret's go to beachiru. let's switch. Ret's switchiru. I like your shoes = I raiku your shoesteru.. no no that is sooo wrong.

Okay here's the example of the correct one.

1. My family is beautiful =  My famiry is beautifuru.... desu (★^O^★) Don't forget the desu ^w~
2. I love you! = I rabu you desu!  (。♥‿♥。) Noticed I use rabu instead of rovu? It's a katakana word thingy. It's hard to explain so just go google it
3. My dog Lunatic got some style = My dogu runatiku gotsu some styru desu  ̄ー ̄U
4. That bitch stole my taco! = That bitchi storu my taco desu! 凸(`0´)凸

Now that sounds even more japanese. Yay! 〃⌒▽⌒)八(〃⌒▽⌒〃)八(⌒▽⌒〃)

Let's proceed with more hardcore! Everyone's favorite.

I'm gonna tell you guys what these words means. And we'll use it in a sentence later.

These are some common words you hear in anime.

Senpai = upper class
kakkoii = cool/ handsome
bento = lunch box or something
oishii = dericious
sugoi = amazing
kawaii = cute
kowaii = scary


Wow sasuke you look so cool today. The lunch you brought was so delicious!  You are so awesome omg. Did I mention that your face is really cute! And oh that girl at your back looks scary.

Hnnnng senpai you rooku so kakkoi today desu. The bento you broughto is so oishii desu! You are so mega sugoi desu hnnnng. Did I mention thato your face is reary kawaii desu! And oh thato bitchi at your backu looks kowaii. \(@O@)/

Ahhhhhhh we are now japanese desu nyaaa!! \(★´−`)人(´▽`★)/ congurachureishon!

Hehe that's all I can teach you for now. Hope you learned something guys! ;u;


Lol I'm tripping balls right now. I got bored of drawing all day lol and randomly thought of this.. So forgive me my randomness OTL. I'm tired see ya all later. Bye!

I was just bored. Hope no one gets offended by this ;u;

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